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Help families of murdered children pass Curtis’s Law

I will never forget the day those policeman came to my door to tell my that my son Curtis was dead. Your world is immediately flipped upside down and the pain grips you like nothing else you can imagine. After the initial shock wears off, you want answers. As a parent, you need basic answers. Answers to questions like: Who is investigating my child’s case, and where are their belongings? As if the pain of losing my child wasn’t enough, I had to take on the additional stress and frustration of attempting to pry these very basic details out of the law enforcement agency investigating my son’s death. In Florida, law enforcement agencies are not required to release any information about on-going murder investigations to anyone. My son’s investigation has been on-going for almost 20 years now. I had to get a lawyer to simply find out who was working on my son’s case! I would later learn that my experience was not unique. Other parents were struggling through the same process. Those who can’t afford legal counsel often give up. This is why I am working with other parents of murdered children to create a law in Florida that would require law enforcement agencies to send a letter to the parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin within 30 days of notifying them of their child’s death. The letter would include information about: Onsite police and paramedics, assigned investigators, coroner’s name, where child’s property and belongings are stored, and any available photos This would NOT be required if the child’s parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin is a suspect or person-of-interest in the child’s murder investigation. When a family faces the unthinkable, all they want is some type of closure. They shouldn’t have to spend weeks or months, or even retain legal counsel to get the basic information about their child’s case that can help our families begin to heal. Please sign this petition today and help families like mine pass Curtis’s Law today.    

patricia ward
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Petition to Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Tom Wolf

A Safer Tomorrow for Pennsylvania Children & the Safe Child Act

Family Court & Custody Crisis: We need family court reform now. Generally, custody is resolved with minor problems, and while it might not be perfect, parents settle into something that works for the children. But there is a subset of  cases where there are claims of child abuse during litigation which represents 2.8% of custody cases, and abuse claims are not believed. This adds up to approximately 7,367 Pennsylvania children each year, and over 58,000 in the U.S. each year. Parents who abuse their partner have a higher chance of abusing their children. Simply put, when domestic abuse shows up in custody it turns bad for the victim. According to various and respected empirical research entities, false claims of sexual abuse of children are rare. Less than 1% of children make false claims of sexual abuse. That research includes, but is not limited to, the Saunder Study - commissioned by the Justice Department, the Leadership Council, Mapping Gender -Shedding Empirical Light on Family Courts’ Treatment of Cases Involving Abuse and Alienation - Dr. Joan Meier and Dr. Sean Dickson; and even the National Association of Juvenile & Family Court Judges has published a manual that, for all intents and purposes, support the findings of this above research. But civil court judges have failed to catch up and apply these findings and solutions. At the end of the day, if a parent reports domestic abuse and/or child abuse during custody litigation, they are then accused of alienating their children from the abuser, and often lose their children. According to the Center for Judicial Excellence, 22 Pennsylvania children have been murdered since 2009 because of a family court judge ordered them into the contact or custody of their murderer. This was preventable.  One such case was the murder of three-year-old Kelly Williams, by her father, in April of 2017, York County, PA. After Kelly's mom told the judge that Frank Williams was dangerous, had threatened to kill her family, and she had concerns for Kelly's safety, the judge ordered shared custody and Williams shot Kelly to death and then killed himself during his first custody time. This legal decision lead to Kelly's death. There is no getting around it.   In retrospect, it’s easy for any of us to say that Frankie Williams was dangerous; he had abused his partner, and he shouldn’t have had contact with Kelly. But legally, things that cause permanent harm to children, like domestic violence and direct abuse, are given the same weight as lesser things like a lack of health insurance, which was a factor in this case. Kelly's mom didn't have health insurance for Kelly. The death or abuse of any child is tragic, but preventable abuse and deaths even more so. The death of 22 children was preventable, and the trauma that 7,367 children experience yearly is also preventable. Pennsylvania is now poised to prevent the abuse, trauma, and deaths of this subset of children who find themselves in the family court system where strangers make decisions for them that are not in the best interest of children. But the larger picture of child abuse is immeasurable, and everyone can agree that greater protection is needed for the entire scope of child abuse. Protect Children Not Predators!

Child Advocacy Pennsylvania
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Protect my rights as a parent in Japan

When I gave birth to my second child everything was fine till 3 months post partum. I was tired and I was sad because I was like I was being controlled by my husband  (without going into to much detail about or marital relations) . I had not taken one moment for myself in a little more than two years.... I  believed i had developed mild post partum depression  8 months ago,  I was also extremely exhausted and the main focus on my therapy was to take care of my own needs.  I sought treatment  and after 1 month of therapy I was ok (granted I had work to do with my daughter in person) when I came home my husband had hired two nannies and wouldn’t let me sleep with her her all the time, i also felt uncomfortable bc the nanny’s ONLY took care of my daughter. I had to do all the cooking, cleaning and take care of my son bc my husband would mostly be busy .... I begged and pleaded for him to get rid of the nannies who where doing MY job and he didn’t feel comfortable, yet was upset bc I wasn’t paying for them. He would let my son be with me for as long as I wanted but I could only see my daughter for no longer than 3 hours a day. It really depended on what he wanted as he believed he had custody of the children. Because I had left for a month to help myself.  This whole time he never supported my post partum depression and I believe is using it against me,  He locked me out of the house and at that point decided to file for custody and relocation yesterday and since I hired a lawyer he hasn’t let me c the kids as much as I am legally allowed. There is a big stigma on post partum depression and I believe it’s totally normal, especially when raising two under two with no emotional support from your spouse living so far away from you’re family, we r in Tokyo they are in LA. He recently revoked my Japanese dependent visa as I was a housewife and not working, I will have to leave japan in 30 days so we are trying to expedite the case. I hope this petition can not only help me see my daughter more as she is 10 1/2 months old and I feel guilty for missing and not being apart of her life as a baby. I gave up my job to be a mum and now my kids are being raised by two nannies while I sit at home and “twiddle my thumbs ” I hope my case can bring awareness and create less of a stigma on women going through the same thing. This petition has reached more people than I imagined and I hope more of you can speak up in the comment section about my interaction with Finn or both kids if you have seen it! Thank you guys so much. please continue to follow the case by reading my updates  here are some external links about mental health issues in japan... my lawyer wont even bring up my post partum depression. im so confused. somehow my husband is allowed to do what he wants like take the kids out of school for no reason but i cannot. WHY!        

Jillian Kate
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