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Petition to State Forestry Administration P.R.China, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Release Panda Qi Yuan, Qi Guo and Yuan Man from Wild Training

The purpose of this petition is hope to set free 3 giant pandas Qi Yuan, Qi Guo (Qi Yi's mother and twin sister) and Yuan Man of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda (Xiongmao Jidi/Panda Base) who have been quietly sent to Panda Valley (wild training centre) mid October according to posts in Weibo. Qi Yuan was born in 1999 and is currently 18 years old (human age 70) while Qi Guo and Yuan Man born in 2016 and are currently 1 year+ (human age 4). These 3 pandas have been raised by human since their birth. They are very close to human and are being fed by human all the time. They rely heavily on the human in their daily life. They would have lost the ability to survive in the wild. By sending them for wild training with the intention to release them into the wild at this age is unreasonable and totally unacceptable. Numerous calls made and messages sent to the Panda Base for clarification but they keep silent on the matter. Visitors to the wild training centre had taken photos and videos showing Qi Yuan Qi Guo and Yuan Man are confirmed currently being kept at the wild training centre. The pandas under wild training by Panda Base are trained by human for the preparation to return to the wild, which received massive criticisms. Please do watch the video posted in the update below a get a clearer understanding. Earlier 2 captive-bred pandas had been released to the wild by the Panda Base. He Sheng was killed by unknown animal 2 months after being released to the wild. Another panda Qian Qian is not traceable till today. More info can be found on internet. Hope everyone understands that it is not objecting to set the pandas free to the wild, as panda should go back to the nature ultimately. The reason for this petition is that it is unreasonable and unacceptable to send these 3 pandas who have been raised by human for so many years and rely heavily on the human to a sudden wild training.  Anyone who would like to write to the relevant departments directly on this matter please refer to email addresses below: State Chengdu City Chengdu Sichuan Province Lastly, apology for my poor English. I just hope these 3 pandas can return home safely. Thank you.

Y Qi
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Petition to Liu Xiaoming


The North Korean regime makes it illegal to leave the country without state permission, but every year thousands of North Koreans still risk their lives to escape a combination of a lack of freedoms and economic hardship; in North Korea these are inextricably linked. If caught trying to escape, or if caught in China and sent back, they are at risk of harsh punishments including brutal beatings, forced labour, forced abortions, torture, and internment in a political prison camp. Those suspected of having had contact with South Koreans or Christians while in China receive the most severe punishments. North Korean refugees’ well-founded fear of persecution if repatriated means that they should be protected under international refugee law. However, the Chinese government prioritizes its political relationship with Pyongyang and does not recognize them as refugees. Instead they label them as 'economic migrants' in an attempt to justify the forcible repatriation of thousands of North Korean refugees every year. Their illegal status forces them to work in invisible industries and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and sex traffickers, as they have no recourse to any authorities. By signing this petition, you believe that the Chinese government should stop 'repatriating' North Korean refugees seeking freedom, and should instead give them the opportunity to seek asylum.

Katie Breeds
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Petition to H.E. Xi Jinping., H.E. Ambassador Huang Huikang

Free my sister & nephew. They're trapped in China by inhumane travel bans. 请还这对马来西亚母子自由。

