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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

1,000,000+ signatures from parents and others standing up to the American Family Courts

This petition represents parents across America that are being silenced, criminally charged and/or losing custody in the effort of trying to protect their children from physical and sexual abuse by the other parent. Current laws demand that the high bar of evidence needed to convict an abuser be met before a child can be removed from the custody of an abusive parent, yet the courts continue to buy the myth that the reporting parent is "coaching" and transfer custody to the abusive parent. It seems unbelievable, but it is happening repeatedly across America and psychologists have said that people do not fabricate abuse to this extent. On the contrary, the small number of false allegations do not account for the high volume of physical and sexual abuse cases reported and it is simply not reasonable to dismiss all of these as false allegations just because not all children have the capacity or courage needed to make the required disclosures to authorities.  We need to see a reformation to the current family law system that will: protect reporting parents that suspect or witness abuse lower the burden of evidence necessary to protect a child  offer makeup parent-time and possibly financial compensation in cases where allegations prove to be false hold reporting parents to a higher standard that if allegations are falsified, penalities will include heavy fines and/or serious criminal charges ensure that custody not be taken as a penalty from a parent that has made an attempt to protect a child from abuse (if allegations are falsified, penalties mentioned above may be inflicted in place of restricting custody, which has been shown to be psychologically and emotionally damaging to the children) allow expert witness testimonies to be considered in court as at least partial evidence, particularly where expertise in the field would lead to an educated opinion as to whether or not abuse likely occurred to recognize that the burden of obtaining hard physical evidence is an unrealistic standard for proving sexual abuse and almost unattainable in most cases barring obvious unwanted physical evidence such as incestuous pregnancy that judges consider the relationship of the children to each parent in making a decision and recognize that rashly changing custody from a primary caregiver to a visiting parent, particularly an alleged abuser, can have lasting devastating effects on the children that judges also consider that while a false allegation has the potential to harm the accused parent it is not equatable to the resulting harm of a child continually subjected to physical and/or sexual abuse by a parent, that statistics show that most reports of abuse are NOT falsified, and that additional abuse and resulting deaths have occurred where authorities failed to protect children from "unsubstantiated abuse."    Resolution 72 - Introduced to Congress July 24, 2017: RELATED STORIES: 7-year-old girl murdered on visit with father despite mother's concerns for safety and apparent efforts in court to protect her child: Mother of four dies of "heartbreak" after collapsing on the court room floor after Family Court decision: Child's death could have been prevented had Family Court judges listened to mother's concerns:  Family Court Crisis tracked since 2008 - 648+ children murdered by a parent involved in high conflict court cases: California mother fights to reform Family Law after the murder of her 5-year-old son by his father: Mother reunited with daughter after ten years due to her attempts to protect daughter from sexual abuse: REFERENCES: Ney, T (1995). True and False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse: Assessment and Case Management. Psychology Press. pp. 23–33. ISBN 0-87630-758-6. Hobbs, CJ; Hanks HGI; Wynne JM (1999).Hobbs, CJ; Hanks HGI; Wynne JM (1999). Child Abuse and Neglect: A Clinician's Handbook. Elsevier Health Sciences. p. 197. ISBN 0-443-05896-2. Child Abuse and Neglect: A Clinician's Handbook. Elsevier Health Sciences. p. 197. ISBN 0-443-05896-2.Schetky, DH; Green AH (1988). Child Sexual Abuse: A Handbook for Health Care and Legal Professionals. Psychology Press. p. 105. ISBN 0-87630-495-1. Bolen, RM (2001). Child Sexual Abuse: Its Scope and Our Failure. Springer. p. 109. ISBN 0-306-46576-0. “You have to pop that bubble that people live in that would think a parent would never do anything like this and then that there’s no premeditation involved,” said R. Dale Smith, chief of the Special Victims Unit: 4-5% of CSA cases exhibit physical signs after 72 hours: Mayo Clinic  Child Abuse Facts: https// Parental Alienation Syndrome Theory and Origination Exposed 

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Petition to FDA , NIH , MHRA , World Health Organization, European Medicines Agency

