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Petition to Oklahoma State House, Mary Fallin, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Facebook

End DOMESTIC violence

DOMESTIC violence has been in the dark in the state of Oklahoma for far too long. Women and children are suffering at the hands of these monsters day in and day out , each and every child is robbed of their security, innocence, and childhood. The mother's that undertake the emotional, verbal, physiological , mental, and physical abuse, are so afraid to speak up against thier boyfriend, husband,  what they thought was a mentor, or just plainly someone thought to be a positive influence in their lives, has brainwashed them to the point of fear, simple decision making, living alone, and the worst fear of all their own murder. I'm a former domestic violence victim of 7 agonizing long years. The damage my children and I have went through May NEVER leave us, I know kids are resilient, but I know the damage that my daughter and I went through January 1st 2018 was the last and luckily a chance for me to escape one last time. This could've been the last breath I would ever take, if my GARDIAN ANGEL wouldn't have screamed and cried until her OWN FATHER would snap out of the trance he was under and let go of his life taking grip he had on my neck, ultimately took my child's security, and what she thought was the person who hung the moon, violently  turned on her and with all the rage that was meant for me shoved her against our bedroom wall. This night will haunt and harbour deep within me forever, for the guilt and fault that I deserve to feel is with me until the end of my time. I had every opportunity to escape, I even did ten plus times, I just kept falling back into his manipulation, control, and brainwashed tactical practices he used against me, this was going on from day one, he had me reeled in so fast, I was blinded to his intention, even though my family, friends, and even son knew all along,  they even warned me against this relationship, but it was too late. Women fear to report to law enforcement, because it gets swept under the rug and the Court systems continue to decriminalize the charges. I've experienced this first hand, he was a nine year former deputy sheriff of our county, Sergeant of Choctaw casino and had family in law enforcement of the city this had taken place in the whole time. I had reported numerous times to the police department in the town we lived in, it kept being swept under the rug previously before and contiued, this was the town that I grew up in since I was a child, majority of the police department knew my family and I very well, still my cries would be silenced. Now is the time this comes to an end, how many women and children must lose their lives, before something gets done? Please help these VICTOMS that hide in the dark from the fear of no help, no way out, and no back-up from our judicial stystem, court, and the District Attorney's office. Let's put a stop to the fear, and help bring the security back to the women and children of not only Sequoyah County but the great state of Oklahoma.

C.B.R R.
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Petition to Warren Kampf, Sarah Hermans, Jake Corman

Close the PA Dangerous Dog Loophole and Protect Children.

In the summer of 2016, our eight-year-old son was viciously attacked and bitten multiple times in the face by a neighbor’s dog without provocation. This picture was taken a week before the attack that left a portion of his upper lip hanging, split open and torn from his face. His lower lip was split straight through and shredded by the dog’s teeth. His nose and cheek were punctured. The dog’s teeth just missed the labial artery and left it exposed. Had it been severed, this attack could have been far more serious. General anesthesia and hours of cosmetic surgery were required. He was left with facial scars and deformed lips. The dog was not determined to be a dangerous dog under PA law because of a loophole. As a result, the neighborhood is left unprotected and our son is forced to see his attacker unmuzzled on a regular basis. The Pennsylvania Dog Law is defective. The judge hearing the case found beyond a reasonable doubt that this dog attack was unprovoked and caused severe injury. However, the case resulted in a not guilty verdict. In PA, getting a dog declared as dangerous requires proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the dog has a ‘vicious propensity’ in addition to proving the attack was unprovoked and caused severe injury. While the law states that the incident itself “may” prove vicious propensity (to attack), the lack of clarity in the law leaves a loophole. The dog owners can exploit it because a single attack causing severe injury without provocation does not legally guarantee such vicious propensity.Some people have commented that it's just a bad ruling by the judge. If one judge can get it so wrong, this can and will happen again. Imagine if a rape verdict required proving not only the actual rape, but also a propensity to rape. After hearing witnesses on behalf of the rapist testify that they were not raped and that the rapist was always nice to them and their family, the judge finds the rapist not guilty. It is absurd. One rape is enough. Just like one unprovoked attack causing severe injury should be enough too. The law needs the "may" removed from it so that a fair verdict is certain. To be clear, this is not about punishing or putting the dog down. A guilty verdict is required to make the owners, whose dogs commit these acts, take reasonable precautions. By supporting this cause, you agree that a single unprovoked attack causing severe injury is enough. The courts shouldn’t wonder about how to interpret ‘vicious propensity’. A dog that does this once has already proven that it has the vicious propensity to do it again. Protections are required by the Dangerous Dog Law when there is a guilt verdict. Owners of a dangerous dog are required to post a warning sign, muzzle the dog when out in public, maintain bonding for the medical expenses should there be a next victim, construct a proper enclosure to protect people from the dog, and register the dog with the state so that no unsuspecting family adopts the dog in the future without being warned about its history. Please let your state representatives and state senators know you care about the safety of children and neighborhoods. No one should have to feel unsafe in their own neighborhood!

