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Petition to Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, The Secretary , Ministry of Corporate Affairs- Government of India, Smt. Smriti Irani, Mr Uday Kotak, Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Sri. B.S Yediyurappa, Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Thiru M.K.Stalin, Shri Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, Mr. Priyank Kanoongo

An appeal to support Children Orphaned during COVID #CovidOrphans

COVID-19  Orphans: An appeal to support Children whose one or both parents died due to Covid-19  The COVID-19 crisis has a potentially long term and far-reaching negative impact on children. . As of May 15th 2021 , the number of deaths is 2.66 lakhs  and that will inevitably leave more than 1 lakhs children without one or both parents in India. Second wave of Covid has resulted into increase in these numbers.  I am a grade 11 student and sending this petition based on my personal experience. I live in Kandivali, Mumbai and two of my friends have lost their father due to COVID-19. The virus has taken away their biggest moral and only financial support of many families. I am sure the impact will be higher in the less privileged part of society.  I would like to appeal for special attention and support to these children.  Here’s my suggestion to help children orphaned during  COVID-19 :1.     Prepare a registry of COVID-19 Orphaned kids (i.e. whose one or both parents died due to COVID-19) along with COVID-19 death2.     Foster care and adoption support if both parents have died due to COVID-19.3.     Special scholarship and/or Free education support till graduation or skill-building support 4.     Encourage corporates to create a fund to support Children of their employee died due to COVID-195.     Add Supporting COVID-19 Orphaned children’s education/ scholarship as a permitted activity under the CSR Policy activities list ( Schedule VII) to help give it further impetus.Please help by signing this petition and spread the word with the right decision-makers.Many thanks,Arhan Vyas  ( 11th Grade Student, Mumbai ) Process of arriving the number of Impacted children:1.     The number of deaths (as of November 30, 2020) is 1,37,177.2.     Health secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that 45% of the people who died are in the age range of 26-60. That’s the age an average person in India has dependent kids.  So, 45% of the total number of deaths is 65,311.  Further, reduce the number by 50% to 32,665 for conservative assumption kids below 18 years.3.     Assuming 2 kids per person ( that’s below India’s average fertility rate). Approximately 65,311 children affected with one / both parents’ death. Update : Madhya Pradesh becomes the first state to recognize the need to support Orphaned children during Covid-19  on May 13th 2021 & Six more states have announced their policy. Please continue your support for similar or better policy by more states and/or central government & support from Corporate India.   ( Image Credit: Telegraph India )

Arhan Vyas
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Petition to NGO, minister of health chhattisgarh, Govt of India, Lions Club International, UNICEF

An 8 year old Indian boy needs bone marrow transplant, need a fund of Rs 2m for that.

Hello everyone, Want to discuss something...Hope after reading this message you are going to take this matter seriously. The elder son of Papiya Mazumdar, Sagar, 8 year old, is suffering from Genetic Fanconi's Aplastic Anaemia. Doctor has advised for bone marrow transplant. She and her husband went many places including Bangalore, Mumbai for checkup. But one and only solution is transplant. Everybody says that siblings has match of their marrow and transplant can be done easily but unfortunately her 2nd baby is 0% match. In other cities the cost of transplant is very high around fifty lakhs which is unbearable. Then from a child's mother whose daughter was suffering from Leukemia and her marrow was also transplanted she got to know finally that in Medanta, New Delhi, her marrow was transplanted with her mother and found the cost of transplant is about Rs 2 millions. Sagar's parents also went there for consultation and finally came to a decision of transplanting from there only. Now her son is deteriorating day by day and they are spending around 50 thousand per month in medicine and after every 2 months blood transfusion (2 unit) is done which cost around Rs 5 thousand. Still they are taking care. But now the situation has come to take help from you all. We spend everyday 100 to 500 in buying chips or pizza or anything...Today I want you to spend that money to save a child's life.Papiya requests you all to contribute some amount for her son's treatment which can be a great help to them. Please don't take it otherwise it is just a request if you all will contribute she will be grateful and if you don't, then also it's ok. If you wish here are the bank A/C details, Google pay number and UPI payment ID's. I hope you all will help her and please please forward this message as much as possible and consider it with priority. Bank Details  Papiya MazumdarSBI BankAccount No. - 20131702933IFSC code : SBIN0007450 Google pay no. 8871991379  for UPI payments, pay at 8871991379@upi 

Rajib Ghosh
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Petition to PrimeMinisterIndia , ChiefMinisters , GovernorsUTs

#NoSchoolTillCovid19  #NoSchoolNoFee #KidsAreNotTestingKits  #PM_CMhelpParents

PM of India, CMs, Gov UTs, HRD प्रधानमंत्री, समस्त मुख्यमंत्री, गवर्नर जी। स्कूलों को जुलाई 2020 में  खोलना आत्मघाती है।हमने जब से न्यूज़ सुनी है, हम गहरे सदमे में है। हम लॉकडाउन में सिर्फ कहने के लिए सड़क पे नहीं आये पर हकीकत में हमारी वित्तिय/माली हालात ने हमे सड़क पर ला दिया है। फ्रांस/Israel जैसे देशों ने स्कूलों को खोलने का नतीजा देखा है।  जब तक COVID19 खत्म नही हो जाता या इसका टीका नही आ जाता, स्कूल नही खोलने चाहिए।  कृप्या स्कूलों को 100% फीस माफी का निर्देश दे। वो अपनी जमा पूंजी का इस्तेमाल करे। बेरोज़गारी, सैलरी कटौती, बिज़नेस बंद है, ऊपर से EMI व रोज़मर्रा के खर्चों ने माली हालात पतली कर दी है।स्कूल अपनी बैलेंस शीट साँझी करे ताकि अगर कोई परेशानी है तो सरकार उनकी मदद कर सके। Parents are in utter sense of shock & mentally disturbed after news of school opening in July 2020. We did not come on road during #Lockdown but it has financially brought us on road.  France/Israel have seen consequence of school reopening. Schools shouldn't open unless we have ZERO COVID19 case or its vaccine in market. School Fees should be waived off 100%(Not deferred). Unemployment/Pay Cuts/Business Shut Down with EMIs & other expenses have hit us hard. Surplus funds be used by schools. Schools must #DiscloseAccountStatement. In case of any issue govt should help such private schools. चिन्तित पेरेंट्स/Worried Parents �  

NCR Parents National Capital Region-Delhi
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Petition to Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ramesh Pokhriyal, Narendra Modi, Smriti Zubin Irani

No Boarding Schools to reopen till COVID-19 is over or a vaccine is found

With schools reopening in July, many boarding schools are planning to open their doors once again to students which may prove very fatal for all the students as well as the staff.  Most boarding schools have students from all over the country, reopening of the school will mean air travel for most students which may increase their risk of being infected by the virus while some students may be coming from red zone areas which will put the other students in danger and will also lead to an increase of inter state movement. In a boarding school, students share a common space which includes rooms, baths, classrooms, dining area, recreational space and many more. If one student brings in the virus, the whole school has the probability of being infected, risking the lives of the students, the teachers as well as the support staff. There is no doubt that education is very important, but one cannot compromise their health or their life for it.  The schools should continue with the online classes with also keeping the students living in underdeveloped areas with poor connectivity issues in their mind as all areas in the country are not equally developed. At a time like this, health should be of utmost concern. Lets fight for the health of the children with lives at stake. 

Gia Arora
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