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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Sarbananda Sonowal, Shripad Naik, Rajiv Jalota

Govt of India: Enforce Waste Segregation Norms at Sassoon Docks to Let Us Breathe

Enforce Waste Segregation Norms at Sassoon Docks to Let Us Breathe"Early Deaths due to foul air to cause $10 billion eco loss to Mumbai" reported the Times of India on 15th December, 2021 The truth has finally emerged! Mumbai Port Trust is not treating fish waste and offal generated by the vendors as prescribed in the SOP laid down for any person or entity that generates solid waste in Mumbai city. I have been living in Colaba for the last twenty five years in an apartment that is adjacent to the Sassoon Docks housed by the Mumbai Port Trust. The stench emanating from the docks has grown from bad to worse. The smell from rotting fish and prawn peels from the docks has become unbearable and is nauseating. Help! We cannot breathe any more! Is this another tragedy in the making? In today’s day and age, they permit 1.    Open shelling of prawns on the roadsides2.    Open drying of these shells in the sun3.    Women and girls under the age of 14 to work from 4.30am till 10.30 am for the shelling4.    Sale of sea food on the roads meant for traffic It then permits the waste to be transported to the suburbs at the end of the day in open trucks and the stench that these trucks emanate as they pass through the bylanes of Colaba and Cuffe Parade is so powerful that residents are unable to breathe any more. The smell lasts till the wee hours of the night and we, the residents of Colaba and Cuffe Parade, are unable to keep our windows open. Many asthmatic patients are now sharing that their ailment gets worsened at this time. Despite approaching the Mumbai Port Trust through visits, letters, emails and phone calls there has been no real response. This petition is on behalf of all residents of Colaba & Cuffe Parade and entire Mumbai as the city suffers when the trucks roll down the lanes of Mumbai, the financial centre of India.  Some facts about Sassoon Dock Sassoon Dock consists of 75 ha  acres and 850 m of wharfage. The turn over of fish sales is rumoured to be Rs 3 Cr per day i.e. over Rs 1,000 Cr p.a. And yet! while the common man in this era of Swachh Bharat is bound by municipal bylaws to segregate and compost all the waste generated, the MPBT that has the luxury of such a huge land bank refuses to treat its waste internally. Please sign this petition so that this reaches the Prime Minister and Mr Sarbananda Sonowal, the Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, and Mr Shripad Naik, the Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping and Waterways, and help us, the residents of Colaba and Cuffe Parade, to breathe fresh air which is our birthright.

Renu Kapoor
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Petition to Home Minister(Rajnath Singh)

Fraudulence of TGS construction Private limited,A fraud by real state company-Mandeep Kaur

There are almost thousand of people got cheated by this real state company and people struggling to get their hard earned money and getting mental harassment and losing believe in our system.   U45205KA2014PTC077416 TGS CONSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Karnataka 24/11/2014 ALLOCATE DIN/DPIN/PAN Full Name Present Residential Address Designation Date of Appointment Whether DSC Registered Expiry Date of DSC06529781 MANDEEP KAUR NO. 12-70/6, 2ND 'B' MAIN, KEMPANNA LAYOUT HULIMAVU, BANNERGHATTA ROAD, BANGALORE 560076 KA IN Director 24/11/2014 Yes 24/03/201707249317 KODIHALLI NANJESH DILIP 168 B KATIHALLI KOPPLU HASSAN 573201 KA IN Additional Director 03/08/2015 Yes 14/07/2017 TGS CONSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED 24/11/2014 -U51909KA2013PTC068903 TGS E COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED 02/05/2013 -U74900KA2014PTC073265 DREAMZ HERBAL INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED 28/01/2014 -U74900KA2014PTC073282 SEND MY GIFT PRIVATE LIMITED 28/01/2014 -U74900KA2014PTC075526 TGS POWER SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED 25/07/2014 -U74999KA2016PTC092843 DAILY POOJA PRIVATE LIMITED 03/05/2016 - Dear Sir, We around 2000 people all are victims of a company called TGS constructions Pvt. Ltd.(Address - Amar Arcade,, 373, 5th Main Rd, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102). We all have booked various flats or plots in different projects of TGS. However because of their false commitments we all have cancelled our bookings. Many of us have waited for nearly 2 years for the project progress but nothing has been done on the prescribed land. After cancellation of our booking, We have received post dated cheques. Those cheques also got bounced and now still we are running behind them and begging for our own money. Many of us went to local police stations (Madiwala) but did not get proper support to get our hard earned money. Many court cases are running against them but ultimately we are still empty handed. Many of us have complained in this portal already. But this is a group complaint of around 150 people. Some key points are a) We have been given post dated cheque of after 6 months that means, we have already waited for more than 6 months after cancellation to receive the money. Few of us have waited for more than a year also b) We have attached the pdf of all victims’ with their details duly signed such as name, mobile no, booking, cancellation and project details. c) On an approximate number total amount due is around 10 crores INR. d) We have already approached DCP – South Bangalore and handed over the same 150 victim’s list e) We are ready to meet you and provide all further details. I request you to look into the matter and do the needful action for our money recovery. There are thousands of crore rupees  of middle-class people has been taken by this compnay and police,media,bank and I guess politician  might be involved because this much big scam can not be happened without this kind of supports.      

Chandan Gupta
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Petition to Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry of Jal Shakti, Iqbal Singh Chahal, Shri Dharmendra, IAS, Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Arvind Kejriwal, Randeep D

Stop Exposing Sanitation Workers through Open Bin Garbage Collection

I am absolutely sure you must have seen that decrepit, ugly garbage truck with garbage spilling on the road and the unbearable stench which you just can't shake off even if you splash perfume in your nostrils. Imagine, the sanitation workers who handle this garbage on a daily basis. The COVID 19 has shaken countries world over and brought the concept of Social Distancing. Today most of India is sitting at homes in lockdown condition, distancing from neighbours and friends. But sadly there is one aspect where the rules of distancing is not being followed. Yes, it is the very mundane and common activity, generally not noticed, not at all conspicuous and it is the activity of garbage collection.  Have I got your attention? So please read and sign this petition and share it with your friends.  The garbage collection in India is done in open bins wherein the sanitation workers collect the garbage from door to door. Then this garbage is transported in open trucks, many a times spilling a bit on the whole route taken by the vehicle. This is a surefire method of spreading the contamination while the whole nation is maintaining social distancing. Maybe the little bits of garbage here and there do not pose such a health hazard in normal conditions but during the COVID 19 pandemic, it poses a huge risk to all and most to the Sanitation Workers who are collecting the garbage, loading it on the trucks and driving those trucks. The problem is dire in high rise apartments where door to door collection of garbage is done by Sanitation Staff or House Keeping staff in large garbage tubs which are perfunctorily covered with lids. These garbage tubs are taken up and down in lifts and elevators and the sanitation workers are confined all this time in the closed space with the garbage effusing all kinds odours and germs. God forbid if there is COVID -19 in any of the garbage. Long time back, India banned open carriage of night soil by the sanitation workers from open latrines because it was a health hazard for the sanitation workers and the surrounding areas. Today with COVID -19, collection and carriage of garbage in open is a larger contamination hazard. Therefore all wet and dry garbage from homes be collected in sealed bio-degradable garbage disposal bags and then transported in sealed garbage transportation vehicles for final disposal in land fills or incineration. I request the Central Pollution Control Board to immediately put a stop to open bin collection and open truck transportation of garbage.    Let us drive away the ugliness from our roads and from the daily routine of the sanitation workers. Let us protect them and us not only from COVID -19 but all infectious diseases which may emerge in the future.

Sanjay Mohan
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