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Petition to Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Pru Goward, Ray Williams

Stop NSW Govt from forcing families to abandon children with intensive disability needs

When NDIS was introduced, funding for 1700 children/young people in NSW with profound disabilities went to NDIA. BUT NSW Government DID NOT ask NDIA to keep providing the intensive, 24/7 services they were already receiving. Now Govt is asking us to give up our kids to 'fix' this bureaucratic bungle. Please help - we want to reach 10,000 signatures by Friday 16 March! THE ISSUE IN A NUTSHELL Our children have such severe disabilities they need the intensive, 24/7 services. Those services were provided under the state disability service system until now … Somehow, during the establishment of the NDIS, the NSW Government handed over our children’s funding to the NDIA BUT DIDN’T ask the NDIA to continue providing our children’s services.Now the NSW Government has said if we want our children to continue to receiving intensive, 24/7 services, we must give our children up. But we love them and they need us so we say NO!Please sign our petition to ask the NSW Government and NDIA to amend their agreement to include our children’s funding AND the provision of the services they need and were already receiving – as should have been done in the first place! What can you do? Please sign this petition to help us continue to keep our much-loved, very vulnerable safe. MORE INFO IF YOU WANT IT - OR SKIP TO SIGN PETITION NOW!     Pictured: much-loved Jordan and Olivia Smith, two of the 1700 children the NSW Government is asking their parents Vanita Connery and Robert Smith to give up in exchange for essential disability services. MORE INFO IF YOU WANT IT - OR SKIP TO SIGN PETITION NOW!Why has this happened?When the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was introduced two things happened: Our children’s funding was transferred into the NDIS bucket. BUT the responsibility for providing those services was not. Why would the NSW Government hand over funding used to provide our children with services essential to their survival, but NOT include the provision of those same services in its agreement with the NDIA? We’ve asked but no one can tell us.Why is the NSW Government asking loving, involved, engaged parents to give up their children?If we want our children to consider receiving the intensive, live-in, 24/7 services they need, we need to give them up to the state.Why? The NSW Government still has two buckets of money available left available to them: #1 to support children who are at risk from their parents. #2 to support children whose parent cannot or will not care for them. They are asking us to give our children up so we can fit into bucket #2.These are much-loved children who are vulnerable and who we are constantly advocating for to keep them safe and well – we will not give them up or give up on them to fit into a bucket.

vanita connery
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Petition to The Hon. Mark McGowan MLA, The Hon. Stephen Dawson MP, The Hon. Christian Porter MP, The Hon. Peter Collier MLC, The Hon. Alanna Clohesy MLC, The Hon. Samantha Rowe MLC, The Hon. Matthew Swinbourn MLC, The Hon. Donna Faragher MLC, The Hon. Timothy Clifford MLC, The Hon. Charles Smith MLC, Mayor Dan Bull, Councillor Lorna Clarke, Councillor Giorgia Johnson, Gerri Clay, Christa Riegler

Stop the closure of WA’s toy library for children with special needs

Please help to prevent the closure of Noah’s Ark WA – the state’s only specialist toy and resource library. Noah’s Ark WA has been supporting children and young adults with disabilities and developmental delays since 1975. Its resources and equipment, together with its professional and experienced staff, make an important contribution in helping young people with disabilities to develop new skills. Over 200 families and 70 organisations currently access this unique service. The Independent Living Centre WA has announced that Noah’s Ark WA will close by 21 December 2017. This closure will deny WA families of children with special needs access to over 5000 specialist resources. These include: Electronic switches and switch adapted toys - these enable children with limited physical skills to operate stimulating and novel toys Voice output switches – which serve as communication aids to children with limited verbal skills Themed play boxes - created by Occupational Therapists to facilitate particular developmental skills (e.g. fine motor, self-help, visual perception) Story bags – created by Speech Pathologists to encourage language and literacy skills Professional support from experienced practitioners Special needs consultancy service to schools, playgroups and community groups Noah’s Ark WA is more than just a toy library. Professional support and developmental resources are the crux of this unique service. Noah's Ark makes a valuable contribution to Early Intervention services for children with disabilities in WA. We must fight to ensure this important service continues to operate. Please sign and share this Petition and play your part in preventing the closure of Noah’s Ark WA. Read more: Closure announcement: Noah's Ark WA service to close The West Australian: Noah’s Ark toy library in Morley to close doors after 42 years Photo credit: © WEST AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPERS LIMITED

Caroline Moffat
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Petition to Perth magistrates court

Dangerous Dogs responsible for savage attack on elderly neighbour released back to owners

This petition is to The Perth Magistrates Court to reverse the decision handed down on Friday 9th March at Fremantle Magistrates Court, which will see two Dangerous Dogs returned to their owners after carrying out a vicious attack on neighbours.   On the 20 November 2017, the two accused dogs inflicted life threatening injuries to one elderly neighbour and several wounds to two neighbours who went to the elderly neighbours aid during the attack. On Friday 9th March 2018 Fremantle Magistrates Court charged the brother and sister owners of the dogs after the owners pleaded guilty to the charges bought forward by Melville City Council. The owners received $13k in combined fines.   The Magistrate originally executed  the Destruction Order put forth by Melville City Council, later revoking it on unknown grounds. The outcome meaning the dogs will now be returned to the owners Aurelian St, Palmyra property within 7 days.  The return of the animals pending modifications to the owners house. Including separation of the dogs in the backyard, automated fence and muzzles in public. All modifications that do not guarantee the safety of neighbours shall the dogs escape  unmuzzled.     Recount of the Dog Attack by witnessing neighbours, as penned to Melville City Council on the day post attack. ‭On Monday evening 20 November 2017 at approximately 7pm, Aurelian St, Palmyra, our elderly neighbour Mrs. S was in her driveway as she was savagely set upon by two dogs, owned by the residents of her neighbouring property, Sister and Brother, Ms  DVG and Mr  DVG of Aurelian St, Palmyra. Upon hearing Mrs. S’s blood curdling screams, three neighbours- a husband and wice duo- Mr & Mrs L, and another individual J ran to Mrs. S aid. Mr DVG was not home at the time of the incident. Ms DVG was and was responsible for releasing the dogs into the public unrestrained as she wanted to take them for a walk (Ms. DVG voiced this to her Father who arrived on the scene post attack).  Ms DVG, her Mother and Sister, present at the time of the attack were all unable to gain control of the dogs and prevent them from attacking Mrs S, and/or Mr & Mrs L. Evident that Ms DVG had/has no control of the animals. In the process of trying to rescue Mrs S, Mr & Mrs L sustained several bites by both of the vicious dogs. Mr L received 3 bite marks, Mrs L 1 bite mark, Mrs S hospitalised with her right leg extensively damaged later having to undergo plastic surgery, her left leg with 8 deep puncture wounds and haematoma.  With the dogs due to be released back in the owners possession, we pose the question, “ what extent of damage do these animals need to inflict before the Court will consider implementing the Destruction Notice?” We pray that it not be at the cost of a life of another resident of Aurelian Street or one of the neighbouring streets in Palmyra, WA.  With a children’s park within 100m to the Dogs residing property, a street lined with young children and elderly residents, we the residents of Aurelian Street believe the risk to be far too great. 

Mrs Jones
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