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Petition to Ernest Gwinn

Help Ernest Gwinn Come Home - Sign My Executive Clemency Petition

My name is Ernest Gwinn R26930. I am currently housed at Dixon Correctional Center 2600 N. Brinton Ave, Dixon, IL 61021.  I filed an Executive Clemency for commutation of two prison sentences. I received one sentence for 25 years at 50% for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Additionally, I received 20 years at 85% for a home invasion with an injury. As of Mach 2018, I will have served 15 years of the assigned sentence. After 2018, I will have served 15 years of the assigned sentence: (My current release date is September 4, 2032, my mandatory release date is September 4, 2035.) By signing my petition, you are showing your support for my sentences to be concurrent instead of consecutively. Anybody out there with a loved one in prison or even if you have been incarcerated? If so, you have to understand this pain. If you could get out or have your loved one released with your signature, would you do it? Well, I am a good man whose made some mistakes. I am not perfect but I have learned from my mistakes. I too, am also a son, father, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend - just like some of you!  My 25 years at 50% = 12 1/2 years (to do) + 20 years at 85% = 17 years (to do). So, 12 1/2 years (to do) + 17 years (to do) = 29 1/2 years (to serve in prison). This is with my sentences consecutively, right now. Then, 29 1/2 years (to serve) - 15 years (already served) = 14 1/2 (more years to serve). This petition will support my effort in getting my sentences concurrently which would be my 15 years (I've already served) being applied evenly into both of my sentences. So the 12 1/2 years (to do) minus 15 years (I’ve already served) is done, 17 years (to do) minus 15 years I’ve already served equals 2 years (left to serve) and I’m out of prison. Please review my accomplishments that I have achieved during my 15 years of incarceration. If you are in support of my release, please sign the petition. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to write me. I appreciate your time and consideration. Summarization of Incarcerated Accomplishments Certifications 06/2003 - 09/2003, Dads Are Doing Something (D.A.D.S.) 12 weeks 06/2003 - 09/2003, Aggression Control Training (I.A.C.T.) - 12 weeks 2003 Substance Abuse, Lake County Jail - 12 weeks 06/10/2004, Practical Christian Living 12/23/2004, Ten Men You Should Know - 10 weeks  04/14/2003 - 01/02/07, The C.E.F Mailbox Club - 95 lessons, 3.95GPA 04/16/2005, In God We Trust - 10 lessons 10/2004 - 08/30/05, Blackstone Career Institute, Paralegal/Legal Assistant, Diploma 03/24/2006, God's Great Salvation 10/03/2006, Basic Bible Truths 10/2007 - 05/29/2009, Business Management (D.A.C.C.), 37 credit hours 03/28/2012, Faithful Fathers, 12 modules  07/16/2012, Anger Management, 12 modules 04/26/2013, Lifestyle Redirection, 12 modules 06/24/2013, Knowing Jesus Christ, 12 modules 07/26/2013, The God News, 4 lessons 08/06/2013, Lesson on Assurance, 12 lessons 08/19/2013, Born to Win, 12 lessons 08/21/2013, A Country Called Heaven, 12 lessons 08/28/2013, Talking with Christ, 12 lessons 08/31/2013, Henry Hill Correctional Center, Water Baptized as Protestant Christian 09/30/2013, The Word of God, 12 lessons 09/30/2013, The Good News of Your Salvation, 12 weeks 09/30/2013, The Greatest Man Alive, 3 lessons 10/21/2013, Growing as a Christian 10/21/2013, Developing Your Faith  12/02/2013, Inside Out Dads, 12 modules 12/16/2013, Lessons for Christian Living, 12 lessons 12/16/2013, Doing Time with Jesus, 12 lessons 12/17/2013, Basic Christian Doctrine, 10 lessons 12/17/2013, Serving Others, 12 lessons 12/31/2013, Discovering the Bible 02/13/2014, My New Life in Christ, 20 lessons 02/17/2004, A Journey through the Bible, 12 lessons 02/17/2004, Sense and Nonsense about Prayer, 12 lessons 02/17/2004, Lessons on Christian Living, 12 lessons 03/17/2014, Proverbs for Life, 12 lessons 03/17/2014, Securely Saved and Sure of It, 