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Protect Lilah from Abuse

Lilah is 7 years old, she claims her active duty Army father touched her inappropriately several times while offering her whiskey to drink. Her mother was verbally, financially and physically abused. Lilah’s school tried twice to stop her suffering with sudden onset incontinence and severe stomach pains that kept her in the nurses office more often than not. Once reported, Lilah went through the forensic interview and lived in fear after her father nearly broke the door down with a KCPD Officer stating that he could kick the door down if he wants because it’s his house and then said he was leaving and left us alone with Lilah hiding and screaming from a hiding spot in a closet. They were given temporary protection orders which they didn’t know would end up being used against them and their right to go back to their home state with family. Her dad cleaned out the bank account and gave them only $500 a month to live off from. After fleeing for safety to Maine and letting people know before they left, a Guardian Ad Litem started a grudge that now has Lilah and her Mom accused of lying and abuse for finding her a therapist to deal with her panic attacks and trauma. The GAL, whom was paid to work in the divorce by Lilah’s father and also appointed by the court for the protection order has no boundaries and consistently lies. She claims Lilah was coached and is lying and that her mom has an undiagnosed mental illness, this she made up because she never did her job by interviewing the family immediately. Now they are forcing Lilah and her Mother to go back to Missouri away from the safety and support of family and into the care of people who have destroyed all sense of safety and security in their lives. This was only another military duty station and never their actual home but Missouri will not release them. If not stopped it is likely that 7 year old Lilah will either go into state care or back with her abusive father. They have been threatened will jail and separation and all her mom was trying to do was what she was told to do, have a safety plan and implement it. But she has no money and Lilah’s dad has an expensive attorney. Please help stop this atrocity from continuing any longer. Lilah cannot go to school as there is no protection order for her in Maine due to Missouri’s insane insistence. This is happening in real time in the Platte County, Missouri courtroom of Judge Hansbrough. Money should not stop a mother from protecting her child. Please sign and share, they only have until January 19th when a mother is at risk of being criminalized for trying to bring her child comfort during an awful time in her life. 

Child Advocacy
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Petition to City of Austin, Texas

Make Our School Zone Safe in 2020

Background Despite several citizen requests for school zone flasher signs at the Neenah Ave. school zone in the past 3 years (sent via 311 requests and directly to the Austin Transportation Department), no flashers have been installed. Austin Transportation Department has not been able to find $20,000 in its operating budget to invest in this school zone where hundreds of students from the city of Austin and Williamson county attend school. In addition, the Austin City Council recently approved a speed limit increase on Neenah Ave. The Danger:  Every day we see children in harm's way on Neenah Ave. In addition, we see pedestrians struggle through a gauntlet of vehicles that seem oblivious to the fact there is a school zone, crosswalk or a speed limit under 40 MPH.  1. The school zone signs have no flashers and are difficult to see. The reduced speed school zone sign on the eastbound side is located 15 ft. from the street. 2. Pedestrians and children at the crosswalk are difficult to see because (a) crosswalk signs are placed 17 ft. and 20 ft. away from the entrance of the crosswalk, (b) the signs have no flashers or actuators, and (c) some of the crosswalk signs are blocked by other signs or trees stacked in a row. 3. There are no pavement markings to draw attention to the point at which drivers are supposed to stop or yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. This causes a multiple-threat crossing for pedestrians as 1) cars block the visibility of pedestrians in the crosswalk trying to cross and 2) cars block the visibility of other cars from the view of pedestrians. The Solution:  The Austin Transportation Department has completed a comprehensive review of the school zone signage and has committed to correct several problematic signs, however, the following items have yet to be addressed/funded: 1. Install flashing school zone signs 2. Install flashing crosswalk signs with actuator  3. Paint yield lines in the street prior to the crosswalk The Action: Sign this petition and/or send a personal email or letter: Sample Communication: Dear <Name> I am in favor or of investment measures to make children safer on Neenah Ave. in the school zone and crosswalk areas by installing flashing school zone signs, a crosswalk flashing sign and pavement markings for cars to yield to pedestrians crossing in the school zone. I strongly urge you to prioritize the implementation of the requested improvements for this school zone. Sincerely, <Your Name><Your Address> Contact Information: Councilman Jimmy Flannigan City of Austin District 6 10401 Anderson Mill Rd Austin, TX 78750 (512) 978-2106 Austin Transportation Department Manager Eric Bollich 901 S. MoPac Expressway, Building 5, Suite 300 Austin, TX  78746 (512) 974-5660

