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Reading Pilgrim's Progress is not an Evil Cult Activity

Christians in China’s southern Yunnan province are under attack, facing long prison sentences as Chinese authorities try to eradicate their religion under the guise of cracking down on “evil cults.” In 2016, Yunnan officials formed an investigative team dedicated to wiping out the Three Grades of Servants religious sect, which China regards as a dangerous cult, and launched systematic attack against them. Only they didn’t just target Three Grades of Servants members but rather conducted mass arrests of more than 200 Christians across the province. About 40 of them are still in custody, their lawyers under official review just for defending them, and face long sentences in China’s cruel prisons. Ignoring their denials that they never belonged to the cult, Chinese officials sentenced six of these imprisoned Christians—Ju Dianhong (46 years old), Liang Qin (30 years old), Zhang Hongyan (34 years old), Zi Huimei (30 years old), Yang Shunxiang (29 years old), and Zhang Shaocai (42 years old)—to 4-13 years in prison. Even though Ju Dianhong and Liang Qin said they were never involved with the sect, they were accused of leading, recruiting members, doing missionary work, and spreading news of the apocalypse on behalf of the cult. In the court’s formal verdict, it outlined such broad parameters for what constituted an “evil cult” that some speculated Christianity could fall under the definition. It also said that the authorities found the accused in possession of Christian books such as Pilgrim’s Progress and Streams in the Desert, which they labeled “evil cult” materials. Another Christian, Tu Yan, has spent nearly a year in jail for the same allegations, awaiting her trial. She and her fellow Christian, Su Min, were running a hotel in Dali, Yunnan, when they were both arrested and handed cult charges. Tu Yan says she has never even heard of the Three Grades of Servants before, and her sister and father stoutly maintain that she only practiced Christianity. If they are not freed, these Christians face many perils in prison. The Chinese government infamously persecutes those it deems “enemies of the state,” many of whom are Christians, and Christian prisoners often suffer torture, beatings, and even death at the hands of prison officials. Others leave their cells in extremely poor physical and mental health from subjection to inhumane practices and medical neglect. However, because of you, hope is not lost. By signing this petition, you are taking a firm stand against these atrocities and asking President Trump and other world leaders to speak out and press China to release these innocent Christians unconditionally and immediately. Because China prefers to maintain an untarnished international image, its authorities have been known to free wrongly imprisoned individuals after experiencing international pressure. As a result, your intervention is tantamount. Sign this petition in order to tell China “enough” and urge President Trump to do everything in his power to free these innocent Christians!

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Peer Review Boycott of Academic Publications that Censor Content in China

In recent weeks, the prestigious academic publishing house Cambridge University Press came under unprecedented pressure from the Chinese government to restrict access in China to hundreds of articles and book reviews and thousands of e-books in two of its flagship Chinese and Asian studies journals, China Quarterly and The Journal of Asian Studies. While Cambridge University Press initially agreed to censor articles in China Quarterly, it reversed that decision after outcry from the international academic community. Meanwhile, in the wake of the Chinese government's increasing efforts to tighten controls on academic institutions, other international academic publishers have admitted to quietly censoring their content in order to gain access to Chinese markets, and at least one database company, LexisNexis, pulled two of its products from China after pressure from authorities. As members of the international academic community, we confirm the fundamental value of academic freedom, which should override – in every instance – consideration of governments' demands or market access. We also confirm the right of our colleagues who are citizens of China to unfettered access to international scholarship in all fields. Academic publications are sustained through the social contract they enter into with their authors as well as with the larger academic community. That academic community provides the free peer review service and unpaid contributions of authors that uphold the integrity of publications' brands. As such, academic publications should honor their commitment to broadly disseminate the knowledge they produce without acceding to governments' demands. While we acknowledge that it can be difficult to discern which publications or their holding companies are censoring in China, we call for a peer review boycott of any non-PRC-based academic publication known to be censoring its content in the People's Republic of China. From now on, we will not agree to provide peer review service until editors confirm that their publications do not censor content in the PRC, and we call on all others to do so as well. With a large number of signatories, we can send a strong message to major academic publishers and/or their holding companies. This petition will be sent to the five major publishing companies that control over half of international peer-reviewed academic work (Reed-Elsevier, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell, Taylor & Francis and Sage); to all the major university presses in Asian studies in the U.S., Europe and Australia; as well as to the major academic databases (like LexisNexis and Web of Science) NOTE: To display your name on the website for maximum impact, when you sign, please leave the box checked for 'Display my name and comment on this petition,' and type in your academic affiliation, along with any comments you have, in the box for 'Reason for signing'. Your name will be included in the final downloaded list, but only if you add a comment to 'Reason for signing' will your name be displayed on the web page.

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