Stop the Damage and Find a Cure for Victims of MRI Contrast Toxicity

Thirty million magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are performed each year in the US alone, and many more worldwide. One of every three patients undergoing an MRI scan is injected with the contrast agent, gadolinium. This helps “light up” the results more clearly for the radiologists. Gadolinium is a highly-toxic rare metal. It has no place in the human body. When gadolinium was introduced as a contrast agent, it was prepared in such a way that it was thought to leave the body naturally within 3 days of the MRI scan. Scientific research carried out in the past decade has clearly disproved this. Gadolinium is retained in the body for many years, possibly a lifetime, and concentrates specifically in brain and bones. Tens of millions of patients are exposed to this known toxic substance every year, when they undergo an MRI scan. Many of these patients are young children, whose bodies are still developing. The long-term harm of gadolinium accumulation has not yet been quantified. However, there are already many victims of gadolinium poisoning who suffer painful and crippling symptoms. Recent studies show that gadolinium contrast is used far too liberally and is not necessary in many cases.   We must voice our concerns to the FDA, the World Health Organization and the medical community. We ask the FDA, the World Health Organization and health authorities worldwide to: Warn physicians and patients about the risks of gadolinium. Restrict gadolinium use only to cases where the benefits outweigh the risks. Invest in rapid development of safe gadolinium alternatives. Sponsor large studies of gadolinium toxicity in patients who have undergone MRI scans. Promote the development of effective treatments to remove toxic gadolinium from patients affected by it.

MedInsight Research Institute
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Petition to Madison County Courthouse, Judge E. Bailey Browning, III, Congressman Ted Yoho, Senator Bill Montford, Greg S. Parker

Protect Toddler With Autism From Abusive Father

Tell Madison County Florida Courts That We The People Want to Keep Mihael Safe From His Abusive Father!   1.       Shortly after the child was born his father signed and had notarized a document to relieve him of his parental rights. 2.       On August the 16th, 2013 The Child’s mother had to get a domestic violence summons against the Father because of violence towards members of household, including the child and damage of property. He had walked off with the child and returned with a bleeding hole in his head, the father refused to explain, he was just a new born. Social Worker Erin Graves investigated and found the Domestic Violence to exist. 3.       On November 30th, 2014 at the end of the Petitioner’s first and only unsupervised visitation, which was a four day visit, the child was returned to his mother the same clothing he was wearing when his mother dropped the child off for visitation. The child had a second degree cigarette burn to the face, moderate diaper rash, tina corporis/ Ringworm and a bump on his head. The incident was listed as suspected child abuse. The hospital called the State Police for Criminal Abuse/ Child and Officer B Hill made a report of the abuse and took photographs of the injuries. Officer Hill advised the Mother to take steps to have visitation with the Petitioner stopped 4.       The father had multiple disappearances and stays in Mental hospitals, for wanting to kill others, and himself. There were also threats to neighbors of the mother left on their garage. 5.       On November the 16th, 2015, officers had to be called to the home of the mother, where for approximately ten hours the Father held the mother, the child, and the child’s grandmother hostage inside the home while keeping a knife to the child’s throat. The child witnessed his mother be beat by his father , and  threatening to burn the house down with everyone inside it. A neighbor noticed something was wrong and called State Troopers, who arrived with guns drawn. Officers escorted the father off the property to be mentally evaluated and later that night served him the Domestic Violence Summons. 6.       On November the 18th 2015 Social Service Worker Mandy Scott started an investigation, where Mandy Scott found the abuse by the father to be substantiated. Social services in Kentucky where these incidents took place, do not want the father to have visitation. 7.       On November the 25th 2015 a Domestic Violence Order was issued against the Father, which lists him to stay away no less than 500 feet away from from the Mother, the child, and the rest of their family, no exceptions. 8.       Social Worker Mandy Scott has said in an email that while the Domestic Violence Order is standing the father would not be able to get any type of visitation. 9.       Shortly after moving to Florida, the family’s home which was empty and had no power burned to the ground, after the father had said multiple times he was going to burn it to the ground with everyone in it. 10.   The father has hired people to watch the family, which is against federal law, and police in the father’s own home town wish to press charges for this because it is his home town where he hired them. 11.    The Mother has given to the court multiple reports and evidence of the abuse of the child by his father. 12.   The Child has autism, he is on the severe side of autism spectrum disorder, along with PTSD and Separation Anxiety from the incident where his father held him at knife point for ten hours and he witnessed the violence against his mother on November 16th 2015. The child has not spoken since the incident on November 16th 2015, and is going to therapy three times a week now. 13.   The original Judge on the case here in Florida said he would not give any visitation with the father, unless it was supervised and video typed. 14.   Judge Decker the original Judge has been suspended for reasons not having to do with this case. A new Judge, Judge Browning took over the case, while the mother was unavailable for her child’s appointments. The Judge never looked at the case file, the evidence, or the testimony of Social Workers and stated the mother was to write a response, though the response would not matter because she did not want the father to have visitation, but he was giving him 50/50 parental responsibility, and is going to let him take the child to Tennessee for days at a time, which places the child in danger of physical and mental abuse by the father. Even the child’s doctors are saying it is dangerous and will cause mental distress. The judge also does not care about the child’s medical appointments. Nor does the Judge care about the violence protection order. The Judge did not even read the case file nor look at the evidence in the case file, the Judge himself stated three times he "Thumb'd through it," which is a violation of civil rights. SO LET’S TELL MADISON COUNTY COURTS IN FLORIDA WE WANT MIHAEL KEPT SAFE!  

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