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Petition to Susan Wojcicki

Force YOUTUBE to Finally Ban Sick, Creepy Channels & Videos Made for Children to Watch ! !

LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE, SIGN THIS PETITION AND SHARE BOTH TO TAKE A STAND WITH US AGAINST THIS ALLOWED ABUSE OF CHILDREN BY YOUTUBE !!!!If you feel like letting the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, know how you feel about this directly, here are some links:Facebook: you know that some of the most popular YouTube Kids channels depict creepy and disturbing situations? Common themes include (but not at all limited to): • Sexual situations (such as Spiderman going under Anna's dress and removing her panties while she is sleeping and wearing them as a hat; Anna and Elsa kissing each other (incestuous))• Children being tied up and abused with random things being drawn and smeared onto their faces - basically forms of torture as they clearly don't enjoy what's being done to them)• Children being injected in the bottom with real surgical needles• Violence - One video in particular Minnie floated up on a balloon, Mickey looked up her skirt with drool dripping from his mouth and hearts in his eyes, the balloon popped, Minnie fell to the ground, she was clearly extremely injured in many places all over her entire body and Mickey proceeded to point and laugh at her as she lied on the ground in pain• Children (even baby or toddler show characters) pregnant• Blood, poop and pee put on faces of children - usually children or baby dolls and animated babies• Extremely creepy human versions of Minnie Mouses always pictured with large breasts, tiny waists and cleavage showing dressed in next to nothing (sometimes making fun of and laughing at overweight women) • Minnie Mouses fighting over Mikey and sabotaging the other Minnie to get Mikey's attention, male characters almost always peeking up skirts, through windows or under dressing room curtains at girls with hearts over their eyes and/or droolingThe list goes on and is almost neverending... Almost every one of these videos acted out by children's most loved characters and designed to look fun and colorful so kids click on them. The list of disturbing channels and videos with sick themes designed for children to watch remains allowed by YouTube and they continue to multiply. They also create multiple pages of the same material constantly to gain more views, money and to bypass who has blocked their channel. Chances are, if your child watches YouTube, yes even YouTube Kids app, they have likely already seen some of these videos and the incredibly creepy, sexual and disturbing situations in them.. For almost TEN YEARS, with over 5 BILLION views (probably more) combined now, YouTube has ignored parents outcries and reports made and have allowed and enabled sick and disturbing content to continue being shown to any child who enjoys watching videos on YouTube or even YouTube Kids.. YouTube has still kept the channels and videos marked as "safe" for children to view. These videos often include sexual situations and horrible depictions of women and men alike, in sexually inappropriate and creepy situations like fighting over men, choosing the right bikini, male characters being peeping toms, and almost always without a single word, only gibberish (especially with the animated channels) - just weird and awful imagery being fed into children's developing brains at a constant basis because YouTube is doing nothing to ban these sick channels and the people behind them. Because YouTube has done nothing to remove them, their views and subscribers continue to skyrocket - all from children watching them. YouTube Kids was thought to be safe as YouTube supposedly reviews the videos made for children on the app and they mark the video as "safe" for kids or not.. Despite MANY reports about the channel to YouTube by parents, and every type of person really - because its just so wrong, we all continue to be ignored by YouTube and because of them - millions, if not billions more children have been exposed to these disturbing videos as a result. ★ It's time that we take action to make this stop! SIGN THIS PETITION to join the fight against YouTube and these monsters behind the videos and ban YouTube Kids in your household to avoid your child being exposed to this ! ★ If you are thinking this is an over-reactive, over-protective movement to videos that you believe cause no harm, I urge you to go and watch them for yourself. I will list below the disturbing video channels that YouTube is allowing to function as "safe" for children and play automatically for them.★ ★  LIST OF KNOWN CREEPY CHANNELS HERE - PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK AS I WILL ADD MORE AS I FIND THEM  ★ ★ PLEASE BLOCK THEM NOW OR BETTER YET, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO WATCH YOUTUBE KIDS AT ALL TO AVOID ANY CHANCE OF THEM SEEING THESE THINGS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE VIDEOS ARE ALWAYS MAKING NEW CHANNELS TO GET PAST BEING BLOCKED AND TO RAKE IN MORE MONEY AT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR CHILD'S VERY IMPRESSIONABLE AND DEVELOPING MIND! * If you have more channels that should be added to the list or any information at all on these people, please message me! *★ I WILL OFFER A REWARD TO ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE ME INFORMATION ON THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE VIDEOS - ESPECIALLY THEIR NAMES AND ESPECIALLY THE PEOPLE BEHIND 'TOY MONSTER' ! ! ★'TOY MONSTER' AND OTHER CHANNELS THEY'VE CREATED : ► "Toy Monster" channel - The main culprit that branched off into more channels taking over the kids section of YouTube Kids: ► "Superheroes IRL" - Another creepy channel created by the people of "Toy Monster" ► "Heroes IRL" channel - Another one of the many disturbing channel created by the people behind "Toy Monsters" ► "Superfriends" channel : ► "Spiderman-Superhero- Frozen Compilations" OTHER *EXTREMELY CREEPY AND DISTURBING* PAGES TO BLOCK:► "Kids Toon TV" channel - This one is SUPER creepy, maybe worse than "Toy Monster" - Most common theme is two human-like Minnies with very long legs, tiny waist and large breasts dressed provocatively fighting over Mickey and being mean to each other in order to get his attention. Also shows Mickey peeking into girls dressing rooms while Minnies change into bikinis (which they are almost always wearing in every video at some point while men peek through windows and other places with hearts over their eyes and drooling) ... ► "Super Banana TV" channel - Clearly created by the same horrid channel listed right above. Also, what's the story behind that name?? Just a weird name for a channel that has nothing to do with bananas or fruit at all..... ► "Gifted Kids TV" channel - Interesting choice of a name for a channel of cartoons of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in strange human form with cleavage and wearing almost nothing (usually a bikini) and usually more than one girl mouse with one guy and him choosing one over the other with the other woman showing anger/red face. Shows a lot of situations of multiple Minnie Mouse's sabotaging one another and often over a man's attention. ► "Kids Try" channel - Includes videos like tying up two little girls to a chair and man superheroes forcibly applying makeup to them while they clearly don't enjoy it - thats only the first video I saw by them! That's all the channels I have the time to list today as there are even more than I thought. It's very bad. Inform everyone you know of this growing epidemic! One simple share helps at least one family! Thanks! SIGN THIS PETITION AND LIKE OUR PAGE AND SHARE IT TO JOIN THE FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND KEEP CHECKING BACK AS THIS LIST OF CHANNELS WILL GROW!!!LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO HELP MAKE THIS STOP ★ ★  PLEASE CONTACT / PM ME WITH ANY INFO THAT MAY BE HELPFUL TO THIS CAUSE, THANK YOU!!!  ★ ★Here are emails to the creators of the videos if you feel like personally letting them know what you think:• "TOY MONSTER" channel - rosearendelle@gmail.comSo far that is the only email I've been able to find, so PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY FB OR EMAIL IF YOU FIND ANY OTHER INFO ON THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR CHANNELS - myself, other parents, anyone who cares about children and most importantly - our children and future children of the world thank you!!!LET'S HELP EACH OTHER STAY INFORMED ! ! !If you'd like to reach me by email, do so to this

