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Petition to Senator Mike Shulz of Oklahoma

"Remove Chief of Staff Ashley Kehl from her position"

On January 9th, 2017 an article was written and posted in the Oklahoman Newspaper depicting a false interpretation of my children and my family by the Chief of Staff of Senator Mike Shulz of Oklahoma. My children are in Oklahoma state care due to my husband being a combat veteran with PTSD, TBI, and MS; which he served for nearly a decade in the US Army honorably. The article and video done by Ashley Kehl was not factual in basis, and gives the interpretation that I have a child with special needs and my children are not loved and suffered some sort of trauma. These are all lies on behalf of Ms. Kehl who had my four year old for a weekend, and because she was not adjusting well had her removed from her home at 10pm on a Sunday for crying. The caseworker has been removed from the case due to his lack of professionalism and this is a direct attack from Ms. Kehl and the case worker assigned due to retaliation. Ms. Kehl has also asked for the removal of the child depicted in the article and video since the caseworker has been removed, and my child is no longer with her. This article was done to give Ms. Kehl publicity and make her appear to be a genuinely nice person when she is doing this to booster her career and has no patience or time for children.  This article gives the public the interpretation that Senator Shulz condones this behavior from his staff members and is in agreement with their actions in this matter of exploitation of an innocent child for her personal gain. Please sign this petition in opposition of this matter, and show your support for disabled combat veterans and their families. This article was not approved and should never have been published or aired.

Martie Berkley
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Petition to Wisconsin Judicial Commission- re: Judge Davis, WDFI-derivative supervisor, FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Company, Office of Lawyer Regulation, Ketih Sellen Director, Treasury- FinCen, Security Exchange Commission- securities and derivatives CDOS and CDS, FBI - white collar crime, SEC Dodd Frank Whistleblower, Milwaukee County District Attorney, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Dept. White Collar Crime, WI Dept. of Financial Institutions, Donald Trump, Dept of Revenue-IRS, WDFI Division of Securities, Ste 300

