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Massachusetts Fathers Rights'

For the past 3 years, I, Shakeel Millen have been battling a Guardianship case for my oldest son, Marley Millen-Larkins, whom is in custody of his grandparents, Joanne Larkins and Keith Larkins while living with his mother, Allanah Larkins who voluntarily signed over her guardianship rights as well because she resides at the home with Our son. Allanah has no interest in co-parenting. Joanne and Keith Larkins have both taken over the role with Legal Guardianship. Since 2015, Despite living with Marley from Birth to 8 months and signing the birth certificate...With guidance from the Dept. of Children and Families, Joanne and Keith went to Middlesex Family and Probate Court in Cambridge, MA to file for guardianship. The Department of Children and Families worker shortly left for another job. After or prior to leaving for that job, the same Social Worker assigned to the case could not find the notes that was on file for I, Shakeel Millen. The Dept. of Children and Families than closed my case due to Allanah and I signing over our guardianship, Being told that If I dont...DCF will keep my case open. I have been given a difficult time due to my lack of support and due to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' current parental laws. I have been dealing with constant issues trying to resolve this situation fairly and accordingly with all parties involved. In the 3 years that I have been battling the Guardianship case, Joanne and Keith have kept Marley from my Family and his grandmother, Sylvia Edwards as long as his great grandmother, Jessie Edwards. They're have been numerous lies and so forth about Marley's well-being. While in Joanne and Keith Larkins custody, Marley has been bruised up on his face several times, has had two bumps from occasions of falling off Joanne and Keith Larkins bed and falling out of his high chair. Marley has had bed bug bites before he was 1 years old. He has had to get stitches for his finger along with getting a chunk of his hair pulled out while having multiple strangers watch him. He has come to visitations with me with either the same clothes as the prior visit and has been sent to school with clothes that have been too big for him. These are just a few things to begin with...Along with not recognizing me as a Father or taking advantage of their guardianship and not focusing on the stipulations put in place by Family and Probate Court of Cambridge.  This petition would impact myself, my family and my community (The Commonwealth) because in today's society they're is a stigma that Fathers don't want to be Fathers by choice. In my case and I'm sure many other cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, There are a lot of Fathers, no matter what race or circumstances that face the uphill battle that I as a Black African American Father faces everyday. It is unfair to the Fathers and Dads that want to be apart of their children lives but cant because they are judged long term by the mothers, guardians and so forth along with the Legal system. As a commonwealth, I believe that no one including Fathers, Married or Unwed, should be left out and with the current parental laws the way they are, Fathers like myself who may experience an unfair controlling and manipulative legal custody/guardianship battle and have safety concerns for their children like I do with Marley should be able to have better laws to protect us as BOTH parents are needed in they're lives which includes Fathers, rather separated or not. This petition could also help me, individually and whom ever may be going through a similar situation because I can keep the health of Marley and I's relationship in tact and save it from being diminished or destroyed by guardians and allow Mothers to correctly co-parent by law with Fathers to take on they're responsibility of being a mother and co-parent to a child that it took them both to make it. This will allow fathers that are WILLING to take on they're role like myself and love doing it and enjoy doing it to give their child and children the best opportunity and chance to have a proper upbringing that many like myself missed out on. I am devoted to being a Father and yes throughout my time battling this, I have been brought down so much further than I thought I could ever be brought down and I want to try and make sure that no father in the State of Massachusetts  has to go through this unfair battle that we have to go through and face.  As a Father who is devoted to his children and to civil rights and making sure that everyone is taken care of fairly, I like to advocate for WILLING fathers whenever I can. Fathers should not have to struggle to be apart of their child's life if they want to or have the desire to because of laws or because of personal remorse or feelings towards the Father of the child. Fellow Fathers, supporters, and Fathers Rights supporters can help make this change along with the attention of the State of Massachusetts and the legislators and State Officials, we can speak up for Our Fathers Rights in which we have rights to OUR children too because we matter just as much as Mothers and Grandparents do to our children.   

Shakeel Millen
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Petition to Jerard M. Jarzynka

Justice For Ruby June

I am Stacy Gosnell. I am a mother of five, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. As I am sure all parents know how I feel, my world revolves around my kids. The day I found out I was pregnant for the first time, my entire life changed. Everything I have done since that moment has been for the benefit of my children. I have made sacrifices in every aspect of my life, I’ve gone without, so that they wouldn’t have to. I have never regretted it, I done it with joy each and every time, and I would do it a million more times. On Wednesday April 26th, 2017 tragedy struck my family. I didn’t know that morning that my life would be forever changed. It started like any other day. I took my four older children to school. I took my youngest, Miss Ruby, to her dads, and I headed to work.  It was a normal, nondescript day. The kind you forget as soon as you get home. That is until 4:29 pm. At 4:29pm I got a call from Ruby’s father Ridge. He stated that his girlfriend, Jessica, had hit ruby with her car and I had to get to the hospital. I didn’t hesitate, I rushed from work straight to the hospital. The whole way there I was thinking she would be fine, that she would be coming home with me. I thought she’d have some bumps and bruises, maybe a cast. It couldn’t be serious. The idea that it would be more never crossed my mind. If it was bad her dad would have been hysterical… right? But he was calm, so everything would be fine, I would just take her home. I was so wrong. I knew it the moment the doctor talked to me. My heart fell to my stomach. They took me back to see my girl, but there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t save my baby. At 18 months old my Ruby’s life was cut short. Everything the future had to offer her was stolen, in a moment of carelessness. I’ve heard plenty of people say that the girl responsible is sorry, and she’s upset, but sorry doesn’t bring my child back, and it doesn’t erase her mistake. Nor does it erase the mistake made by her father. She, at 18 months old, was left outside while her dad walked into the house, after Jessica said she was leaving. As for Jessica, she knew Ruby was outside and failed to make sure Ruby was safe before pulling away. People say that this could happen to anyone, that kids are fast, and the she probably just stepped off the curb. I don’t buy it for a minute. If this could happen to anyone it would happen more often. How many children have you hit with your car? My daughter wasn’t fast, she was a really late walker and still very cautious. I am only asking that you take a moment, to sign and let Jackson County’s Prosecutor know that you stand together as a community. That we want our children safe. That any child who dies as a result of someone willfully neglecting their responsibilities as a parent, care giver, or a driver should be held responsible. On April 26th, it was my child, but what if it had been yours? Would you leave your child in these peoples’ care? Do you want them driving down your street? 

Stacy Gosnell
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