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Petition to Jerard M. Jarzynka

Justice For Ruby June

I am Stacy Gosnell. I am a mother of five, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. As I am sure all parents know how I feel, my world revolves around my kids. The day I found out I was pregnant for the first time, my entire life changed. Everything I have done since that moment has been for the benefit of my children. I have made sacrifices in every aspect of my life, I’ve gone without, so that they wouldn’t have to. I have never regretted it, I done it with joy each and every time, and I would do it a million more times. On Wednesday April 26th, 2017 tragedy struck my family. I didn’t know that morning that my life would be forever changed. It started like any other day. I took my four older children to school. I took my youngest, Miss Ruby, to her dads, and I headed to work.  It was a normal, nondescript day. The kind you forget as soon as you get home. That is until 4:29 pm. At 4:29pm I got a call from Ruby’s father Ridge. He stated that his girlfriend, Jessica, had hit ruby with her car and I had to get to the hospital. I didn’t hesitate, I rushed from work straight to the hospital. The whole way there I was thinking she would be fine, that she would be coming home with me. I thought she’d have some bumps and bruises, maybe a cast. It couldn’t be serious. The idea that it would be more never crossed my mind. If it was bad her dad would have been hysterical… right? But he was calm, so everything would be fine, I would just take her home. I was so wrong. I knew it the moment the doctor talked to me. My heart fell to my stomach. They took me back to see my girl, but there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t save my baby. At 18 months old my Ruby’s life was cut short. Everything the future had to offer her was stolen, in a moment of carelessness. I’ve heard plenty of people say that the girl responsible is sorry, and she’s upset, but sorry doesn’t bring my child back, and it doesn’t erase her mistake. Nor does it erase the mistake made by her father. She, at 18 months old, was left outside while her dad walked into the house, after Jessica said she was leaving. As for Jessica, she knew Ruby was outside and failed to make sure Ruby was safe before pulling away. People say that this could happen to anyone, that kids are fast, and the she probably just stepped off the curb. I don’t buy it for a minute. If this could happen to anyone it would happen more often. How many children have you hit with your car? My daughter wasn’t fast, she was a really late walker and still very cautious. I am only asking that you take a moment, to sign and let Jackson County’s Prosecutor know that you stand together as a community. That we want our children safe. That any child who dies as a result of someone willfully neglecting their responsibilities as a parent, care giver, or a driver should be held responsible. On April 26th, it was my child, but what if it had been yours? Would you leave your child in these peoples’ care? Do you want them driving down your street? 

Stacy Gosnell
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Petition to New York State

Protect Our Children: Save The Community Protection Act

Support the Community Protection Act: The Toughest Law In The Country Protecting Our Children From Sex Offenders We are asking all New Yorkers to urge New York State to protect the rules that are currently enacted under Suffolk County’s Community Protection Act. The Community Protection Act — developed by County Executive Steve Bellone, victims’ rights advocates including Parents for Megan’s Law and law enforcement professionals — is the nation’s toughest sex offender enforcement, monitoring and verification program.  Since this law was enacted in 2013, sex offender recidivism in Suffolk County has been reduced by 81%. But now the law itself is under assault by sex offenders unhappy with the level of monitoring in Suffolk County and organizations that support them. That is why we need New York State to protect the Community Protection Act and close the sex offender loophole by passing legislation that: ·         Mandates that all Level 3 sex offenders and offenders who have committed an act against a minor must not reside within 1,000 feet of a school facility. ·         Authorizes counties and/or their designee to verify the residency and job sites of registered sex offenders. ·         Authorizes local municipalities to require homeless sex offenders who seek housing through the County to call their local Police Department each night to confirm their domicile for the evening.  ·         Require an affirmative obligation of all sex offenders to cooperate and confirm information required as part of their sex offender designation. Please join me in voicing your support to uphold the laws that are protecting our children under the Suffolk County Community Protection Act by signing this petition.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
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