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Petition to Dr. Michael Brodman, Peter W. May, Evan Flatow, MD, Kenneth Davis, MD, Dennis Charney, MD

Keep the Mt Sinai West Birthing Center Open!

Mt Sinai West has plans to close the Birthing Center in January to create more private postpartum rooms. If it closes there will only be one in-hospital birthing center in all of New York City.  NYC families deserve autonomy and choice when deciding where to give birth.  Help save the MSW Birthing Center! To The Leadership of Mount Sinai Health System and Mount Sinai West: (Chairman Peter W. May; President and CEO Kenneth L. Davis; President Evan L. Flatlow, MD; Senior Vice President Margaret Coughlin; Interim Chair Michael Brodman, MD) We, the undersigned, urge you to reverse your decision to close the Mount Sinai West Birthing Center. We are mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, grandmothers, grandfathers, caretakers, friends, family, advocates and allies connected to, born at or who have given birth at the Birthing Center. The Birthing Center is a vital part of maternal health in NYC and has a rich history that should be preserved. It has, for decades, been a healthy, safe and welcoming environment for families to give birth in. It offers high quality evidence based care for women with low risk pregnancies: intermittent fetal monitoring, hydrotherapy, freedom of movement, and attentive nursing care by exceptional RNs. Birthing Center outcomes are consistently excellent. Demand for such care is high, yet supply in NYC is disappointingly low. Today, when women’s health and women’s rights are under attack, a decision that undermines both high birthing standards and women’s choice and autonomy is disheartening and threatening to the reputation of exceptional medical care we expect from the Mount Sinai Health System and Sinai West. We need Mount Sinai to be a leader in maternal care and birthing options. The options for in-hospital birth center care are extremely limited in New York City. The Birthing Center is an enormous draw, bringing families from all across the city to Mt. Sinai West. The hospital currently enjoys a strong reputation as a destination for safe, low intervention, physiologic birth. Do not destroy this reputation by closing the Birthing Center. We want to continue to birth our babies at your institution, but if the Birthing Center closes we will begin looking elsewhere for care. New York City's parents and expectant parents deserve better. We call upon you to convene an emergency task force to find an immediate solution to keep the Birthing Center open and fully staffed for years to come. Our children’s health, our mothers' health and our city’s health depends on a reversal of your decision. Instead of turning your backs on New York’s expectant and to be expectant parents, we ask that you have the vision to lead by keeping the Birthing Center open. Instead of closing the door on decades of good medical policy and healthy births, we call on you to open the door to dialogue to preserve the Birthing Center today. Sincerely:

Save The Birthing Center
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Petition to Nicole Jackson Colaco

Allow uncensored birth images on Instagram

In recent years, the birth community has created a presence on Instagram, celebrating the wonder of pregnancy and birth, connecting with other birth professionals, and sharing inspiring stories and educational resources. It is clear there is a huge audience who appreciates this content and wants to see these images. The birth community has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and continues to grow each day. We contribute to the power and popularity of Instagram's platform, and now we ask for change and support for our cause.  Instagram's censorship policies continue to inhibit and discourage our work by allowing photos to be removed and entire accounts to be shut down. Instagram continues to categorize physiological birth with pornography, graphic violence, profanity, and other subject matter it deems too offensive for the public eye. Birth does not belong in the same category as any of these things.  This pervasive attitude toward birth is counterproductive to our mission of normalizing birth and releasing it from shame, stigma, and social taboo. The only way we can begin to change the way society views and appreciates birth, is to stop categorizing it as offensive material and start allowing our community the freedom to share uncensored images and information.  We ask that Instagram collaborate with its birth community and users of its platform to find a better and more productive solution than censorship. We propose the following:  1. Recategorize all birth related content as educational material, in its own unique category if necessary 2. Allow our community to post graphic images of physiological birth with the images blurred or greyed out, so users can tap to see the images and choose whether to view them. This gives the birth community the freedom to share more meaningful content, and the users of Instagram control over what they see.  3. Continue to provide additional layers of protection to birth related accounts and work with influencers and users to restore content and accounts as needed, including protection from Instagram's shadowban  Thank you Nicole and the Instagram team for protecting our accounts and restoring content and pages that have been taken down unjustly. We now ask for your support in this next phase of our mission to normalize birth and begin to heal society's shame and stigma around the miraculous event that has given life to us all.  #IGallowuncensoredbirth Sincerely, Katie Vigos Founder @empoweredbirthproject

