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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, Jon Ashworth, Amber Rudd MP

Please save my son Alfie by allowing him to legally use medical cannabis!

My six year old son Alfie has a very rare genetic epilepsy condition called PCDH19. It causes clusters of seizures which are unresponsive to almost any medications. He can have up to 30 violent seizures a day. It’s so severe that he had 3000 seizures in one year and ended up in hospital 48 times.The only legal medication in the UK that helps are steroids. But they are toxic to the body, especially when used regularly. If we continue giving them to Alfie there is a high likelihood he will develop psychosis or his organs will fail. Last year, in desperation, we travelled to Holland where doctors treated him with cannabis oil. Miraculously, with a dose of three drops a day, Alfie didn’t have a seizure for 27 days. He's only had 2 seizures in the last two months. Dutch doctors say that cannabis oil could get his seizures down from 30 a day to twenty a year. My baby went from a death sentence, to the prospect of a normal life, with school, friends and fun. But that prospect could be taken away now we are back in the UK because here the use of medical cannabis is illegal. I don’t want to have to break the law so I am pleading with the UK Government to make an exception for Alfie and grant his doctor license to prescribe medical cannabis so Alfie can live life carefree, without constant seizures and ploughing of steroids. Making an exception for Alfie doesn't have to open the floodgates - Alfie is the only boy in the UK that has this condition. We are working with End Our Pain ( to get a better life for Alfie and hope this will lead to help for other children who need to try this medication. To legalise the use of medical cannabis would enable the quality and consistency of products to be properly controlled, would create a new industry and more jobs, raise taxes, lower crime rates and result in fewer people struggling in hospitals to be well, or being preyed on by unscrupulous online sellers. We assess the saving to the NHS from Alfie’s case alone to be over £100,000 and up to 150 paediatric bed days. It’s a no-brainer! Getting Alfie treatment could be the first step to making medical cannabis accessible to others in need. We urgently need the public to make noise to make that happen. Alfie has been through more than most people go through in a lifetime. He deserves to have a wonderful life full of joy. I just want Amber Rudd and Jeremy Hunt to understand this isn’t about the wholesale legalisation of Cannabis. This is about weekly trips to A&E, watching my son have seizures, watching him turn purple, and praying that he lives to see another day. Please sign and share this petition and help me make our family’s only wish come true. And please like our Facebook page Alfie's Hope for all updates on Alfie's journey. Thank you x

Hannah Deacon
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Petition to Broseley Town Council

Save Park View play area in Broseley from closure

Park View play area was established by Broseley residents around 50 years ago. A lot of community spirit was shown and the equipment was fundraised for. In 2015 the park was closed by Broseley Town Council until further notice. At a full council meeting, councillors at the time made the decision to decommission it as a play area. This wasnt communicated well to the public. Residents assumed it was a temporary closure. The park equipment has been left to deteriorate so would need some TLC and investment to bring it back to life. But there are many grants and funding opportunities that could assist with this. And with a proper management plan i am confident the issues of vandalism and antisocial behaviour that existed some years ago would be tackled. One action would be ensuring the site was locked up at certain times which local residents have volunteered to do. Park View is an item on the agenda of the Estates Committee meeting to be held this Tuesday 15th. Therefore, we are up against the clock to get as many signatures as possible in the meantime to request that the current councillors discuss and seriously reconsider the decision made to close it by previous councillors back in 2015. Our councillors are the only people with the power to reverse this decision. Please show your support to help get this area back open to the community for all to enjoy - before its too late and it gets taken away from us. Many have fond childhood memories of here and we hope that continues for generations to come.

Colette McCabe
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Petition to Theresa May PM, UK Parliament, Theresa May MP, David Cameron MP, Michelle Obama

Palm oil products to be labelled with pictures of deforestation

Palm oil is detrimental both to our health and planet. It is found in a high percentage of the items sold in shops from toothpaste to biscuits. Palm oil plantations are decreasing our forests at an astronomical rate and we need our trees not only for the animals they are home to but the rainforests provide our planet with most of the oxygen we use and absorbing a lot of our carbon dioxide too. With half the trees now gone we need to put an end to the mass production of palm plantations that are being planted in place of our rainforests. With so many creatures becoming critically endangered we need to act now for our children and grandchildren so that they do not see the total destruction of our planet. The world and our animal kingdom needs our help. 85% of palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia and with the clearing of trees and the burning of the wood it contributes to the green house effect as well as diminishing the rainforest for it's inhabitants. This product is used in products such as chocolates, biscuits and crackers just because it is cheap. When you see the loss of lives and forest because of the demand for this substance it really is paying a high price. Before this product reaches us, it is bleached, refined and deodorised. We should have the right to this information before we buy a product and give it to our children.  The producers of these products will be written to asking to consider using  a similar ingredient along with this petition. We need to think of a way we can support workers to be paid to replant forest instead of destroy it.    

Theresa Forrest
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Petition to Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Vince Cable MP, Steve Double MP, Sheryll Murray MP, jeremy hunt mp, UK Government, Steve Brine MP, Lord Andrew Lansley CBE, Sarah Newton MP, Philip Dunne MP, Caroline Dinenage MP, Lord O’Shaughnessy, Stephen Barclay MP, Derek Thomas MP, Scott Mann MP, George Eustice MP

Implement scanning for all UK newborn babies for Hip Dysplasia

I am re-raising this issue as it is something that has personally touched my life and since being diagnosed in my teens I have faced years of multiple surgeries and continuous pain. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute suggests 9 out of 10 cases of hip dysplasia are only diagnosed during adolescence or adulthood and is the most common cause of hip arthritis in women younger than fifty, and the reason for 20% of all total hip replacements in the USA. Early diagnosis, prevention, and simple treatment is the best solution An ultrasound scan could pick up this 'silent' condition and allow the child to have less-intrusive treatment rather than surgery later on in life. Dysplasia, when detected within the first few weeks of life, can usually be corrected by simply placing the baby's legs in a special harness for about three months. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the 'ball and socket' joint of the hips don't properly form in babies and young children. Implementing scanning for all UK newborns for hip dysplasia and ensuring immediate less-intrusive treatment if found could reduce lifelong surgery and disability. It is said that 'If all babies were scanned and treated in their first 6 months of life it would reduce dysplasia surgery by 90%'. The NHS is incredible and this is in no way meant to cause offence to them as they provide incredible care but we all know the NHS is in financial crisis. The cost of scanning all newborns and treating those with hip dysplasia early is far cheaper than the costs of finding it later with inevitable repeat surgeries, joint replacements, education and career disruption, disability benefits and treatment for depression and chronic pain. We currently check babies using the 'Ortolani test' which is a manual examination where both legs are gently grasped and rotated outwards - a clicking sensation indicates a possible abnormal hip. This manipulation test can unfortunately be unreliable even in experienced hands. It is also suggested that hospitals do not always pick up on bilateral dysplasia as it works on one hip feeling different to the other.  It is estimated that up to 50% of abnormalities remain undetected, even though babies are routinely examined twice - once soon after birth, and again at the six-week postnatal check. Hip Dysplasia is often known as a “silent” condition. It does not cause pain in babies and doesn’t normally prevent them from learning how to walk at a normal age. So if the diagnosis is missed it may not become apparent until a toddler starts walking with a limp which then can only be corrected by surgery. In girls it is often not picked up till adolescence. This is something that needs to change. I beg you to look into this issue and for everyone to sign this petition so we can activate change. This is not a preventable condition yet scanning babies will result in avoiding the need for surgery later in life and cases of disability. 

Alice Bell
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