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Petition to Ginette Petitpas Taylor

Canadian children are worth more than just 5% of cancer research dollars

When our daughter was 18 months old we were told she had a brain tumour. I had lived in ignorant bliss until then, absolutely unaware that a child so young could be fighting a monster so big.  We watched for two years as our daughter was pumped full of medications that were not developed for children but for adults, we watched her endure the horrendous side effects of these adult drugs on her tiny body, wonderful doctors doing all they could with the resources they had to save her.  The goal was to save her life, as parents it was all we could think about, please save our baby girl.Each week for two years she would receive these medications and eventually the tumour was smaller and no longer growing, she had survived, little did we know that the battle was far from over, little did we know that now 10 yrs down the road she would suffer such neurocognitive challenges, unrelenting pain, and nausea.  Having your child beg you to make it better and you having to tell them you can't. My daughter asked me if because she had cancer did that mean her child could get it, I didn't have the heart to add to everything else she was enduring to tell her that the same drugs that were causing her so much grief may also have taken away her ability to have children.When your child is going through cancer treatment you feel so very much alone, the world is racing by oblivious to your pain, oblivious to the reality that today their children are healthy and they believe untouchable, feeling the same as we all do the day before we hear the word cancer and our child's name in the same sentence. The reality is, however, that unfortunately, we are not alone, up and down the hallways of hospitals are rooms where children lay fighting the same monster. Each with at least one exhausted parent watching over them.I have spent years wanting to make a difference, frustrated that it seemed to be only the exhausted families touched by cancer advocating for our children and demanding that the Canadian government double the current 5% of cancer research dollars to childhood cancer.  As I stood in line a week ago to say goodbye to another precious child taken from us because of this monster that is cancer, I had an epiphany, us parents, the ones that are exhausted beyond comprehension are fighting not for our children but for yours, your child is healthy today but tomorrow without warning the monster could strike and he or she could become one of the 1,700 children that will be diagnosed this year with cancer in Canada. I know you feel that it would never happen to your child because I have at least 100 other parents in my life that I consider friends that all said the same thing until they heard the words "your child has cancer."We can't do it alone, we as parents owe it to our children to stand collectively in solidarity, demanding that the government of Canada take immediate action to double the cancer research dollars allocated to childhood cancers.We are parents hear us roar! Canadian children are worth more than just 5% of cancer research dollars. Please sign this petition, help us show the government of Canada that we are serious.

Kim VanderSchelde
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Petition to Governement of Saskatchewan and City of Saskatoon

Evander Lee Daniels Memorial Space for foster care

My son Evander Lee Daniels was only 22 months when he died after being placed in an overcrowded foster home. He was left unattended in a bathtub, with about five centimetres of water and the taps turned off. He was found by his foster father with his face down in the tub, the taps running scalding hot water and He passed away from drowning. The foster home where Evander was staying was only approved for three children, but social services had placed five children under the age of four in it. Seeing his little body in a funeral home is burned in my memory forever. My child was placed in foster care while I was serving with the military in the United States and while his mother was suffering from postpartum depression. My son’s short life needs to honored and remembered so does others who all passed away in foster care We raise awareness and by having a designated perminate memorial for Evander and foster children is life wasn’t taken in Vain we can honor him and others by creating a memorial in Saskatoon. I want Evander’s story to serve as an example to ensure our government invests more resources in prevention, in keeping families apt to care for their children and informed on their children’s wellbeing. A perminate memorial in Saskatoon would help me and my family heal we lost Evander’s Mother September 29th 2018. We talked and agreed that a memorial for her son Evander and foster children would be a good way to remember him and others. I am asking for you to help me towards this goal of a memorial for My son Evander and those who past on in foster care. We need the City of Saskatoon to help along with the Government of Saskatchewan to help make this happen for Evander and those who passed on from foster care.  Help me give meaning to Evander's life. Join me in asking for a memorial for Evander and foster kids to be made in Saskatoon ask mayor and city councillors and for the Goverment of Saskatchewan also. #JusticeForEvander

