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Petition to Representative Cindi S. Duchow, Representative Gary Tauchen, Representative Joel Kleefisch, Representative Scott Krug

Help us protect children and families and make our communities safer to live in

I care about the safety of children, Family's, and communities across the United States. The current out dated policy's in place in family courts are bankrupting family's placing children in abusers homes and making our communities dangerous to live in. It is time to address the family court crisis and stop ignoring parents pleas for help and retaliating against them for standing up for the protection of children and instead stand with them and against the family court corporation harming children and families.I hereby request the immediate removal of judges from the afcc and the aaml which could be in violation of cannon laws(if it is not legislation drafted stating it is) see link I request immediate enactment of legislation that States child safety is the paramount concern in all child custody proceedings I request the immediate investigation into the Wisconsin afcc International headquarters in Madison Wis. operating with out a current ein number see linkI request the removal of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in family courts bankrupting families and placing children in abusers homes for profit see link I request the removal of the friendly parent provision punishing parents for protecting their children from reported abusers see linkI request an immediate public integrity investigation into every case involving afcc members who may have been case rigging, violating parents constitutional rights , and dragging out cases for the benefit of the afcc and it's members see link Note this is an National/ international organization and i care about all children's safety see link Wisconsin holds international head quarters for the Afcc?  See also Victims and critics of the afcc ?
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Petition to Leslie May, Jan Vislosky, Jim Molimock, Carol Regan, Mike Pallotta. Tom Bennett, Charles Martin, Robert Lougher,

Chickens in Historic Fallsington- Taken to COURT after 30 years of Brooding

 November 29, 2017, My husband and I received a court summons in the mail for a civil complaint from the code enforcement officer Jim Molimock in falls township, Pennsylvania.  They are taking us to court for our chickens ( violation- the raising, boarding and/or husbandry of rural animals zoning ordinance section 209-19. E (1). Falls Township has changed these zoning laws in the last few years from one acre to now no raising rural animals at all. Last time I check these zoning laws 3 years ago and we were A- Ok. When we transfer the home from my mother in law to my husband 3 years ago I even ask Dina Berry if we were still ok with the chickens, she responded “yes”. Jim Molimock even inspected the property for occupancy permits, saw the chickens, and said nothing of it.  Now our one acer property backs up to several acres of preserved open space. Our home is over 300 years old, listed on the national registry of historic places and has had chickens that I know of for 30+ years. There are state and federal laws in place for non-conforming pre-existing conditions, (Ex post facto laws) and most of my adjacent neighbors have written letters on my behalf. Now with all that being the case, we will succeed in this fight to live the lifestyle that we are living. There are several other’s in Historic Fallsington and falls twp, that are raising chickens, however we are the only family  being taken to court due to an anonymous complaint that was filled in September. All the complaint said was -“ free ranging chickens at above address” that’s it, that’s all it said. Not  the case at our home, We have two hen houses with small runs encolsed in a large fenced in roaming area. Currently we have 2 hens that have become pets, 15 chicks that hatched mid October and 3 hens that we have resently adopted from another local family due to the uproar from the township. I have been told several times by Jim (zoning officer) to fill out a complaint for the other homesteaders, which I refuse to do, leaving me as their only target.  My family and I depend on our chickens, they supplement a large portion of our food. To take them would be taking food out of my children’s mouth. I encouraged anyone that feels the need to let falls township know that they are wrong, in so many ways, please join me at magisterial district court - 9187 New Falls Road Fallsington pa 19054 on December 28th @ 1:30 pm.  The more people there to dispute this, the better off we all are. If you can’t be there that day, please wright a letter explaining your position. Email it to  A million thanks to those that can help:) Below is a link to falls township, codes, we fall under historic district. To whom it may concern,My name is Leslie May, I live in beautiful historic Fallsington, and I am an urban Homesteader. I raise chickens and try to grow as much of my own fruit and vegetables as possible. My home is in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the United States. For centuries, the land around me has been used for agriculture and animal husbandry. To take that way from this unique place would be like ripping pages out of a history book. My husband has had the privilege of growing up in the house we currently live in and throughout his childhood, his family as well as several of their neighbors, bred chickens in their backyards. There were never any issues except for the occasional rooster that crowed a little too much. If and when that occurred, the rooster would be culed and the problem was resolved. My husband and I now have two little girls, and we are desperately trying to raise them right. Their chores are not like your typical suburban kids chores; my girls help me brood my hens, and the knowledge that they are retaining from this experience is absolutely priceless. My girls are learning responsibility, compassion and most importantly, they are learning how to raise their own food, which is becoming a lost art in our present time. The majority of my surrounding neighbors fully support my endeavors to homestead. They enjoy the fresh eggs that are given to them and are also thankful for the bug control that the chickens provide. Unfortunately, my way of life is at risk and help is needed. I am hopeful that Falls Township can recognize the devastation that would be caused by an unjust ruling against me. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Sincerely,Leslie May P.S. I also wanted to mention, renovating a historic home on your own does not take a few weeks. It take years of hard work, determination, and a whole lot of love. Our goal at this property is to bring it back to it’s original 17th century charm . After several years of working away, we can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel here at May Manor. Taking away animal husbandry from historic Fallsington is erasing a part of history that our for fathers worked so hard to preserve. We are at a crossroads of change yet again, and like our for fathers we will fight to keep this village as its ment to be. We feel a true sense of pride being able to save this peice of American history. Below you can find a link to Falls Township VS Chickens “Event”. I know it’s the week of Christmas but your support and attendance would be greatly appreciated!

