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Bring old kids TV shows back for the children of today

Summary: With the lack of attention that older cartoons face, most of them get pushed into the vaults of the past where they're forgotten forever. One prime example is Nickelodeon and its programs under the Nick Jr banner. Modern children deserve a chance to learn from and be entertained by kid shows of the past.Personal story: As a child, I grew up with children's television shows like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, Lazytown, and so many others. There are other people who, like myself, grew up with these shows and others. And there are people, like myself, who enjoy watching shows for a younger demographic because of either the memories they had, or to share their childhood memories with their children or younger relatives. Not to mention that the mentioned shows and all the rest of them still have lessons to be taught, lessons that children can hold on to for life.The issue: For years, children's television was made to both educate and entertain the young people of the family. But as time goes on and the techniques used to create these kinds of shows improves, the memories of the past fades with time. But some of these memories of watching your favorite TV shows from the old days last for a lifetime, and these memories should be preserved. For example, many people have fond memories of watching the show Lazytown, but the four season long show, which taught the importance of being active and eating healthy among other topics, never saw a DVD release in the United States. Another example, the show Little Bill was pretty much forgotten about when it ended its run on television. The show also taught important life lessons to children, such as Family Dynamics and Friendship Skills. How could the general public forget about the values of these shows and many others? And to add to the case, the fact that The Rugrats Movie was on Netflix, a film owned by Nickelodeon and Viacom, when Viacom has no current contract with Netflix to stream their content to viewers, and to top it off, Viacom has a current contract with Hulu and Amazon to air their content on their respective platforms, and the Rugrats movie was on Netflix during the current contract. If Netflix can get away with that, then why can't they simply agree with negotiable terms with Viacom to air their shows and movies? And to rub salt into the wound, metaphorically speaking, Hulu and/or Amazon charge subscribers $1.99 just to watch ONE EPISODE of ANY Nick Jr shows at a time! If that's not highway robbery, I don't know what is!Take action! I believe that these memories, as well as the memories of shows for kids that recently got their run ended or cancelled, should be preserved for various reasons. One of which is the lessons they teach. For example, their were several airing of a commercial featuring a child who was too lazy to get up and do things on his own, including walking his dog and getting a grape soda himself, or even turn off a light by walking to the switch and turning it off. This issue could easily be solved by releasing Lazytown on Netflix and/or season box set DVD, for both collector's sake and convenience. Plus, if these shows are not brought back for the children of today, then children may just not be able to learn the lessons they teach and may, theoretically, lose the key to unlocking all the "magic" that every parent knows is inside of them. Let both Viacom and Nickelodeon know that you care, and want to see your old favorite children's television programs become available on platforms that you have and/or can afford.

Justin Blystone
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