Katie Vigos
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, President Donald Trump, President of the United States, United States Supreme Court, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United Healthcare, Total Health Care, Edmund G. Brown Jr., California State Senate, California State House, Human Rights Campaign, David Laws MP, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Sheldon Whitehouse, BBC, Dr. Ben Carson, ABC, Ami Bera, Theresa May MP, David Cameron MP, Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Lois Capps, Melanie Stambaugh, Barack Obama, Adam B. Schiff, Brian Cornell, Facebook, FOX News, News Corp., Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Kevin McCarthy, Maxine Waters, Darrell E. Issa, Paul Cook, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Barbara Lee, Melissa A. Melendez, John Garamendi, Jackie Speier, Scott H. Peters, Ken Calvert, Jared Huffman, Doug LaMalfa, Mark Takano, Jim Costa, Mike Thompson, Jerry McNerney, Zoe Lofgren, Mike Honda

Protect Mothers Rights During ChildBirth! #MothersVoice

You can donate for my surgery here I'm very grateful that you took the time to listen to my story.  I am not doing this for myself alone, but for all women who have suffered at the hands of negligence. I understand that we all have our own hardships and injustices. I also understand that doctors and their teams make mistakes, therefore it's not about the medical staff but about the system. The system that's in place does not provide rights for women in childbirth. It does not allow even a chance for the medical staff to resolve their mistakes with the patient.  The system in place only allows recovery of $250,000, thousand dollars which means that it is economically impossible for any mother to hold a hospital and staff accountable for gross negligence. During these past 18 months, I've connected with many hundreds of mothers who went through the same horrible experience.  They too are embarrassed, to share intimate details, like I did. I've consulted over 150 attorneys who declined to take my case. Behind me are a multitude of  mothers who were similarly damaged.  I am fully aware of how difficult it is to bring change to systems in the United States. However, if you spend your 30 seconds by signing the petition, you'll provide an opportunity for women to have the ability to hold hospitals and doctors accountable for gross negligence.By signing this petition, you are requesting that the recovery ceiling of malpractice law be lifted for gross negligence on a mother giving birth.By singing this petition you will protect us, mothers, who don't have rights under this system.If you are a citizen of California of voting age, please sign this petition If you are a citizen of another State, please sign this petition and also  start a petition in your home state if there are malpractice ceilings where you live.Together we can make this change! Every year in the United States, 65,000 women with pregnancy or childbirth nearly die. This is by far worst record in the developed countries. Approximately 28,000 babies are born with birth injuries each year. In spite of it all, hospitals refuse to carry responsibility and women in childbirth remain unprotected. We would like to change that on a national level. Every Voice Counts! My name is Kristina and I would like to share with you how my life turned into a nightmare due to negligence at Mercy San Juanhospital in Sacramento, CA.  Perhaps my story will help many to get justice with similar experience. On September 30th 2016, at 3:33am, I gave birth to our wonderful son Moses. But memories of my labor still bring many tears. My pregnancy was very normal and the anticipated labor was supposed to be the same. It was my first long waited pregnancy and I did everything possible for my baby to be healthy. When I was around 36 weeks pregnant, around 1:00am I arrived to the hospital with contractions. I knew that I was in full labor because my contractions were 2-3 min apart. I requested epidural right away, they prepared me but the wait for the anesthesiologist took 2 hours. Obviously, it was too late. At 3:15, I was fully dilated with all of the medical personnel ready to assist me with pushing and welcoming my baby. On the fourth contraction, when the head of the baby was visible, someone ran into the room to get my doctors assistance for another patient. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ran out of the room leaving me with contractions and urge to push. I was abandoned by medical staff as I was pushing my crowning baby out. Their negligent act endangered my baby and me. My husband was in shock, ran out after them begging them to come back. I was in so much pain and terrified that my baby would fall on the floor, and no one would be there to catch him. As a result, the repercussions of their act ended detrimental. My husband returned without help. In the meantime, my strong urge to push was only getting stronger which led to the beginning of my tearing. When the medical team returned, without any examination of the changes, they took my legs and started pushing on my stomach, making me tear to the 4th degree. They extend through the anal sphincter and into the mucous membrane that lines the rectum.  In a few seconds my baby flew out of me and the doctor caught him in the air. My baby was very small, only 5,6lbs, which makes it impossible to injure the mother with a weight this small if proper help was administered during labor. Immediately, they told me that surgery under anesthesia will be performed and any future children would be c section only. After I was discharged, the stitches started to fall apart. The wound became dangerously infected. I did not trust Mercy, so I went to Sutter Roseville. When they examined me, they were shocked about my story and to see how my recoverywas failing. After a few checkups with my obgyn who is affiliated with Mercy, I was promised that everything will heal and that I just need time and patience. A year and a half passed, the suffering and pain continue. On January 2018, after many tests I was informed that I need full reconstructive surgery. I am in constant pain because I have severe nerve damage. Pain episodes return me to the emergency room for intensive pain management. I’m constantly on pain killers. Because of the negligence of Mercy San Juan, I became disabled. Because of my immobility, the impact on my husband and family cannot be understated. I’m terrified of my bathroom trips, every sneeze or cough bring me fear. Any of these things could lead to rupture and emergency intervention. We tried talking with the hospital, I begged them to operate me, but they don’t want to be accountable for their negligence. However, they recognized that medical personnel left me alone. The only answer I get from them “We will not be talking to you without an attorney”. I asked to investigate my case, and they assured me they would, but it never happened. They consulted their own obgyn who expressed their own opinion, obviously to protect themselves. No investigation was performed. Many attorneys that I spoke to refused to take my case. Their response was “we can only protect a child, it’s almost impossible to protect mother” I only have one option now, and it’s to ask for your help. With your help justice can be served, and I will finally be able to have reconstructive surgery. My life can get to normal, and I can enjoy motherhood fully, without fear and pain. Only with your help, we can protect mother’s rights during childbirth.

