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Petition to Macon County Criminal Court Clerk Office, We the People

Guilty until proven innocent, Rodney Garrett wrongfully accused

Rodney Garrett, 29 years old, African American male of Antioch,Tn is being falsely accused of two counts of first degree murder in Macon county Tennessee. Rodney is a loving, warmhearted parent of a 9 yr old boy.  While all odds were against Rodney, he prevailed threw his hardships and remained focused on bettering himself for his son. Though Rodney could have taken the easy road out and given up after having issues finding stable employment, he never gave up and used his traits as a mechanic to provide for his son at any cost.   Rodney Garrett is kind man who took up rescuing pit-bulls in his spare time and enjoyed spending any time with his family that he could, to know him was to love him. Threw adversity Mr.Garrett was headed for success and has fallen victim to stereotyping and racial profiling leading him to face detrimental charges that could forever change not only his life but his sons directly.   On February 16, 2017 Rodney was arrested on two counts of first degree murder and is currently being illegally held while the investigation continues to unfold, meanwhile the  gunman KeithAndre Murray remains on the run while Mr. Garrett is held guilty until proven innocent. The only evidence leading to Mr.Garrett's arrest being testimony from the known gunman's 23 year old live in girlfriend Kelsey Harper. Kelsey is currently still residing in Hartsville tn, while 22 year old gunman KeithAndre Murray has fled, and is currently in hiding somewhere in Louisiana, exact where abouts are yet to be disclosed. Though Rodney Garrett is the innocent party he remains cooperative in a holding cell in the Macon county jail awaiting booking after 72 hours.

Jessica Hieatt
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Petition to Eric Jewell

Stop Hermitage Pennsylvania Police From Violating Civilian Civil Liberties

I myself, and many others in the Hermitage and surrounding area have been placed in situations by patrolman Jonathan kudelko of the hermitage police department that have went against our constitutional rights as American citizens, and that have violated our civil liberties assigned by law to protect our rights. He has acted out side of his jurisdiction on multiple incidents, and lied to justify his actions. He has came onto private property, with no request for him, or any other public servant to do so. He had even issued citations outside of his jurisdiction for traffic citations without notifying the police department of the jurisdiction he was in, and trespassing on civilian owned property without permission to be on said property to issue the citations. He has treated civilians completely horrendously, and unprofessional. He needs to be suspended pending an investigation on whether he is fit, and mentally sound to be a public servant. Several complaints have been attempted, without any result, now other means to stop the harassment need to be addressed. One he needs to be relieved of duty, until a mental health evaluation can be done deciding if he is fit for duty. Two he needs to be suspended until he is investigated by the right departments to decide if he has acting in a way that goes against the way a public servant is expected to act towards citizens.

Lemuel Pineiro Malick
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Petition to Michigan Supreme Court

Remove Judge Lisa Gorcyca from the bench Oakland County MI

Hello, I am starting a petition to submit to the Michigan Supreme Court to ask that Judge Lisa Gorcyca from Oakland County Michigan be removed from the bench. The Michigan Supreme court will be conducting a hearing soon to decide what type of punishment to give to Judge Gorcyca regarding her misconduct and behavior on the bench. Please allow me to walk you through a brief synopsis of this case where she abused her power. Judge Lisa Gorcyca was the Oakland Co Michigan judge who oversaw a divorce case Tsimhoni V Tsimhoni. Judge Gorcyca made international news on June 24, 2015 when she sentenced 3 siblings age 13, 10, 9 to juvenile detention for not wanting to attend parenting time with their father. The children spent 17 days in a juvenile detention facility will no visits from any family members. After news broke with this draconian punishment, Gorcyca released the children, only to force them directly into a summer camp. The kids scared, tired and exhausted just wanted to go home. In Dec 2015, a complaint was filed from the Michigan Judicial Committee. The Michigan Judicial committee found that Judge Gorcyca did indeed abuse her power on the bench, misrepresenting facts to the children and she failed to act in a dignified manner. At the end of May 2016, a retired Wayne County judge was appointed to hear the Michigan Judicial Committee complaint. In July 2016, the judge found that Judge Gorcyca had indeed abused her power as a judge and was subsequently found guilty of misconduct. In October 2016, Judge Gorcyca then attended the Michigan Judicial Committee hearing. After that hearing a recommendation was given that Judge Gorcyca's consequences be recommended as follows: 30 day suspension with no pay, public censure and court costs. Moving forward we are now waiting for the Michigan Supreme Court to hold the next discipline hearing. The Michigan Supreme Court can either accept what the Michigan Judicial Committee is proposing or they can impose their own penalty. I am respectfully asking in my petition that the Michigan Supreme Court have Judge Gorcyca removed from the bench. No person in any authority should abuse their power and treat children like this. There is no acceptable excuse as what has been thrown out there, "she had a bad day" that would justify jailing 3 children. A judge's job is to be impartial, respectful and to apply the law. Thank you in advance for your support on this and speaking up and for the children's civil rights. If you would like to read more about this case you can visit this website:    Here is a copy of the June 24, 2015 Transcript so you can see exactly what judge Gorcyca did and said to these kids  Photo Credit: AP      

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Petition to Senator John Albers, Curt Thompson, U.S. Senate, Georgia State House, Georgia State Senate, Johnny Isakson

Amend Immunity Law! Put police and teachers in jail for abuse and police brutality in GA

Please see (Trailer)  They Can't Talk But We Can (Documentary) I care because I lost my special needs son Aaron Hatcher to an allege abused which happen at Roswell High School, but started at Hopewell Middle School. Aaron could not walk or talk so why the teachers did that to him is not right and unjust. At  Hopewell Middle School Aaron was allegedly tossed out of his wheel chair, the teacher pass gas in his face, sprayed him with Lysol, played his cries back to him and much more.  Aaron was abused at Roswell High as the teacher took a back brace ripped it apart and strapped it on his neck with a belt! This damaged his airwaves! In Georgia we have The Sovereign Immunity Law which allows government officials to get off when they abused the constituents.  I feel if you abused anyone you should be held accountable no matter who you are. We want the law amended so Govt Officials must be held accountable if it's proven teachers have abused any child or policemen has committed police brutality.  This is Aaron's Story Please listen to the Documentary They Can't Talk But We Can! Part 1 Part 2

Aaron Hatcher's They Can't Talk But We Can Inc
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