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Unhomeless the Homeless in California

Declare Homelessness State of Emergency in California L.A. County Homeless On any given night, there are over 148,000 homeless people in California - 23% of the entire nation’s homeless population.  Los Angeles County has the second largest population of homeless people of any region in the United States, according to a government report released Wednesday. In Los Angeles, 600,000 people are considered "severely rent burdened," which means they spend half their income on rent. More than 8,000 people became homeless here for the first time last year, according to the 2017 Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority report. "We are reaching levels of inequality that we have not seen since the Gilded Age," said Tracy Rosenthal of the Los Angeles Tenants Union. The union helps organize tenant boycotts against things like rent increases and gentrification. Los Angeles County's total — 55,188 — was behind only New York City's 76,501, according to the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, 95 percent of people experiencing homelessness in New York City were sheltered, the report found, while only 25 percent of those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles were sheltered in 2017. The HUD report findings were similar to the results of the 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count released in June by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which put the county's homeless total at 57,794 — an increase of 23 percent over the previous count. The HUD report found that on one night in January, nearly one of every four people experiencing homelessness in the United States was in New York City or Los Angeles. According to the report, overall homelessness increased nationwide this year for the first time in seven years, by slightly under 1 percent compared to 2016. On a given night across the country, 553,742 people were homeless, with nearly two-thirds housed in shelters or transitional housing programs and one- third living on the streets, according to the report L.A.'s big increase in homelessness had a significant impact on the national numbers. Between 2016 and 2017, individual homelessness increased by 9 percent (15,540 people) in the nation's major cities. Los Angeles accounted for 60 percent of this increase. According to the report, Los Angeles County ranked: - second nationally in the percent of unsheltered homeless, at 84.3 percent; - first in the number of individuals who are homeless, at 47,082; - first in the number of unaccompanied homeless youth at 5,163; and first in the number of homeless veterans (4,476) and percentage of unsheltered veterans (76.1 percent). California had 134,278 homeless people, and while the Golden State has the nation's largest population, the rate of 34 homeless residents per 10,000 people was twice the national average, according to the report. Of those, 68 percent were living on the streets, by far the worst percentage. The report said half the nation's homeless live in California, New York, Florida, Texas or Washington. Counties across the state are facing a pervasive and deepening homeless crisis that imminently endangers the health and safety of tens of thousands of residents, including veterans, women, children, LGBT, youth, persons with disabilities and seniors.  Nowhere is this more evident than in Los Angeles County at least  134,278 men, women and children -- 10,000 to 12,000 in Downtown, including more than 8,000 parents and children in the San Fernando Valley alone -- are without homes. There are beds for less than one third of the homeless in Los Angeles county, comprehensive services are available to far fewer than half, and the county jails are routinely used as a substitution for mental health facilities.  In Los Angeles county the tremendous scale of homelessness threatens the economic stability of the entire region by burdening emergency medical services and the social services infrastructure. It is time to treat this crisis like the emergency it truly is.  The increasing numbers of displaced homeless people and the lack of ongoing resources to stably re-house them require immediate and extraordinary action. That is why We in LA County are taking the lead in a statewide effort to ask Governor Brown to declare a state of emergency in California to address this growing humanitarian crisis. Please join us! Sign our petition urging to declare the homeless crisis a state of emergency and bring the concerted effort and resources needed to tackle this crisis in a meaningful way.  Homelessness, Humanitarianism, Social justice, Human Rights, Economic Justice, Homeless crisis, Affordable housing, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and the Right to Live Free of prejudice. No human in our country should be homeless. Let's take the first step together. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.  Then Share this petition with your friends on social media to spread the word even further. Thank you for your support.

Lori Jean Siebers
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Dumbledore’s Army Demands that Congress Defend Working Families

Dumbledore’s Army Demands that Congress Defend Working Families In honor of Harry James Potter’s 38th birthday, the American members of Dumbledore’s Army are demanding that the United States Congress defend the lives and livelihoods of American working families. Ever since gaining office, the Republican Party and President Donald Trump have been obsessed with trying to take a Time Turner to our civil liberties and roll back the clock—but enough is enough. As Albus Dumbledore once said: “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” So let’s use our own to share our stories and fight back. And if they don’t listen? Then we’ll respond again, yelling “expelliarmus,” and disarming them of their seats in Congress in November. Health Care. Health care is a leading issue for Muggles and members of the wizarding world alike this election cycle. In the past year and a half, the GOP has tried to sabotage our access to quality, affordable, care at every turn: they tried (and failed) to pass a health care repeal bill, they stripped the individual mandate in the tax bill, they allowed junk insurance plans, and they hiked the cost of care for Americans across the country. Taxes. Last December, Congressional Republicans passed the GOP Tax Scam that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations at the expense of working families and small businesses. And every day, the bill becomes less and less popular.The Republicans told us that these tax cuts were supposed to lead to new jobs and better livelihoods for working families. Instead, it has helped enrich the nation’s largest banks, while most workers have seen no increase in wages—and others are watching their wages go down. Supreme Court. These threats are compounded in the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. During his campaign, Trump made it clear that he would choose a nominee who would threaten women’s reproductive rights and who would only act as an extra arm of his administration—and he has kept his promise.   If our lawmakers refuse to defend the people they were elected to represent, then we promise to turn our voices into votes and kick them out of office in November. Signed, Dumbledore’s Army.  

