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Petition to Richard M. Ponti, Dr. Aaron Spence, , Tim Kaine

KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE! Install metal detectors with armed security in Virginia Beach Schools!

KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE!!! As we all know, school shootings are on the rise and have been increasing since the tragic Columbine HS massacre in 1999. In the almost 18 years that have passed since that horrible day, not much has been done to PREVENT guns in the hands of murderers or any weapons from entering our schools where OUR CHILDREN spend the majority of their days.    There IS a solution that has worked to eliminate would be mass murderers from ever entering the premises. Our airports, courthouses, city and federal buildings, concert halls, and more, have had this preventative security for many years & it has worked to PREVENT these tragic events. *1. METAL DETECTORS at designated entrances with highly armed police officers that are  highly trained in these type of situations, 4-6 officers per school EVERY DAY . (Yes, this may take a little more time in the mornings when students are arriving to school , but every morning I drop off my children, I see students waiting outside before they are allowed to enter at the designated time. I think we could spare a little more time to ensure our children are safe. Yes, it may cost us more tax money to have this security enforced , but I have talked with someone working on starting a non profit organization to fund this protection. I know my children are priceless to me & I’m willing to help pay the price for their safety. )  2. Utilize the check-in desk staff members to visually inspect a visitor at the designated entrance (by camera), prior to buzzing them into the school. 3. Keep all doors locked during school hours. No one enters unless they’re buzzed in through the designated entrance. I believe these simple and proven measures will decrease, if not ELIMINATE, these horrible events from happening.  I believe this is an URGENT matter that MUST be addressed NOW! 18 years and countless, precious lives snuffed out. It’s taken way too long for our trusted leaders to implement a safety tools to PREVENT mass shootings.  If you agree, PLEASE SIGN AND FORWARD  this petition to parents, officials or anyone you know who cares about our children’s well-being and peace of mind .  My 1st goal is to get 444 signatures in honor of my Father who passed away in 2016 . He was a Vietnam Veteran . Thank you! Sincerly Concerned Parent,  Tracy Kane  

Tracy Kane
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Petition to President of the United States, Department of Education, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

US Veterans to Secure our Schools Initiative

We must act to protect our Nations Children and I propose that the leaders of our Country look to our Veterans.  There are over 21 Million Veterans in our Country and nearly Two Hundred Thousand Active Military transitioning to civilian life every year. Who better could we turn to at this time of desperate need to protect our children than our Veterans who have sacrificed and demonstrated their willingness to lay down their lives to protect our Country if necessary?  I believe the Department of Education and the Department of Veteran Affairs could work together to create opportunities and incentivize Veterans to be trained and accredited to participate in schools at many levels. And in addition, take on the roles of safety officers within the Public School System. They would be able to organize and train others and be the front line to respond when necessary.  The potential benefits the role model for Veterans on campuses would be worth the investment even beyond the safety and security of our Children. Students would learn from the examples of Leadership, Responsibility, and Respect that our Veterans so very much represent.  I ask that you sign and share this petition so that the Leaders of Our Nation will act to work on this or other solutions immediately.    Thank you,

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Petition to Greg Abbott, Kickstarter, Travis County Commissioners Court, Department of Justice, Ministry of external affairs, Travis County District Court, Beto O'Rourke, Sushma Swaraj,, C-Span, CNBC, Oprah Winfrey, ELLEN DEGENROUS, vir das, FOX News, CNN, Michelle Obama, Planned Parenthood, Travis County Sheriffs Department, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Barack Obama, United States Supreme Court, Angelina Jolie