Stop Bank Fraud Robo Forgery Making False Debtors

I , like others, am a victim of massive fraud and could lose everything I own due to a forgery: as per WDFI suggestion, I turned in a FDIC troubled State bank after seeing an elderly client get taken from her home, County was made her custodian, and she almost immediately died in a nursing home. The bank President initiated the call to the adversarial relative. The bank then initiated a double foreclosure, which I stopped with a sale. Hi, I am Gayle Schmitt, an experienced real estate broker and developer.  This very gutting wrenching disturbing activity happened in 2010 when I was representing the sale of Grace's unapproved subdivision.  I would learn from her son that the Municipal lawyer who controls 50 municipalities owned the bank & the bank holding company-collusion. This is an undislcosed conflict of interest that must stop. Wow!  Now I know why women developments were never approved. I too had a subdivision I was trying to get approved in a booming SW suburb of Milwaukee for 15 years.  Yes, we are back in WI where Making a Murderer occurred: gave me the shivers!  This story has more dead people. I reported the bank to the State for low ball appraisal. $2.2m went to $540k. I knew I was in trouble when my note was up for renewal.  My company had owned the 30 acres since 1997, I bought my ex out in 2002. As a co-owner of a contracting company, owner of a real estate sales and development firm and a mortgage banking firm, I know this industry well.  I worked decades running 2 businesses working 12 hour days as a single mother to buy and payoff these lands. Then I got terribly sick, chemo, lung surgery, theft of business by ex-boyfriend, you name it. I continued to make ALL mtg. payments. Of course, the bank wouldn't renew my note and commercial loans are UNREGULATED IN WI. I will push for that regulation to help ALL BUSINESS OWNERS IN THE STATE OF WI. The bank or it's experts forged my signature (photoshop as proved by 3 printing companies)on a guarantee I never signed.  In fact, it took them 6 months to come up with ANY guarantee and it was forged and not a personal guarantee. Turns out the lawyer bragged in court that he got $10m in personal judgments in 2 years often utilizing this tactic just to get them out of the FDIC order. I filed a criminal forgery case.  The sheriffs never investigated the forgery!  I went to my civil commercial foreclosure case and my lawyers didn't do discovery or ask for a jury trial.  I had a 3 part offer totaling that would have paid off the $404k balance, yes, the three parts equaled $6m, BUT the first part was just $899k as is for 1/2 of the development land. Later my lawyer told me he was friends with a the Bank's lawyer a BK trustee. A CORRECT payoff statement was never given to me or my buyer.  Again, the lack of regulation in WI allows illegal and fraudulent behavior. I must have filed 200 entries pro se, I did my trial pro se.  My judge knew I was innocent but I was slammed with losing my corporate property and getting a false judgment of $138,900. Massive Fraud Upon the Court 806.07 and Rule 60 in Fed. Court. The judge STOPPED the criminal investigation via a series of emails. The woman investigator at the FBI never saw the complaint and lost her job in MKE. In Chicago she took down 20 elected officials. I was stripped my basic constitutional rights of a fair trial, and basic land ownership rights, the ability to sell on the open market without banker interference. The bankers were not interviewed or put on a polygraph. The bank issued a 1099C for $105k but didn't credit it.  My Dad ran the difference (then double the difference) into the bank and they wouldn't accept payment.  My LLC and trust were penetrated so now ALL of my assets  will be lost. The State Judge threatened to throw me in jail no less tha 3 times.  Initially my homestead and lake lots were protected from this fraudulently gained judgment. That's when my jealous ex stole that protection documents and the best accepted offers. The judge had an entire motion without me present; the receivers present only to throw all of my assets up for grabs to this fraudulent bank- I was never copied that is gross misconduct on fraud upon the court by and officer of the court, Motion copying laws: WI Statute 802.01 (2) (b).I had to file for Federal Protection; My firm and I never missed a payment.  My heart and life crumbled.  This is NOT me. I am terrified, I had to give up my banking license and now live on disability: incurable lung disease.  The bank and City lawyer set women up to fail! That is bank fraud and a huge civil rights violation.  Women aren't allowed to enter this industry?  The excess collateral is possible a Dodd-Frank/derivative scheme which would be worse for our area and economy.  I went to other court houses and saw the SAME fraud happen to other people.  This bank is NOT too big to fail but big enough to manipulate the court houses.  The Municipal Lawyer, Atty X controls 50 municipalities in SE WI AND OWNS THE BANK!  CONFLICT OF INTEREST in Waukesha County. Walworth County Judge, voted worst in state my his peers, passed through a judgment of $987k ;that lady dropped dead! Her children and husband now carry the judgment.  It was UNSIGNED! WE NEED bankers, lawyers,judges to face the criminal penalties that "regular" civilians would be subject to. Step in and arrest the corrupt lawyers now and vacate judgments!  Free us from this bank fraud. If you are reading this petition and know of a law firm to sue on contingency for damages (triple for fraud) please PM me on Facebook, Gayle Kontowicz-Schmitt.  Again, this is a case worth pursuing with a lot of crooked lawyers and bankers.  I fear it is a Dodd-Frank/derivative scam due to them taking $2.45 million in land collateral which I can't sell, because go back, the lawyer that runs the bank runs the Cities and they lie and scare all buyers away. Hello SEC and IRS!! My LLC still own 15 acres of land free and clear that would make prime assisted living apartment land.  My lung tumors came back, my Mom has cancer.  21 lawyers vs. Me.  Why?  They are committing fraud in State court and in Federal Court and both judges KNOW that.  Call for Rule 60 now and let's charge the crooked actors before they kill more people-they laugh about that.  If it is happening to me it can and will happen to you! This bank isn't too big to fail.  Thank you for all of your time, consideration and assistance in this matter.  Paypalme./GaylesCall4Action for legal support or payment of false judgment.  Women and vets need your help!  Please sign, this is outright theft of all personal assets: land, homestead, 401k, IRAs, savings, etc.. And yes, my criminal case was padded by the bank from 32 pages to 160 pages to discredit me.  The facts are the facts.  It's time to stop the fraudsters in their tracks, this hurts everyone!  How would you like it with one forgery you lose EVERYTHING?  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  These are powerful people and I need your support. Thank you. Fact is, I love this country.  I always try to empower others and have experienced nothing other than criminal intent: 18 US Code ss1951- Interference with commerce by threats of violence. Please sign.  Please share.  Anyone want to come to court with me on Monday, I could use a team.  With love, wishes for your prosperity and never ending success.  Gayle.

