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Petition to Quinton Lucas, Kevin O'Neill, Teresa Loar, Dan Fowler, Brandon Ellington, Melissa Robinson, Katheryn Shields, Eric Bunch, Lee Barnes, Ryana Parks-Shaw, Andrea Bough, Heather Hall

Kansas City: Declare Climate Emergency

More than 700 local, regional, and state governments around the world have adopted resolutions to declare a Climate Emergency. Let's ask Kansas City to join this global effort and be part of the solution! Climate Emergency declarations recognize that global warming caused by human activities has dangerously increased emissions of greenhouse gases and resulted in a grave existential threat to the future wellbeing of all life. Combined with the catastrophic decline of biodiversity and a accelerating ecological collapse, the climate crisis means a broad human mobilization is urgently needed to secure a future for all We urge the City Council of Kansas City to pass a Climate Emergency Declaration: "Resolved, The City Council of Kansas City declares a climate emergency and calls for an immediate emergency mobilization to restore a safe climate." Based on Declarations in communities around the world, including such language as the following (Kansas City language to be developed through proposal to the City Council): WHEREAS, in April 2016 world leaders recognized the urgent need to combat climate change it by signing the Paris Agreement, agreeing to keep global warming “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels” and to “pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C;” WHEREAS, the death and destruction already wrought by current average global warming of 1°C demonstrate that the Earth is already too hot for safety and justice, as attested by increased and intensifying wildfires, floods, rising seas, diseases, droughts, and extreme weather; WHEREAS, according to the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty, 1.5°C of global warming could expose 500 million people to water poverty, 36 million people to food insecurity because of lower crop yields, and 4.5 billion people to heat waves; WHEREAS, in October 2018, the United Nations released a special report which projected that limiting warming to even the dangerous 1.5°C target this century will require an unprecedented transformation of every sector of the global economy by 2030; WHEREAS, climate change and the global industrialized economy’s overshoot of ecological limits are driving the Sixth Mass Extinction of species, could devastate much of life on Earth for many millennia, and may pose as great a risk to humanity as climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services; WHEREAS, such necessary measures to restore a safe climate include: A rapid, just, managed phase-out of fossil fuels; Ending greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible to establish a zero-emissions economy; A widespread effort to safely drawdown excess carbon from the atmosphere; A full transition to a regenerative agriculture system; and An end to the Sixth Mass Extinction through widespread conservation and restoration of ecosystems; And COMMITS TO a countywide just transition and climate emergency mobilization effort to expeditiously reduce countywide greenhouse gas emissions; to adapt resilience strategies in preparation for intensifying climate impacts; and to provide maximum protection for County residents as well as all the people and species of the world; and commits to the continued education of County residents about the climate emergency; and underscores the need for full community participation in addressing the climate emergency, including the residents of Kansas City and all community organizations and institutions who will be integral to and in the leadership of the mobilization effort. Full text of model Climate Emergency declarations, based on 700+ similar declarations worldwide, can be found in draft form here: We can do it Kansas City!   PETITION PRESENTED TO: Mayor Quinton Kevin O' Dan FowlerC/o Lee BarnesC/o Ryana Parks-ShawC/o Kevin McManusC/o        

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Petition to Fayetteville City Council, Jim Arp, William Crisp, Dan Culliton, Johnny Dawkins, Kathy Jensen, Ted Mohn, Tisha Waddell, Larry Wright, D. J. Haire

We want Free night & Weekend Parking in Downtown Fayetteville

GOOD NEWS UPDATE: The City Council has agreed to FREE parking on Saturdays as of July 10, 2019 by not enforcing Saturday parking on nonevent days. Council made this agreement out of session but will work more in August. Read the UPDATE which features the Fayetteville Observer article. Our leaders have listened to you. This is one of what we hope to be many positive steps forward to prevent unnecessary regulation of free access to our downtown. Keep signing. ORIGINAL PETITION:  The Fayetteville City Council has voted to implement all paid parking everyday  Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. We think this will negatively impact the small downtown businesses that for 20 years have invested and built up our downtown.   We especially believe that implementing all paid parking during evenings and Saturdays will hinder people and their families from coming to our art venues and museums, restaurants and cafes, the Farmers Market and from attending parties and celebrations at our many venues. We are NOT against paid event parking in some lots during baseball games. We love our baseball team and stadium and recognize the need for some paid lots that are actually being used. However, most lots east of Ray Avenue stand empty. We  believe that the length of event parking should be limited to 1 hour before the baseball game and end 1/2 hour after the baseball games. Please sign this petition, and share it, for limiting the number of event paid parking and hours and for free evening and Saturday parking in support of all the downtown businesses, restaurants, museums and venues you love.

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