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Petition to New York Blood Center

Don't abandon chimpanzees for whom you promised to provide lifetime care!

Sixty six captive chimpanzees in Liberia, Africa have been abandoned by the New York Blood Center (NYBC)—an organization with assets of $450 million and major corporate partners. The chimpanzees are in danger of dehydration and starvation. Please sign the petition to urge NYBC to reinstate funding for this chimpanzee colony before it’s too late! For years, NYBC used these chimpanzees in medical research, infecting many of them with hepatitis viruses. After decades of confinement, these chimpanzees do not have the skills to survive in the wild. They are completely reliant on humans for survival, but despite previously committing to the lifetime care of these chimpanzees, NYBC recently withdrew all funding for the care of the chimpanzees in March. Effectively they have left these poor chimpanzees to suffer from dehydration and starvation. The New York Blood Center is a large American organization that provides blood, develops blood related products, but it also conducts medical research. In the 1970's, NYBC worked with the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research to create Vilab II to obtain and breed chimpanzees for use in medical research. After using and profiting from them for decades, NYBC decided the chimps were no longer needed for future research and retired them to small islands near the lab. NYBC publicly proclaimed their commitment to the lifetime care of the chimpanzees, but walked away from their ethical responsibility when they stopped all funding for the chimpanzees' care. We owe our thanks to the longtime caretakers who have continued to care for the chimpanzees voluntarily but this is not a sustainable solution for the chimpanzees or their caretakers. Without money to provide for the needs of these chimpanzees, they will suffer from dehydration and starvation. These chimps need your voice to survive so please sign my petition asking NYBC to fulfill their promise of lifetime care for these chimpanzees. I will also send your messages to NYBC’s corporate partners (Metlife, IBM and Citigroup) to let them know about your concern. After signing the petition, please visit the fundraising page to donate for the emergency care of these chimps.

Dr. Brian Hare
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Petition to USAID, United Nations Environment Program, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, CITES, INTERPOL, International Primatological Society, World Bank, United States Fish & Wildlife Service, WildAid, Freeland, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, African Wildlife Federation, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, TRAFFIC

End Wildlife Trafficking

Hello, my name is Jane Goodall, and I’m here to ask for your support to end wildlife trafficking. I spend about 300 days every year traveling and talking to people about how we can help animals, but I know the power of social media can connect far more people much more quickly than anyone could do on their own. Please help me end wildlife trafficking. Greed and the desire for increasingly rare “trophies” have resulted in a boom in illegal wildlife trafficking. This is a gruesome trade that is rapidly pushing the earth’s endangered species toward extinction. I’m meeting with some of the top conservation leaders in the world this year, and urgently need your support to tell them you want wildlife trafficking to be a priority for the international community to focus on. My colleagues and I at the Jane Goodall Institute have seen the horrific wounds that wildlife trafficking inflicts on its victims. As a conservation charity that works on the ground in a number of African nations and with incredible global partners, we know the slaughter of such incredible animals is cruel and indefensible. We have also seen the heroism and loss of life of Rangers who defend wildlife against poachers: we cannot let them die in vain. At our Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, we see apes who have been maimed by lethal snare traps, monkeys suffering from bullet wounds, and infant chimpanzees who have been pried from their mother after she was shot dead by poachers, her body headed for markets where people illegally purchase chimpanzee meat. The chimpanzee infants who come to us are often gravely injured, severely ill and suffering from deep psychological wounds that may never heal. They, however, are the lucky ones. The infants who do not make it to Tchimpounga are often trafficked into the illegal exotic pet or entertainment trades, destined to lead short, lonely lives filled with pain and abuse. This is not a simple issue, but one filled with examples of the intense pressures of poverty, lack of training in enforcement, governmental corruption, and the careless demand for wildlife products by global consumers. The inhumane practice of invading a protected animals’ natural habitat to obtain “parts” based on this complicated global market demand by capturing and/or killing is destroying our world’s most precious species, and it needs to stop. The facts reflect the urgency of this crisis: 35,000 elephants a year are killed for ivory. Poaching of rhinos went up 9,000% from 2007-2014. 73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins. A 2014 survey showed there may only be 3,200 wild tigers left in Asia. 3,000 great apes (including chimpanzees) are illegally killed or stolen from the wild each year. And these numbers may be estimates based on population sizes that don’t even exist - as there are fewer and fewer animals left to poach each year. The Jane Goodall Institute has created the Jane’s Traffic Stop campaign, and I want you to be part of it. Our hope is that we will help stamp out wildlife trafficking for good by creating an enormous community of supporters on social media who will continue to hold key decision makers accountable in the fight against this violence. I strongly believe that from majestic elephants to the smallest butterflies, threatened and endangered animals should be celebrated and left to live their lives ... wild and free. But no one person can do it alone. And we need support. This movement needs you! So stand up to wildlife trafficking by signing this petition to show your support, and help me bring this message of hope to groups like the IUCN at the World Conservation Congress, the International Primatological Society at their biannual congress and CITES at the CoP17 meeting in South Africa this year. We must tell the world that wild animals were not put on the earth to be hunted to extinction and sold off in pieces as trinkets and trophies. We also must not support the business of wildlife trafficking, and shop with a greater awareness to avoid buying illegal animal products or support companies that do. Each of us is only one voice in the fight to stop illegal wildlife trafficking, but if all of you as a collective join me and care enough to speak up, our message will be impossible to ignore. I’ll be working closely with our partners to ensure the signatures on this petition add further pressure and momentum in this global movement to save wildlife. Sign this petition now, and join us in Jane’s Traffic Stop as we share additional actions and keep you up to date in the coming weeks and months.Thank you.-Dr. Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall
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Petition to Richard Shelby, Jeff Sessions, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Phillip Pettus, Timothy Melson