Gayle Schmitt
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Petition to Sonia Tiller, Richard Shelby, Alabama Governor, Jim McClendon, Southern Law Intitute, Department of Justice, Mike Rogers, Richard Minor District Atty for St Clair Co, Jeff Sessions, Cierra Tiller

Giving a Victim a Voice in Alabama

Three very young children were victims of Sexual Abuse from their biological father from a very young age. They came to Alabama due to the laws for the protection but in the end they are destroying this family and refuse to let them heal as the victim chooses to. These children saw several counselors and therapists but we're failed obviously because they abused one another as puberty happen without the knowledge of the parents until it was disclosed. All the children one by then an adult and youngest 15 were separated and the law prosecuted the two oldest to what some would say severe measures. This was a complete nightmare for all during this time but as parents they knew accountability had to acknowledged and they maintained their faith that their family would heal from this. Fast forward the victim is now a 20 year old who wants to make her own decisions, have a voice but most importantly have a healthy relationship with all her family. This is not her right according to Alabama State Law and this has to change! This situation because the victim was in the same location with their parents who are not of good health are now facing jail time. They have been told that they will not receive the care from Dr's, Surgeons, medications and even devices will not be met during this time which makes an already bad situation worse. The mother is currently awaiting to be seen by an Hematologist / Oncologist on Sept 28th. This means all of her children that's she's stood by and loved unconditionally will be denied to not have her children by her side or even her husband because he will be serving 90 day's for allowing his children around one another. The victim says when will she get a say? The victim says when will an adult be adult? The victim is begging each and everyone of you to help her save her family and give Victims a Voice.

Sonia Tiller
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Petition to Loretta Lynch, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Barack Obama, Jerry Brown

Investigate and Prosecute the Killer of our son, Alfred Olango Now!

On September 27th, our son Alfred Olango was shot five times and killed by a demoted police officer. Our daughter called for medical assistance as Alfred grieved the death of his childhood best friend, Bereket. He was only 38 years old, a father of two.   Officers took nearly one hour to respond, then less than 89 seconds to kill our son. Our daughter called three times for an ambulance and was told she was “not a priority.” Her call described an unarmed person in distress.  When she was at the scene to explain her brother was unarmed, the officers escalated the situation. When she plead not to shoot, Richard Gonsalves shot to kill him anyway. In 89 seconds, our son was dead. Alfred is our third son, a father, a brother, a family man. In 1991, he moved to the United States seeking peace, safety, and protection. He was a lovely boy. He was an avid soccer player, gardener, and an outstanding cook. A huge smile adorned his face all the time. He was always on time and was adored by others for his lion’s heart, a peace-loving person who was reasonable and wanted solutions. He had dreams of owning a busy restaurant in San Diego and had just recently, received his vendor’s license to start a local farmers’ market stand. With family in the United States, Germany, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Uganda, Kenya, Denmark, Sweden and all over the world, he’s a mandated citizen of the United Nations.  It’s been two months and local authorities have failed to pursue a full and transparent investigation. Immediately, the narrative was manipulated to dishonor our son.   Our officers are here to “protect and serve.” Good officers must be supported with proper training. Bad actors must be held accountable.  Alfred's killer, Richard Gonsalves, had a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment of a co-worker.  He had subsequent complaints for retaliation, stalking, and discrimination filed against him. And still he was allowed to carry a lethal weapon. Please join us in calling for a full federal investigation into the facts, comprehensive police reform, and prosecution and accountability of Richard Gonsalves for the shooting and killing of Alfred Olango. Truth and justice must prevail. We need justice for our son, Alfred, now!

Richard Olango Abuka
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