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Stop teaching religion in schools

1. To give religion a place in education is impractical, because in school there are children from various religious groups. Then what religion to be followed in religious education in schools? Following of a particular religion in schools will create differences in people and all of them will defect from co­operating with the school efforts.    2. Sermons are particularly emphasized in religious education. The behaviors of children in schools may be quite opposite to these. In fact, for improvement of their character, desirable environment is more necessary than religious sermons.   3. Investigations have revealed that there may not be -any correlation between knowledge and behavior. In religion education, ‘knowledge’ rather than ‘behavior’ is emphasized. This may imply that one may obtain the knowledge but may behave in an opposite manner.   4. The discussion about evils and virtues and about divine punishment and reward is likely to create such a conflict in the minds of children which may impede their moral development to present an evaluation of a particular religion before children will go against social values.   5. The school children do not possess such a reasoning power as to understand the subtle meaning of various religions. A common teacher cannot impart religious education because it is difficult for him to be impartial in interpreting things. It is very necessary to adopt a scientific and impartial attitude about a religion. But this is extremely difficult because this attempt shakes one’s own convictions and faith. Therefore a common teacher is unfit for giving religions education. But if a particular teacher is appointed for imparting religious education, he is not likely to come in close contact with children and relate religious education with life of children. Because of this inadequacy religious education will be reduced to a pure ‘sermon’ which will make no impact on children.   6. The main purpose of religion is to bind man into the bond of love and sympathy. But in fact, religion has worked against this ideal in actual practice. Many battles have been fought in the name of religion and thousands of persons have been fought in the name of religion and thousands of persons have been mercilessly slaughtered. Thus in the name of religion people have seen mutual enmity, communal bitterness, and intolerance. Under such a situation to give a place to religion in education will amount to encouraging these evils in children.   7. Religion is a matter of personal experience. An individual likes to worship God according to his own faith and beliefs. Therefore it is not proper to give religious education to school children in a group. Now we shall hint onwards at arguments forwarded by supporters of religious education in schools

William Traynor
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Petition to Jan Gavin

Save our children's centres

Save Our Children's CentresReading Borough Council has announced a consultation on closing 9 of its 13 children’s centres.In North Reading they propose to close both children's centres:  North Reading Children’s Centre in Emmer Green and Caversham Children’s Centre. Reading Borough Council's proposal to remodel children's centres shows that 28% more children attend North Reading children's centres (1335 children age 0-4), than South Reading children's centres (956 children age 0-4), yet they propose for South Reading to keep one of two existing centres and for North Reading to lose both. It is unreasonable to suggest that 5097 children age 0-4 years old from East and North Reading should attend one children's centre in Cemetery Junction. It is unreasonable to ask families from North Reading to travel across the Thames to East Reading to access a children's centre.Children's centres are not only vital support for young children they are also a lifeline for their primary caregivers, the majority of whom are women. Some female caregivers suffer from post-natal depression, or isolation, depression, anxiety and need the help they can access at children's centres.If you oppose the closure of children's centres in Reading please sign this petition. We are asking the Council to keep Children’s Centres open and at least one in North Reading.Please join a meeting as part of the Council's consultationThere are five 2 hour meetings being held at children's centres at the following dates and times:Southcote Children’s CentreTuesday 24 January 2017 10am - 12pm Ranikhet Children’s CentreFriday 10 February 2017 11.30am - 1.30pm Surestart Whitley Children’s CentreThursday 16 February 2017 10am-12pm Caversham Children’s CentreMonday 20 February 2017 10am - 12pm Katesgrove Children’s CentreWednesday 1 March 2017 10am - 12pmRespond to the council's consultation online by the 29th March 2017 at  Join the North Reading children's centres campaign group the Hamilton Road children's centre campaign group What Are Children's Centres?At children's centres families with young children (aged from 0-5) can access childcare, early education, health and family support services. The staff work with parents-to-be, parents/carers and children. The purpose of a Children's Centre is to ensure young children get the best start in life and that their families are supported to help them achieve this. Most activities are either free, suggested donation based or have a small charge. Activities support children to be ready for school / nursery and are often named; Stay and Play, Messy Play, Story time, Rhyme time, Art and Craft sessions. There are also physical activity groups run by private providers andNew Baby support groups. The full list of children’s centres to be closed are as follows: Hamilton Road Children’s CentreKatesgrove Children’s CentreNorth Reading Children’s CentreCaversham Children’s Centre and Nursery SchoolBlagrave Children’s CentreColey Children’s CentreNorcot Children’s CentreOxford Road Children’s CentreBlagdon Nursery and Children’s Centre  The remaining hub children’s centres would be: Sun Street Youth and Community BuildingSouthcote Youth and Community Building and Children CentreRanikhet Children’s CentreWhitley Youth Centre  It is important to note: Norcot Early Years Centre is un-affected by this proposal would remain as a vital Nursery School and childcare provision for local familiesCaversham Children’s Centre and Nursery School would remain as a vital Nursery School and childcare facility for local familiesBlagrave Nursery school is un-affected by this proposal and will remain as a vital Nursery School for local familiesBlagdon Nursery would remain as a vital NurserySatellite buildings, whilst no longer children’s centres, would deliver some universal and targeted services. These are proposed for Caversham Children’s Centre and Nursery School, Coley Children’s Centre at St Mary and All Saints and Battle Library or perhaps Civitas SchoolCommunity venues would also be used to deliver services on a temporary basis where there is demand from locations such as Emmer Green Community Centre, Tilehurst Library, Hexham Road Community Centre, etc.

Wendy Thomson
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Petition to The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Prof Dame Sally Davies, Dr Duncan Selbie

Provide tests for Group B Strep to prevent any more avoidable deaths of newborn babies

My partner Scott and I should have been sharing our son Edward Gili’s first birthday last month. But instead of having that exciting first year to celebrate and many more to look forward to, we had just 9 precious days to spend with our beautiful son. Edward was cruelly taken from us as a result of contracting group B Strep infection at birth. On average, one newborn baby a day in the UK develops group B Strep infection. One baby a week dies from group B Strep infection. One baby a fortnight who survives the infection is left with long-term disabilities - physical, mental or both.  It is the UK’s most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies under 3 months. Group B Strep is a normal bacterium carried by around 1/4 women, without symptoms and usually unknowingly. It can be passed from mother to baby around birth with potentially devastating consequences for the baby. But these consequences are usually preventable and that’s why I’ve started this petition with the charity Group B Strep Support. Unlike many other developed countries including Germany and Spain, the UK does not routinely offer tests to pregnant women specifically to check for Group B Strep carriage during late pregnancy. If doctors know a mum is carrying GBS, they can administer simple antibiotics during labour to prevent the infection - over 80% of these infections could be prevented. However the GBS-specific ECM (enriched culture medium) test is rarely available through the NHS.  Since 2003, the UK has used ‘risk factors’ to guess which pregnant women might be at risk. Risk factors are poor at predicting which babies will develop the infection -- the number of babies infected is growing, we need to stop guessing and start testing. The ECM test costs the NHS £11 each and the antibiotics used in labour (usually penicillin) cost the NHS pennies. Had we had ECM tests in place, Edward Gili could be here today for us to see his first steps and hear his first words. We can’t afford to lose any more lives, we can’t afford not to do this.

Fiona Paddon
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