Urge PETA to Leave Joe the Chimp Alone!!

PETA is desperately trying to rip Joe the Chimpanzee from his home here at the Mobile Zoo and send him to another facility. We know that this would be detrimental to Joe's mental well being. Please sign this petition to urge PETA to leave Joe alone and to stop any attempts of taking Joe from his home and the people who love and care for him. Here is a little about Joe: Joe is a 27 year old chimpanzee who has called the Mobile Zoo home since 1999. Joe came to us from Hollywood where he was a chimp actor, best known for the 1997 movie ‘Buddy’. Joe retired at the age of 10, which is common for chimps, and went to live in a sanctuary with other chimpanzees. Unfortunately, Joe did not adjust to his surroundings and living with other chimps, as he had been raised by humans and not in a normal chimp family environment. Due to Joe’s inability to adapt to his new surrounding and the danger it put him, the other chimps and his caretakers in, it was decided that Joe be moved to a facility where he could get the one on one care he needed and one day may possibly adapt to the companionship of another chimp.That is how Joe came to live at the Mobile Zoo. Joe has had companion chimps previously while here at the Mobile Zoo, but both chimps had medical issues that they came to us with that eventually claimed their lives. We here at the Mobile Zoo have Joe's best interest at heart. He is NOT here for us to gain a profit (we are a 501-c-3 non-profit organization). Prior to PETA beginning to harass and slander the zoo, we have been working hard to expand Joe's current outdoor enclosure and we had someone wiling to donate a female chimpanzee to give Joe some companionship, but due to PETA and their attacks on the zoo, the donation fell through because  they were afraid that PETA would then come after them if they donated the chimpanzee to us. If PETA gets their way and takes Joe away from his home, Joe will get sent to a facility where he will receive a vasectomy, so he will never have the opportunity of successfully breeding; he will receive minimum human interaction, something that he has thrived off of since he was an infant; not to mention the stress and frustration Joe will endure from being taken from his home of 17 years, the stress of the transport, being around people who do not know him, being in an unfamiliar facility and being forced to join a chimpanzee group that could result in physical harm to him and even the possibility of getting killed by another male chimpanzee. The stress and frustration alone from this could potentially cause Joe to get sick and even die. If PETA truly had Joe's best interest in heart then instead of trying to take Joe away, they should invest that time and money into improving Joe's current home and work together with the zoo to find Joe a compatible chimpanzee companion. Please help Joe keep his home at the Mobile Zoo. Sign this petition and Urge PETA to Leave Joe Alone!

The Mobile Zoo
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Petition to Merck, Kenneth Frazier

Help End Chimpanzee Research

My name is Brandon Wood and I've been trying to save chimpanzees from research ever since I learned how chimps are treated in labs when I was 9 years old. Now I'm 12, and I'm so excited that the National Institutes of Health is finally talking about ending experiments on chimpanzees. I'm really happy for the chimps owned by the government, but I can't stop thinking about the hundreds of chimpanzees stuck in private labs for experiments paid for by drug companies like Merck. The US is the only developed country that still experiments on chimpanzees. Lots of studies have shown that research on chimps is unnecessary, so scientists should focus on the more effective kinds of research that don't hurt chimpanzees. Not only are the tests painful and unnecessary, but the chimps are kept in really bad conditions, stuck in cages as small as my kitchen table for their whole lives. Some drug companies, like Gilead Sciences, have already promised not to use chimpanzees. Merck says they care about animal welfare, and they're a huge company that can make a big difference in ending chimpanzee research for good if they tell everyone that they don't need to run painful tests on chimpanzees any more. If the government has done it, so can Merck. Chimps are my favorite animals. Please help me and my mom save them from experiments by asking Merck to promise not to test on them anymore.

Brandon & Deanna Wood
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