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Petition to Justice C. Hari Shankar/ Justice Jayanth Nath/ Justice Yogesh Khanna, Honrable CM Haryana, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Mr Arun Kumar/ T.L.Satyaprakash, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, The Chief Justice of India

Appeal for restart of construction of Spire woods, sec. 103, Gurgaon

Sir,  I am Priti Nath, w/o Mr. Anil Kumar. We have booked a flat in Spirewoods, sec.103, Gurgaon in sep. 2011. Along with me there are 516 other buyers in this project. In march 2016 the site of our project spirewoods was sealed on the order of Delhi High Court in a case against AN Buildwell, the company who owns this project. Reason for liqidation was claim of Mr. Amarpreet Singh Oberoi and no director was on board at that time( CP no. 704/14 C.A.). We as a member of Spirewood resident association (SWRA) (aprrox 300 members now) started our battle on 15th April, 2016 in the form of protests and complaints. Prior to this we have dome complaints in individual capacity. We have taken our case to Grievance Cell, Gurgaon, AGRF meeting also. We took the help of media. And after so many efforts and support of Government and media, we could bring two of its promoters Mr. Sunil Gandhi and Major S. K. Hooda on table to discuss. Now, these promoters have submitted a revival scheme in DHC and are ready to ammend the scheme in the interest of buyers( demands raised by SWRA). The court has given permission for the same. 1. My petition to Justice Yogesh Khanna is to fast track the process (for which he is known) as we the buyers of Residential project has already suffered a lot. Our only fault is that we have seen a dream of our own house. We have already waited for more than 5 years and to complete the project 24+3 months time is required. At least you can help us by ordering to start construction asap so that wait time should be less. Since March 2016, we are getting dates one after other and as a common buyer we are loosing our hope for revival. There are so many things going on together in this case but as a buyer all of us are primarily interested in our flats. 2. My petition to honorable CM was to implement RERA in Haryana and which is now happening and now we need special provisions for the cases like ours where the company is under liquidation so that no should be further delay should be there. 3. My petition to Dr. Ramesh and Mr. Arun Gupta to help  in the renewal of license of project spirewoods which got expired in 2015 and for which justice Siddharth Mridul has already ordered. 4. I request Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, honrable Minister of Law and Justice to consider this case as special one and do special arrangements to fast track it because it is not a simple case but a case which is effecting life of 517 innocent buyers badly. Judgment in other case can be an ongoing process but project spirewood should start soon. Thanks  

Priti Nath
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Petition to Chief Justice SC of India, Prime Minister of India, Law minister in India, DGP Traffic Police

Enforcing the Law against driving on the wrong side of road

Guys and girls, yesterday on 06-May-2018, there was a fatal accident in the underpass near Sikandarpur Gurugram. An SUV driver coming in the wrong direction crashed into a car coming in the right direction. The same happened near the temporary U-turn near Vipul Belmonte on Golf Course Road on the previous night. The cause “driving on the wrong side”. And all of you an underpass is something like a tunnel, just like where Princess Diana died many years back. Yesterday and today, a lot of comments appeared on the Facebook and WhatsApp. Sad, that people blamed the others without caring for what we ourselves do in traffic. With the coming monsoons the three underpasses on Golf Course Road may be flooded. Haven’t we have seen them in the Tilak and Minto bridges in Delhi, over fifty years. The government or MCD, or maintenance department that is responsible for the golf course road is not concerned that the glorious lights which were put up for a remarkably glamorous show, like in any modern country (eg china), don’t work anymore at many places. The underpasses remain in complete darkness and it is scary to drive in those, to say the least. And this might have been the cause of the accident in question. The wrong direction is the most serious traffic offence, much more than the ‘drunken driving’. The police spend good 6 hours every weekend ie Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in Gurugram to catch the offending drunken drivers. Why, because it fetches them quick money (legal and illegal). Before you sign this petition, please place your hand on your heart and say, “I have never violated the traffic laws”. Be honest please. But at least pledge, “You will never ever break the traffic laws”. Also please check the drivers who select the wrong side for driving on any road, at any time, and at any place in the country. Our prayer to the Chief Justice of India and the Indian Prime Minister is To make legislation “for at least 3 years jail" if a person is found driving on the wrong side, particularly where it is "intentional and speedy”. And we also pray that “his license is confiscated for at least 4 years, that is one year after the jail term is over”. The solution to the problem of riving on the wrong side at least on the underway, that are single sided can be minimized by 1.      Installing the following device that cuts through the tires of cars coming in the wrong direction.  2.     The police can easily place traffic inspectors at the begining of a one sided road, who can challan and question the wrong doers. 3.     The police can easily install camera at the commencement of underpasses 4.     The electricity departments can at least keep the underpasses illuminated, because otherwise there is complete darkness in the underpass  

Mike Rana
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Free Covid Vaccination For All

French | HindiIndia is going through a pandemic crisis of alarming proportions and the country is recording over 3 lakh covid positive cases almost on a Daily Basis. The collapse of the healthcare system because of the pandemic has been for the world to see.  Amidst this huge crisis, the only ray of hope for the Indians is the vaccination of everyone in the country to tide over this second tsunami like wave of the pandemic. The central government of India has allowed everyone above the age of 18 to get vaccinated from 1st May, but this step has come as too little too late and even now there is a catch to it that the citizens between the age group of 18-44 will have to pay for their own vaccines. What complicates this situation more is that the centre has said that citizens in the age bracket of 18-44 years would be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination at any private vaccination centre, and would need to be registered on the CoWIN portal when they become eligible for the vaccine starting May 1. In a letter to States on April 23, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said: “Citizens in the age group of 18 years to 44 years shall be eligible to receive vaccination, on payment, from any of the private CVCs (Covid Vaccination Centres).” If those between age of 18-44 will have to get vaccinated in private centres only unless the state government makes provision for them to get vaccinated in state govt approved public facilities then the price which those between 18-44 will have to pay for the vaccine would be enormous and two vaccine manufacturers in India have already fixed the price at which they will sell the vaccines to private hospitals. Covishield will be sold to private hospitals at Rs 600 per dose while CoVaxin will cost Rs 1200 per dose for private hospitals. If the private hospitals will procure the vaccines at these high prices it is clear they will sell it at high prices too to those between 18-44. While many state governments have already announced that they will provide the vaccines to their residents for free, the citizens of India can not be discriminated based on the state they live in. I strongly urge to the Government of India to remove all caps and prices on vaccines and make one single rule, that is free vaccination for all in India irrespective of the age and profession of the person. If we want to tide over this pandemic, there is no other way than free vaccination for all in India. I request you to sign my petition and raise your voice for free vaccination for all.  Regards,Rahul Kapoor

Rahul Kapoor
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