Leslie May
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Petition to Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, Ken Kellogg


We are sending this message for our brother, a husband and dad, Officer Andrew Wall of the Monroe, Ct Police Department and his family. Andy was diagnosed with terminal stage four Glioblastoma brain cancer in September of 2015. He was told to prepare for the worst. This is an unforgiving, fatal cancer. It is through sheer determination to live, bravery, the fantastic clinical trial department at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the grace of God that Andy is in full remission. He is ready and very able to return to a job that he loves. He has served the community of Monroe as an exemplary and decorated officer for over 20 years. Andy has been to hell and back fighting for his life when he was told there was no hope. He fought for his wife Lori and their 12 year old son Andy Jr. The problem began when the chief of police, John Salvatore, decided to begin termination proceedings instead of welcoming Officer Wall back to work. Andy has medical clearance notes from Dr.Kloss, Head of Oncology at Danbury Hospital and Dr. David Reardon Clinical Director at Center for Neuro-Oncology at Dana-Farber Boston. Both Doctors are well renowned, particularly Dr. Reardon who also did Senator McCain's recent brain surgery.  These notes were accepted to stop his disability payments as he is cleared to work, but the Chief didn't find them acceptable to take Andy back to work. (Head spinner) How a Police Chief could take it upon himself to decide he knows better than two dedicated and highly knowledgeable Oncologists is outrageous. And how does First Selectman Vavrek and Police Commissioner's explain their inaction? With total silence. They do not respond to calls and emails nor to complaints that have been filed.  Andy knows the job challenges and requirements, after being on duty over for over 20 years and working through the Sandy Hook tragedy. He knows that he can do his job in full capacity and with honor. NINE months later the department STILL hasn't give him a return date. Officer Wall would like return to work now. Please help us be heard and help end this awful and disgraceful treatment.  The Wall and Keckler Families  

Patty L
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Petition to Tommy Ford, Don Banks, Leslie Rutledge

Get Jacob Langston off the street.

My daughter was brutally attacked while sleeping in her bed around 4 am Saturday morning by a 26 year old man who had been watching her. He broke in through her living room window and covered her face with his boxers, he threatened to kill her when she woke up, then beat her to a pulp trying to make her pass out so he could rape her. He fractured her face. She just got off the Appalachian trail so she is in great shape and was able to uncover his face at which point he began to cowar down. He knew her name, she did not know his. This took place in Panama City Beach, Florida. The Bay County Sherriffs Department had two men come talk to her, cut her fingernails and look at her body. That was the first mistake. The police report is a joke. The attacker is the son and grandson of law enforcement. They released the attacker in less than 24 hours after the attack but didn't post it until a public outcry on Facebook. He is a very violent man and the local authorities are trying to sweep this under the rug quickly. They have allowed him to leave the state even though more women are coming forward with the same scenario. They are looking the other way! The attacker also has an immediate family member who has worked DOC for 27 years. Thank you for your support! I want to get BCSO to press proper charges against him and get him off the street now.  #Momonamission #justiceforhali   

Shawnda Binkley
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