Set my sister & nephew free. They are trapped in China by inhumane travel bans 我的妹妹和侄子被困在中国无法离境,让他们从这不人道的限制出境早日重获自由   Current state My sister, Cheng Chau Yang, and her 8-year old son, have been trapped in China for close to 2 years now. They are BOTH Malaysians.   They have not broken any laws. 现状 我的妹妹与她8岁大的孩子都是马来西亚国籍,他们没触犯任何法律,但却已被困在中国将近两年。   Lack of transparency They have not been given any formal documentation on details of the bans, nor was the Malaysian Embassy notified about the bans. 缺乏透明化 迄今,他们没有收到任何关于禁令的书面文件解释这禁令;即使马来西亚大使馆也没被告知此事。   My sister and son have been the victims of parental child-abduction Previously, my sister’s former husband (“X”) and his family had abducted the child twice (the second abduction lasted 820 days), and attempted a violent abduction just outside the court’s premises on 15th January, 2016, in flagrant disobedience of the custody order. The third (attempted) abduction took place after X attended a court-supervised visitation of my nephew. Despite these behaviors, X has successfully imposed the travel bans on my sister and nephew. During the 8 months when X ignored the court order to hand over the child, the court repeatedly told my sister that they could not do much to uphold my sister’s custodial rights, and asked her to put in more effort herself.  我妹妹与侄子都是几次父亲掳拐事件的受害者 之前,我妹妹的前夫(“X”)和他的家人一共掳拐并藏匿了小孩共两次(第二次持续了整整820天)。在2016年1月15日,“X”家人第三次无视法院判决,在出席完法院监督式探视后,在法庭外公然试图再度暴力抢夺我的侄子。 尽管在这一连串的恶劣行为后,X依旧成功通过上海法院将限制出境加施在我的妹妹和我的侄子身上。 这同一个法院,在我妹妹拿到孩子的抚养权但X却无视法院判决继续藏匿孩子时,告诉我妹妹抚养权在中国本来就是很难执行的,让我妹妹自己想办法。在那八个月的万念俱灰里,我妹妹得不到此法院的任何帮助,却在她自己找到孩子后的第三天,被同一个法院限制出境! They can be trapped in China for the next 10 years The court has verbally told my sister that X has the right to renew these bans till the son turns 18, so as to ensure his weekly access right. However, X has refused to see the child despite my sister’s repeated invitation and numerous proposals. 未来十年,他们恐怕会被困在中国 据法院的口述,X有权一直更新此禁令直到孩子18岁,以确保X每周的探视权。但是,尽管我妹妹一再提议各种探视方案,X持续拒绝探望孩子,除非让他把孩子再一次带走。   Impact of these travel bans My sister and nephew’s basic right to freedom of movement have been deprived. They can’t come home to visit our ailing 94-year old grandma and relatives, they can’t visit us during Chinese New Year and other major festivals, my sister’s livelihood is affected as she cannot attend meetings outside of China, and my nephew is deprived of the opportunities to attend study or holiday trips. This is inhumane! 限制出境的后果与影响 这严重剥夺了我妹妹和侄子的基本人身自由权。他们无法回家探访我们94岁的外婆和其他亲戚,在农历新年等重大节日期间也无法回家团圆看望我们;妹妹的工作也受到了影响,因为她无法出席任何国外的会议;我的侄子也被剥夺了出国参加任何学习或假期旅行的机会。这是不人道的!   These bans contravene UN International Conventions The travel bans that prevent these two foreigners from leaving China are a mistake. They have to be, as they contravene multiple UN International Conventions that China is a signatory of, chief among them Article 10 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), Article 15 on the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). 这些禁令违反了联合国国际公约 这些禁止两个没有犯法的外国人离开中国的禁令是一个错误。它们已违反中国签署的多项联合国国际公约,其中包括了“儿童权利公约”(CRC)第10条,“消除对妇女歧视公约”第15条( CEDAW)。   Will you help us? I am a distraught sister of Chau Yang. We have exhausted all channels of appeal in China, but have received no formal reply. Will you help to set my sister and nephew free in China? Every signature and share will bring them closer to freedom. 恳请你的一臂之力 我是庄朝阳的姐姐,我为她感到十分忧心与焦虑。 即便我们穷尽了在中华人民共和国所有的上诉渠道,但依旧没有得到任何的正式回应。 在此,诚心要求你的帮忙让我的妹妹和我的侄子早日重获自由,每一个签名与分享将让他们离自由更近一步。   Please click here to follow & share our FB page 请点击这里以便关注和分享我们的脸书     Our family has made a movie about Chau Yang's long eventful journey.   我们家人把朝阳这漫长的心厉路程拍成了一部影片。 "Mama on a Mission" 《我妈妈有个使命》. Please feel free to share it. 请分享。  

Myra Cheng
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Petition to Xi Jinping

Urgent Appeal for Unconditional Release of Liu Xiaobo

We, the undersigned, are alarmed to learn that Mr Liu Xiaobo, the renowned literary critic, human rights activist and the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who was originally imprisoned in Jinzhou Jail of Liaoning Province, has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He was subsequently granted permission to access medical treatment outside of prison and is currently hospitalized in Liaoning at the First Affiliated Hospital of the China Medical University. According to reliable sources close to his family, Mr Liu is now gravely ill and the cancer has metastasized. Mr Liu is the first Chinese national to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize to honour his three decades of struggle for basic human rights on behalf of his fellow countrymen. We admire Mr Liu for his endurance and sacrifice. We are deeply saddened and angered by his falling severely ill in prison. We therefore demand the Chinese Government to: Release Mr Liu unconditionally so that he and his wife Liu Xia can resume normal contacts with the outside world; Guarantee Mr Liu the freedom to choose where and what medical treatment to be received; Guarantee the rights of Mr Liu to receive visits and communication from family and friends, and to receive humanitarian assistance from the outside world; Disclose in full Mr Liu’s medical records during imprisonment and investigate thoroughly the cause of the deterioration of his health, so that those who are responsible for the delay in offering him timely medical treatment will be held accountable. * This petition was initiated by a group of 08 Charter signatories within China. 08 Charter was the document calling for democratic reform in China which landed Mr. Liu Xiaobo in jail. For the Chinese original of the petition, please see:   紧急呼吁:还刘晓波彻底自由 我们震惊得悉,原在辽宁省锦州监狱服刑的2010年诺贝尔和平奖得主、中国著名文学评论家、人权活动家刘晓波先生,在监狱中确诊罹患晚期肝癌而获保外就医,目前在沈阳的中国医科大学附属第一医院接受治疗。据刘晓波亲友切实可靠的消息,刘晓波目前的病情已到了十分严重的地步,癌细胞已经转移。 刘晓波先生是第一位获诺贝尔和平奖的中国公民,他为争取国人的基本人权而进行了长达三十年的奋斗。我们钦佩刘晓波先生的坚持与牺牲,对刘晓波先生在狱中罹患重病我们深感悲痛与愤怒,为此我们要求中国政府: 无条件释放刘晓波先生,恢复他及其妻子刘霞与外界的正常联系; 保障刘晓波先生自由选择就医方式、就医地点的自由; 保障刘晓波先生亲人、朋友的探视、交流权利和外界的人道协助权利; 如实公布刘晓波先生狱中身体健康记录,彻查导致刘晓波先生健康状况恶化的病因,追究导致刘晓波先生错过医治最佳时机的相关人员责任。

Freedom for Liu Xiaobo Action Group
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