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Petition to School Board of Morgan County

Virtual Learning Is Not Working

Petition to the School Board of Morgan County, West Virginia On December 30, 2020, Governor Justice stated that “the virtual learning models do not work for many students without consistent, live engagement from a teacher.”  He further said that, as a state, we are absolutely failing in providing an education to our children via the virtual learning model.  Governor Justice also stated that “the DHHR reports that there is a reduction in child protective services referrals by an average of 50-54% per month.”  We are very thankful for the outstanding Teachers of Morgan County who are giving their all in the face of extreme adversity, but students need the in-person teaching environment in which they thrive.  Our children are suffering.  They deserve the Education and Safety that in-person learning provides, and our current system is failing them of that. We, the undersigned, petition the School Board of Morgan County, West Virginia to: 1.       Immediately return students to in-person instruction 5 days a week by complying with Governor Justice’s Executive Order No. 1-21.  Please give our students the safe environment they thrive in and the education they deserve.  Governor Justice said it himself, “our schools are the pillars of our communities.”  2.       Remove the mask policy adopted by the Morgan County School Board on January 14, 2021 and comply with Governor Justice’s Executive Order No. 77-20 requiring children age 9 and up to wear a mask.  The policy adopted on January 14, 2021 forces younger children to wear a mask, who do not have the maturity level to understand when their health warrants a break from wearing the mask for 6-7 hours. The Morgan County School Board has followed every other executive order from our Governor, so we ask that they continue to do exactly that by following Executive Order No. 1-21 and Order No. 77-20. Additionally, the residents of Morgan County voted for the School Levy to support the in-person education of our students.  It is time for the Morgan County Board of Education to honor their duty to the students and make their education a priority.   Signed, Those who support Morgan County Students’ Education & Safety

Matt Omps
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Petition to Leigh Dollar, Councilman Sanchez Watkins, Councilman Larry Wilson, Councilman John Myers, Councilman Carson Ray, Councilman Donald Myers, Councilman Rich Russell, Councilman Randall Whitaker

Installation of a speed bump in the 1100 block of Rayburn Avenue, Guntersville

When I moved to the city of Guntersville in 2013, I moved into a home that was safe for my husband and me in the 1100 block of Rayburn Avenue.  At the time, I had been active in productions at The Whole Backstage for many years so I was familiar with the area and I was comfortable living there.  8 years and one child later, I see that the neighborhood in which I planned on growing my family is not as safe as once believed.  With the installation of a speed bump on the parallel block of O’Brig came an increase in traffic on Rayburn.  I can tell you with certainty that a majority of this traffic are employees from Tucker Milling, Pilgrim’s Pride, and any other businesses located on Highway 227 that employ people who cut through our neighborhood to get to Highway 69 for travel to and from work.  I can also include parents who have children enrolled at Guntersville Elementary but this is not entirely about the amount of traffic, but also the speed in which these drivers deem is appropriate for our neighborhood.  Since there is a sharp curve that connects Lusk into Rayburn, it seems there are people who enjoy treating our street as a speedway of sorts.  They use that curve to test their driving abilities and then the small portion of straight-a-way to test their speed. Our neighborhood has residents that take advantage of the sidewalks along with their children, grandchildren, and pets daily.  There are residents that have to park their personal automobiles in front of their houses, on the street.  There are also patrons of the theatre who enter and exit the parking lot and during sold-out show days, these patrons also have to park on the side of the road.  Having drivers speed down our street is not safe for anyone.  There was a “Slow Children at Play” sign installed in 2017 but as you can imagine, it has not deterred drivers from continually speeding.  This is why my husband and I are petitioning for the installation of a speed bump within the 1100 block of Rayburn Avenue.  With the installation of this speed bump our hope is that the number of drivers wanting to “cut through” our neighborhood and/or use our street as a drag racecourse will decrease and provide a safer space for not only the residents of Rayburn Avenue but our neighboring residents and their children that utilize the area.

Kate Griffith
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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Mark Poloncarz, Brian Higgins, Chris Jacobs, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, New York State Senate, New York State House, New York State Board of Regents

Open New York Schools Now

We can no longer sit idly by while New York continues to deny the basic human right of education to its youngest citizens.  There are a number of reasons why we must stand up against the closure of our schools. First and foremost, the science clearly shows that schools are not a major source of transmission. This is supported by studies, articles, doctors, pediatricians, the Director of the CDC and many more. Second, the mental, physical, and educational damage on our children is severe and long-lasting. Studies show that the policy of school closures are killing our children. Last, but certainly not least, depriving children of in-person school is discriminatory. We must not devalue the lives of the young and the poor. School closures are illogical, harmful, and immoral. It is time to stand up and defend our children. Governor Cuomo cannot be allowed to take away the rights of children to be educated, particularly when it can be done safely without meaningfully increasing the rate of transmission.  We ask our leaders to work together, open schools immediately, and return children to the safest place they could be right now. Fellow New Yorkers, please join us in defending our children and signing this petition.  

Tarja Parssinen
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