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Petition to Trey Gowdy

SC school children need our help and no child should risk being ran over for a bus stop

During the past week, there were 6 accidents involving children crossing the street while traveling to or from the school bus stop. 5 children dead. Chilling. There is no need to put our children in harms way. A crossing guard in Spartanburg SC was injured as well.  We need to stand up to petition a change in every bus route, no child should be faced with crossing a street with the dangers that have came to light this past week.  This hits too close to home and as a parent, why not take the opportunity to encourage change.  As a South Carolinian, I know we can rise up and do better. I cannot imagine the nightmare of loosing a child while they were traveling from their bus stop; an accident that happens right in front of your home. Instead of feeling helpless, I would like to see this change. This change would ask that no child crosses the street from their bus stop: that means no child can get off or get on the school bus if they cross a lane of traffic. I’m suggesting that bus transportation creates a bus route that allows every child to get on/off the bus with the doors facing his or her house/bus stop. The bus can be turned around or go around a block to make this happen. At the end of the day, would an extra 15+ minutes added to the bus ride really matter knowing that all the children are safer?A bus coming from a different direction and children can step right into the driveway without crossing the road is worth it. Let’s make children’s safety a priority! I know that this is a change that is extremely accommodating. We need to require buses to have routes that do not have children walk across the street. I felt called to make a stand and be a voice. I’m hoping it’ll reach the right people and we can do our part to stop children from fatal injuries, this is one small step to do our part. This is my first time petitioning for anything and I hope that, together we can help our kids. Thank you!❤️

Amanda West
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Petition to Mary Beth Susman

Help Make Crestmoor Streets Safe for Our Community

The Problem This petition was created for the residents of the neighborhood of Crestmoor and adjacent neighborhoods (Hilltop, Hilltop South, Mayfair, Boulevard One, and Lowry).This petition’s focus is on the safety concerns of high-speed cut through traffic in the Crestmoor neighborhood.On November 14, 2018 Mary Beth Susman, and an representative from the City of Denver Traffics Department held a town hall with over 100 residents of Crestmoor (and some folks from adjacent Neighborhoods) to discuss the increasingly dangerous traffic that is cutting through Crestmoor neighborhood primarily during commuting times (both in the morning and early evening). As we have seen throughout the neighborhood, cut through traffic has increased exponentially over the past few years. This cut through traffic is trying to shave time off their commute on the constricted major arteries Holly, 6th Ave., Monaco Parkway, and Alameda. In doing so they are driving at high rates of speed which pose a safety hazard to both young, old and our pets.During this meeting there was a lot of focus on:1) No turns off of 6th Ave between certain hours2) The possibility of changing the traffic light patterns3) The possible implementation of rubber/removable speed bumpsWhile this meeting was helpful in allowing community members a forum to vent frustrations, have conversations, no actionable/implementable solutions came to fruition. Proposed Solution While many want to focus on the cause(s) of this increased traffic, such as the Boulevard One development, high density multi unit structures, or just the overall population increase in Denver at large, this petition does not focus on that as these are items we cannot change.This petition focuses on how we can decrease the amount of volume of cut through traffic in Crestmoor neighborhood and limit the speed of those that continue to cut through.While I am not a traffic engineer, I have lived in two other major cities in my life - Boston and New York. I have also traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world. I have seen what works and what doesn’t.One of the items that came up during the November 14 meeting was the possibility of putting in removable rubber speed bumps. These are both cost effective from and implementation standpoint as well as long-term cost viability. Based upon the preliminary research I did it appears as though each speed bump cost anywhere from $100-$200 (depending upon type, quality, and quantity). While I am certainly not a traffic expert, I did spend some time mapping out where logical locations for speed-bump placement in our neighborhood would be. Please see link for image - . Of course this is only a preliminary suggestion - I would leave this up to the city traffic experts. Based upon this first draft I anticipated 25 speed-bumps. Assuming the higher end of the cost of $200 this would be a $5000 investment for the city.The nice part about using rubber speed bumps is that:They can be implemented rather quickly (within weeks/months rather than years) with little impact to our roads.In the event that we don’t like them (or they don’t work out) they can always be removed with little damage or affect to public infrastructure.While this doesn’t totally remove the problem at hand, this is a deterrent and will mitigate risk. The fact of the matter is Denver is changing. Both population and traffic are increasing. This is a fact were going to have to live with. How we live with it (from a safety perspective) is what’s important.I would greatly appreciate it if you would please join me in signing this petition to show your support for making our neighborhood safer. I would also ask that you share this with your neighbors and friends in the community.Personal Story Hello - My name is Jason M. Hill and I have lived on Crestmoor Park for 3.5 years. I am writing to you to day as a father (of Vivi age 9 & Max age 5 -- but he thinks he's 9), husband (to my amazing wife Dr. Ali Hill), and as your neighbor. As a member of our community I felt a responsibility to step up, help out, and see what we could do to enact change. So at the November 14th meeting I asked a neighbor if I could use their notepad and started collecting as many names / email addresses of people in the room as I could. While I initially counted over 100 people, many left the room before they heard I was passing out the notepad for this petition. As such we are starting out with just 50 email addresses. While it is very easy to show up and complain - It quite another thing to be thoughtful and take action. As your neighbor, friend, and a father to two small children I want to help put things in motion. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. I hope that you will not only join me in signing this but also share it with your neighbors and friend that live here as there are nearly 500 homes in Crestmoor alone. This equated to at least 1,200 possible signatures. While it starts with one - together we CAN and WILL make an impact. Thank you for your support - Jason M. Hill, MBA, PMP, CSM​Founding Partner​​Sound Advice | 303.228.8911 |

