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Petition to Queensland Attorney General

Review William Andrew O'Sullivan's sentence for the manslaughter of Mason Jet Lee

We the undersigned call on the Queensland Attorney General to conduct an urgent review of the sentence handed down to Andrew William O'Sullivan for the manslaughter of Mason Jet Lee. William Andrew O'Sullivan pleaded guilty to manslaughter of 22 month old Mason Jet Lee. Mason suffered extreme and prolonged abuse at the hands of O'Sullivan who was the partner of Mason's mother. Mason suffered cellulitis, likely caused by an insect bite that became infected, a prolapsed anus, severe nappy rash, a fractured leg, constipation, abscesses, mouth ulcers, peritonitis (inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal wall), septicemia (allowed faecal matter to contaminate his bloodstream), fractured coccyx, bruises to the forehead, jaw, chest and abdomen, and the list goes on, Mason inevitably died from sepsis, as a result of a fatal blow to his abdomen which ruptured his small intestine. He was left in agony and further abused for 5 days before his little body finally gave up. O'Sullivan received a sentence of 9 years and could be eligible for parole in 4 years. As a community we believe this is in no way adequate sentencing for such abhorrent treatment of a vulnerable young child. There are countless examples of people being sentenced for crimes such as tax fraud or theft, who received similar or heftier sentences, yet someone who tortured and killed an innocent and vulnerable toddler receives such a short sentence. There is meant to be an aspect of deterrence applied in criminal sentencing, This sentence tells the community that one can kill a child in the most torturous of ways, and only spend a few short years in jail. Little Mason's life should be worth more than the pathetic sentence handed down to O'Sullivan.

Act for Mason
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Petition to Michel Temer, Abdul Hamid, Ram Nath Kovind, United Nations Security Council, UNICEF, United Nations

Girls build lives; girls are not just brides.

Love is a fundamental part of human social and emotional expression that everyone deserves. The ability to share life in union with your significant other by marriage should be a universal opportunity for all people. However, no one should be forced to marry when underaged and unwilling. Yet, this is the reality for the 12 million girls under 18 who are bound into child marriage every year. Child marriage, any formal or informal marital union of those younger than 18, infringes the human rights of girls in across the globe - particularly in South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of these young girls do not agree with being married yet are wedded by their family for physical or financial security, as a traditional practice, or due to restricting values on female sexuality and expression. However, this violates article 16 from the UN Declaration of Human Rights - the right to a consensual marriage, yet laws regarding child marriage are not being enforced in these areas. In 2017, 5% of girls were married by the age of 15 and 23% by the age of 18. The heads of states of India, Bangladesh and Brazil, where child marriage is most pressing, must be held accountable. This petition will be able to raise awareness for this issue that is affecting millions of girls yearly. Our petition targets the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, and the President of Bangladesh, Abdul Hamid. In Bangladesh, 59% of women aged 20-24 were married before they were 18. India has the highest absolute numbers of child marriage in the world, with 15,509,000 women who were married as girls younger than 18. Furthermore, there is still a disturbing increase in the marriage of 15 to 18-year-old girls. Whilst India's head of state has publicly commended girls for standing up against child marriage, this issue remains prevalent for girls in rural areas - where 48% of these marriages occur.  Nevertheless, child marriage in India has declined overall from 47% to 27% of marriages in 2006 and 2016 respectively. Therefore, our petition particularly aims to increase the awareness of child marriage in Latin America and the Caribbean. With 1 in 4 Latin girls being married before their 18th birthday, these areas uniquely have no perceivable decline in child marriage in the last 30 years. These regions have been overlooked despite having some of the highest rates of child marriage. The Dominican Republic and Brazil both have 36% prevalence rates, and states such as Nicaragua maintain a rate of 41%. Our primary target, the President of Brazil, Michael Temer, remains absent in the fight against these human rights abuses. Brazil currently lacks the adequate legal restrictions, law enforcement and the will to eradicate its abhorrent child marriage. Victims of child marriage are disempowered, disconnected and disadvantaged. These girls bear the responsibility of grown adults as children. Many are not willing to marry, and none are emotionally or physically ready to cope with marriage from a young age. Child marriage directly restricts girls from their vital education as they are expected to leave school and become the caretaker of a new family. Child marriage encourages the most prominent cause of death in 15-19-year-old girls - the health effects of juvenile pregnancy and childbirth. Child marriage increases the chances for girls under 15 to suffer domestic abuse by 50%. Child marriage is an immoral practice that is incompatible with a society that encourages and empowers women. Sign our petition for these three key actors to end their compliance with this issue and commit to eradicating child marriage once and for all. Let these girls build their lives: no girl deserves to be a child bride.

