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Petition to John Quigley

Do Not Release Dante Arthurs

On the 26th of June 2006, Dante Arthurs changed forever the life of a wonderful Perth family and shocked the close knit community of the Mater Christi School and Parish in Yangebup. The murder of Sofia Rodriguez sent shockwaves across this country. She was only 8 years old. This year she would have turned 21 and would be enjoying her life and family. But she is not! That was brutally and deliberately taken from her. The 26th of June 2018, also marks 1 specific event. It marks 365 days until Dante Arthurs will be eligible for release back into our community. He was sentenced to Life Imprisonment (which was only 20 years), with a non-parole period of just 13 years! Over the next 12 months, the Western Australian Attorney General John Quigley will receive a statutory report from the Western Australian Prisons Review Board on the status of Dante Arthurs and the recommendation for his release. The public of Western Australia do not want this person sneaking out of prison under the radar, after closed meetings and after documents are secretly signed. Upon sentencing in 2007, then Attorney General Michael Mischin assured the Western Australia public that, 'it would be unlikely he would be released on parole'. However, we have a new Government now and assurances rarely mean anything in office, especially 13 years later. Dante Arthurs must not be released and I hope I can count on your signature to support this petition.

Paul Litherland
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Petition to Hon. Dan Tehan MP, Senator Derryn Hinch, The Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Senator Tim Storer, Senator Cory Bernardi, Senator Stirling Griff, Senator Rex Patrick, Senator Nigel Scullion, Senator Fraser Anning, Senator David Leyonhjelm, Senator Brian Burston, Dr Emma Campbell, Hon Scott Morrison MP, John Alexander, Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Senator Andrew Bartlett, Senator Rachel Siewert, Senator Jenny Macklin MP, Hon Tony Burke MP, Senator Nick McKim, Senator Richard Di Natale, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Senator Lee Rhiannon, Senator Jordon Steele-John, Senator Janet Rice, Hon Jane Prentice MP, The Hon. Dr David Gillespie MP, Senator John Williams

Please Help to Prevent Older Australians from Financial Hardship in their Late-lives

The Government announced Tightening of Residency Requirements for Age Pension and Disability Support Pension Eligibility effective from 1st July 2018. The New enhanced residency requirements for the Age pension & disability support pension will require claimants to have up to 15 years of continuous Australian residence requirements, instead of 5 years continuous residence together with 10 cumulative years residence, 3 times as long as the current continuous residency requirements. One of Our Compelling Stories: My parents have started helping me to look after my child since my child was 3 months old in order for me to do full-time work in financial field. My parents subsequently became permanent residents in 2007. After they have looked after my child for a considerable number of years, now my parents are going to turn 78 and 82 years of age in 2018 respectively. My parents would qualify for the age pension in 2019 under the current residency requirements, but will no longer qualify under the new tighten proposal until after further 10 more continuous years in 2029. The proposal has not recognised the value and contributions that these Older migrants have brought to our community, to the stability of society. Older Migrants often play a crucial unpaid role as carers for their grandchildren in family networks. their contributions have enabled their children who are often taxpayers and Australian citizens to concentrate on work, to contribute to the national economy and reduce the need for childcare funding from the government. Under the tighten proposal, it will have a real the biggest financial hardship on that Older people Primarily Older Migrants especially in their middle of 70s age will not able financially live at an adequate basic standard of living & in their dignity in the very late of their lives. these Elderly seniors may not have much longer time to meet the new proposed residency requirements to qualify for the age pension. It is unfair changes to these Seniors in their middle of 70s. Please help Elderly Senior Australians by Signing my petition calling on the Turnbull government to get Elderly Seniors aged 75 & above on 1st July 18 to EXEMPT from the New Tighten residency requirements for the Age Pension & disability support pension in accordance with the humanitarianism, and as for COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS for Ministerial Discretion. Please sign & share this petition & play your part in preventing Elderly Australians from considerable financial hardship. Read More: 1. Tightening Residency Requirements for Age Pension & Disability Support Pension eligibility in Federal Budget Review 2017-18: 2. Labour opposed to these changes. 3. FECCA (The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia) has raised concerns that the measures will disproportionately impact migrant Australians.  FECCA believes that migrant Australians should not be punished in their older age or because they require support for living with a disability. FECCA concerned about impact of key budget measures on migrant Australians:        

Tracey Q.
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Petition to Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton: don't tear me away from my three young children

I am an Irish born citizen and I've been living here in Australia for 10 years, married to my Australian wife for 8 of those years. I'm a tradesman and she is a retired paramedic. We have 3 beautiful Australian born children under 6 years old, and two of our kids have special needs. Our four year old is autistic, and it's vital she has routine and stability in her life. Because of an issue with my paperwork (one of my forms apparently went missing during my spouse visa application), Peter Dutton now wants to send me back to Ireland while I resubmit my claim. There is no sense to forcing three young children to be without their father for up to 18 months simply because of a bureaucratic blunder. I put my children to sleep every night, and climb back into their beds in the morning to wake them up. They don't deserve to have their dad taken away from them. My wife and myself have no criminal history and are upstanding members of our community. We pay a mortgage, which comes from my sole income as a site manager. My wife's 74 year old mother also lives with us. If I'm forced out of the country to re-submit my application, my family will be without an income. The bank could repossess our home. And what's worse, the mental and spiritual effect on our children will be catastrophic , especially for our Autistic child whose basic growth and stability is corner stoned on having her Daddy at home every day. Please help my family. Please call on Peter Dutton to have compassion and let me stay in Australia while his department re-processes my forms.

Dan Hall
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