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Petition to Amazon, UK Parliament

Get Amazon to remove offensive paralysed child abuse photo products sold in the UK

Please can you ask Amazon to remove offensive products showing  potential child abuse.Whilst looking online for a gift for my grandmother who has had a stroke and has limited mobility I came across several highly offensive items on Amazon. The items feature a photo of an eleven year old girl who is paralysed and appears to be half naked ( although the image is not that clear) The product titles all contain : "Photo shows an eleven-year-old girl who has been paralysed since birth and has received no treatment since brought to the asylum" I believe this to be a photo of child abuse and it is not appropriate to be printed onto products such as baby bibs , bags, t shirts, keyrings and other items. You can view the items below. My concern is that a company wants to sell images of a young vulnerable ill child who is not receiving treatment. The company is called The_Fotomax and is based in Iceland, it sells in the UK through Amazon. I messaged Amazon to bring the products to their attention but have not heard of any outcome. Some offensive products sold by The_Fotomax: Many thanks  Nicole 

Nicole Connelly
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