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Petition to Michael T. McCaul, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, National Institutes of Health, Greg Abbott

Save the Bastrop Chimps

I am a private citizen and I want to tell you about a dire situation facing the chimpanzees in Bastrop, TX that are owned by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These chimps live at a center in Bastrop, which is world renowned and accredited for the level of care they provide. The NIH wants to relocate these chimps from their home in Bastrop to the national sanctuary in Louisiana. The current population of chimpanzees in Bastrop consists mostly of elderly chimps. This trip would put all the chimps at a high risk for stress-induced medical issues but would especially put the geriatric chimps in a compromised position. If the chimps are relocated to Louisiana, there is a high potential for family social groups to be split apart. This would include splitting up mother-daughter, mother-son, sister-sister, and brother-brother pairs that are bonded. Some of the social and family groups have been together for over 20 years. It would not only be cruel to separate these chimps from each other, it would endanger their well-being by adding additional stress that could affect their overall health. In 2014-2015, this exact relocation to Louisiana was done with 13 of the Bastrop chimpanzees and within a year and a half, 9 of those chimps had died. This relocation is dangerous for the chimps and should not be re-attempted. The goal of this petition is to have the NIH retire these chimpanzees in their home with their families in Bastrop.    ***Any donations made will go to advertising the Save the Bastrop Chimps petition on, not directly to the chimps***

Bastrop Chimps
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Petition to New York Blood Center

Don't abandon chimpanzees for whom you promised to provide lifetime care!

Sixty six captive chimpanzees in Liberia, Africa have been abandoned by the New York Blood Center (NYBC)—an organization with assets of $450 million and major corporate partners. The chimpanzees are in danger of dehydration and starvation. Please sign the petition to urge NYBC to reinstate funding for this chimpanzee colony before it’s too late! For years, NYBC used these chimpanzees in medical research, infecting many of them with hepatitis viruses. After decades of confinement, these chimpanzees do not have the skills to survive in the wild. They are completely reliant on humans for survival, but despite previously committing to the lifetime care of these chimpanzees, NYBC recently withdrew all funding for the care of the chimpanzees in March. Effectively they have left these poor chimpanzees to suffer from dehydration and starvation. The New York Blood Center is a large American organization that provides blood, develops blood related products, but it also conducts medical research. In the 1970's, NYBC worked with the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research to create Vilab II to obtain and breed chimpanzees for use in medical research. After using and profiting from them for decades, NYBC decided the chimps were no longer needed for future research and retired them to small islands near the lab. NYBC publicly proclaimed their commitment to the lifetime care of the chimpanzees, but walked away from their ethical responsibility when they stopped all funding for the chimpanzees' care. We owe our thanks to the longtime caretakers who have continued to care for the chimpanzees voluntarily but this is not a sustainable solution for the chimpanzees or their caretakers. Without money to provide for the needs of these chimpanzees, they will suffer from dehydration and starvation. These chimps need your voice to survive so please sign my petition asking NYBC to fulfill their promise of lifetime care for these chimpanzees. I will also send your messages to NYBC’s corporate partners (Metlife, IBM and Citigroup) to let them know about your concern. After signing the petition, please visit the fundraising page to donate for the emergency care of these chimps.

Dr. Brian Hare
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Petition to Merck, Kenneth Frazier

Help End Chimpanzee Research

My name is Brandon Wood and I've been trying to save chimpanzees from research ever since I learned how chimps are treated in labs when I was 9 years old. Now I'm 12, and I'm so excited that the National Institutes of Health is finally talking about ending experiments on chimpanzees. I'm really happy for the chimps owned by the government, but I can't stop thinking about the hundreds of chimpanzees stuck in private labs for experiments paid for by drug companies like Merck. The US is the only developed country that still experiments on chimpanzees. Lots of studies have shown that research on chimps is unnecessary, so scientists should focus on the more effective kinds of research that don't hurt chimpanzees. Not only are the tests painful and unnecessary, but the chimps are kept in really bad conditions, stuck in cages as small as my kitchen table for their whole lives. Some drug companies, like Gilead Sciences, have already promised not to use chimpanzees. Merck says they care about animal welfare, and they're a huge company that can make a big difference in ending chimpanzee research for good if they tell everyone that they don't need to run painful tests on chimpanzees any more. If the government has done it, so can Merck. Chimps are my favorite animals. Please help me and my mom save them from experiments by asking Merck to promise not to test on them anymore.

Brandon & Deanna Wood
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