Dumbledore's Army
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Petition to Betsy DeVos, Department of Education

Revive Civics class: Understand your Rights, Protect yourself and those you care for!

   "I am an American like you, that just saw a problem with our Education system.  Please at least read the first paragraph and show your support if you agree, thanks everyone"-Mike McAuliffe.     Conventionally Civics class focused around Federal Laws like the Bill of Rights, while important, i feel this is less applicable then Local, Municipal, and State Laws on a daily basis. This is not to replace Political science classes which focus on evaluating and understanding the political structures and trends in our country, This is about your rights and duties as an American! Most people don't know what their rights are when speaking to police. Do i have to sign the ticket? Is it illegal to not show ID? Getting pulled over along with other tricky tactics used by those trying to take advantage of the average Joe, keep me awake at night . This type of knowledge is a weapon of the mind! How are citizens supposed to conform to the laws that govern them if they do not even know what they are! PLEASE SEE BELOW for just some of the objectives we WILL accomplish! Bring back Civics class. Classes Curriculum should entail: Local, Municipal, State and Federal rights. Class will focus on the most common struggles in daily life and how to manage them. Free online versions of class will be available to all (for retroactive learning purposes). Engage students to create a more active and better informed citizen.    "Civic education proponents argue that decreased awareness of and participation in civic activities is a primary causal factor in drastically increased rates of juvenile delinquency and diminished political participation by America’s youthful leaders of tomorrow"    A truly democratic society relies on its citizens to be informed and ready to act. What good is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people if the people themselves have no idea of what their role as citizens entails or to what civic rights as citizens they are entitled? Preparing people to become knowledgeable and proactive members of a democratic society requires that they receive proper instruction in civics. Civics education should be included as part of any school’s curriculum for these four important reasons. Fundamentals of Government    A proper civics education teaches young people about the very basics of how their government works. They learn about the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government and why these three branches must work together to pass and enforce laws. They also learn about the duties of each individual branch and how all three make up a carefully constructed checks and balances system. Ownership as Citizens    Civics education also teaches students that when they become adults they can rightfully lay claim to the government as lawful citizens. They learn that it is the voice of the citizenry, not that of obscure elected politicians, that ultimately matters when it comes to shaping the government. Politicians ideally should represent the people. The people in turn have the power to vote politicians in and out of office if the changes they want do not come to fruition. Proactive and Knowledgeable Voting    Students who receive a comprehensive civics education in school learn that voting is an important duty of every citizen. Every vote counts in each election, and it is through voting that people can make sure that their voices are heard. Civics education also gives students the knowledge they need to make informed decisions as they listen to politicians’ campaign speeches or read news stories about people running for office. They can reference their civics lessons to separate fact from fiction, allowing them to become educated and proactive voters. Limitations of Government    Students who fail to receive a proper civics education may grow up thinking that they are victims who are subservient to the whims of an uncontrollable central government. Civics education is key in teaching people that the government has limitations and that every citizen has Constitutional rights that cannot be taken away or violated. They learn about the Bill of Rights and what these first 10 amendments guarantee them as Americans. They also learn about the remaining 17 amendments and why the Constitutional puts limitations on the government and gives power to the people.    A democratic society relies on its people to fulfill their duties as citizens. When they are given a proper civics education, people know what is expected of them and to what limitations the government is bound. As the debate continues about whether or not civics should be taught in school, it is important to consider some of the key reasons why this subject benefits students who are about to become participating members of society.    For more information regarding civics please visit these sites below from which information has been copied for informative purposes. Thanks so much for your support! P.S. At the bottom of this page their is a link to an already existing petition "Bring back civics education" but it does not seem to have many supporters, very little information and seems to be directed to the incorrect people who can actually effect change.  

Mike McAuliffe
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