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Petition to His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Atewa Forest for National Park – not mining

(Español • français • português) The Government of Ghana must declare Atewa Forest a National Park, to protect it from bauxite mining. Atewa Forest is the finest example of Upland Evergreen Forest in the Upper Guinean Forest region: its altitude causes a distinctive type of vegetation to grow that is extremely rare and very rich in species, including: Over 70 species classified as Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable by the IUCN, such as the Togo Slippery Frog Conraua derooi; At least 50 species of mammals, including the recently discovered White-naped Mangabey Cercocebus lunulatus which is Critically Endangered; Over 1,000 species of plants and 230 species of birds, including the Nimba Flycatcher Melaenornis annamarulae found nowhere else in Ghana; Over 570 species of butterflies already recorded, out of potentially 700 species – which would make Atewa the richest forest for butterflies in West Africa. In our report to the Government of Ghana with support from IUCN Netherlands, we demonstrate the forest’s enormous importance to the water supply of five million people in Accra, and make a compelling economic case for protecting Atewa Forest as a National Park. But the Government is planning to let Chinese companies mine the bauxite deposits found in the hilltops of Atewa Forest – these are spread over a wide area, and would require the forest to be removed. The resulting barren landscape would be impossible to restore to its former condition. Atewa as a National Park would be a lasting, positive legacy for the Government of Ghana. This option has great public support amongst forest edge communities, and would honour Ghana’s commitment to the international Convention on Biological Diversity and to the Sustainable Development Goals. This is in stark contrast to the loss that would be experienced should the hills be mined. We need your help! Please sign the petition, and tell your friends to sign it as well. Visit for more info and more options for action.

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Petition to Peter Pritchard, Mr. Chen Wu - GuangXi China, Mayor

Stop 'Pets At Home' Selling the Pet 'Treat' MADE with DOG SKIN

THE KILLER 'TREAT' The dangers of giving 'Rawhide' (processed hide) products to your dog are pretty grim, but did you realise that you're poisoning your dog by feeding this choking & intestinal-obstructing - KILLER 'TREAT' Your pet will ingest ... LeadSaltsBleachArsenicMercuryChromiumArtificial dyesFormaldehydeTitanium oxideGlue (any sort)Artificial flavoursHydrogen peroxideAn Ash-lye solution Plus many other toxic chemicals incl. Carcinogen FD&C Red 40 & a highly toxic recipe of sodium sulphide liming & sodium benzoate, a cancer-causing chemical associated with leukemia & other blood cancers. When constantly chewed, its a case of slow, long term poisoning. Pets At Home sell a huge amount of these dangerous, chews, in many sizes, designs & colours, especially at Christmas, disguised as toys, with added bows & in 'stockings'. Dogs WILL choke or die due to buyers being unaware of this horrendous KILLER 'TREAT' It has caused... Stomach torsion, Excruciating pain, Fainting, Sickness, Vomiting, Choking, Diarrhea, Poisoning, Kidney failure, Coma & DEATH Pets At Home are a good chain, (with this exception) & I support their VIP programme, but this dangerous money spinner should be banned, if we want to save our dogs from being poisoned, from choking or from dying. With around 370 stores, it would make a huge difference if Pets At Home boycotted China's 'Hide' items. If they stopped buying this disgusting product, it could lead the way for other outlets to follow, for example ... Amazon (sell 1000s of hide chews) Jollys pets (61 super stores) Tescos (3,376 stores) Sainsburys (1,374 stores) Asda (525 stores) Morrisons (569 stores) B&M (560 stores) The Range (140 stores) Just For Pets (25 stores) Pets Corner (161 stores) they call themselves the 'ethical store', we counted 30 rawhide products on their web page Not included are online & independent, pet stores. Up to 22 million dogs a year in China, are being brutalised in order to supply that much processed Hide! Surely thats worth Signing & Sharing? Boycott 'rawhide' stock at ALL outlets, not just Pets At Home. They are all culpable as long as they continue to harm our dogs, who are forced to chew on their distant cousins (DOGS and CATS). Hide products are indigestible; once swallowed, hide & poisons sit in your pet's stomach causing an obstruction, leading to many a dog's death. There's simply not enough time to get to a vet to surgically remove this sickening product. Dogs have become comatose, have fainted & been sick for days due to the poisons. From comments Our dog choked to death on one of the raw hide bones bought from PAH.Guy Hughes, Reading, UK I've seen my dogs chocked many times on these hideous treats. Vicky Stead, CRAWLEY, UK a friends dog choked to death on one. Kay Brown, Horden, UK My dog has been sick and choked on these rawhide chews. Kath Boyle Bristol, UK It killed one of my friends cat. Pamela DeRose, Oceanside, CA The vast majority of heavily processed hide (incorrectly promoted as Rawhide) comes from China. Stolen domestic dogs & unfortunate, trusting, street dogs are trapped, brutaly transported to 'processing' locations & cruelly, hung by their paws for days, while being beaten with iron bars or shovels. The Chinese believe that terrorising dogs prior to skinning & boiling them alive, makes their meat taste better This 'Dog Meat Trade' & 'Fur Trade', export & supply 85% of the world's leather. The dog meat is used for public consumption in China & the fur is used to make coats, footwear, toys, & decorate clothing & trinkets, plus handbags & shoes - (worldwide, we are wearing these products). Then of course, tons of pelts are used to make millions of Hide dog chews. Dog skins are sent to Italy, India, Germany the US, all of whom (but not only those countries), use those skins to make items we wear. Don't take my word, see PETA'S video which supports my claims -  Eating dog meat has not stopped at China's borders. I stopped eating Chinese takeaways a long time ago!  With no monetary outlet, there would be little point in the Chinese  brutalising 22 million beautiful dogs a year for Hide treats. With no end-user, (thats us), we'd be responsible for saving the  lives of millions of dogs, plus cats, racoons, foxes & rabbits, thus preventing horrendous suffering & torture. Surely, saving millions of dog's lives a year, in China alone, is worth Signing & Sharing  I plan to contact Pets At Home when I have enough signatures to make a difference. (Now done, see below). If they see how many of us reject this truly horrendous item, I'm hopeful they will take action, because if they do, other sellers may follow their example. Please REJECT this KILLER 'TREAT'. Don't buy ANY Hide product, from Pets At Home (or from anywhere) if you value your dog's life. Help Pets At Home, other pet stores & all Hide sellers, accept the horrendous truth by signing my petition. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for caring. Susanne Visit my regularly, updated, FB page 'Save Our Dogs UK' With lots of information on keeping our dogs safe -  ---------------------------------------------------------UPDATE  UPDATE  UPDATE UPDATE  UPDATE You are now questioning Pets At Home's decision to continue selling these 'treats'. "Pets at home have a responsibility to sell goods which are safe for animals". Angela davies, Barnham, UK "The dog meat industry sickens me to my stomach. To think that my dog could be eating another dog - Jo Tipple, Ellington, UK "Pets at home should know better". Tara Knipes Northamptonshire, UK I agree Tara & hopefully, so will they.  Watch this space!

