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Demand that Fibromyalgia sufferers get the Pain Management we require!

Fibromyalgia may affect someone very close to you and you may not even be aware of it. This chronic pain lasts all day long, some minutes worse than the last. You never know when you may "flare up" (a flare up is a pain so intense and widespread that you become immobile until it passes, shoulders tense, extreme tenderness and pain from your collar bone to the thighs and calves and even your heels, it comes with blinding headaches and inability to move your neck). Since there is not much written or documented regarding this illness we don't have a cure, don't know the root cause, and there is not an effective treatment plan. Many doctors will not even attempt to treat a Fibromyalgia patient because of the unknowns and lack of options. Well, us Fibromyalgia sufferers have figured much of it out on our own by forming online groups and sharing personal experiences. We don't want to be put on nerve blockers and anti depressants that cause more side effects than actual treatment.  Anti depressants effect how 1 in 4 fibromyalgia patients receive pain and even when it works for those rare few it comes with a backlash of side effects from depression (which they didn't have prior), to extreme fatigue, shakes, paranoia, and much more. Eventually, it stops working for those rare few that it initially seemed to helped and they are stuck withdrawing from pills they should not have been on in the first place. As a busy wife, mother of 4, with a full time career I do no have the luxury of waiting it out until the doctors figure something out for me. I don't want to become immobile and disabled because they refuse to give us the pain management we deserve, the pain management my family deserves. Many of us end up severely depressed because of the extreme pain we have difficulty accepting and lack of help we receive. The first step to Fibromyalgia is acceptance. You have to accept that the life you lived is over and you will have to live a new life with limitation's on stress and activity. I was an avid hiker in my previous "well" life and a spontaneous 5 mile hike on a Saturday was common for my husband and I. Now, my hips feel like they are grinding and about to pop out of socket after a mild 10 minute walk. The grieving process was intense and the more I cried and resented my new life the more painful my body ached and the less mobile I became. Now that I have accepted a new lifestyle of lessened activity combined with minimal stress with a combination of pain medication for flare up control and cannabis oil/thc for daily sustainability, the pain, although still constant, is more frequently a level 5/6 rather than 7/8 and my flare ups are fewer at 10-14 days per month rather than 20-25 days.  When you live in chronic pain you start to see people and life in a much different light. You begin to empathize in a much deeper way. I recognize other pain sufferers by how they move and look around the room before adjusting their body or squinting from light sensitivity. It's a world I was very blind to previously and has made me realize how LOUD we have to be to make our painful world know to the "well" community because we need your help too. The flare ups are still here, so what do we do when we feel the more intense pain coming? That is when we must rely on pain killers (hydrocodene 5mg as needed) for emerging pain at minimum. If you get ahead of the flare up early enough you have a greater chance of preventing a full blown flare that will leave you in immense, immobile, pain. If you don't, you can at least keep the edge off until that unbearable, immobilizing, tear draining pain, decides to pass. During one of my first flare ups I was in such intense pain that my wrists became limp on their own and I was unable to turn my shower knob. I broke down crying on the floor desperately seeking my old self would return and pick me up to tell me this is just a terrible nightmare. That never happened. Instead, I took a pain pill, got a hot heating pad, lifted my legs, sprayed on some magnesium oil, and let the tides pass. Eventually, the flare passed and I was tricked into thinking I could be somewhat the old Johana, but I was wrong, and a few flare ups later I learned that my super active and constant moving life was over and I'd have to find a new way of living to get my daily tasks accomplished. A way of living that would contain all day pain, weakness, headache's, and body stiffness. Don't lay down too long with fibromyalgia because you will experience the sort of stiffness you had no idea even existed (tin man from Wizard of Oz comes to mind quite literally). So here I am, telling the world my story, because I have spoken to thousands of fibro warriors that suffer the same daily war I struggle with. Its quite a war on my body but was even more so on my mind in the very beginning. Now that my mind has adjusted, I am here to DEMAND better pain management from the medical community. We are being let down by our doctors who are too afraid to treat us because its not "an official form of treatment". Says who, the guy behind the keyboard whose wrists feel just fine when he types? Because mine are about to fall off from typing this up, and just last year I could write you a 20 page paper in less than 2 hours. Life has changed and the medical community needs to recognize that as well. We need your help to get pain management. No, we will not accept anti depressants and nerve blockers as the medical communities safest and most profitable way out! They don't work! Give me daily cannabis oil with a small amount of thc combined with AT LEAST 10 days of hydrocodone. I say 10 ten days, because the cannabis oil may likely control our flare ups at least 2 out of 3 days if taken properly. Unfortunately, without a root cause or cure the flair ups are inevitable and they are too painful to function under. It should be considered a criminal act that doctors allow us to suffer knowing the all over body pain we are forced to manage through, criminal! The main reason they refuse to give pain medicine is because of the opioid crisis. My answer to that is limit us to a set number of days relief with pain meds that, as adults, we can take and control on "as needed" basis. We learn to live with pain and we accept it so we are not requesting pain meds all day, every day. It is impossible to become addicted at 10 days a month and at the very least we have earned the right to be responsible for our own painful emerging pain and flare ups. We are adults and we are in pain! We DEMAND pain relief through a the following at a minimum mix of: thc/cannabis oil for daily sustainability and 10 days worth of pain pills for controlled flare up management. We REFUSE to sit around in pain, becoming disabled one by one, and being fed with ineffective treatments. If anyone understands PAIN it's a fibromyalgia patient!  Please note that this request is "at minimum" since most doctors don't even offer flare up maintenance with pain pills at all for us suffering in tremendous pain. Once a minimum is established on a national level individual dosing should be discussed between patient and doctor, on an individual level, since each person is experiencing different levels of pain. I ask you to stand by us by signing and sharing this petition so that it gets the attention of people who can make it happen. We need it here and we need it now.    