Sarah Hermans
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Petition to The City of Simi Valley, The City of Simi Valley, The City of Simi Valley

Improve street crossing safety in front of Wood Ranch Elementary School

As most community members and parents of children attending Wood Ranch Elementary know, the parking and crossing of the street to drop off and pick up children can be stressful and hectic during the school year, especially on the corner of Alcove and Circle Knoll.  At any given day over 100 children could use this unmarked area to cross the street to ret to school.  That's over 100 little lives we need to insure have a safe crossing area to get to school. Here is some background: The current speed limit is a 35 mph zone and 25 mph zone when children are present.  However, over the past years we have witnessed, numerous vehicles approaching that section far above the suggested limit, including several near close, possibly fatal, collisions from vehicle to child. The nearest warning sign when heading East towards the school on Circle knoll is not only faded by the sun, but also blocked by tree branches and not very visible unless you know it's there.  There is no safe crossing zone, no speed hump to slow approaching traffic from the left, no flashing lights, noting to really get the attention of approaching traffic when children are present. Analyzing the data: If you analyze pedestrians hit by vehicles at 20 mph and 30 mph, it is found that at 20 mph, or at the typical speed limit in school zones in the US, roughly 5% of pedestrians would not survive a vehicular collision, and that goes up among fragile bodies (children and elders). To break that down, a 5% fatality rate means 1 out of 20 individuals would die.   The picture changes dramatically at 30 mph; just 10 mph more.  The death rate jumps to 45%. A full 9 out of 20 people would die. Game over. No take backs, no do-overs. Just dead. The Solution: We, as community members and parents, are requiring a well marked school crosswalk system with advanced warning signs at the corner of Circle Knoll and Alcove Street to insure the safe crossing of children attending Wood Ranch Elementary.  Possible ways would be: Establish a safe crossing zone (crosswalk area) on the corner of Circle Knoll and Alcove by the use of a state approved "In-Street Yield" Sign - see attached.  Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon clearly visible to all approaching traffic with a safe crossing zone on the corner of Circle Knoll and Alcove. Install an Advanced Stop Yield Line, with visible signage. "Each year, over 100 children are killed in the U.S. as they make their way to and from school, and some 21,000 students are injured from incidents in school zones. The primary factor in these events is speeding. Unfortunately, two-thirds of drivers exceed the legal speed limit when passing through these zones."  Help us prevent Wood Ranch Elementary from becoming part these tragic statistic.  Here is a link to an article published by America's School Zone Safety Partner with more information on making school zones safer for our children. School Zone Traffic Calming Article Please join our crusade to make a change in the safe street crossing of our precious children.  Change needs to happen BEFORE an accident occurs.  NOW is the time! 

Meadow Fossen
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Petition to Food and Drug Administration

Tighten the requirements for prescribing ADHD medications to minors

Our children are under assault from a rash of violent shooting in schools. The perpetrators of these acts are often children with mental issues stemming from depression. Often times these students are currently taking of have taken ADHD medications for long periods of times. ADHD medications have not been antiquity studied to examine the long term effects on children who take these medications for long periods of time. Until such studies have been accomplished, I believe we need to tighten the prescribing rules for these medications to decrease their abuse. I do not think we need to ban them, just make sure they are not being prescribed for convenience. I think we should require any minor who is prescribed ADHD medication for more than 6 months be evaluated by a licensed psychologist. The psychologist would evaluate the minor to see if they need any additional resources, like counseling. They would then take over the management of the ADHD medication. They would verify the minor is using the resources (like counseling). They would also be required to see the minor every six months (every three if the minor is not seeing a counselor) to follow up on the medication. I believe this balanced approach to medication management will still allow access to ADHD medication for minors who need it. It will help minors on ADHD medication get additional help they need and will limit the abuse of these medications. 

Eric Wichhart
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