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Petition to Manoj Sinha, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Ghulam Ahmad Mir, Ravinder Raina

Introduce ‘Personal Safety Education’ in School Curriculum to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

I have been working on raising awareness about child sexual abuse in Jammu and Kashmir since early 2016. Nine out of ten people, I usually speak to, deny the occurrence of child sexual abuse in Kashmir. The response I am most familiar with is that ‘child sexual abuse doesn’t happen in Kashmir.’  However, according to a study conducted by Ministry of Women and Child Development (MoWCD), 53% of children across 13 states of India were sexually abused in 2007. I fail to understand that if child sexual abuse doesn’t happen in Jammu and Kashmir then how did Kathua rape and murder take place? In fact, it was the brutal rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Kathua, which prompted the Jammu and Kashmir Cabinet to pass an ordinance on Protection of Children from Sexual Violence Ordinance (POCSVO) in April 2018. Similarly, on the other side of the border, the brutal rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl prompted the Government of Punjab in Pakistan to announce plans to introduce ‘Child Abuse Awareness’ in their school curriculum. Undoubtedly, child sexual abuse is quite prevalent in our society, yet we wait for incidents like Kathua and Punjab to happen before taking any much needed preventive measures to address such issues. My question is very simple: Can we not act proactively and come up with solutions to prevent social evils like child sexual abuse beforehand? It is very important to understand that child sexual abuse scars a child for a lifetime and the healing process in such cases is very slow. Our Judiciary doesn't help either because the lengthy trials only lead to re-victimisation of a child/adult who dares to speak up against his or her childhood abuser/s. Therefore, I want the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to introduce a comprehensive ‘Personal Safety Education Program’ in our school curriculum to address child sexual abuse at its roots. Our children must be made aware about what’s 'safe touch' and what’s 'unsafe touch' from a very young age, in addition to sensitising the teachers and parents in our respective societies about this serious issue. It is time to overcome the myths and social stigma attributed to sex education. Please sign my petition and join me in saving thousands of children from falling prey to child predators in Jammu and Kashmir.

Musab Omer
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Petition to Maneka Gandhi

Order an in-depth study on male child sexual abuse in India #EndTheIsolation

 I was 10 when I was sexually abused. Men who I had dearly trusted had violated me. The violation became a part of my life. It continued. Later on, as I grew up confused about love, men, and the pain inside me, I realised, what happened to me, was called ‘Child Sexual Abuse.’ The knowing should have freed me. Instead, it sent me deeper into isolation. I carried my world in my head, and for some time it did work in protecting me, but in the process also alienated people around me. As a filmmaker, stories became my refuge. They moved, inspired, and had the power to bring together strangers. Over the years, I met many more survivors living a life of penance for a crime they had not committed. One of them was my husband. “I was sexually abused at the age of 5, by a trusted caretaker. The abuse went on for a month. Most times it lasted for a few minutes. The memories though, live in me forever.”  My husband and I have lived through an extremely painful process of coming to terms with our abuse. His, and the other stories I had heard from friends I knew, made me realise that even men can get sexually abused. Millions of men are living an isolated life of pain endured as children. Then why were their stories never told? The government’s 2007 study on child abuse reports that a shocking 53.2% of children say they have experienced one or more form of sexual abuse. Of this number, 52.9% are boys. Boys of all ages, and of all backgrounds, across locations and states, report that they have experienced sexual abuse.  It is quite unfortunate that while on one hand, a girl’s sexual abuse is scorned, and looked at as a serious crime, most men are pressurised by society to pass off their sexual abuse as a rite of passage. Sexual exploitation by older boys is often misinterpreted as Sexual Exploration and hence younger boys feel obligated to hide it. Many a time, I have also come across people who refuse to believe that boys can get raped. Men are ridiculed, their sexual orientation is questioned, and the pressure to live up to the façade of society’s macho image, weighs in so heavy, that ultimately the only way out, is to live a life within. There is hardly any attention given to male child sexual abuse by the government. As a mother of a 17 year old boy, I strongly believe that no male is born aggressive, violent, or insensitive to women. It is an acquired behaviour, learnt from the people around them. That’s why I started this petition asking the Women and Child Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi to do an in-depth study on male child sexual abuse. A study on this topic might help us get insights on how we can prevent the use of violence in this society. It might also help us curb the growth of sexual violence in men at its onset. Research will help shed light on male mindsets, and certain hidden aspects of the long term effects of sexual abuse on men.  The POCSO laws might merely act as a platform to punish sexual predators, but conviction rates are extremely low. What about the numerous cases out there, which are not yet addressed? What about the millions of boys, who have lived with the pain, and perhaps gone on to unleash their pain on other helpless victims? Why is it that till date we have invested so much in the cure but so little in prevention?  Sign my petition and ask the Women & Child development ministry to take the first step to end sexual violence against children & *women.  