CHILDREN. All over the world are being abused by unethical, unscrupulous court systems. The Family Court System NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! Starting with AUSTIN, TEXAS where my 3 precious children among many others are being separated, harmed by criminal JUDGES, ATTORNEYS and FORMER SPOUSES. There is NO JUSTICE in TRAVIS COUNTY DISTRICT FAMILY COURT for me or the countless parents who are being subjected to inhuman, cruel and unlawful judicial practices. WHY? Because this is a money making CARTEL for unscrupulous attorneys, Employees at DRO ( Domestic Relations Office), Unethical Psychologists who make up false and damaging PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS to have breastfeeding babies separated from their loving mothers who have no mental health problems whatsoever. See example: Both these Judges, Tim Sulak as well as James Arth are now going to be subjected to a Public Hearing due to the Motions that I filed to Recuse/Disqualify these maniacs. They aren't fit in anyway to impart justice as I have been personally subjected to their JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT, BIAS and out right maniacal craziness. As Lord Alfred Tennyson said," My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure. Alfred Lord Tennyson" I am fighting this court system with the inner strength of 11 men and 11 women because my heart is pure. And I fight not just for my 3 children ( ages 8, 6 and 2), but I fight for all those men and women who seek my help.  As a child I was severely physically and emotionally  abused by my own mother. my father stood by the sidelines and did nothing much. Even today, very few of my family members have stood by me to support me in any way. Very few as in two.  I was sexually abused by a neighbor Krishna Jagganath ( or KUTTY) for short and my parents did nothing. This is ugly INDIA for you where victims are asked to stay silent while the perpetrators roam free. I realize that it is the same almost everywhere in the world. THIS IS THE GREAT DIVIDE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. We have shootings in schools, day cares, child rapes, on the highest ever because lawmakers and judges can be BOUGHT by criminals. I AM PUTTING MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS. I WILL USE EVERY OUNCE OF MY POWER, INFLUENCE AND RESOURCES TO BRING ABOUT A CHANGE IN THE "TRAVIS COUNTY DISTRICT FAMILY COURT". From my humble place, this is the most I can do. I WANT TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE TO FAMILY COURTS EVERYWHERE THAT CRIMINALS CANNOT HARM CHILDREN AND GET AWAY WITH IT. PLEASE HELP...How?!! My shoe company Jempe is being set up as a Benefit Corporation for the purpose of " Taking the right Strides to protect Children's rights". In addition to $ 11.11 to be donated to the Rain Forest Foundation US ( We will apply as much of our profits from the sale of every shoe: 1. Lobby for Children's rights in the State of Texas 2. File Class Action Lawsuit against the Judges, Attorneys, Court Staff etc. to eliminate their authority/position to make any further decisions involving Children. 3. We will create educational programs to educated Law Enforcement on how to protect children's rights even if Judges Rule incorrectly and in a biased manner that puts little children in harms way. ( I cannot bear to relate the horror stories here of infants and toddlers being sexually/physically abused and being returned to the abusers due to corrupt judges like Judge James Arth, Judge Tim Sulak, Judge Bill Harger, Judge Jan Soifer. These are the Judges in my cases alone. Attorneys are Margo Fox of FOX LAW FIRM, ( Kory Booth and Katherine Booth (Booth Law Lelsie Massad ( Guardian Ad litum), Cynthia Gonzalez ( DRO), Dr. Daphney Ainslie ( Psychologist). Non judicial/officials who Inflicted intentional harm on my innocent children and myself are my ex boyfriend Jon Erik Johannessen Slizza, his ex wife Cynthia Slizza and my ex husbands girlfriend Dyann Confer. My own sister Madhulika Gandhi made statements about my unfitness of being a mother. Why?!! People have personal vendettas and agendas BUT they should never be taken out on innocent children. Hate me if you wish but think twice before harming my child, any child. Thats cruelty beyond human comprehension. HOW CAN YOU HELP?! Please buy a pair of our shoes through this link. This is a pre order and the shoes will be delivered to you anywhere in the world in July 2018. The colors and designs are available for you to pick. They are sustainably handmade gorgeous shoes made by Ecuadorian Families with fruit and vegetable dyes.  Check the pictures of samples here: COST $ 111 plus $ 11 shipping and handling. HELP ME HELP CHILDREN. Follow this link to pay through PAYPAL. Your payment is secure.   Please include name, shipping address and shoe size( U.S. or U.K)      

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