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Petition to family Court

CPS Corruption!!! Bring Nathan, Haley, & Wyatt home!!! Dayton Ohio Montgomery County

My civil rights as well as my children's were violated 1-20-17 & again on 1-24-17. Our 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, & 14th amendments were disregarded. If I wasn't living in this nightmare I wouldn't believe it. This can & will happen to you. My oldest son age 17 had gotten in some petty trouble, & developed a drug addiction. He was diagnosed with ODD & Conduct Disorder.  I got behind in bills, & my car broke down. Visiting him & family counseling was almost a 3hrs away. I was offered help through CPS division program by the education advocate while resolving issues of truancy. My youngest Wyatt (who has been diagnosed with autism, developmental delays, limited speech, separation anxiety, & sleep disorder) was never referred to home instruction, & I was having issues enrolling my daughter into Ecot. Despite repeated attempts no one noticed or help my kids until their truany went from Sept to Dec. Admitting Wyatt was never assigned a home instructor, & Haley's enrollment issue was "miscommunication & misunderstanding that was no fault of the mother" by my children's truancy officer. Not only did CPS lie to me, but they have lied about me. My kids & I were going through a hard time, & instead of helping me with resources they kidnapped my children. Wyatt was severely tramatized when his brother was in rehab for 4months. Being torn from his only home he's ever known right when he was showing improvement makes no since. My daughter Haley is in foster care as punishment because she said her & Wyatt were unsafe with the only family member they approved. That same family member was the one who made lies anyomously in hopes of getting Wyatt's SSI disability benefits & back pay. Meanwhile my oldest relapsed, & is in hiding & CPS is not concerned because he will be 18 in 5 months. No evidence, no charges, no choices, & I had full custody. When I tried to save my children before it was too late. They lied & told police I had a history of drug abuse so they could separate & get temporary custody. They achieved this on hear say. Haley is 6times more likely to be abused, raped, or murdered in foster care. I have no idea where she is. The entire time I have not been able to see my children for no reason. To get me to do what they want I've been repeatedly told the alternative is I'll never get them back. I have never abused or neglected my kids!!! Since 1-20-17 my kids have been neglected & abused by CPS!!! They have went against our civil rights & I've been completely helpless. My family torn apart based on lies. 80% of calls that CPS receive are false. They kidnap children from wonderful loving homes more than they remove abused or neglected children. With my son's addiction, & my youngest special needs so many probation officers, caseworkers, & aids come in & out of my home. Never has any of them accused me of neglect or drug use. A very dear friend who has watched my children grow up works for the agancy. He would never use his position to break rules & I would never want him to. Still he was questioned, & intimated to not tell the truth. Please sign this petition. Please help me bring my children home. If you would've told me this story a month ago I wouldn't have believed it. I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone. I fear for my children's well-being, & their future. Not all CPS or foster homes bad, but statics prove that so many do more harm than good. This can & will happen to so many!!! My children have the right to live a happy, healthy, life without fear of the government. Stop this from happening to more innocent families, & bring Haley & Wyatt home!!! Please say a prayer for Nathan that he turns himself in, so he can get the treatment he needs. I'm so lost without my children, I can't imagine how horrible this is for them. CPS doesn't build strong families. They rip them apart. My children have never known any family other than us 4. Until Nathan needing treatment our entire lives we stood strong together. CPS has completely separated us all for no reason. No evidence no proof. I have lost all faith in the system. 

Shannon Gaver
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Petition to Marty Martin


My name is Bryan Kerr, and Scott Kerr is my father. In three decades of loyal service to Drake University, my father helped so many people, but recently, on the rare occasion that he was the one in need of help, he was fired for illegal reasons. They offered my father one month of severance for thirty-one years of service. My father started his career at Drake thirty-one years ago, when I was six. He spent so many hours at Drake that he would often take me with him to the office. And, it's those hours spent with my father that taught me everything I needed to know about how to be a good human. How to work hard. How to be humble. How to be selfless. He taught me all those things without ever uttering those words. He simply taught by example. I would follow my father on his many trips between his office and the other athletic facilities and marvel at his interactions with fellow employees and students. Those interactions would often include requests for help with things like an injured ankle or a bothersome shoulder. My father would always make the time to help everyone, from the student-athletes he was required to treat, to the co-workers he was not. He treated former Drake President Maxwell. Ironically, he even treated the Drake Athletic Director's son just a couple weeks before he was fired. In September of 1998, my father gave life-saving bone marrow to a fellow human he had never even met. Despite the painful procedure, he was back at work at Drake two days later. He's also donated 29 gallons of blood in his lifetime. My father gives and gives. He helps. Yet, when he needed help and understanding for his medical condition, he was fired. My father was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and bladder spasms by Drake's own physician.  On August 29th, he had a medical episode while cleaning out dirty water coolers in a whirlpool tub. He was faced with the immediate prospect of urinating his pants or urinating in the dirty tub. After reporting this incident to Drake, he was told by Drake’s Assistant HR Director that his condition would be a disability that would not affect his ability to do his job.  However, Drake’s Athletic Director told him that he should have urinated his pants like she did in an airport.  After telling him that he was one of the best trainers she had ever worked with, Drake’s Athletic Director told him he was now “unfit” to be a trainer and should “go out with dignity”.  Drake’s Athletic Director followed up by asking my father to stay on four to five weeks to train his replacement. He did his very best to handle a humiliating situation. But instead, he was embarrassed and treated like a child. My father does not deserve this. Call on Drake University President Marty Martin to Reinstate Scott Kerr!  E-mail Drake President Marty Martin:;

Bryan Kerr
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