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Petition to Minister for human services, Shadow Minister for Human Services, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

AUSTRALIAN KINSHIP CARERS NEED YOUR HELP (Please turn sound on when watching video)

ALL kinship carers must be recognised and provided with the same financial assistance, respect & support as foster carers. Legislated reimbursement is not paid if the child is deemed safe & the case is closed. Many kinship carers feed, clothe and pay for all medical expenses out of their own pocket, often raising 3 or more children on a pension. These children are their priority! Please make these vulnerable children YOUR PRIORITY. A common scenario:- An infant is dropped off to you by the police at 2am in the morning. A quick phone call was the only warning. She has been removed from her parents (your kin) due to abuse or neglect or for safety reasons. This has become known as a "Drop & run". Child Protection, whether DHHS, DoCS, FaCS or whom ever, follow up in a few days and deem the child to be safe and close their case.  You are left with an unsettled child, no funds, no support and many years later massive court costs to ensure that child remains safe and loved and cared for. This is one of many horror stories Kinship carers are forced to live through. Could you? As many of you are aware the incidence of children being cared for by relatives or kin is increasing at an alarming rate in Australia. What you may not know is that many of these carers –Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles Etc- are doing so WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT from the government or non government organisations (NGOs). They receive no funding to assist with raising this child and many have no option other than to access their superannuation to support a safe environment for the child/ren and provide a life for them above the poverty line. Often having to give up their job, their lifestyle must change completely to accommodate the needs of the child. They do the same job as foster carers however they receive no acknowledgement, nor any financial assistance. They receive no legal aid as this is given to the biological parents to attempt to reunify with that child. Some of the parents of these children may have mental health issues or a history of drug abuse however they are not held accountable for their actions or lack of care for their child knowing that the government will support them in getting the child back even though no requirements have been met. Having a child is not a right it is a privilege. These innocent children are being abused by the system and being forced to return to their biological parent/s into an unsafe, and at times volatile environment where their needs are not being met and more psychological damage is being done before being returned to the kinship carer who then is faced with challenging behaviours and professional bills to attempt to repair the damage caused. There are no accurate statistics on how many kinship carers there are in Australia as many choose not to be known officially for fear of DHHS reprisals, and those that have had children placed in their care by DHHS have had their case closed (and therefore aren’t counted in statistics) due to the child being in a safe environment. This is the next generation they are raising, to be productive, stable members of society. But they need your signature, to raise awareness, to change the system and to provide a life above the poverty line for Australia’s most vulnerable carers and children. Please sign and share to show your support. #ImOneOfMany

Sue Erben
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Petition to Jacinda Ardern, Andrew Little, Ron Paterson, Carmel Sepuloni, Winston Peter

NZ Family court & Oranga Tamariki must be in included in the current mental health inquiry

To: Prime Minister of New Zealand - Jacinda ArdernAndrew Little - Minister of Justice, for CourtsCarmel Sepuloni - Minister for Social DevelopmentProfessor Ron Paterson - Auckland University  Following the request which was done by NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the 23rd January 2018. (Link below). "Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the Government's decision to open a mental health inquiry is "answering a call" from the community.' In the remembrance of Sid Hanzlik who set himself on fire in front of the NZ Parliament on the 26th September 2017, due to the traumatic experience he had gone through fighting to have access to his children and be part of their lives. He was a 'fun-loving, caring' Father, who set himself on fire in front of NZ Parliament, because the NZ Family court had alienated him from his children. The only person in the world to burn himself at the NZ parliament grounds in Wellington protesting against the NZ Family Court torture and horrific proceedings and alienation. Anywhere else in the world this would be considered as CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER. BUT NOT in NEW ZEALAND! Sid's death is a significant piece of evidence and an example of what many other parents are going through and suffering in silence, being alienated from their own children by the NZ Family Court and Oranga Tamariki (CYFS) proceedings and particularly when children’s care/contact arrangements are ceased based on lack of evidence or proof. They treat parents as second class citizens and they fail to recognise that the parental well being is very crucial for children’s well being and development. The current system’s prolonged lengthy proceedings are abusing our families and children and breaking families apart. Families, parents and children often have to wait 1-5 years to be reunited and too often families will never get theirchildren back. They are destroying the children’s sense of security and stability. They are abusing parents and children mentally, financially and psychologically. If the children are eventually returned to their parents they are often psychologically damaged and the children's bonds and attachments to their families are severely affected. Many Kiwi families, children and parents are suffering in silence similar to SID, going through the same traumatic experiences in NZ Family Court & CYFS (Oranga Tamariki) which is leading them to severe mental health illness, self harm and even suicide, loss of career, financial abuse.  The delay and the lengthy prolonged proceedings of NZ Family Court and Oranga Tamariki (Cyfs) are causing a lot of damage and breaking our families apart. Parents and families are suffering in silence with no help or support offered to them. We demand this SYSTEMIC ABUSE to stop immediately and not only offer help and support for parents but also tackle the roots of the problem and fix it by putting prevention strategies in place before it's too late.We demand that proper studies, surveys and research to be done on the victims of the current and historic systemic abuse and what they have been going through. Judges, social workers and police officers involved and those who are taking wrong decisions, must be held accountable for the damage they are causing to our families. They are breaking the bonds and attachment between the children and their families, which will in many cases never ever be reinstated or compensated for. STRONGER FAMILIES = STRONGER CHILDREN = STRONGER COMMUNITIES AND NATION ! F4J is submitting this petition on the behalf of thousands of NZ parents and family who committed suicide and self-harmed themselves and many who were diagnosed with mental illness due to the alienation of the children. BREAKING FAMILIES DON'T PROTECT CHILDREN. Auckland University need to contact us, we have had many great parents who are going through very rough time being alienated from their children and going through the court proceedings (Torture). Many parents have to wait 1-5 years to get their children back.  This need to be investigated and the real victims of this systemic abuse should be talked to. We request from Auckland University Professor Ron Paterson. We can bring to your office thousands of parents who are suffering mental health issues, even had many suicide attempts and self-harm due to the alienation.