Johana Aveiro
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Exclude Chronic Pain Patients From The Stronghold Of The CDC Guidelines

Everyone knows about the opioid crisis that currently exists in the United States.  It is no secret that the government is cracking down on doctors who write prescriptions for pain medication for their patients if they do so without good cause.  I don’t think that there is one single citizen who would disagree with the decision to tighten the guidelines for doctors who carelessly write prescriptions for pain medications that aren’t warranted.  But when it comes down to a patient being diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as CRPS, Sarcoidosis, Osteoarthritis, Arachnoiditis, Lupus, or Fibromyalgia (just to name a few), I think it is reasonable to say that a doctor should be able to use their judgment, evaluate a patient for symptoms related to their illness, and prescribe medications accordingly, even if those medications are narcotics. We now live in a society where a drug addict can walk into a police station or hospital, say that they are an addict and that they want help, and they are given what? METHADONE!  What is methadone??  It’s another drug!  And after countless hours of research, I can’t find ANY evidence of how this has improved the opioid situation on the streets.  However, you have people that hold jobs, pay bills, have been diagnosed with legitimate illnesses, and they can’t get the medications they need to control their pain because of the guidelines set forth by the CDC.  There are so many possible solutions that may lead to progress on both ends of the spectrum, but nobody is putting forth any effort for the pain patients – they’re only looking at the death rate of the abusers who either use illegal drugs, or use synthetic or stolen medications to satisfy their habits. I suffer from two autoimmune diseases (and have to be tested for a third).  The two confirmed diseases are tag teaming my joints, and making it very painful for me to function with any type of normality.  It’s gotten to the point where I am in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Where is my assistance?  How am I supposed to pick myself up off the floor when my husband isn’t there to help me, because he works to support his family?  Who is going to pay my bills when I have to miss work because I’m in such an incredible amount of pain that I can’t get out of my bed?  What will happen when I reach a level where I will have to depend on medications to quell my pain?  I’ll tell you exactly what is going to happen – I will not be able to get my medication because of irresponsible individuals who made the decision to pick up a needle and spoon, a straw, a joint, a pill, a handful of pills, or whatever their poison of CHOICE was.  Where is this okay?  Two words – it’s not. Where is it okay for insurance companies to deny testing for people that have obvious signs of illness?  Where is it okay for a cancer patient to be denied his chemotherapy…or for a patient complaining of pain to be denied a simple MRI?  And when they have to fight like hell to get the tests they so deserve to determine that they DO have an illness, where is it okay for them to be denied the medications they need to ease their pain?  Where is it okay that our Veterans are being put in the same situation, after they incur injury or illness after they gave of themselves to protect our country and our freedom?  Another two words – it’s not. How many people have been killed by drunk drivers, yet alcohol is still legal? Where is the difference??  According to the CDC and the FDA in a recently published article, the biggest culprits responsible for opioid-related overdoses and fatalities are listed as follows, in order of those that are mostly responsible: Heroin 8,412Cocaine 5,836Oxycodone 5,417Alprazolam 4,217Fentanyl 4,200Morphine 4,022Methamphetamine 3,728Methadone 3,495Hydrocodone 3,274Diazepam 1,729 Also, between the years of 2010 and 2014, 3/4 of the fatalities that involved oxycodone and hydrocodone involved other substances - aka MULTIPLE drugs, and 15% of those fatalities involved alcohol. Please – eliminate legitimately ill patients from the CDC guidelines – find a way to identify them as chronically ill patients, and start enforcing the laws for people who illegally abuse any type of drug, no matter the drug.  To make people suffer for no other reason than another person’s irresponsible choices is just cruel and inhumane!  There is a distinct difference between abuse, addiction, and dependency.  And people who are truly ill DEPEND on their medications to live and function!  For once in your lives, do the right thing and come up with a solution that will benefit everyone!

