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Petition to City of Dover New Hampshire

City of Dover, NH: Please Expand Organic Pilot Program

Starting in Spring 2015, the City of Dover, NH initiated a pilot program by beginning the process of managing two public spaces, lower Henry Law park and Sullivan Dr. ball field, organically. This is a tremendously positive first step. Along with hosting a municipal training session with Chip Osborne in Fall 2015, and eliminating the use of pollinator harming neonicotinoid class insecticides on school and city owned property, the City has made good progress in fulfilling the promises set out in the Sustainable Dover initiative. We wish to thank them for their efforts so far, and encourage the city to keep up the good work by expanding the program to include all city owned property, and eliminating toxic herbicide use for curbside vegetation control.  This is being done successfully elsewhere. Pesticide use effects all of us, and our children are especially vulnerable. Recently dozens of leading scientists and medical experts have created a call to action to reduce widespread exposures to chemicals that interfere with fetal and children’s brain development.  They state that "the current system in the United States for evaluating scientific evidence and making health-based decisions about environmental chemicals is fundamentally broken." It is imperative that we continue to move ahead in eliminating as much of these types of exposures as we can. Some of the products being used by the city contractors include... Mec Amine-D 3-way herbicide - (2,4 – d, Mecoprop-P, & Dicamba) 2,4 - d is a component of Vietnam defoliant Agent Orange, and it is contaminated with dioxin during the manufacturing process. The three active ingredients have never been tested in combination, only alone and never as a whole formulated product with 'inert' proprietary ingredients that comprise more than half. Acclaim - contains ingredients that are considered to be probable orsuspected human carcinogens, and may have target organ effects, or Quinclorac for post emergent crabgrass control to Soccer fields. Dimension - crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide Roundup Promax & Rodeo Herbicide - (glyphosate) Listed by the World Health Organization as a probable carcinogen, known to be genotoxic, which means it damages DNA in ways that can cause cancer, and shows endocrine disrupting activity at very low levels. Reward herbicide, active ingredient diquat dibromide. Residues of diquat have been found to persist in soil for many years with very little degradation. It doesn't have to be this way. As the home of the Children's Museum, the city of Dover receives many visitors. We have the opportunity to set an example for surrounding Seacoast communities by expanding the organic pilot programs to public areas still being conventionally treated, such as upper Henry Law park (pictured above), the public library, the McConnell Center, and many other spaces where children in particular frequent.  Not only is this program good for public and environmental health - but it also contributes to fiscal health by saving taxpayer money in the long term. Going forward, we ask that the City of Dover commits to stop using toxic pesticides in public places, to encourage organic property maintenance for all new developments, and to provide education to businesses and residents about organic property maintenance and least toxic alternatives for weed control.      

Non Toxic Dover NH
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Petition to City Council of Chesapeake

Support Solar Power Generation in Chesapeake

We the undersigned citizens of Chesapeake and the surrounding communities support the development of solar power in our city as a clean renewal energy resource. Solar power generation is compatible with the Comprehensive Plan objectives of encouraging the development of alternative energy sources and improving local air quality by reducing fossil fuel “smokestack” emissions across the state. Solar energy will reduce environmental degradation in Virginia and neighboring states caused by mountaintop removal mining, the disposal of new coal ash, the contamination of rivers from mining and fracking, and air pollution. Utility scale solar energy production - solar farms - will provide our city with cost-effective solutions while providing agricultural farm owners with options to increase their financial opportunities while safeguarding their land from permanent development. Many neighboring cities have seen unfettered encroachment within their rural areas. Solar power farms are a lower impact use of the land, reducing the pressure for residential development. Restricting solar farms to land zoned Industrial will have negative consequences. Acquiring existing industrial land is very costly and will make solar energy much more expensive, thus causing us to continue to use energy sources that cause far greater destruction to the our air, water, natural areas, and ultimately our health. Re-zoning currently agricultural land as industrial will, almost literally, pave the way for that land to be used much more intensively in the future. The advantage of the solar farm was that it was relatively low intensity and allowed the land to be used for other options, including farming, in the future.

Support Solar in Chesapeake
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Petition to San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, California Air Resources Board

Speak Up for Clean Air in the San Joaquin Valley ¡Queremos aire limpio!

