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Petition to Emily Pierson

Saving Douglas!

Mr. Robert Douglas came into the Eau Gallie Choral Program at one of the most hectic times of the year. He is a driven, charismatic director who truly is invested in each one of his students. The department as a whole has benefited under his direction. Not only has the musicianship of the students improved, but the students have been taught to emote through the music and make each piece their own.  As a result of the prior director's absence, our department was in jeopardy of continuing the pusuit of music education. Mr. Douglas came in, taught the Disney Candleight music to the students, as they were chosen by Disney to be Honor Choir in the annual Candlelight Processional, organized an entire choir production for our annual PRISM concert, took the show choir to Solo/Ensemble where they received straight superiors under his direction, took Concert choir and a Womens choir to MPA and received Superiors, took that same Concert choir to State MPA, which has not been done in recent Eau Gallie history, and those students received and overall Excellent rating. Mr. Douglas also was the music coordinator and director of our spring musical The Music Man.  Mr. Douglas has grown a significant relationship with each student in the department and it would be detrimental to remove him. The quality of the department would be negatively effected and could possibly taint the reputation Eau Gallie has as a music demonstration school. The assimilation of our prior director would be much more difficult because the students have bonded with Mr. Douglas.  The purpose of this petition is not to slander or rid our previous director of her job, but to keep the man that has turned this choir into a famiy, and has become an important figure in all of our lives. This petition is to ensure the future growth and continued success of Eau Gallie's Chorus program.

Eau Gallie High School Chorus Program
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Petition to Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees, Liliana Carrillo

Please reinstate Ms. Harvey's teaching position.

On April 16, 2017, Cypress High School’s choral program learned that their new director, Ms. Melanie Harvey, was to be laid off due to budget cuts proceeding the end of the 2016-2017 school year. The district has ensured that the choral program will remain intact, but our director, Ms. Harvey, has lost her job. Ms. Harvey is the greatest thing that has happened to this program in a long time and we students believe that with the support of our community, the AUHSD Board of Trustees will hopefully acknowledge Ms. Harvey’s impact on our lives and education, and how essential she is to the program. With your participation in this petition, you are contributing to the fight to keep strong arts programs in the education system. We must emphasize the importance of music education and the fine arts as it is generally overlooked. Every signature helps us let our voice be heard. Thank you for your time and support for students, the arts, and a dedicated teacher. Thank you for using your voice to help a teacher that has allowed her students to find theirs. BACKGROUND Ms. Harvey is a first-year teacher at Cypress High School, and was vulnerable to the budget cuts due to her low seniority, but has grown the choral program to new heights. Ms. Harvey is the hardest working and most influential person we have ever had the honor to have as an instructor. Her impact on the Cypress choral program includes, but is not limited to: The number of students signed up for the upcoming school year (2017-18) has doubled in comparison to the current school year (2016-17). Ms. Harvey combines show choir and concert choir into the curriculum, giving students a strong background to classical music education, and a show choir (singing and dancing) experience. She is also dedicated to making sure students are proficient in music theory. Ms. Harvey offered to teach a separate music class to the Special Education students at Cypress High School, but since she has been terminated that class is no longer for sure being taught. Whoever replaces her has the decision to take it or not, and it is a difficult class to teach for some teachers. Ms. Harvey was actually excited and eager to teach and give this opportunity to the Special Education students. Ms. Harvey organized and directed four choir shows the past school year, as well as taking the advanced group, High Voltage, to four show choir competitions, and to one choral festival along with the beginning level group, Shockwaves.  Ms. Harvey organizes after school and weekend rehearsals, taking time out of her own personal life for the students. Ms. Harvey teaches not only music, but life lessons and morals. She teaches integrity, teamwork skills, and confidence. The budget cuts by the State of California left Cypress High School without an on campus drama/theatre class, and threatened the existence of the dance program. They also completely cut the floral program. Students feel as if their arts programs are slowly diminishing. (As shown through the hashtag #savechsarts on Instagram) The arts is a calling to many students who are passionate about what they create. It is something that they can rely on for stability and communal support every single day when they walk into a choir, drama, or dance classroom. Cypress has had a different choir director every single year for the past three years. This has hindered the choral program from growing and stabilizing. If the teaching position is changed once again for the 2017-2018 school year, the program will repeat the cycle of having to reform and rebuild. Ms. Harvey was hired from outside of the district specifically for our class because there was no one else qualified for the position she took. If she leaves, then who will teach us? This causes emotional stress on the students, but also puts Ms. Harvey out of work. Every student deserves a strong music education. Ms. Harvey has provided Cypress High School with that, and could continue to impact more students’ lives with your support.  

Brandon Garcia
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