Susa Devenish
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Petition to State Forestry Administration P.R.China, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Release Panda Qi Yuan, Qi Guo and Yuan Man from Wild Training

I leave this Petition open because Qi Yuan, Qi Guo and Yuan Man are still at Panda Valley. Although in the previous update a PhD from Chengdu Panda Base stated they will not be released into the wild but there is no official statement from Chengdu Panda Base regarding the situation of these 3 lovely pandas. Once they are confirmed safe I will close this Petition. The purpose of this petition is hope to set free 3 giant pandas Qi Yuan, Qi Guo (Qi Yi's mother and twin sister) and Yuan Man of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda (Xiongmao Jidi/Panda Base) who have been quietly sent to Panda Valley (wild training centre) mid October according to posts in Weibo. Qi Yuan was born in 1999 and is currently 18 years old (human age 70) while Qi Guo and Yuan Man born in 2016 and are currently 1 year+ (human age 4). These 3 pandas have been raised by human since their birth. They are very close to human and are being fed by human all the time. They rely heavily on the human in their daily life. They would have lost the ability to survive in the wild. By sending them for wild training with the intention to release them into the wild at this age is unreasonable and totally unacceptable. Numerous calls made and messages sent to the Panda Base for clarification but they keep silent on the matter. Visitors to the wild training centre had taken photos and videos showing Qi Yuan Qi Guo and Yuan Man are confirmed currently being kept at the wild training centre. The pandas under wild training by Panda Base are trained by human for the preparation to return to the wild, which received massive criticisms. Please do watch the video posted in the update below a get a clearer understanding. Earlier 2 captive-bred pandas had been released to the wild by the Panda Base. He Sheng was killed by unknown animal 2 months after being released to the wild. Another panda Qian Qian is not traceable till today. More info can be found on internet. Hope everyone understands that it is not objecting to set the pandas free to the wild, as panda should go back to the nature ultimately. The reason for this petition is that it is unreasonable and unacceptable to send these 3 pandas who have been raised by human for so many years and rely heavily on the human to a sudden wild training.  Anyone who would like to write to the relevant departments directly on this matter please refer to email addresses below: State Chengdu City Chengdu Sichuan Province Lastly, apology for my poor English. I just hope these 3 pandas can return home safely. Thank you.

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Petition to Liu Xiaoming


The North Korean regime makes it illegal to leave the country without state permission, but every year thousands of North Koreans still risk their lives to escape a combination of a lack of freedoms and economic hardship; in North Korea these are inextricably linked. If caught trying to escape, or if caught in China and sent back, they are at risk of harsh punishments including brutal beatings, forced labour, forced abortions, torture, and internment in a political prison camp. Those suspected of having had contact with South Koreans or Christians while in China receive the most severe punishments. North Korean refugees’ well-founded fear of persecution if repatriated means that they should be protected under international refugee law. However, the Chinese government prioritizes its political relationship with Pyongyang and does not recognize them as refugees. Instead they label them as 'economic migrants' in an attempt to justify the forcible repatriation of thousands of North Korean refugees every year. Their illegal status forces them to work in invisible industries and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and sex traffickers, as they have no recourse to any authorities. By signing this petition, you believe that the Chinese government should stop 'repatriating' North Korean refugees seeking freedom, and should instead give them the opportunity to seek asylum.

Katie Breeds
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