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Petition to Salisbury City Council

Save the Fame Statue in Salisbury.

With this recent political wave to remove all things that offend someone I hope you will stand with the many who want the Fame Confederate Statue in Salisbury NC to remain. This statue represents the men who died fighting for a war that the state lawmakers voted to fight. The state lawmakers voted to succeed from Union not the men who fought the war. These brave men died fighting not because they wanted to protect slavery but because their state voted to succeed. Less than 3 percent of them men who fought even owned slaves themselves.  Keeping this statue honors our Veterans. If this comes down, who is next? Congress states Confederate Soldiers are legal veterans.  By Public Law 85-425, May 23, 1958 (H.R. 358) 72 Statute 133 states – “(3) (e) for the purpose of this section, and section 433, the term ‘veteran’ includes a person who served in the military or naval forces of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, and the term ‘active, military or naval service’ includes active service in such forces.” As a result of this law the last surviving Confederate Veteran received a U.S. Military pension until his death in 1959, and from that day until present, descendants of Confederate veterans have been able to receive military monuments to place on graves from the Veteran’s Administration for their ancestors. A Confederate Veteran should therefore be treated with the same honor and dignity of any other American veteran. I asked the City Council to keep the Fame Statue to honor these men and to help us learn from our history. Whether you feel this war was  good or bad, it is to be embraced, not deleted from our minds and history classes.  When history is forgotten, removed, or ignored it is bound to repeat itself.  This is what a small minority of people want, to brainwash everyone leaving them with no true facts.  This nation learned from its victories as well as its failures, and tearing down monuments and taking away everything that has made us great is a disservice to us all.

Chadwick Kluttz
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Petition to Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Councilmember Chris Ward, President Scarlett Stahl

Remove the Confederate monument from Horton Plaza Park immediately.

A monument honoring the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was installed in a nearby location in 1926 but, objections raised by veterans of the Grand Army of the Republic caused it to be removed. Thirty years later, there was a surge of Confederate monuments installed in the years immediately following the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling. Many groups retaliated to this desegregation ruling by reestablishing memorials to the Confederacy. The plaque we see today was placed in a similar location in 1956. After a several-year redevelopment ending in 2016, the city decided to not reinstall the plaque in the new park but, 'after some time and a bit of haggling, the marker appeared in the sidewalk on the north side, without comment'.[1] We believe this monument has no place on any city or county public property, especially in a public park. San Diego has this one known remaining Confederate monument outside of a local cemetery and honoring the civil war.[3] San Diegans, especially our African American and other people of color community, as well as the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, should not be asked to honor our nation's racist past, nor support the continued racism and hate we see today around the nation. The Civil War was fought in large part to end the brutal practice of slavery. It included four years of intense combat leaving approximately 1.1 million Union (642k) and Confederate (483k) soldiers dead.[2] The Confederacy collapsed, slavery was abolished, and 4 million slaves were freed. If anything, we should honor the defeat of the Confederacy and not support the continued romanticism or our nation's racist past. For these reasons - We The People - insist on the immediate removal of this monument and the permanent restriction of any future sponsorship or hosting of this or similar monuments by the City of San Diego. America's Finest City has no place for racism. [1] Jefferson Davis Highway Committee p3[2][3]
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