Versión en español a continuación It’s no secret: the San Joaquin Valley has some of the dirtiest air in the nation. Some days, it’s unsafe to be outside because the air is too unhealthy to breathe.  Instead of adopting a plan to clean the air, our state and local officials are seeking more delays on an already-overdue plan to clean up pollution in the region. We deserve better. Tell the Valley Air District and the California Air Resources Board to stop dragging their feet and adopt a strong plan to reduce pollution in our Valley. This petition calls on our agencies to:  Deliver clean air now; Design a robust air pollution alert system to alert us when pollution reaches hazardous levels; and Create an all-of-the-above solution for clean air. All polluters, including dairies, oil and gas operations, distribution warehouses, and industrial and agricultural wood burners, should reduce their emissions.  The San Joaquin Valley recently experienced one of the worst air pollution events in decades, with fine particle pollution (PM2.5) reaching dangerous levels. When inhaled, these small particles lodge deep in our lungs and can enter our bloodstream - constricting or blocking blood flow to the heart and brain.  Scientific studies have linked increases in daily PM2.5 with increased emergency department visits, hospital admissions, and deaths. Studies suggest long-term exposure may be associated with chronic bronchitis, reduced lung function and increased mortality from lung cancer and heart disease.   We can’t wait any longer for clean air. Speak up now! Sign the petition and urge California's agencies to take significant action to clean up our air.  See the full text of the petition here.  ~~~~~ No es secreto: el Valle de San Joaquín tiene el aire más contaminado de la nación. Muchos días están demasiado contaminados para estar afuera. En lugar de adoptar un plan para limpiar nuestro aire, las agencias de aire están buscando más excusas seguir postergando un plan que ya está retrasado y que debería indicar como reducir la contaminación en la región. ¡Exigimos soluciones ya! Dígale al Distrito del Aire y al Consejo de Recursos del Aire de California que dejen las excusas y adopten inmediatamente un plan sólido para reducir la contaminación en nuestro Valle. Esta petición demanda de nuestras agencias los siguiente: Logren que tengamos un aire limpio ahora; Diseñen un sistema para alertarnos cuando la contaminación alcance niveles peligrosos; y Generen una solución comprehensiva que haga que todos los contaminadores reduzcan sus emisiones, incluyendo las lecherías, las operaciones de petróleo y gas, los almacenes de distribución, los incineradores industriales y las quemas agrícolas. El Valle de San Joaquín recientemente tuvo uno de los peores niveles de contaminación del aire en décadas. Nuestra región tuvo niveles muy peligrosos de contaminación de partículas finas (PM2.5). Cuando se inhalan, estas pequeñas partículas se alojan en los pulmones y pueden ingresar al torrente sanguíneo, bloqueando el flujo de sangre al corazón y al cerebro. Estudios científicos han determinado que hay una conexión en los aumentos de los niveles diarios de PM2.5 y el aumento de visitas a la sala de emergencia, admisiones al hospital y muertes prematuras. Los estudios sugieren que la exposición a largo plazo a altos niveles de PM2.5 puede estar asociado con bronquitis crónica, función pulmonar reducida y el aumento de la mortalidad por cáncer de pulmón y enfermedades del corazón. No podemos esperar más para tener aire limpio. ¡Hazte escuchar! Firme la petición e exija a las agencias que regulan el aire en California a que tomen medidas inmediatas para limpiar nuestro aire.

Central Valley Air Quality Coalition
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Petition to Carlos Chacon, Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Save the Las Vegas Alternative Fuel Permit program

In the City of Las Vegas - there are 1000s of people who are dependent on the electric charging stations at City Hall Parking and surrounding areas. People commute everyday from all over to work who depend on these chargers to get home. This year, I bought an electric car as a project to start a car sharing program EVLV - that is dedicated to getting Electric Vehicles in the hands of those who cannot afford to buy one - but would benefit from access.  The Alternative Fuel program helps its users so much with costs of owning an electric vehicle with incentives like "Free Parking" at all the meters around the city, Free Charging for users at city hall (24 hr access). This has helped tremendously because I know that even though I made the decision to invest money in Electric upfront - the possibilities of the long term benefits are endless. The city supplements this program by charging the users a small fee of $20 a year to maintain the program in accordance with the easement agreement with NV energy. Recently the city has gone in a different direction - decided to partner with an alternative partner and small business to put independent solar charging stations around the city. While this is progressive and is positive - canceling the already in place Alternative Fuel program is a step backwards.  Please join me and the 1000s of users who depend on this program to commute to work and help impact the environment of Las Vegas and the world to help save this program and show that we NEED this program to survive. I am one voice - but with your signature we can keep moving forward and continue to making a stride to help the city and its users see the benefits of clean energy.  

Chad Wilson
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