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Petition to Tulane Administration, COO Patrick Norton, President Mike Fitts

Urge Tulane University to Install a Community Solar Array on the Reily Center

Students Sara Heimlich and Amanda Krantz are working to bring solar energy to Tulane's campus. Tulane administration committed itself to a Climate Action Plan in 2015, which expired in 2020. The only promise not fulfilled--or even touched--is a solar initiative. We are urging the Tulane administration to not only engage in solar energy but to introduce the community solar model to campus.  Community solar is a set of regulations recently passed by the New Orleans City Council. It provides low-income New Orleans residents with discounted Entergy energy bills without them having to install solar panels on their homes. Instead, New Orleanians are "subscribing" to Tulane's solar project (at no additional cost). Essentially, community solar is a way to engage Tulane in clean energy while combatting environmental issues that disproportionately affect BIPOC. Tulane has the opportunity to be a host site for the Community Solar project; this project would actively benefit the greater New Orleans community while also providing clean energy. Tulane should use its position in the city of New Orleans for the greater good-- we are not only requesting that Tulane invests in green energy, but also that they do so in a manner that actively benefits the city. Help us move forward with this project by signing this petition. If you want to learn more about the community solar model, here is a link:

Amanda Krantz and Sara Heimlich
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Petition to Coppell Independent School District Board of Trustees

It’s Sunlight Savings time: Help Coppell Middle School East get solar panels NOW!

Solar energy is the future. It’s clean, free, and everywhere around us. This is why we want our school, Coppell Middle School East, to invest in solar energy. We have a large campus that uses a lot of energy every month, and solar power will lower our electric bill immensely and also lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. In the past few years, our middle school has become a lot more sustainable. The biggest school club is dedicated to sustainability, and last year we broke ground on a new garden to grow food for student meals. But at the end of the day, we still power our building with the municipal power grid- and more than 85% of that energy comes from sources that are bad for the environment like nuclear, coal, or crude oil energy. The solar panels will pay for themselves in about 3 years and then will start turning sunlight into money! With our project, we hope we can show people that clean energy is the future, and we want our school to serve as a model for schools in our district and in other places that are considering solar power. With this petition, we are striving to show that people care about our project and they care about clean energy. If we get enough support, our hope is that our district’s board of trustees will take notice of this clear and easy solution to save money with solar energy and invest it back into our amazing school and the people who deserve it.  -Erin and Stayton, student organizers P.S. Please don’t donate! Your support is enough!

Stayton G Slaughter
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Petition to North Carolina State Government & The Private Electrical Sector

North Carolina Clean and Renewable Energy Project

The fight for clean and renewable energy many times is argued as the fight against climate change. We as a world are living in an unprecedented climate emergency where history is no longer repeating, but happening. It should be obvious that this is the fight against climate change, but sadly it is not. However, there is so much more to clean and renewable energy; for its also a fight for rural America, the economy, and infrastructure. Clean and renewable energy should be the cure for rural America. Most of rural America is rural because it lacks industry (other then agriculture). Clean and renewable energy requires nothing except nature and space, parts rural America has an abundance of. Strengthening this one industry would bring a high demand industry to the parts of America that need it most. Plus, clean and renewable energy provides a variety of jobs such as IT, manufacturing, cybersecurity, business, and logistics. Jobs that can spread from outside the actual energy site and into cities across America. Furthermore, clean and renewable energy would strengthen the existing infrastructure by building on to the already in-place electrical grid.  This petition is a petition to work on strengthening the clean and renewable energy industry in North Carolina. This includes government proposals and private sector investment/work. Sign your name to join a community sharing the same goal and become a voice for the future of North Carolina, all of North Carolina!

MacGregor VanBeurden
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