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Fife Council: Bring back pick and mix option to school lunches!

Please bring back the pick & mix option to Fife Council schools! My oldest just recently started Primary 1. He has Aspergers Syndrome (high functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Because of this he has sensory issues and is a very fussy eater. Routine is key for him and he would literally rather starve himself than eat anything he doesn't like.  After concerns over how he would cope at lunchtime, I was informed that there was a pick & mix option which might be suitable for him.  I still had my doubts but attended the family lunch the school had organised for parents to learn how lunchtime ran.  I was thrilled to discover that the pick & mix menu offered many things which my Son actually eats and enjoys. I sent him to school happy that he wouldn't go hungry throughout the day without sending him in with a packed lunch . Only to discover that 3 weeks in to term time the menu had changed and pick and mix had been removed. I wasn't pre-warned about this and I sent my Son to school for 2 days without any lunch, not realising that he actually went hungry those 2 days and only had the snack I provided for him. After listening to many parents in the playground I realised I wasn't the only one who didn't know this and many of their children also went hungry. I can send my Son to school with a packed lunch, knowing he will eat everything. But he had just settled in to the routine with lunchtime and was distressed when it had suddenly changed without any pre-warning.  I want him to be able to eat from the canteen like the other boys and girls. Because of his additional needs, the school would accommodate his needs just like they would for a child with allergies or certain dietary requirements. But why should all the other children suffer? Many kids don't like a hot meal throughout the day for a variety of reasons. And although there is a roll or baguette option, the fillings aren't the same every day. Not all children like tuna or egg for example. And a lot of children don't like the salad filling which comes with it. As well as the fact they aren't getting the choice of different fruit, yoghurts or homebaking anymore. Surely making sure a child eats something is more important than the new nutritional guidelines where they will in turn go hungry? Please bring back pick & mix.

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