12 lessons 03/17/2014, Twelve Units of Study, 12 units 03/18/2014, Stratford Career Institute, Diploma, Highest Honors 04/11/2014, The New Life in Christ, Part II, 12 lessons 04/21/2014, Walking the Walk, 10 lessons 04/21/2014, How to Succeed on the Streets, 12 lessons 04/21/2014, Ecclesiastes, 10 lessons 04/30/2014, Victorious Christian Living 05/12/2014, The Character of the Christian 05/12/2014, The Spirit Filled Christian, 05/19/2014, What the Bible Teaches, 12 lessons 05/19/2014, God is There, 12 lessons 05/27/2014, Basic Bible Beliefs  06/16/2014, Managing Anger God's Way, 10 lessons 06/16/2014, The Bible, What's in it for You, 10 lessons 06/23/2014, The Character of the Christian 07/08/2014, I'll Take the High Road, 12 lessons 07/28/2014, One God, One Way, 12 lessons 08/12/2014, Walking with Christ 08/21/2014, New Life in Christ III, 25 lessons 08/27/2014, Foundations for Faith 09/02/2014, Parables of Jesus, Part I 12/12/2014, Practical Christian Living, 24 lessons 01/19/2015, The Letter of John, 6 lessons 01/19/2015, The Letter of James 02/12/2015, Basic Bible Truths, 10 lessons 07/28/2014, Emmas Correspondence School, 24 units 12/17/2014, Substance Abuse, Danville Correctional Center 02/24/2015, Transforming Incarcerated Dads, 2-day seminar, IDOC 03/02/2015, Men Who Met the Master, 6 lessons 03/02/2015, Discovering Bible Study, 10 lessons 03/05/2015, Growing in Discipleship 04/01/2015, Fisher of Men, 3 lessons 07/20/2015, The Spirit World, 8 lessons 08/31/2015, Summary of the Bible, 12 lessons 08/31/2015, Parables of Jesus, Part II 09/01/2015, Study on Prayer 09/05/2015, Sharing Your Faith 10/24/2015, The Spirit Filled Christian 11/15/2015, Devine Versus Natural View Point 01/04/2016, The Believers Battle with Temptation, 12 lessons 01/04/2016, Forgiving and Being Forgiven, 4 lessons 01/05/2016, Jonah, 16 lessons 01/25/2016, Romans, 16 lessons 03/24/2016, God's Great Salvation, 16 lessons 04/27/2016, Men of Bible, Part I 06/15/2016, Discipleship Program The Sermon on the Mount 06/15/2016, All That He Did 06/22/2016, A Soldier's Call Know Jesus Christ 07/13/2016, Street Church, The Cross and Suffering 07/26/2016, Shingle Quality Specialist 08/02/2016, Master Shingle Applicator Wizard 12/16/2016, Basic Bible Doctrine, 95 lessons 01/10/2017, The Source of Life, 12 lessons 01/16/2017, Men of the Bible, Part II 02/01/2017, The Holiness of God, Perfect Attendance 03/01/2017, The Assurance of Salvation, Perfect Attendance 03/27/2017, The Lordship of Christ, 10 lessons 05/03/2017, Soldiers of Christ Ministries, Discipleship Program 06/05/2017, Women of the Bible 07/21/2017, A Study of Exodus 05/2017, World Bible College, This is Good News 06/2017, World Bible College, God Has Spoken 07/2017, World Bible College, Knowing Jesus 08/2017, World Bible College, Born of the Water   Employment 10/2006 - 07/2007, Menard Correctional Center, Barbershop, transferred 05/2010 - 07/2011, Henry Hill Correctional Center, Maintenance, Electrician's Helper 08/2011 - 08/2012, Henry Hill Correctional Center, Kitchen/Cook 05/2014 - 09/2014, Danville Correctional Center, Barbershop, went back to college 06/2015 - 02/2016, Danville Correctional Center, Laundry Porter, 2nd Shift, transferred 05/2016 - 12/2016, Dixon Correctional Center, Production, 3rd shift/Kitchen 01/2017 - 08/2017, Dixon Correctional Center, Hospital, Infirmary, Sanitation Specialist 08/2017 - Present, Dixon Correctional Center, Electrician's Helper, awaiting opening   College 10/2004 - 08/30/2015, Blackstone Career Institute, Paralegal/Legal Assistant, Diploma 10/2007 - 05/29/2009, Danville Area Community College, Business Management, 37 credit hours 05/2009 - 05/12/201, Lakeland College, Associates in Liberal Studies, Cum Laude 03/18/2014, Stratford Career Institute, Electrician, Diploma, Highest Honors 06/01/2014 - 05/20/2016, Danville Area Community College, Associates in Science and Arts, Cum Laude 01/2016 - 03/2016, University of Illinois - Urbana, Education Justice Program, Bachelor's Degree Program, transferred to facility closer to home, 1 of 35 students      