Tessa Emezie
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Petition to Minister for human services, Shadow Minister for Human Services, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

AUSTRALIAN KINSHIP CARERS NEED YOUR HELP (Please turn sound on when watching video)

ALL kinship carers must be recognised and provided with the same financial assistance, respect & support as foster carers. Legislated reimbursement is not paid if the child is deemed safe & the case is closed. Many kinship carers feed, clothe and pay for all medical expenses out of their own pocket, often raising 3 or more children on a pension. These children are their priority! Please make these vulnerable children YOUR PRIORITY. A common scenario:- An infant is dropped off to you by the police at 2am in the morning. A quick phone call was the only warning. She has been removed from her parents (your kin) due to abuse or neglect or for safety reasons. This has become known as a "Drop & run". Child Protection, whether DHHS, DoCS, FaCS or whom ever, follow up in a few days and deem the child to be safe and close their case.  You are left with an unsettled child, no funds, no support and many years later massive court costs to ensure that child remains safe and loved and cared for. This is one of many horror stories Kinship carers are forced to live through. Could you? As many of you are aware the incidence of children being cared for by relatives or kin is increasing at an alarming rate in Australia. What you may not know is that many of these carers –Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles Etc- are doing so WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT from the government or non government organisations (NGOs). They receive no funding to assist with raising this child and many have no option other than to access their superannuation to support a safe environment for the child/ren and provide a life for them above the poverty line. Often having to give up their job, their lifestyle must change completely to accommodate the needs of the child. They do the same job as foster carers however they receive no acknowledgement, nor any financial assistance. They receive no legal aid as this is given to the biological parents to attempt to reunify with that child. Some of the parents of these children may have mental health issues or a history of drug abuse however they are not held accountable for their actions or lack of care for their child knowing that the government will support them in getting the child back even though no requirements have been met. Having a child is not a right it is a privilege. These innocent children are being abused by the system and being forced to return to their biological parent/s into an unsafe, and at times volatile environment where their needs are not being met and more psychological damage is being done before being returned to the kinship carer who then is faced with challenging behaviours and professional bills to attempt to repair the damage caused. There are no accurate statistics on how many kinship carers there are in Australia as many choose not to be known officially for fear of DHHS reprisals, and those that have had children placed in their care by DHHS have had their case closed (and therefore aren’t counted in statistics) due to the child being in a safe environment. This is the next generation they are raising, to be productive, stable members of society. But they need your signature, to raise awareness, to change the system and to provide a life above the poverty line for Australia’s most vulnerable carers and children. Please sign and share to show your support. #ImOneOfMany

Sue Erben
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Petition to Hon. Pru Goward MP

STOP FACS/DOCS stealing Special Needs Children from loving families.

How our Autistic son was stolen by FACS, and how this could happen to you! Please take the time to read, it could save your child's life. Nearly 2 years ago i was caring for my son Toby then 12, dx with Autism level 2, ADHD, Developmental delay, Slow processing Disorder. He was in Distance Education as no school would take him or could manage him. I struggled even though he completed his classes, had therapy 4 times per week and did chores around the house. But Things got to breaking point and i asked for help from FACS, they did not help, his NDIS money was gone on therapy, no room for respite, I couldn't cope. FACs then removed Toby from my care and a case worker said it would be for three months. He said with his hand over his heart i would have him back. Before the three months, FACS changed case workers to another worker who had no intention of ever returning Toby. He was put in various facilities, all of which could not cope with him, to this date he has been in 7 different facilities, including 3 months in a motel at one point. Toby his high care, he is intelligent enough but is basically like a 5-year-old. He doesn’t get consequences and is unable to understand social ques. He has report after report saying what his problems are and what needs to be done, but FACS has in the last two years given him NO therapy, moved him from house to motel to house to motel as no one can cope with him. His current school, Grossman High wants him out but can’t find anyone who will take him. The treatment he is currently receiving there is appalling. He has just been housed with a with a 17 year old boy who is very troubled and does not attend school,   as the boy he was with before took an AVO against him for inappropriate language. Toby pretty much broke the AVO immediately as expected as he is 5 in his brain and has no idea of how serious things are. The boy with the AVO against him assaulted him, he choked him around the neck. Lifting him of the floor by his head, and then threw him down and pummelled into his back. A police report was made but according to the police, Toby broke the AVO because he flicked a small amount of water at the boy. We have approached our local member Jenny Aitchison MP, who initially was very concerned and tried to help but after a phone call to FACS said there was nothing she could do. This was over a year ago, we have contacted her office again, this time we were told they will take it to the minister in 8 to 10 weeks. Toby has been in the care of Life Style Solutions for nearly 2 years in that time things are getting worse and worse. I on the other hand since the initial incident have seen a psychiatrist,  who dx me with bipolar and medicated me, and I see a psychologist  fortnightly. My partner and Toby’s father, Michael Ralston is also dx with Autism level 2 and has been seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist all this time as well. We are also seeing a family councillor  fortnightly. We are literally jumping through all the hoops to try and get our son back, but nothing is helping, we are ignored.  I am finding out that it is common for FACS to remove a child with special needs rather than provide help and support. Children with special needs are the new stolen generation. We are desperate for help,  We need help. We have approached the minister, we have made complaints to FACS, Life Style Solutions, Office of the Children’s guardian, and the ombudsman. We keep being advised to go to the media, please help us. We want our boy back home where he belongs. We have decided to create a petition to help raise awareness of this shocking ongoing problem for parents of children with special needs. These special children need help in the home, with their loving family, not to be removed, institutionalised, frequently criminalised, the data is there to see. The agencies make big money out of our special needs children. It would cost significantly less to provide help to parents or carers in the home, rather than rehouse them with people who don't care about them. My son is nearly 15 and this is a key part of his development, but if you read the stories on my facebook page, you will see this can happen to special needs children as young as 2 yrs old.  It is also very common that once institutionalised they end up in the juvenile justice system.  Help me fight FACS from Stealing our Special Children against our will and forcing them into lives of misery without family or friends. 

Sharon Ralston
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