Protect our Children
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Petition to Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General Dubai Municipality

Support Petition for Neighborhood Parks in Bur Dubai

Physical activity among children is on the decline, while obesity and depression are a growing concern for the generation of tomorrow. More and more children are getting addicted to gadgets and digital screens and hence confined indoors.  Our neighborhood is the residential cluster between Burjuman Mall and Al Ain Centre, popularly known as the Golden Sands area in Bur Dubai. Even though this area has more than 100 residential buildings, there is not a single garden or park in the community. It is very common to see children playing between cars in parking lots and on the side streets. Even adults that walk and jog along pavements in the early hours and late evenings run across uneven surfaces and dodge traffic.  Health is important, but Safety should always come first. Only recently there was a disturbing news report of a young boy who lost his life on being run down by a speeding vehicle while he was playing with friends near the street and ran to fetch a football that had rolled onto the road. This was most unfortunate! Children should play in safe areas that are surrounded by a fence and located far from roads. They should not play in open areas located near pavements that pose a risk to their safety and well-being. A safe and protected environment to play is a basic facility that should be provided to every child and knowing that such facilities are available in the neighborhood will ease the anxiety that parents feel in restricting the free movement of children out of concern for their safety.   The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a wonderful initiative to increase the awareness of both young and old towards the importance of health and fitness. Community parks and children’s play areas will be the best possible initiative to ensure that the spark of health and fitness awareness ignited by the Dubai Fitness Challenge keeps burning bright and leads all of us towards a lasting healthy lifestyle. Through this petition, we would like to bring this matter to the notice of the concerned authorities and request them to ponder seriously and take the necessary action to explore corrective steps including conversion of vacant and unused open spaces into safe playing areas for children.   

