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Petition to Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank', Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani

Implementation of Abuse Education in Schools

Child abuse includes acts of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. It is estimated that about half of all children who are abused are of school age. Globally, it is estimated that up to 1 billion children aged 2–17 years have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence or neglect in the past year (As of 8 June 2020). The consequences of abuse can be profound for its victims, including physical and/or emotional injury, difficulty in building healthy relationships, and increased likelihood of engaging in child abuse as an adult. Understanding the approach to take in domestic violence education is a matter of understanding the difference between prevention and intervention. The key difference in prevention happens before exposure to domestic violence, while intervention seeks to address existing cases of domestic violence in the students' relationships either at school or at home. Teachers and other school staff bear a special responsibility in helping to identify child abuse. Because they spend much time with students, they are often in a position to observe physical or behavioral changes suggesting a possible problem. As a result, they play a key role in detecting child abuse and should be trained to do the same. Lack of adequate training hinders teachers' ability to detect all types of abuse, but it may especially impair their ability to recognize sexual abuse since most victims manifest no obvious external signs. Abuse is a reality that can and should be talked about with children. Doing so in classrooms communicates that this is not something that happens to some imagined community different from our own. Craving power and acting cruelly to hold on to it is something we are all capable of. To name it in a classroom is to bring it into the light, where children and adults can examine it together in a supportive climate. Therefore, I sincerely request you to sign this petition to have a chance to implement the change we all want to see, which is the implementation of Abuse related education in all Indian schools along with necessary training of teachers. If you’d like to further read about Abuse Education in Schools, you can read this document that I prepared, it can serve as a great place to start and also has activities that can be used in case you’d like to implement this education in your environment.   

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Petition to Smt. Adv. Yashomati Chandrakant Thakur (Sonawane), Smriti Zubin Irani, Shri. Uddhav ji Thakare

Approve Government grant to Sou Sindhutai Sapkal for welfare of women & supporting orphans

Sub: Request for financial assistance to Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal for her noble work in the area of women empowerment & supporting orphans Respected Madam /Sir, Myself Amit Patil, I would like to request you to take necessary action to support for a noble cause of supporting a group of organisations run by Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal. You must be aware of her work in the area of women empowerment & supporting orphans. She worked quietly in last 35 years to more than 1,000 orphans or unwanted children whom she has raised in five centres across Maharashtra. All these years, she went about her work quietly, begging, pleading and struggling to find money and resources . I am interacting in a very small way but really amazed by her work. she is famous by name"Mai".I am sure you must be knowing her as she has won a lot of National & International awards. But during discussions with her I came to know that she does not have any fix source of income. She is running all her organisations through donations received from small donors & amount she received during her lectures in India and abroad. Last year when she was not feeling well & had to undergo surgery during that time it was difficult to raise funds for the organisations. She is 68 years old. She is trying very hard to get government grant for her organisations. Please go through details about organizations run & managed by Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal,  Sanmati Bal Niketan, Bhelhekar Vasti, Hadapsar, Pune  Mamata Bal Sadan, Kumbharvalan, Saswad  Mai's Ashram Chikhaldara, Amravati  Abhiman Bal Bhavan, Wardha  Gangadharbaba Chhatralaya, Guha  Saptsindhu' Mahila Adhar, Balsangopan Aani Shikshan Sanstha, Pune  Awards Received by her 2015 - Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize for the year 2014  2014 - BASAVA BHUSANA PURASKAR-2014, Awarded from Basava Seva Sangh Pune.  2013 - Mother Teresa Awards for Social Justice.  2013 - The National Award for Iconic Mother ---- (first recipient)  2012 - Real Heroes Awards,given by CNN-IBN and Reliance Foundation.  2012 - COEP Gaurav Purskar, given by College of Engineering, Pune.  2010 - Ahilyabai Holkar Award, given by the Government of Maharashtra to social workers in the field of woman and child welfare.  2008 - Woman of the Year Award, given by daily marathi newspaper Loksatta 1996 - Dattak Mata Purskar,Given by Non Profit Organization – By Sunita Kalaniketan Trust (In the memories of – Late Sunita Trimbak Kulkarni ), Tal – Shrirampur Dist Ahmednagar. Maharashtra Pune.  1992 - Leading Social Contributor Award. Sahyadri Hirkani Award (Marathi: सयाची हरकणी पुरकार) Rajai Award (Marathi: राजाई पुरकार) Shivlila Mahila Gourav Award (Marathi: शवल ला महला गौरव पुरकार) , NARI SHAKTI PURASKAR 2017 Courtesy: Thanks to below sites & references. / / She has has received so many awards but still at this age she has to struggle for funds which she is doing for social welfare.It is really a miracle that she is working relentlessly for a social cause. Madam /Sir,I am sure that you will consider this & give approval for aid /& grant to support the great mother(Mai) & her noble cause. Her contact details are : Sanmati Bal Niketan Belhekar Vasti, Manjari (Budruk) Taluka- Haveli ,Dist.- Pune, PIN - 412307. Maharashtra, India. Phone : +91-20-26870403/ 26823879. +91-20-26999541 Mobile: +91- 93 71 07 42 56 Email: Regards, Amit Patil 

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