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Petition to Prime Minister of India


The world as well as our country has been going through an unprecedented crisis due to COVID – 19. Schools, colleges and education institutions are closed from March to ensure the safety of our children. It might not be possible to open them in the near future because our health facilities are  limited and overburdened and it is hard reality that hundreds have lost their lives due to lack of proper medical facilities and attention.             It is a fact that education of some children have been continuing virtually by on-line mode, presenting a picture that all’s well and there has been no disruption. However the reality is that it is a poor substitute and this facility is available only to a privileged few. How many parents have the wherewithal to provide the children with the infrastructure for on-line classes, both the initial investment and running costs? Students of the poor and lower middle class studying in schools run by government or charitable institutions  are the worst sufferers.             Even for those who can afford, the question remains how much of the gap can virtual education fulfil of the actual classroom one-to-one education. It leaves a lot to be desired. In this experiment the total involvement of the parents is expected which might not be possible for all parents. Think of the persons who are COVID Warriors like doctors, nurses, medical, para-medical staff, municipal, banking and other staff who had to work during the lockdown and thereafter. NIMHANS of Bangalore had declared that on-line classes are not suitable for  children below 6 years. Further even for children upto Class 6 or 7 the involvement of parents in necessary both during the classes and later to coach the child. There is massive psychological and physiogical pressure, especially for those appearing for public exams and school finals of Class 10 and Class 12, since they are also unable to attend coaching classes or take proper guidance from teachers. As a consequence children of parents who are serving the cause of the Nation and the public, in fighting this pandemic and maintaining emergency and essential services are the worst sufferers. No one has highlighted their plight since a large section of the media is busy in diverting attention of the people from the real issues. Please refer : The Government has claimed that at least 30 % of children are covered under on-line classes whereas actually its not more than 16%. Even parents of children in Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya schools and  Adarsh Vidyalayas are not able to provide these facilities.  There have been many reports of children’s health suffering due to constant time spend before the digital screens. From being rendered brain dead to effecting their health and eyesight by sitting long hours before the screens and eyesight.    The Government and the Boards have found a shortcut method of curtailing the curriculum which is not the solution. These omitted portions will have to be taught in later years . As such there is a heavy load of curriculum and books and this will have devastating effects of the tender minds of the children.             As such about three-fourths of the annual session is over without physical classes. It is suggested that the students repeat the same class again and spend it partly on revising the lessons of the past years which form the building blocks for future education especially in Mathematic and Science and partly on the current curriculum which will help them in building a strong foundation. Else the present students would find themselves in different levels of learning and suffering from handicaps which would be difficult to overcome. In future.              As a corollary the age limits for thee effected students may be increased for competitive examinations, higher education, entrances and employment.             This suggestion may be forwarded to the UN and other international bodies to be implemented worldwide.

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Petition to Ministry of Home Affairs Nepal, Government of Nepal, National Human Rights Commission Nepal, Butwal Area Police, Nepal Police

Justice for Angira Pasi

On Friday, May 22nd 2020 Angira Pasi, a 13-year-old Dalit girl from Ruapndehi district, Devdaha, Nepal went missing from her home. Later she was found with her rapist 25-year-old Birendra Bhar. The next morning. Saturday, May 23rd. A meeting was held among the community leaders which included Ward Chairman- Amar Bahadur Chaudhary.It was decided that in order to punish Birendra he would take his victim to be his wife. Once Angira made her way to Birendra's house she was attacked by his family members because she was a Dalit. Later that day her body was found hanging from a local tree on the banks of the Rohini river. Initially, the police deemed it a suicide regardless of the large amount of evidence to support the contrary. Only on Tuesday, 4 days after the incident did they file a complaint. As of the 29th Butwal Police Station launched an investigation; Birendra Bhar, Ahali Bhar(mother of Birendra) and Sitali Bhar(aunt) have been arrested according to reports. Angira's case is extremely similar to that of 14-year-old Pramila Tharu of Sangharshanagar, Bardiya. Her case was deemed a suicide just as this one might be if we don't ensure proper investigation and prosecution of the accused. According to the NHRC, this case is against the rights of children, rights against caste-based discrimination and right to a dignified life as guaranteed by articles 39, 24, 18 and 16 of the Constitution, Act Relating to Child-2018, Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offences and Punishment) Act-2018, Convention of the Rights of the Child-1989, Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination-1965 and Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women-1979, to which Nepal is a signatory. Sign the petition to pressure the decision-makers into delivering justice, we need to hold the community leaders accountable and set a precedent for future cases of caste-based exploitation. sources:  

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Petition to Prof. C Raveendranath, KeSCPCR (Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights)

Teach Children Body Rules #ProtectOurChildren

I only understood the term ‘child sexual abuse’ when I turned nineteen.  One out every two children is being sexually abused in India which is the country with the world’s largest number of child sexual abuse cases (WCD 2007, NCRB) and the abusers are often the people we trust with our children.  Don't we as a society want to protect our children from this? It takes only 4 hours of Personal Safety Education once a year.  I got myself trained as a Personal Safety Educator and have been training school children about body safety rules through songs and activities. But to reach every single child, the government needs to implement this.  I choose Kerala because once we form a model state for this (Bangalore and Shillong are places which have already begun), other states and schools will follow the lead. I am asking the Minister of Education Prof. C. Raveendranath and the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KeSCPCR) amongst others to order that all schools in Kerala introduce compulsory annual workshops for students, parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff. The Kerala State Policy for Child (KSPC) 2016 already mentions that the State wishes to provide abuse awareness and life skills sessions to children and adolescents. Introducing Personal Safety Education (PSE) can achieve both these goals since it covers both life skills and personal safety lessons.   Every 15 minutes a child in India is sexually abused as per the latest study by CRY. This is a public health crisis, if it were pneumonia we would've distributed tablets across the country by now.  Sign my petition to ensure children grow up in a safer world. 

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Petition to Government of India, President of India, Supreme Court of India

Beggars carrying Drugged(sleeping) Children are kidnapped from other states in India

As a parent I am always worried about my child's security. Do you see a beggar down the street carrying a sleeping Child? Why do you never wonder that the child is always sleeping? Let me tell you that the Child is drugged.  It could be anybody's child; yours, mine, or any middle class parents out there who have made a complaint of a missing child and waiting for them to return home, hoping for police to take action. This is a big racket where a child is kidnapped from one state and then smuggled to another. Then they are rented to local beggars on a daily basis. These children are drugged for the whole day. There is no data whether these children ever grow up or die in this cruel act of greed. I request you maximum people in India and concerned global citizens to sign this petition and request government of India to make a special investigation unit for this heinous crime. Data shows that 50% of the kidnapped children never return and their parents never get a ransom call. Also there's a suspicion that these children are used in human Trafficking and illegal organ trading business as well. Those who are going to give an advise of government child helpline 1098, please keep your expert advise to yourself. It is unresponsive most of the time. Unless you are a victim, you'll never understand the real pain. Please, Please, Please, Please, I request maximum people to sign this petition. Just keep a thought in mind. It could be your child too. What will you do if your child is kidnapped and never returned? Imagine the helplessness of those parents. Let this petition reach the Prime Minister, President and the Supreme Court of India. HUMANITY FIRST! A CHILD'S LIFE IS NOT CHEAP.

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