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Petition to Minister for human services, Shadow Minister for Human Services, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

AUSTRALIAN KINSHIP CARERS NEED YOUR HELP (Please turn sound on when watching video)

ALL kinship carers must be recognised and provided with the same financial assistance, respect & support as foster carers. Legislated reimbursement is not paid if the child is deemed safe & the case is closed. Many kinship carers feed, clothe and pay for all medical expenses out of their own pocket, often raising 3 or more children on a pension. These children are their priority! Please make these vulnerable children YOUR PRIORITY. A common scenario:- An infant is dropped off to you by the police at 2am in the morning. A quick phone call was the only warning. She has been removed from her parents (your kin) due to abuse or neglect or for safety reasons. This has become known as a "Drop & run". Child Protection, whether DHHS, DoCS, FaCS or whom ever, follow up in a few days and deem the child to be safe and close their case.  You are left with an unsettled child, no funds, no support and many years later massive court costs to ensure that child remains safe and loved and cared for. This is one of many horror stories Kinship carers are forced to live through. Could you? As many of you are aware the incidence of children being cared for by relatives or kin is increasing at an alarming rate in Australia. What you may not know is that many of these carers –Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles Etc- are doing so WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT from the government or non government organisations (NGOs). They receive no funding to assist with raising this child and many have no option other than to access their superannuation to support a safe environment for the child/ren and provide a life for them above the poverty line. Often having to give up their job, their lifestyle must change completely to accommodate the needs of the child. They do the same job as foster carers however they receive no acknowledgement, nor any financial assistance. They receive no legal aid as this is given to the biological parents to attempt to reunify with that child. Some of the parents of these children may have mental health issues or a history of drug abuse however they are not held accountable for their actions or lack of care for their child knowing that the government will support them in getting the child back even though no requirements have been met. Having a child is not a right it is a privilege. These innocent children are being abused by the system and being forced to return to their biological parent/s into an unsafe, and at times volatile environment where their needs are not being met and more psychological damage is being done before being returned to the kinship carer who then is faced with challenging behaviours and professional bills to attempt to repair the damage caused. There are no accurate statistics on how many kinship carers there are in Australia as many choose not to be known officially for fear of DHHS reprisals, and those that have had children placed in their care by DHHS have had their case closed (and therefore aren’t counted in statistics) due to the child being in a safe environment. This is the next generation they are raising, to be productive, stable members of society. But they need your signature, to raise awareness, to change the system and to provide a life above the poverty line for Australia’s most vulnerable carers and children. Please sign and share to show your support. #ImOneOfMany

Sue Erben
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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Animal ACTion Network, RSPCA, RSPCA Australia, International Animal Rescue, Animal Planet, World Wildlife Fund, United Nations

We demand NO SHOWING of "Show Dogs" movie in Australia. We WON'T condone ANIMAL CRUELTY.

I have an adorable Maltese Terrier named Snowy, he is faithful, barks hello after a trip down the driveway whenever I collect mail, loves playing and is such an innocent creature. The best thing I love about my Maltese Terrier is the way he walks to his toy basket and brings his chosen toy in his mouth, lays it at my feet with his tail wagging, hoping for me to play with him. His big brown eyes always melts my heart with love and he usually gets his play wish. Such purity, such adorable innocence.  Unfortunately, I'm shocked that not all people value the innocence of 'Man's Best Friend'. Sadly, there's a 'Child friendly' movie called "Show Dogs", I've discovered that this movie shows a police dog private parts being 'fondled' by his owner to prepare him for the judge of the dog show to 'fondle' his privates.  … SHOCKING, isn't it? I wouldn't let anyone fondle my dog's private parts let alone a stranger!! Since when is it ok to deliver messages in a movie form that sexually harassing a dog is ok? What's even worse is this movie is targeting children, teaching them subliminal message that sexually harassing animals is no big deal.  I'm creating this petition because I think from the depths of my heart that our beautiful, innocent dogs or any animals must never experience such behaviour of this kind and that we as a human race must never encourage harassing behaviour just for 'entertainment' sake. I don't want my child to watch this movie because I don't want her getting any 'ideas'. I don't want animal cruelty in any shape or form being seen as 'fantastic', or '... keeping it together under pressure', as some articles say. DOGS MUST NEVER BE PUT UNDER SUCH PRESSURE!! This is the last thing we need in our planet. If you feel the same way as I do, and want to put a stop to this movie being released in July 2018 here in Australia. I encourage you to share this to as many people you think share our mindset and together we can protect our precious pets.  I'm also hoping that animal rights activists will stand with me and for the sake of our pets, not allow this movie to be aired in their cities and nations. Sexually harassing animals must never be taken lightly and if our pets could talk, I'm confident they'd agree with us … and probably bite the hand of their harasser. 

Anna Towan
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Petition to The Hershey Company, Nestlé

Bring this to an end-don’t buy their chocolate until the companies stop using child labour

We all love chocolate, but did you know that our favorite treats are tainted by the ongoing use of child labor? Children in West African cocoa industry are forced to do labour works such as harvesting cocoa, and most of them started to work since their age of 5. According to The World Counts statistics, there are more than 200 million children involved in the child labour industry, where they are exposed to violence and psychologically traumatic environments. Seventy-three million of these children, are under the age of 10. Children have to climb up and down the trees to get the cocoa pods with machetes. Some of the children fall to the ground and die, and others lose their limbs due to chainsaw accidents. YES, children lost their body parts by working accidents would not just happen during the Industrial Revolution, what we learnt in History class about child labour is still damaging and DESTROYING the children in twenty one century. It has been almost thirteen years since chocolate companies committed to ending this exploitation, these abuses continue. However big brands like Nestle and Hershey are still using child labour. These children worked in a very unacceptable condition and you can’t imagine they get paid nothing or a very small amount of money by such popular brands. I believe children in Africa can have a BIG future just like you and me. It’s time to say “no” to Nestle and Hershey’s product, by doing this, we can stop them keep using child labour, let’s tell them the truth- people worth more than money. You wouldn’t want to contribute a company that only cares about their own benefit and gives children nothing for their hard works, would you? 

Fern Wang
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