Chris Martell
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Petition to Subcommittee on International Human Rights

Help stop Canada's child labour problem

Each time you make a purchase, you could be buying products made by child labour and you wouldn’t even know it! Every year, Canadian companies import billions of dollars worth of everyday products made by children as young as six - including fashion, fruit, coffee, and body lotion. As a mother of two, I want to know that the things that I buy for my kids and myself weren't made by other young children working in dangerous conditions. I'm frustrated that the government has been doing nothing to prevent this — but together we can change that. No child should be for sale.  Right now, there’s a Parliamentary committee studying Canada's ties to child labour. They could make recommendations for legislation to call on corporations to be more transparent about how they address child labour in their supply chains - but, according to World Vision Canada, it's unlikely that the committee will recommend this unless they start hearing that everyday people care about this issue. We need to show that we care if the products that we buy put children's lives at risk.  Help me call on the committee to recommend strong corporate transparency laws that will force companies to be more open about their supply chains. Please show your support for the victims of child labour by telling the Government of Canada you care - sign and share this petition.  The committee is writing their report right now - we have to act fast! 

Sofie Pauwels & World Vision Canada
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Petition to Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Southland Leisure Centre

Stop February 11 and future Nude Waterslides Events with Adults & Children in Calgary! Our goal is to protect the children from perverted events such as this one! Children must be PROTECTED! These people are very determined to shove their perversion down our throats. The organizers of these sick events want to make this a monthly event (next one they are planning for February 11, 2018) Can you imagine your/our children being exposed to such perversion on a monthly basis? Please let's unite and stop this insanity! Having naked children around a bunch of naked adults is never a good idea for any reason. Realistically there is a lot of mental illness out there that this event could trigger/effect.- Children with previous sexual abuse traumas will be heavily effected if they attend the event. - Sexual predators will be on the prowl - having an event like that is just like Christmas to them. - Extremely high chance of photos and videos being taken without consent, considered child pornography  The cancellation of the January Nude Waterslide Adults and Children Event at Calgary Leisure Centre by Calgary Nude Recreation by City of Calgary Recreation was due to ‘security reasons.’ In fact, there was huge public outrage at the violation of basic social norms at the time (23k petition) when Media is reporting on child sexual abuse cases is almost a daily occurrence. Both the City Recreation and Mayor Nenshi have expressed disappointment in the cancellation, boiled it down to mere mob action, and vow to reschedule it as soon as possible. Despite a few unfortunate threatening remarks, thousands of Calgarians are deeply upset that the City would approve such a shot gunned invitation to strangers to participate in an event when nude children would also be present. Nature ‘in its rawest expression’ & Naked ‘because it’s fun’ are not the Naturist standards of a bygone era. The sole spokesperson, “Naked Jeff” has not even the conviction to use his real name locally. (Signed as Jeff Clark in a Globe and Mail article.) He repeated on @Newtalk770 radio that Southland Leisure Centre would be the only preferred venue, and that future events are expected to include much larger numbers than the initial 100 tickets sold in January. Nude Swim Events in Public City facilities, desensitize the staff to nudity, ‘raw’ aroused or erotic behavior & emissions are hard to govern or expel, and complicate cleanup and purification standards. Their website on Jan. 19th advertises Sunday, February 11th as the next scheduled swim, with the number up to 193 attendees confirmed, although ticket sales are on hold pending approval of the City. Monthly Events are to follow. A check with Alberta registries confirms that Calgary Nude Recreation is in no way a legal entity, that no board of directors are capable of signing liability insurance or governing the existing waiver form.Other groups in Calgary are required to be registered non-profit organizations and to obtain up to two million in liability insurance to hold events far less risky than water sliding. This unregistered group has a GoFundMe page and have raised some $2600 towards a $10k legal fund. ‘Naked Jeff’ & Unknowns, are also directly fundraising thru Paypal. Stop the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation from renting any public City facilities to such non registered, unaccountable groups. Stop the February 11th Naked WaterSlide Event by Calgary Nude Recreation! Please, let's protect our children! Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski
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