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Make Clean Energy Accessible for All

          Hello, my name is Dorothy, I am 12 years old, and concerned for my future, and what climate change will do to effect it. If you are taking the time to read this through then hopefully you too believe that people who contributed nothing to the crisis shouldn't have to face the worst effects of it, nor should kids have to fight for their futures because of past mistakes. All this petition asks, is that we can  prevent these things from continuing.             Climate change is one of the biggest world issues we face today, and also one of the most urgent. Scientists say we only have 8 years until climate change will become irreversible, but we are already seeing effects of it. 5 million people die each year, because of climate change, and 1 million species are threatened with extinction.  All of this means one thing, now is the time to act.           But we know that there are ways to stop this, and a major one, is using clean energy, not fossil fuels which harm the planet. However, many people don't use it, often because it is less cost effective, accessible, or convenient. Sign this petition to ask that government officials create laws promoting the use of clean energy, and discouraging the use of fossil fuels, both for homes, as well as companies. These are the laws we want to be put in place: 1)  All homeowners or apartment landlords receive a tax benefit for using clean energy to power their homes.  2)  All companies using clean energy receive a tax benefit for using clean energy to power their businesses.  3)  Companies using massive amounts of fossil fuels receive a higher tax for contributing to the crisis (based on type of company, and it's needs.) 4)  Homeowners and landlords receive a higher tax for using massive amounts of fossil fuels (based on number of people living in home, and other needs they may have. ) Sign this petition to request that city/state/federal representatives make these goals happen! No money is needed, just your voice.     

Dorothy Gore
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Approve the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) Green Energy Project

Dear PSC Commissioners: We are community based organizations, local businesses and concerned residents of New York City who are urging the New York State Public Service Commission to approve the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) contract. The CHPE is the only permitted and ready-to-go clean energy project that can deliver our community reliable renewable energy by 2025 to begin displacing toxic fossil fuel power.  It is also the only project that will deliver baseload electricity all-year-round to firm up solar and wind energy that only produces when the sun shines and wind blows. Fossil fuel prices are painfully volatile and CHPE, thanks to its fixed long-term contract, will protect not only our family and friends from air pollution but also our pockets from price spikes. Climate scientists and clean energy experts resoundingly say that the time to act is now on climate change.  Don’t be cajoled into thinking that another project might magically be able to replace CHPE.  Any alternative project will come in-service later and be more costly because of rising interest rights, inflation, supply chain constraints and permitting. We love our Queens neighborhoods. The families, the local businesses, the schools for our kids but we do not love the pollution, fossil fuels and price spikes.  If the NYS is serious about transitioning to a green grid the CHPE is a fundamental piece.  We call on you to approve the CHPE contract without delay and to do the right thing for New Yorkers. April 2, 2022 New York Magazine Climate Change article March 4 2022 press conference January 28, 2022 New York League of Conservation Voters

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