Tracy Kimmel
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Tell Governor Scott that chronic pain is real and that his opioid stipulations are unfair.

Dear Governor Scott,My mother had an extensive surgery in March of 2016. It was and still is the only surgery of its kind. It was performed by Dr. Hirschl, a renowned neuro surgeon, who is apart of SHANDS at ORMC in Orlando, FL. It was a 14 hour surgery with a high risk of death, paralysis, coma, inability to ever breathe without a machine, etc. In the words of Dr. Hirschl, it was a medical miracle that she survived this surgery and that she no longer has spinal cord compression. While she no longer has neuro symptoms, she is in extreme debilitating pain. This pain haunts her every minute of every day. She is on the minimum amount of opioids that she can take (prescribed by her pain clinic) to get by. Despite this high dose of medication, she suffers every minute of everyday. If you look at her back without a shirt, you will see layers of burn marks from laying on a heating pad, at too hot of a heat setting, every day to try and curb the pain. The pain from this surgery affects her quality of life. We've tried acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and the list goes on. Nothing can lower her pain enough to improve her quality of life. If you look at her MRI you will not question this. She has had several vertebrae removed, and her neck and upper back are made almost entirely of metal. She has no movement of her head or neck whatsover. She visibly has bolts and screws that stick out of her bony body. Please when you are making this deicision to make opioids a three day prescription, remember those who have chronic pain. She cannot live without her pain medication. Not because she is some drug abuser. But because she has a very serious CHRONIC medical condition following a very extensive one of a kind surgery that has left her crippled. The amount of pain she experiences everyday with pain medication is so great, she could not live without it. Please do not do this to her. Do not to this to the thousands of people who are barely getting by because they have documented, chronic pain. Consider those who need opioid pain medication to get by. My mom doesn't want to take pain pills. She doesn't want to be in pain. She wishes none of this ever happened and she could live a normal life. But she can't. Don't take away the only thing making her pain somewhat manageable to live through. Chronic pain is real. The cost of co-pays for three day supplies of medication is going to be a financial burden for many. Governor Scott says a 7 day supply will be allowed for extenuating circumstances. At best, those with chronic pain will have prescriptions for a maximum of 7 days if further criteria is met. This is going to affect more people than just those with chronic pain. Those receiving palliative care, those in hospice, people with cancer, etc., are going to be affected. In addition to a financial burden of constant doctors visits and medication copays, the physical burden, of endless trips, for those and their caretakers will be just as unfair.  Please sign this petition so that Governor Scott will consider those who are in chronic pain when he attempts to make changes to opioid prescriptions, limiting them to only 3 days.  Thank you.  

Brittany Small
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