Ernest Gwinn
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Petition to Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, National Committee of Indian Affiars Congress, Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, Diane Joyce Humetewa, Creek Nation, Oglala Sioux Tribe

Justice For Robert W. Mitchell

Robert Mitchell was a 15-year-old Indigenous, Seminole Nation, boy who was convicted of 1st-degree murder and robbery. There has never been found a murder weapon, nor any DNA or witnesses linking him to it. Robert has held on to his innocence for 25 years. The District Attorney office tried to give Robert Mitchell the death penalty. Knowing the Supreme Court's ruling in Thompson v Oklahoma 1988. The courts deemed it cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional. Even knowing this they make comments to the media saying they may be pursuing it but they would have to find a way around it because he was 15 at the time. Later Robert was sentenced to life without parole. Law enforcement never searched for the car, they never investigated claims of when someone else had admitted to the murder. Robert Mitchell 15 year old, was doing what he was asked by going and checking the elderly lady across the road. His grandma and he both heard dogs barking lights on and a car leaving. Concerned the elderly lady was sick he went to go check on her. Peeked in the window. Seen her laying there ran home and called the family and etc. He later learned she has been stabbed to death 3 times. Once being stabbed in the heart. Robert was not covered in blood. The DA office said a sock that had speck of blood on it was the victim but no DNA linking him. They claimed there were shoe prints but OSBI, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, could not conclusively say if it was blood or not in the victim's home. They couldn't even say if it was Roberts shoe. Law enforcement even went on restricted Indian Land after Robert had been arrested without a search warrant and not notifying tribal police, BIA or FBI to search his grandma house where Robert lived. Robert Mitchell was an Indigenous little boy who was convicted wrongfully and we feel he never received a fair trial.Robert was given such a harsh sentence for a juvenile, Life without parole. Robert Mitchell has been granted a post conviction relief trial hearing. We are trying to get signatures in support of Robert. To show we believe he should be released. That he has the community supporting him.

Pearl Seaboy
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Petition to Donald Trump, Jerry Brown, California State Senate, California State House, UCLA Health, UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, UMC Children's Hospital, Xavier Becerra, Superior Courts of Ventura County California, Johnese Spisso President UCLA Health CEO UCLA Hospital System Assoc Vice Chancellor, John Mazziotta Vice Chancellor UCLA Health Sciences CEO UCLA Health, Mattel

UCLA! Return GRACE ALLELUIA to Leah Beabout and allow a 2nd opinion at another Hospital!