Families 4 Justice F4J
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Petition to Julie Anne Genter


Two children died while cycling on New Zealand roads last year.  One child died while cycling on a school journey just days after the election and another died while out cycling on a weekend.  Another child was seriously injured while cycling home from school.  This should not be happening.  With a rising road toll, these sad deaths and injuries are concerning. Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds has set up a petition to urge the future Transport Minister to put rules in place that protect children on our roads as they did in the Netherlands in the 70s. In the Netherlands parents combined as a pressure group in 1973 to campaign for safer roads for children calling it ‘Stop de Kindermoord’ (‘Stop the Child Murder’), after over 3000 people died on their roads, many of them children. This forced the hand of their Government to put rules in place and the now famous cycleways being built. The Netherlands is now a world leader in road safety and has one of the lowest road tolls per capita in the word. “Here in New Zealand road safety panels have been set up and recommendations have been made, but little has been acted upon by our Government, leading to deaths of innocent road users.  Not everyone can or wants to drive their children to school.” says Lucinda Rees, who with NZ School Speeds campaigns for consistent speed limits outside schools and safe roads for children. “The driving culture needs to change and this will only come about if pedestrians and cyclists are welcomed on our roads, with rules that protect them.” While it takes a long time to build cycle lanes, would the Transport Minister please consider introducing rules to make school journeys safer for children: A mandatory cyclist passing gap of 1 metre for vehicles travelling at up to 60km/h and 1.5 metres for vehicles traveling above 60km/h Consistent speed limits outside schools of 30km/h maximum at peak times as recommended by the World Health Organisation Speed limits outside schools in rural areas can be up to 100km/h and we have no consistent speed limits outside schools at peak times. Children who walk or cycle to school should be guaranteed a safe speed limit outside schools, since it is a place where they are easily distracted. Rees says: “There is a 20km/h school bus rule, but no consistent rule for the many children coming and going from school. These inconsistencies are unacceptable. “Please stand up for our children and bring these simple yet important rules in place to make roads safe for all our vulnerable road users by changing the culture of drivers. “Our thoughts are with all those involved in the recent deaths and injuries. We must stop child murder on our roads. Please help make this happen by signing the petition.”  

Lucinda Rees
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Petition to Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission

#Justice for 668Babies, 17,000Women, and all innocents allegedly arrested by TurkishRegime

In recent years, Turkey has experienced a sharp declining trend in almost all democratic indicators, including civil, political, economic and social rights, freedom of expression and media. Apart from these, the violation of human rights against women and children have been in a disturbingly rising pattern. However, the situation deteriorated substantially in the aftermath of the attempted, doubtful coup of July, 2016. After the failed coup, Turkish regime boosted the witch-hunt (which the government started after uncovering of their huge bribery) under an umbrella of the state of emergency calling the coup attempt "a gift from God".  By the end of August 2017, there are 668 children under age 6 in jails with their mothers who are denied their right to nutritious food and access to basic healthcare. Age                Number of children0-12 months         1491-3 years               3814-6 years              127 The mothers of these children are just 668 of 17,000 women who have imprisoned allegedly, who face torture, abuse, and ill-treatment in Turkey prisons, not having a fair trial.  Most alarming, since July 15, 2016                             147,932           got sacked 130,214           detained 62,211             arrested 3,003               schools, dormitories, and universities shut down 5,946               academics lost jobs 4,463               judges, prosecutors dismissed 187                  media outlets shut down 308                  journalists arrested          as of December 5, 2017, with increase day after day So, I think it is an important time for everyone to collaborate, from all parts of the world, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, and creed, hand in hand, to stop this tragedy, to support babies, women, journalists, judges, prosecutors, human rights defenders (incl. Amnesty International's Turkey staff) and many innocent others who are crushed under tyranny of Turkish dictatorial regime, who are imprisoned without any evidence, any trial. It is an important time to show that we can really succor each other from other parts of the world! Let us demonstrate that it is possible to change, to put pressure on a dictatorial regime and to force the authoritarians to follow democracy with the solidarity of nations. Let us request from related organizations worldwide to put pressure on Turkish Government to:  release mothers of 668 babies at least on pending trial,  stop torture and ill-treatment against detainees and prisoners,  including especially against women,  stop witch-hunt under the umbrella of state of emergency regime, dismissing, detaining and imprisoning people allegedly,  release human rights defenders, including Amnesty International Turkey staff. stop abducting people by mafiatic ways I hope we all, together with you, will be able to mobilize some related organizations including United Nations, European Court of Human Rights and parliaments of most countries as much as possible. And I hope this petition will also be an example of solidarity of nations, an example that will give hope to all victims of unlawfulness around the world.   You can sign the following petition also: #668BabiesToPrison    For more information about what is going wrong in Turkey and the consequences of the collapse of law, visit:  

Bir GaripKul
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