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Petition to Biogen Idec, Michel Vounatsos, Biogen

Without Spinraza, Zahra will die

By signing this petition, you are literally saving Zahra’s life.  Zahra, a 6 years old girl, has been diagnosed with a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy ("SMA"), which is a terminal, degenerative disease, that takes away a child’s ability to walk, stand, sit, eat, breathe, and even swallow.  SMA is the most common genetic cause of infant death. HOWEVER, a new medication, SPINRAZA™ (nusinersen), not only can stop the disease, it will restore the previous degeneration. Unfortunately, Spinraza is VERY expensive, costing $750,000 USD! Without SPINRAZA™ (nusinersen), Zahra will die.  All you have to do in order to help Zahra is to simply sign this petition requesting Biogen, the company which makes SPINRAZA™, to ease Zahra's access to this medication by either reducing the price or any other way possible to save her life. Please follow Zahra on Twitter: #SaveZahra Zahra's family is working hard to save their little one, but without this drug nothing will save Zahra. To learn more about Zahra and her story please click on the link below: Dear Biogen company, please gift Zahra the compassionate use of SPINRAZA™ (nusinersen) or at lower prices before it is too late. Please support Zahra's family so that this little girl can start her treatment as soon as possible. No kid in this world deserves to be left to gradually or eventually die. Please help saving Zahra's life.    

Ali Dehghannezhad
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Petition to Department of Homeland Security

Demand DHS bring back FBI background checks for staff working with immigrant kids

Not only are these kids being separated from their families, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just waived FBI background checks for caregivers working at the Tornillo detention center. Right now, there are over 2,000 teens being held in Tornillo - apart from their families. With no guardian, these kids are left in the hands of DHS staff who could possibly have a colored past, that could even involve child endangerment or abuse. If it’s not ok for American children in public schools, it’s not ok for kids being held against their will by DHS. Tell DHS to reinstate background checks for all staff at Tornillo. The 2,100 staff at Tornillo haven’t had to undergo FBI background checks or fingerprinting, something anyone working at a daycare would have to do. Instead, DHS is outsourcing background screening to private contractors who have limited access to criminal records. Tell DHS to reinstate FBI background checks for Tornillo staff. Tornillo started holding children in June. As a ‘temporary facility’, it started holding 360 kids separated from their families. Now it looks like this facility will become permanent. Over 1,300 teens were sent to Tornillo since the end of October alone. Now it holds 2,324 13-17 year olds in tents. For comparison, more people are detained in Tornillo than in all but one of America’s 204 federal prisons. In terms of economic price, Tornillo will cost taxpayers $430 million this year. It’s bad enough that DHS has torn these kids from their families, the least they can do is ensure that kids in detention centers like Tornillo are not put into contact with criminals. If DHS gets away with waiving FBI background checks for staff dealing with minors, countless kids could be put at risk. Tell DHS to bring back FBI background checks for all staff at Tornillo.

Janine Tangney
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Petition to Nickelodeon, Viacom, Robert M. Bakish, Layla Lewis, Mark Cheng, Netflix

Bring old kids TV shows back for the children of today

Summary: With the lack of attention that older cartoons face, most of them get pushed into the vaults of the past where they're forgotten forever. One prime example is Nickelodeon and its programs under the Nick Jr banner. Modern children deserve a chance to learn from and be entertained by kid shows of the past.Personal story: As a child, I grew up with children's television shows like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, Lazytown, and so many others. There are other people who, like myself, grew up with these shows and others. And there are people, like myself, who enjoy watching shows for a younger demographic because of either the memories they had, or to share their childhood memories with their children or younger relatives. Not to mention that the mentioned shows and all the rest of them still have lessons to be taught, lessons that children can hold on to for life.The issue: For years, children's television was made to both educate and entertain the young people of the family. But as time goes on and the techniques used to create these kinds of shows improves, the memories of the past fades with time. But some of these memories of watching your favorite TV shows from the old days last for a lifetime, and these memories should be preserved. For example, many people have fond memories of watching the show Lazytown, but the four season long show, which taught the importance of being active and eating healthy among other topics, never saw a DVD release in the United States. Another example, the show Little Bill was pretty much forgotten about when it ended its run on television. The show also taught important life lessons to children, such as Family Dynamics and Friendship Skills. How could the general public forget about the values of these shows and many others? And to add to the case, the fact that The Rugrats Movie was on Netflix, a film owned by Nickelodeon and Viacom, when Viacom has no current contract with Netflix to stream their content to viewers, and to top it off, Viacom has a current contract with Hulu and Amazon to air their content on their respective platforms, and the Rugrats movie was on Netflix during the current contract. If Netflix can get away with that, then why can't they simply agree with negotiable terms with Viacom to air their shows and movies? And to rub salt into the wound, metaphorically speaking, Hulu and/or Amazon charge subscribers $1.99 just to watch ONE EPISODE of ANY Nick Jr shows at a time! If that's not highway robbery, I don't know what is!Take action! I believe that these memories, as well as the memories of shows for kids that recently got their run ended or cancelled, should be preserved for various reasons. One of which is the lessons they teach. For example, their were several airing of a commercial featuring a child who was too lazy to get up and do things on his own, including walking his dog and getting a grape soda himself, or even turn off a light by walking to the switch and turning it off. This issue could easily be solved by re-airings of Lazytown, plus, if these shows are not brought back for the children of today, then children may just not be able to learn the lessons they teach and may, though theoretically, lose the key to unlocking all the magic. Let both Viacom and Nickelodeon know that you care, and want to see your old favorite children's television programs become available on platforms that you have and/or can afford.

Justin Blystone
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Petition to St. Tammany Parish School Board, Trey Folse

RESIGN NOW from St. Tammany Parish School Board Sharon Lo Drucker!!

If you Pay Taxes in St. Tammany this affects YOU and the Children of St. Tammany! Our Elected School Board members should Maintain the highest of Ethical Standards, they are in charge of our most precious asset....Children! On July 6, 2018, Sharon Lo Drucker received a summons in lieu of arrest for an alleged shoplifting incident at Walmart. Ms Drucker did not notify anyone at St. Tammany Parish School System nor the School Board according to a statement by  then Board President Robin Mullet. Ms. Drucker still qualified for the School Board race just days later between July 18-20, 2018. This news was withheld from the public until October 11, 2018. Ms. Drucker to date still has not put out any statement of any kind. Her first hearing date was conveniently after the election. Yesterday, January 7, 2019  from St. Tammany Parish DA Warren Montgomery - A St. Tammany Parish School Board member cited with shoplifting last year has been placed in a court diversion program and the criminal charge put on hold, Sharon Lo Drucker, 53, of Madisonville, was placed in the 12-month program in December and the misdemeanor charge of theft under $1,000 will be dismissed if she completes the program, Montgomery said. Ms. Drucker accepted this offer from the DAs office. Is this truly the type of person St. Tammany residents want sitting on a board that presides over our school system??  Is this the example we want children to have in our School System?? This is a very sad, sad and embarrassing position for ALL St. Tammany Parish residents! We urge the St. Tammany Parish School Board and Administration stand up for our Children! Demand that Ms. Drucker RESIGN NOW!    

Cynthia Rester
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