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Petition to Tom Wolf, The Bureau of Certification Services

Decrease Child care ratios

Child care providers are given ratios to determine how many children can be in their care. Pennsylvania's regulations for ratios are too high for safety purposes. Pennsylvania Requirements for Daycare Centers PDF, chapter 3270 section 3270.51, Similar Age Level lists ratios for the state of Pennsylvania as follows: Infant (0-12 months)- 1:4 Young Toddler (12-23 months)- 1:5 Older Toddler (2-3 years)- 1:6 Preschool (3-4 years)- 1:10 Young School Age- 1:12 Older School Age- 1:15 My name is Hannah Patterson. I currently work in a daycare as a teacher in the 3 year old room.  Most days I will have anywhere from 6-8 kids, which is below my ratio for a 3 year old room. Today, I had 11 kids in my room, by myself. These ratios are safety issues considering I cannot always have my eyes on each child. At this young age, children can exhibit some major behavior issues. There is defiance, hitting, kicking, climbing in furniture, throwing toys and more. Say I would need to help a child in the bathroom, my attention would be taken from the 9 other kids that would possibly be in my room. If that were the case and something would happen to any of the children my attention was not on at that moment, it would be me that was liable or responsible for that incident.  From research I have conducted, I found that most states in the US have similar if not higher ratios for childcare. I decided to look outside of the US and found some more acceptable ratios in the UK. According to, ratios are as follows: 0-2 years- 1:3 2-3 years- 1:4 4-8 years- 1:6 9-12 years- 1:8 These age groups could be broken down into smaller ranges, keeping these ratios that the UK put into practice and it would be much safer for our children and teachers for that matter. I cannot bear to see something happen to a child or a teacher be held responsible for a potentially horrendous occurrence due to the ridiculously high ratios for child care providers. I am petitioning for the ratios to be lowered for the state of Pennsylvania to ensure the safety of all children and child care providers. 

Hannah Patterson
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Petition to The public, TLC TV

The Dark Side of Child Beauty Pageants

YOUR SUPPORT MEANS A LOT IntroductionBeauty pageant for children under the age of 12 cause a lot of harm with long-term effects to the contestants, which can be divided into three main categories; Physical Harm; Promotes body-image distortion and dissatisfaction.Toddlers competing in a beauty pageant are expected to perform as perfect little barbie dolls, with spray tan and fake eyelashes, forced into an unrealistic beauty standard. Societal Harm; Over-sexualizes young girls.The whole competition normalizes a 2-year-old to walk around the stage with tiny, tight bikinis dressing up as a sexy lifeguard. Emotional Harm; Teaches ethically negative values.To participate in a contest where appearance is all that matters lead these little girls and the public into thinking that they, as a female, are nothing more than a decorative object. All three of these problems have existed ever since the first child beauty pageant began back in the 1960s but it’s not until late 1996, along with the case of the pageant princess JonBenét Ramsey’s murder, that public spotlight finally turned onto child beauty pageants. The public started to voice their concern for the young contestants’ well-being. Despite this fact, about 250,000 total contestants are competing in roughly 5,000 child beauty pageant competitions each year in the United States, according to Occupy Therapy 2013 article. Goals/ObjectivesThe objective of this project is to raise public awareness on the dark side of child beauty pageant with the end goal of unraveling the three main problems stated above, which breaks down into; Remove beauty standardsBeing beautiful does not require a tan skin, blinding white teeth, or a skinny leg. To remove the idea of what an ideal body should look like will lessen the rate of mental and physical illness associated with body-image dissatisfaction such as anorexia and depression. Put an end to sexualization over a certain genderAlthough every parent indeed have different parenting styles and values, when it comes to dressing up a child, there are obvious boundaries and norms to follow. Starting from small things like this will hopefully change the world’s perspective with a better understanding that not everything related to a specified gender, in this case women, can/must be sexualized. Value what’s on the inside more than the outsideThe benefit of encouraging kids from a very young age that they are worth a lot more than what other people think of their physical appearance is to help build and boost their self-esteem which will also take part in their character development. CitationPhoto and Illustration

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