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Resignation of Det. William Shaub & Chief Anthony Minium Steelton Police Dept.

Please sign our petition. Help put an end to Racism, Abuse of Power & Police Misconduct from with in the Steelton Police Dept.  I, Samira Randolph, and the American Citizens are calling for the resignation of Chief Anthony Minium along with the removal of Det William Shaub and Officer Troy Elhaj. We implore the congressional powers for the closing of the borough dept in its entirety. What happened to the Randolph family is unacceptable and we must demand answers and reform. Please launch an investigation into Ms. Randolph's claims. Watch & Share the video below ⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬

Samira Randolph
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Petition to Marty Martin


My name is Bryan Kerr, and Scott Kerr is my father. In three decades of loyal service to Drake University, my father helped so many people, but recently, on the rare occasion that he was the one in need of help, he was fired for illegal reasons. They offered my father one month of severance for thirty-one years of service. My father started his career at Drake thirty-one years ago, when I was six. He spent so many hours at Drake that he would often take me with him to the office. And, it's those hours spent with my father that taught me everything I needed to know about how to be a good human. How to work hard. How to be humble. How to be selfless. He taught me all those things without ever uttering those words. He simply taught by example. I would follow my father on his many trips between his office and the other athletic facilities and marvel at his interactions with fellow employees and students. Those interactions would often include requests for help with things like an injured ankle or a bothersome shoulder. My father would always make the time to help everyone, from the student-athletes he was required to treat, to the co-workers he was not. He treated former Drake President Maxwell. Ironically, he even treated the Drake Athletic Director's son just a couple weeks before he was fired. In September of 1998, my father gave life-saving bone marrow to a fellow human he had never even met. Despite the painful procedure, he was back at work at Drake two days later. He's also donated 29 gallons of blood in his lifetime. My father gives and gives. He helps. Yet, when he needed help and understanding for his medical condition, he was fired. My father was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and bladder spasms by Drake's own physician.  On August 29th, he had a medical episode while cleaning out dirty water coolers in a whirlpool tub. He was faced with the immediate prospect of urinating his pants or urinating in the dirty tub. After reporting this incident to Drake, he was told by Drake’s Assistant HR Director that his condition would be a disability that would not affect his ability to do his job.  However, Drake’s Athletic Director told him that he should have urinated his pants like she did in an airport.  After telling him that he was one of the best trainers she had ever worked with, Drake’s Athletic Director told him he was now “unfit” to be a trainer and should “go out with dignity”.  Drake’s Athletic Director followed up by asking my father to stay on four to five weeks to train his replacement. He did his very best to handle a humiliating situation. But instead, he was embarrassed and treated like a child. My father does not deserve this. Call on Drake University President Marty Martin to Reinstate Scott Kerr!  E-mail Drake President Marty Martin:;

Bryan Kerr
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