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Petition to Thomas R. Suozzi


REMOVE/HOLD ACCOUNTABLE: JUDGE MATTHEW G. HUGHES JOHN O’NEILL, FORMER COMMISSIONER, CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICESDENNIS NOWACK, ACTING COMMISSIONER, CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICESMARK CLAVIN, DIRECTOR, CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICESMARK E. WEINBLATT, M.D., NYU WINTHROP HOSPITAL FOR THEIR ACTIONS IN WRONGFULLY  HAVING CPS REMOVE NICHOLAS GUNDERSEN FROM HIS MOTHER’S CUSTODY  We are asking for the removal of Judge Matthew G. Hughes, John O'Neill, Dennis Nowack, Mark Clavin and Dr. Mark E. Weinblatt for their mishandling and the utter disregard of a child, Nicholas Gundersen. Stop the forced chemotherapy on Nicholas Gundersen and return him to his mother.  They have made Nick's mother out to be neglectful when in fact, she is the one who brought her son in for treatment and even willfully brought him for treatment at the second hospital after the first hospital misdiagnosed Nick and nearly killed him.  Please read below for the full story:   Suffolk County, NY- Judge Matthew G. Hughes wept noticeably while rendering his verdict on October 26, 2018, ordering then 12-year-old Nicholas Gundersen into immediate CPS custody. Nick is being forced into a controversial long-term chemotherapy protocol, even though medical testing shows he is in remission from his cancer (Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia). This decision was made after Dr. Mark Weinblatt of NYU Winthrop Hospital testified Nick was “in imminent danger of dying” and the proposed chemotherapy would have minimal side effects to the child. (Which is untrue as noted below.) This is the second time in less than two months Nick is being removed from his mother’s care and custody  Nicholas was originally misdiagnosed in June 2018 by Cohen Children’s Hospital and not given the standard of care treatment for cancer he actually had. He lost over 20% of his body weight, had pleural effusion in both lungs, typhlitis (a life-threatening bowel infection), almost complete splenic infarction, respiratory issues, neuropathy and more. Later, he was transferred to NYU Winthrop, where he finished the second cycle of chemotherapy. Doctors from both hospitals confirmed there is no tested protocol for Nick’s diagnosis. Dr. Weinblatt testified only about 35% of the 12 children he has treated with the same cancer lived. Nick’s mother Candace Gundersen noted some of the drugs they want to give Nick have never been tested on children.  Judge Theresa Whelan signed an order on October 9, 2018, giving the parents the right to take Nicholas anywhere they chose.  On October 11, 2018, Dr. Mark Weinblatt of NYU Winthrop told Candace Nick was in remission from his cancer (MPAL), but said Nick would need three more years of chemotherapy to “keep the cancer from coming back.”  The parents chose instead to transfer Nick’s care to a team of doctors who provide non-toxic preventative treatment, as allowed by the order.  Within five days of moving to Florida, and just ten days after Judge Whelan’s order was issued, Suffolk County CPS official Mark Clavin (Family and Children Services) had his staff bring an Emergency Removal Petition before a different judge, Matthew G Hughes. Candace and her attorney, Elliot Schlissel did not have time to prepare or provide expert medical witnesses.   In the meantime, on October 27, 2018, Nick’s parents took him to a local hospital which revealed no cancer in Nick’s blood and no sign of imminent danger. Also, of interest is Suffolk County Social Services Commissioner John O’Neill has announced his resignation and stepped down November 2, 2018.   Contact Info: Attorney for the Gundersens:  Elliot Schlissel Public Relations for Media contacts:  Nicole Muj/Kultura PR  310-804-0964  

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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Narinder Nath Vohra, rajnath Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad

Stop attacks on witnesses & lawyers of India's 8-Year-Old Rape Victim from Kathua

Witnesses and lawyers representing the 8-year-old Muslim girl who was gang-raped and murdered in Kathua, India, this year, are being attacked and intimidated, as the trial unfolds. We need to put a stop to this! Sign this petition and join Apne Aap and Equality Now to ask Prime Minister Modi to ensure that justice is not denied to her family! Despite the brutal nature of the crime committed by powerful men against an innocent child, some groups have politicized the case by presenting it falsely as a case against the Hindu community. They are running media trials, trolling, filing false cases, deflecting blame and holding rallies in support of the perpetrators and against the lawyers. Some of these rallies have been attended by ministers from the Prime Minister's ruling party.  They are even hounding the entire nomadic shepherd community of Bakarwals, that the little girl belonged to. Attempts were been made to physically prevent the charges against the accused rapists being filed in court and later to weaken the investigation by shifting it to the CBI.  Though an increasing number of rape cases are being reported in India every day, survivors of sexual violence struggle to get justice within the legal system. Between 2015 and 2016 alone there was an 82% spike in reported rapes of children. Another 133,000 rape cases were pending trial in the same year. Please sign the petition and raise your voice to demand a fair and impartial trial in the Kathua case, so that the family of the 8-year-old gets justice. Insist that the Modi government take immediate action to stop the intimidation and to address the larger systemic problem of sexual violence within the country. Thank you. Ruchira, Tinku, Divya with the Apne Aap and Equality Now team 

Ruchira Gupta, Mona & Apne Aap Team
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