Kristina Kalmykov-Oselska
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Petition to Virginia Governor, St francis hospital, Medicaid

Get my case heard for neglect

On 3/12/17 I was at home talking to my sister on the phone when my water broke I said it's time so me and my family got prepared I called labor and delivery and was told to be omw when I got there I was hooked up to monitors and checked maybe 30 mins later the nurse said my water didn't break but I didn't feel comfortable with that she offered another test so as I was waiting for the results I was checked by a doctor who said I wasn't ready the second results came back and I was discharged not feeling right at all I went the next day to my ob who also claimed felt membrane so I was already scheduled for induction on 3/16 that Thursday we went to the hospital ready for Aasim at 6:56am Aasim heart rate dropped drastically for 8 mins I was so afraid the on call doctor said she wanted to break my water when she did she asked when did my water break I said what does that mean so she got a ultrasound machine and confirmed I had no water at all I begged for a c-section nobody would listen I had to lay on my right side they wouldn't allow me to even sit up and get a epidural I kept saying if yall that worried why not call a c-section mean while Aasim heart is doing fine 155 to be exact around 1:00 pm his heart rate dropped again I begged but once again Nothing my doctor said he is fine we got his heart rate back up and u should be fine 5 mins went by it dropped again and I cried so bad I said please help me and he finally called it I was rushed to the operating room and put to sleep when I was awoke I was told he didn't make it a healthy innocent angel no cause of death they discharged me the next morning with no resources at all was told the morgue was full so to push my dead son in another empty labor and delivery room let anyone walk in my room no privacy just totally cruel experience 

tyra reyes
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