Aaditya&Aditi Gandhi
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Petition to Internet Crime Complaint Center, CyberTipline (Call 1-800-843-5678), The Justice Department


Children are young, impressionable, and the future of this world.  We love our children, trying to raise them well and love them with all our hearts.  But every day, children are being victimized by sex trafficking, and is a huge part of it. If you're shocked that the site hasn't been shut down yet, you're not the only one.  I discovered the answer to that when searching about the issue. (For the information about the sex trafficking on Backpage, here is the link to what was the inspiration for this petition; please refer to Fox News Article link: ) The reason that wasn't successfully prosecuted was because of the use of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, also known as Section 230 which reads: "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider." In using Section 230, Backpage keeps itself from being liable for what users post on the site. The site even has a Terms of Use page against the trafficking ( However, Backpage has known about the trafficking and illegal activity going on in the site and still has not fully done anything about it.  I still read mentions of Backpage's child sex trafficking in other petitions, not to mention that the site is still up and still has the dating section, and it is highly unlikely that the trafficking has ended. The trafficking of children could be greatly reduced if Backpage was no longer involved.  If Backpage will not shut down their dating section and try to remove the child sex trafficking and other illegal activity from the site, IT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN COMPLETELY! Please help by signing the petition.  If you know anything about any trafficked children on Backpage, such as names and other information, file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC AKA IC3)!  You can also call the CyberTipline at 1-800-843-5678, which is an agency that focuses specifically on child sexual exploitation crimes and ask about getting Backpage shut down!  We also need to come up with as many signatures on the petition as possible to send to The Justice Department and ask them to investigate and shut the page down.  I have also called the CyberTipline and have requested for information on any agencies to send the petition to in order to get Backpage investigated and forcibly shut down! We can't let these children continue to be trafficked, and Backpage has hardly done anything to stop it.  It is a shock that despite the illegal activities that were found about the site, Backpage has not been shut down, nor has Backpage made the effort to resolve the problem!  These children are suffering under greedy people that don't care about their welfare or lives, and that is never okay!   Citations:  Please read the article, which provides important information about the issue the petition is focused on! O'Reilly, Andrew. "Prostitution still thrives on Backpage despite site shutdown of 'adult' section." Fox News, 1 May 2017, Accessed 19 Oct. 2017.   Contacts to Help Stop the Child Sex Trafficking on Backpage!: Internet Crime Complaint Center: CyberTipline Reporting Agency: 1-800-843-5678 Message The Justice Department:

Tasha W.
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Petition to Bob Blair, Vicki Wyatt

Mandatory School Bus Monitors - Riverside 114.

Hello, I am a parent in the Riverside School District.  As you other parents know the safety of our children traveling to and from school is very important.  Everyday, we depend on the school buses to transport our children to and from school safely.  Sadly, that is often not the case.  Sometimes children get in fights, sometimes they get bullied,  most of the things kids talk about are vulgar and full of profanities especially since the buses are not separated by age.  Most recently, and what let me to start this petition was my child choking from someone spraying pepper spray on the bus.  I know that the child that sprayed the pepper spray did get in trouble, but that is not the point.  The point is that most of the issues on our school buses could be prevented if each bus had a monitor.  I have also been told that the bus driver is responsible for the kids on the bus.  The bus driver should not be held accountable for the actions of the students on the bus.  The bus drivers main focus should be driving the bus. I spoke with the primary principal and I was told that the situation regarding the pepper spray had been handled.  The principal and the school are repeatedly failing to understand that instead of handling the issues on a case by case basis, they could prevent the issues from happening if they would just appoint/hire bus monitors. Please sign my petition to demand that Riverside 114 appoint/hire bus monitors for each bus.  Thank you.  

Kristen White
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