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Petition to Cori Bush, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Department of Education


Let's make it a law that no schools or anyone taking care of children can get away with NOT REPORTING children taken while under their watch. Let's make "The Dominique Bill" a law that states that this crime must be immediately reported to the police department after they first notice a child was taken by someone who IS NOT supposed to have that child!!! Especially if that child/children have been taken by someone who is a known drug addict and/or could put them in immediate danger!! Let's make sure it states that an Amber Alert,  Ebony Alert or any other child alert is immediately ordered to help get that child or children back sooner!!! We must make sure NO ONE or ANY ORGANIZATIONS caring for and educating children can get away with covering up the fact that a child was taken on their watch!! Let's make sure if there is any cover up to protect their name or anyone involved that they lose their license to do business. They must be punished for the cover-up and/or for not reporting the missing child to the authorities!!! Let's make sure they can't get away with not reporting our children missing because they think it's NOT A BIG DEAL that a child is taken by someone they know!!! Let's make sure all permission forms to pick up children are ready and available for any parent with custody to view and update the form for any reason. We must let it be known that we will not continue to tolerate more of our children being taken so easily!! A child alert must be issued immediately, especially if taken by someone who has no permission to have that child or children!!! Many times children who are taken go unreported to the authorities. Some are reported to the authorities and no Amber Alert is issue. Even if their child/children is taken by someone that's not supposed to have them in their custody for any reasons. This happens a lot in the African American Community. We rarely get a Amber Alert issued and often many children are never seen again. In many cases a parent(s) will get their child back but they are not returned the same. The majority of them suffer from physical and/or mental abuse from that situation. And, in many cases the whole family suffer in some way mentally or financially. My family is still suffering mentally and financially!! In 2014 my daughter, Dominique was taken and no Amber Alert was issued!! Even after I asked for one to be issued when my baby girl was taken by the person who put her in danger!! My daughter was only 4 years old at the time and those involved should have call the police and got the Amber Alert issued immediately!!! Especially because she was taken while on their watch!!! I can't go into any more details then I have already. But, I feel no child/children and their family should have to go through this!! Especially, if a child care facility has the power to make the process of reporting it to the authorities and get a child alert issued faster!!! I'm very thankful I got my baby girl back but we all stuff hurt and losses. I don't know if this petition is going to cause me any legal issues but I will edit it to ask for monetary support if it does. Thank you and I hope you consider signing my petition!! Marshelle Woodland   

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Petition to Brian Kemp, Lucy McBath, Georgia State House, Georgia State Senate

Improve Georgia's "Entry Age for Public Kindergarten and First Grade" Laws for our kids!

I demand a change with the Georgia Department of Education laws: Compulsory Attendance Laws Entry Age for Public Kindergarten and First Grade New Students Requirements  Unfortunately, these three laws do not foster a child's environment to excel, thrive, and grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Instead, they hinder, stagnate, and limit our children's abilities to succeed. For example, my six-year-old son was identified as a high-performing student, in Ohio, after testing out of kindergarten. However, after transferring to Fulton County Schools in January, he was demoted to kindergarten, even after providing documentation of his skills and abilities to perform as a first-grade student. This is why I would like to present the discrepancies with the aforementioned laws and advocate for change as I assert there is a form of age discrimination for high-performing students by: Requiring students undergo kindergarten when it is deemed not mandatory per the Compulsory Attendance law Refusing to accept grade-level transfers as-is per Entry Age for Public Kindergarten and First Grade law Promoting favoritism for public school education over private schools when stating parents have options per the New Students Requirements law, which is not public information After consulting with the Fulton County Board of Education, the Georgia Department of Education, and other organizations, it is exceptionally disheartening that my advocacy falls on deaf ears. Additionally, the school system offers lackluster support and engagement for high-performing students due to state laws.   While we acknowledge that these are current laws, I propose a major revision to these laws to ensure Georgia remains competitive and provides equitable access for high-performing students and those with special needs and low-performing students. I advocate for children who have been placed on a trajectory for academic success without stifling them because their journeys started outside of Georgia. I urge you to understand the cost of wasted time is extraordinary. On average, for every 180 instructional hours, only about 47 are genuinely at grade level. What do we say for students who are asked to repeat unnecessary courses? Not only is it a waste of valuable, irreplaceable instructional time, but it is an insult to those who have thrived in rigorous environments; yet are now demoted to meet the state age requirements for placement. What is the true gain here? More money per pupil? Parents, let's demand change to ensure our children are being railroaded due to antiquated laws. We should not register our children in private schools to afford them access to a better learning environment. As taxpayers, we have the right to have access to free education, which is equitable and rigorous, according to the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965. We have the right to maintain high standards for our children and to hold the school system accountable.  Let's get her done, Georgia!

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Petition to Mayor Eric Rodriguez, San Mateo City Council, San Mateo Public Works Department

Slower (and Safer!) Streets Around San Mateo Schools

Like many parents of children who attend San Mateo schools, I would love for my children to walk or bike to school.  It's makes kids healthier, provides them a sense of independence, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and smog, improves road congestion, and decreases other societal costs vs. driving.  Studies even show that kids who walk or bike to school do better in school.  Low income kids are the most likely to bike or walk to school.  Furthermore, due to COVID concerns, walking and biking will be increasingly attractive to children who used to commute via crowded bus or carpool.   Unfortunately, too many parents are scared to let their kids walk or bike to school.  Drivers are often aggressive, prioritizing their convenience over others' safety.  Speed limits are set too high, increasing the likelihood and severity of vehicle vs. pedestrian collisions.  Traffic enforcement is expensive and impossible at all times.   The City of San Mateo should join other Bay Area cities in reducing speed limits on the streets around school grounds.  San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale adopted such resolutions.  Last year Hillsborough lowered speed limits around schools within six months of parents requesting the change.  Unlike many infrastructure improvements (bike lanes, other traffic calming measures), reducing speed limits is a relatively quick and inexpensive change.  This change has broad support in the community.  Many educators and parent groups have endorsed this petition:  SMUHSD Board President Robert Griffin, SMHS PTO President Sandi Del Balso, Serra High School Fathers' Club President Brian Haverty, Aragon PTO President Laura Quanbeck, SM American Little League President Jeff Gilbert.  Endorsing organizations include Aragon PTO, SM American Little League, the Nueva School, and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.  (We will be updating this list as additional endorsements come in.)    City of San Mateo, please take this easy, but important step in protecting our children and improving the livability of our community.  Thank you!   Mike Swire and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Mike Swire
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