insia dariwala
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Petition to Mr. Conrad Sangma, Mr. Lahkmen Rymbui, Ms. Iamonlang Syiem, Swapnil Tembe, IAS

CM: Implement the Personal Safety Education Program in all Government schools in Meghalaya

"Come sit on my lap" said her uncle. But she was uncomfortable. Years passed by with memories deeply suppressed until one day the adult realised that what had happened to her as a child was sexual abuse. This is just one such case.Please sign my petition to save our children.  Children quietly suffer and never talk about what they have gone through.  When the children share, no one believes them!  Let’s start with one state at a time. I am from Meghalaya.Child Sexual abuse is on the rise in my state! The State witnessed a large number of crimes against children in the year 2018 with 238 cases registered under the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act 2012 and IPC sections 376, 354 and 509. These are just numbers of reported cases while there are many that go unreported.  Our children are suffering silently. It is the duty of every person and authority in Meghalaya to ensure this doesn’t continue.  We need to prevent it from happening. The child spends most of their waking hours in schools. Schools seem like the best place to start conversations. I would like to appeal to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mr Conrad Sangma to take action immediately. Sign my petition asking to Implement the Personal Safety Education Program in all government schools in Meghalaya. Sexual abuse in childhood can leave scars that can last a very long time.Disbelief, denial and cover-up to preserve family reputation has made child sexual abuse an invisible crime in India.  It is time we start talking and addressing this issue. LET's BREAK THE SILENCE.  Join hands to change the current situation to protect our children, our future generations. Please sign my petition and urge the Government of Meghalaya to implement the personal safety education program in all Government schools in Meghalaya. 

Shannon Massar
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Petition to People of Dharmadam

Support the mother of two children raped and killed in Walayar to get justice.

On January 13, 2017, a 13-year-old girl was found hanging on a rafter inside her one-room home by her younger sister, aged nine. The younger sister saw two men running from the home when she entered. 52 days later, the younger sister was also dead in the same way. It was revealed later that the kids were subject to sexual assault by men known to the family. The innocent parents of the girls were taken for a ride and the police constructed a very weak case with a shoddy investigation to let the culprits escape. The perpetrators of this crime were party workers of the ruling LDF government. The state government has protected its party workers and the officials involved in the process of protecting its party workers. With fading public memory the mother of the two kids, Bhagyavathy, is on the verge of losing her battle for justice. As a last resort, to make a statement, she has filed her nomination papers to contest in the upcoming elections for the Dharmadam seat against the sitting CM, Pinarayi Vijayan. If Bhagyavathy gets absolutely no votes, she might stop searching for justice. In this hunter vs prey battle, the ex-chief minister is way too popular for people of Dharmadam to even take note of the struggle of Bhagyavathy. We need your support to bring this cause to the notice of the people of Dharmadam, so that at least a few people vote for Bhagyavathy, so that she can continue her fight for justice. We will share this petition with the people of Dharmadam via social networks and a big printed flex in the center of the constituency. More information about the case is available at the following link:

Rajeev Kumar
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