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Boycott Travel & Trade with Turkey - 686 Babies & 17,000+ Mothers Imprisoned by President

Over 686 babies and 17,000+ women and their husbands are imprisoned in Turkey by Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan. Many of these people are imprisoned for simply not agreeing with the Turkish President. They have not been charged nor have they had a date set for trial. The women, including teachers, journalists, judges, and victims of war, are in limbo, many women separated from their babies. A large amount of women have been subject to rape and torture. When they were arrested their businesses and properties amounting to 42 billion dollars were taken from them by president Erdogan. We need to make a passive protest against President Erdogan‬. Tourism and trade puts a lot of money in his bank and money is his interest. We must now please boycott trade and travel. Do not go to Turkey on principle and I ask that countries please stop trading with Turkey. Turkey is dangerous, especially for any LGBT people. Although homosexuality is legal in Turkey, it is frowned upon and President Erdogan is a known homophobic and is spreading his homophobia amongst his people and not giving them a voice. We will reinstate tourism and trade when Erdogan releases these people, returns their belongings to them and/or gives them a fair trial. He has imprisoned 437+ judges so he will have to either release them or appoint others. All these people have not been charged or proven guilty of terrorism or anything so they are entitled by European law to have a fair trial. If necessary judges and lawyers from other countries should act for these people. If Erdogan doesn't allow these trials, why? Is it because he knows he has no proof against these women and their babies and these young and old men? Will he let them rot in jail while he enjoys their hard earned money? Also ‪the Turkish President @RT_Erdogan‬ continues to purchase weapons from the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and the U.S. have 50 nuclear Hydrogen weapons stored in a base in Turkey. Are the UK and US involved? Is Turkey to follow Syria in a genocidal war? Turkey is not safe, Boycott Turkey for the sake of the dead women children and babies. Some of them had the choice of staying and getting locked up or freedom. You will see that many families who chose freedom drowned in their desperate attempts to leave the hell that is now Turkey. Please sign this petition so that this subject may be heard by the UK Parliament and discussed worldwide. Until trade with Turkey is stopped please #BoycottTurkey yourselves, do not travel there, unless you can help the situation and stop these terrible crimes being committed by President Erdogan‬ and his associates. #BoycottTurkey More Information:              

Lauren Harries
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Palm oil products to be labelled with pictures of deforestation

We must always remember when buying products from our large corporations that most contain products that are detrimental to our health. From the product itself which has carcinogenic properties and the trees that are being cleared for the palm oil plantations are decreasing our forests and without our trees we do not have our oxygen and our carbon will not be absorbed...To be blunt, we will suffocate!  We have been cutting down trees at a considerable rate since the 1960's and with half the trees now gone we need to put an end to the mass production of palm plantations that are being planted in place of our rainforests. With so many creatures becoming critically endangered we need to act now for our children and grandchildren so that they do not see the total destruction of our planet. The world needs our help. 85% of palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. With the clearing of trees and the burning of the wood it also contributes to the green house effect as well as diminishing the rainforest for it's inhabitants. This product is used just because it is cheap. When you see the loss of lives and forest because of the demand for this substance it really is paying a high price. Before this product reaches us, it is bleached, refined and deodorised. We should have the right to this information before we buy a product and give it to our children.  The producers of these products will be written to asking to consider using  a similar ingredient along with this petition. We need to think of a way we can support workers to be paid to replant forest instead of destroy it. 

Theresa Forrest
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