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Petition to Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a human

Alexa is a human -She is a daughter, woman, mother, niece, sister, wife, friend Have you ever been teased or bullied so badly that you cringe when you hear your own name? Read our letter to Amazon from the link We didn't understand at first either. To any parent that has named a child, please help us! Put yourselves in our shoes, hers. If you own a device, change the wake name to Amazon, Computer, or any non human name that you chooseMessage your local radio/tv station, Amazon, and share with friendsDo not post "Alexa, ... (play or complete task) "followed by servant requests on social media. Although most people don't realize, it's truly offensiveThe device is NOT called Alexa, stop referring to it as Alexa, this will create change. Call it Amazon, Computer, etc. Every time we have shared our story, the response is "I never realized, wow you're right." We know it's not intentional. We need to raise awareness and force change.  You may think that you are not included or affected by this if you do not know someone named Alexa. This couldn't be further from the truth. She's at work, she's at your child's school, she's walking by you in the store as you refer to a servant machine in your home as herself. It's devastating. We are not looking for any fame or financial gain from this request, only a change to what we believe is a giant mistake.   follow us on facebook @Alexaishuman and twitter @Alexaishuman #Amazonchangethewakename#givebackhername, #forcechange #Amazon 

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Petition to Mark Ells, Chris Joyce - Chair, Stephanie Ellis, Barbara Dunn, Mike Judge, R. Patrick Murphy

Support Our School, Save Our Home!

The Barnstable School Committee recommended at a recent committee meeting that the town not continue the lease, and thus believes the Waldorf School must vacate its building by June 30th, 2019. We need your support and your voice to let the Town of Barnstable, but more importantly the Barnstable school committee know you DO NOT support their decision. The Waldorf School is a valuable friend to the community of Cotuit, Town of Barnstable, and Cape Cod. Being forced to find a new location will not only impose great hardships during the school year, affecting enrollment, current after school programs, and 2019’s planned summer programs, but it will disrupt the rhythm and comfort of the students, especially the younger ones, who rely so greatly on familiarity with their environment as a safe place to learn and grow. There is hope! The intent at the lease signing was that the Town of Barnstable must give the Waldorf School of Cape Cod 540 days to remain in the building if the lease agreement is not renewed by the Town of Barnstable. The Waldorf School is asking the Town of Barnstable to uphold this original intent of the lease. The 20 year lease between the Waldorf School of Cape Cod and the Town of Barnstable was forged in 2009, when the Waldorf School moved to the heart of Cotuit, at 140 Old Oyster Road. The lease specifies a review every 5 years, giving each party an opportunity to end it. The Barnstable School Committee cited finances as its primary reason not to renew the lease. In 2017 the Waldorf School graduated 22 students, its largest class to date, which created a significant decrease in revenue. The school has since paid the majority of back rent owed, and is rapidly overcoming the financial challenges of the last two years. WSCC is confident in its ability to regain and maintain financial stability. It is imperative the Town of Barnstable grant the Waldorf School a fair amount of time to assess this situation with as minimal disruption as possible. As we work to help the Waldorf School remain in Cotuit, we want to extend our plea to our supporters to circulate and sign our petition to the Barnstable school committee, as well as Mark Ells, Town Manager of Barnstable, to give our school its required 540 days to vacate the building. Please help us Save Our School!   If you wish to help our school financially, please click the link here at the bottom of this petition. Make sure you click on "Donate to help support the Waldorf School of Cape Cod". This is the only link that will send your donation right to the school itself. Thank you! Donate to help support the Waldorf School of Cape Cod

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