STOP UCLA FROM FORCING CHEMOTHERAPY ON GRACE ALLELUIA!  I am a rare disease patient advocate for Grace Alleluia Beabout.  My friend, Leah Beabout, has had her daughter medically kidnapped at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, by the Social Worker, Marla Knoll, MSW after first being forced into a $9500 air ambulance transfer there by UMC Children's Hospital doctors after asking for a Biopsy and a 2nd opinion before starting any surgeries or cancer treatments! Please help us stop this tragic violation of human rights and ethics, and misappropriation of Medicaid/Medi-Cal and Title IV funding! The Court would not honor Leah Beabout's request for Grace to have Native American status and protection by the Indian Child Welfare Act, because she did not know she had to register with the government to be recognized as a part of her Kickapoo Tribe. The family wanted to go to Mexico for treatment where the father's family is from, but were denied any choice in their daughters treatment plan or location by UMC & UCLA! There is a Pediatric Oncologist in Mexico, Dr. Samantha Espinoza, who had offered her services for an outside consultation for a possible diagnosis and treatment options, however, UCLA refused to release Grace's medical records to her family or Dr. Espinoza. The social worker made false, Defamatory and Libelous statements to the Court to Petition for Custody before the parents were even denied a 2nd opinion.  Leah was mislead by the Court appointed Attorney and coerced into signing a 10-day consent under Duress, with the threat to, "never see her child again," unless Leah complies with the hospital and CPS. As soon as the Social Worker had Leah sign Grace up for Medi-Cal, she Petitioned the Ventura County Court for Custody BEFORE the parents had the group meeting with UCLA Team to discuss the possible diagnosis and proposed treatment plan! UCLA has already failed at removing Grace's kidney and have moved forward with chemotherapy against her parents wishes!  They were never allowed access to their child's medical records, a biopsy to confirm a cancer diagnosis, or a 2nd opinion for treatment at another facility!  We must stop this complete disregard for human, parental, and civil rights!PLEASE TELL UCLA MATTEL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL & VENTURA COUNTY JUVENILE COURTS TO RETURN CUSTODY OF GRACE ALLELUIA BEABOUT TO HER PARENTS SO THEY CAN ACCESS HER MEDICAL RECORDS AND CHOOSE APPROPRIATE TREATMENT!!#SavingGraceAlleluia #MedicalKidnap #CPSFraud

Zebras On Parade
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Petition to Bill de Blasio, David Hansell, leticia james, Andrew Cuomo


