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Petition to Dannel Malloy, Connecticut State House, Rosa DeLauro, Chris Murphy, Connecticut State Senate

Ban the Scan Fee in Connecticut

Currently, if you are a Connecticut homeowner and want to walk into your Town Clerk's Office into the public documents vault and snap a picture on your phone of your own warranty deed of your house you will be charged $20.00.  The records kept in the Town Clerk's office are public documents, although according to C.G.S. 1-212(g) the town clerks are able to charge up to 20.00 to use a handheld scanner to scan a document and that includes taking a picture on your phone.  All 169 towns in CT charge this 20.00 fee.  For title searchers in CT this fee is debilitating.  The job of a title searcher is to research the land records (public documents) and prepare a report of our findings along with the copies for various reasons (refinance, purchase, foreclosure, etc.).  Copy costs are a huge issue as the town halls charge 1.00 per paper copy, which then are scanned into a computer to email, then the paper copy gets thrown out.  To save on paper waste scanning is the most environmentally friendly and also preserves the integrity of the old documents.  These documents are old and fragile and kept in large bound books that are turned over and pushed down on a copy machine to get a copy.  This scan fee is a violation of the freedom of information act as these documents are public documents.  I have personally asked if I could take a picture of a Deed and was told no you have to either pay 20.00 or make a copy for 1.00, so I make a copy for 1.00 snap a picture on my phone and throw the document out!  These town clerks are ripping off title searchers and the public by charging this fee. We must stand together to BAN THE SCAN FEE.  No other state in the country charges this fee.  Eliminating this fee benefits all involved and the impact on the paper being wasted is astronomical.  It would save homeowners as title search fees wouldn't be so costly and it would save trees and our precious land record documents. So Please sign our petition to BAN THE SCAN FEE!

Connecticut Title Searcher's Association
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Petition to Paul Ryan

Remove Race Boxes on Census Forms- End Institutional Racism NOW! We're All AMERICANS!

Dear Americans, Have you ever felt so bothered by the racial stereotypes heaped on you by people, and the system, that you wish you could be treated just as yourself, an American, regardless where your ancestors came from? After all, America is a country of immigrants. E Pluribus Unum. Our ancestors came from many countries to come together as one people. Why separate their descendants and treat them differently based on where their ancestors came from? America was a land of equality, liberty and justice for all. Why run a tiered system based on ancestral origins now? Fellow Americans, this tiered system will never change, unless we act as the forerunners to stop the tyranny by skin color NOW. Let's petition the U.S. President and the Congress to ban all race boxes on all government agency forms, starting with the Census. We will then be truly equal! No more pigeonholing of us; no more systemic differential treatment based on racial identity; no more institutional racial discrimination inflicted upon us. We will truly come together as one country, one people, thriving on this land of the free, and home of the brave. Thank you for joining the fight for freedom and equality! Please sign and share this petition with all your friends on social media and by email. We will persist. And we will prevail! Much love and many hugs, Your brothers and sisters of one big American family

Transrace Freedom Now
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Petition to Jeff Sessions, Deirdre Fike, Chief of Police Charlie Beck, Jonathan Lucas, M.D, Sarah Isgur Flores, Chief of Police Sandra Spagnoli, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, President of the United States

Marilyn Monroe deserves to have her death certificate changed!

I am a private investigator conducting an investigation into the true facts surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. My objective is to petition the correction of Marilyn's death certificate and requesting that the Attorney General open a criminal investigation surrounding her death. There was really never an investigation to start with.  I have always believed Marilyn Monroe was murdered along with most of the people in this world. If you look at all of the stories, books, testimonies, and even evidence then there is no reason that Marilyn Monroe’s death certificate should not be changed from probable suicide to murder. If not that, then at least accidental death.I feel that there should be a correction on Marilyn's death certificate and I am requesting that the Attorney General open the criminal investigation surrounding her death. There are two people alive who have never asked to give a statement for an investigation but were present when Marilyn Monroe took her last breath, and that is LAPD Sgt. Marvin D. Iannone who was later promoted to Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department. Marvin Iannone dismissed the other officers from the scene the day Marilyn Monroe was found dead. Iannone was seen by several witnesses talking to Peter Lawford and assisting Lawford while cleaning up the cottage where the actual death took place. Iannone had been known to take care of Bobby Kennedy whenever Bobby came into town. How can we allow a man who pledged to protect and serve get away with actually taking part in a possible murder and/or more? And then there is Pat Newcomb (Wigan) who was supposed to have been Marilyn’s friend. Before the police could seal the house once Marilyn's body was taken away, the police noticed that Pat Newcomb kept looking through drawers and going into Marilyn’s bedroom. The police had to physically remove her. After the funeral, Pat Newcomb flew to the "Kennedy compound” at Hyannisport, Massachusetts. After that, Newcomb left the country and remained away for six months. During this period from August 1962 to February 1963, she visited Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Switzerland. When she returned to this country she was put on the government payroll as an information specialist  (motion pictures) for the U.S. Information Agency, 1776 Penn. Ave.  N.W., Washington, D.C. Don’t you think this is a little interesting? I do! Time is running out since Ms. Pat Newcomb is 87 years old and Mr. Iannone is 83 years old. Please help by making things right. It’s time for Marilyn Monroe to have her death cleared once and for all. And, for those who took part in her death to be criminally responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Marilyn Monroe. It’s a disgrace that so many people have made millions of dollars out of the death of Marilyn.  The one thing that has never changed in over 53 years is the people involved, the time frame of events and the real manner of death.         

Ariel Investigations
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