  Despite calls/complaints, and cries for help made by civilians, and dozens of families regarding children's service employees, cases get spun into chaos along with the lives of parents and supportive relatives who suffer dire retaliation and scrutiny from the agency for it. CLAUDETTE HALL- HEAD OF SUPERVISOR @ 1274 BEDFORD AVE BK NY ADMINISTRATION OF CHILDREN'S SERVICES OFFICE. PHYLLIS JOHNSON-SUPERVISORSTACEY ROBINSON (LEGETTE)- CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE INVESTIGATORALBANIA HENRY- CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE INVESTIGATOR   These workers  Knowingly Verbally abuse and threaten parents,children, and relatives into accepting open cases to avoid lawsuits, improve track record and/or retaliation. Mistreat children in front parents to show who is in control and vice versa, via verbal, mental, or emotional abuse: telling knowingly innocent parents they wont stop trying to take their kid, they harass every family the same way, because its their job. Collude with foster care agencies to build falsified cases against families via hearsay when they have the little or no findings to back they allegations, and keep your child in foster care which is a violation of due process, fair and just trial.  they work together to alienate parents from their children which further causes destruction to any family. Children, supportive relatives, and Parents who advocate for another are punished and scrutinized.  Children are told its bad behavior to not settle into foster care and how its best to accept their reality now as it wont change whether the parents are guilty or not, because its their say on whether your child comes home, no one else's.  Till you do all the degrading recommendations no matter how impossible because of work, school, etc they will paint you a horrible parent, threaten the future of your child and berate you.  They also threaten to remove more children from your family, if they don't cooperate in a way that keeps them financially in the picture Children who have the hardest time adjusting due to their strong bonds with their parents are withheld in foster care longer to break the bond and the parents further discouraged and enraged from the ongoing abuse.  The even attempt to have them admitted to psych wards to have them psychology evaluated to be medicated Children who seek love and attention get turned away while their parents get pull away, by overzealous,bias,prejudice, self centered, and/or egotistic Child Service employee/Civil servant. Withhold foster child injuries, doctor visits, and check up from the birth parents.  Family court say or do nothing when parents plead with the courts that they be able to exercise rights that still intact and that these agencies respect it as well. Commit perjury, they tell dangerous lies based upon hearsay no supportive evidence to demonize parents, which works even when parents have physical evidence to prove these Child protective civil servants are lying in open court.  they get immunity for lying even as the Judges are aware of this. Redact information that may incriminate them or the callers the ones they seek to protect. Initiate in kidnapping children and deceive the court of the actual facts of the child's circumstance to have that child remanded in non-kinship foster care, and prevent reversal of their actions. Threaten families to blindly get into vehicles and not to ask where you are headed or they will remove your child immediately Go to the extreme of harassing parents and their superiors at their respectable place of employment to threaten parents to abandon their jobs to turn in their children to ACS on unfounded cases or to alienate them from the eyes or protection from the general public. LETS START HOLDING CORRUPT SOCIAL WORKERS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Thousands of loving families in NYC are being destroyed by CPS, child protective specialist. Thanks to the fact that these CPS workers don't bear the burden of truth and their words are taken as law, and can't anyone in court contest it no matter how false it is or evidence you have to show the allegations are false the courts will ignore. and your child just like thousands of others will be lost to a system without any checks and balances and everything goes against the parent.  They use the resources intended to keep families together to strengthen the position of foster parents to push for adoption. They intentionally use methods of divide and conquer to coerce parents,relatives, and aiding friends into going against one another and placing false accusations in court all in the name of protecting the child whose well being is in question.  when their methods fail they retaliate by restricting interaction these family members have with the child. The lawyers, cps, judges create the worst uncomfortable environment within the court room for all who come no matter their reasoning. States are spending millions of dollars annually on unethical child removals performed by unaccountable child protection services (CPS).  Children are obtained through unethical means, such as failing to present exculpatory information to the court, manufacturing mental illnesses with state funded and CPS contracted evaluations, skipping material court hearings and procedures, such as fact-findings, ignoring court orders, and failing to present witnesses, testimony, cross-examination, evidence and discovery during removal hearings. "Cases can linger in the judicial system for years and cost states hundreds of thousands of dollars for a law guardian/attorney for the children ($67K per year), attorney for CPS ($62K/yr), up to two attorneys for the parents ($70K - $140K/yr), the judge ($165K/yr), court appointed evaluators (CASA, mental health evaluators, therapists), including paid testimony time, and court ordered services for parents and children ($20 - $150/hr).  CPS also costs states millions of dollars in legal damages paid to individual and class action plaintiffs who have won lawsuits against CPS." Case law and publicity generated from the work of Youth Law Center, Children's Rights, National Center for Youth Law, attorneys and public news outlets reveal that CPS and court appointed law guardians regularly fail to protect children who starve, die and emotional damage which is irreparable in child protection services.  State budgets could find a more effective use of the public funds currently being spent on unethical child removals and lawsuit payouts for their overzealous actions which further cripple our city and country.   LETS BRING HUMANITY BACK INTO SOCIAL WORK.  FAMILY IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT FOUNDATION LETS HELP FIX THE CRACKS IN OUR COMMUNITIES NOT CONSUME OR CREATE THEM.  LETS TAKE A STAND FOR THE PARENTS WHO WORK HARD AND FOR THE UNFORTUNATE CHILDREN DEPRIVED OF THEM.   

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