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Protect Our Children! Child Abuse Should Not Be Exempt Ever!

      Imagine a young child having the courage to approach an adult to tell them they’re being sexually abused. Most adults would report the allegation of abuse to law enforcement right away. Most adults would want to stop this abuser, preventing them from abusing any further.  Most would want the community at large to be aware if this predator so that they can protect their own children. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. In Montana the Supreme Court has ruled that there are some EXEMPTIONS. In Montana you have an option of not reporting child abuse! Yes, you’re reading correctly. There are a select group of institutions that are exempt. Institutions that have the right to deal with child abuse on their own terms never involving law enforcement, never notifying the public of this danger.     Taken/Quoted from Matt Volz Associated Press. Montana law requires officials, including clergy, to report child abuse to state authorities when there is reasonable cause for suspicion. However, the state’s high court said in its 7-0 decision that the Jehovah’s Witnesses fall under an exemption to that law in this case. “Clergy are not required to report known or suspected child abuse if the knowledge results from a congregation member’s confidential communication or confession and if the person making the statement does not consent to disclosure,” Justice Beth Baker wrote in the opinion.      In this case the abuser was kicked out for a year then reinstated! Because it was never reported this abuser was allowed to abuse again and he did. There should be no exemptions on child abuse! How do you protect the children in the community if this information is kept secret. Just like an individual seeing a therapist has confidentiality, at some point if that person is a threat all confidentially is thrown out the window. Child abuse must be reported period no exemptions!  

Nicole Nichols
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Petition to Ventura Unified School District and Student Families, Eric Reynolds, Richard Saint


The fields that our children play on EVERYDAY, MULTIPLE times a day at school are UNSAFE!! Countless children have had broken bones and sprained body parts one too many times!! The gopher problem is out of control and must be addressed and fixed NOW! Funds should be directed to get NEW, SAFE fields for our children to play on. This is a huge liability issue for our schools. Their job is to protect our children while they are at school. Public funds and tax dollars are meant for our community and our public schools. We call for every VUSD school to: exterminate gopher and any pest control issues , lay a preventative netting over newly leveled dirt base, lay new grass or AstroTurf over all fields where our children play. Parents and school staff are more than willing to volunteer our time to assist in tasks to get this job done. VUSD make this a priority today!!! My son Donovan, a Fifth grader at Mound Elementary (the largest elementary school in Ventura) broke his arm Thursday, September 12th while playing soccer at recess with friends. He was thrown off balance while going for the ball and fell. His hand went in a gopher hole and his body kept going. He completely broke his radius, fractured his ulna and elbow. He will be in a full arm cast for 6 weeks. The growth plate in his elbow was pushed out of position. Many other parents at Mound have expressed concern over this issue on our Facebook Group parent page on my post. These parents have written stories of their children also being hurt while playing  on the field, including but not limited to broken ankles, sprained ankles and broken arms. Please, if you are a parent of a VUSD student who has been injured while playing on a field at school, comment here about their story. Please sign and share to our Ventura public school community!!! Let’s get this done! Thank you so much for your support ❤️ ***If you are prompted to donate after signing, please do not . This is asking if you want to pay to help gain more attention to the petition.  ****also please share stories of injured students in the comments. Mr. Tyner is going through the nurse log at Mound to tally all injuries and gather statistical data.  

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Petition to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Vision Zero LA, LAUSD

Stop The MacArthur

Children should not be exposed to adult entertainment and alcohol! We must stop The MacArthur from getting an adult entertainment license (like strip clubs have) and a license to sell alcohol from 6:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. daily directly adjacent to Charles White Elementary School and across the street from a park filled with thousands of children. If they obtain this adult entertainment and 20-hour/day liquor license, they will open a huge nightclub complex inside the old Park Plaza Hotel, which will expose children to all kinds of harm, greatly increase crime in our already crime-ridden neighborhood, and gravely endanger pedestrians. Our neighborhood has 5 times the national average of pedestrian casualties and is a major focus of Mayor Eric Garcetti's Vision Zero Initiative to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries. If The MacArthur's proposed project is approved, it will flood our tiny, congested neighborhood with thousands of drunk drivers, and reckless Uber, Lyft, taxi drivers, and valet parkers, resulting in a mass pedestrian casualty crisis. Please let Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, the LAUSD, and Vision Zero know that they must stop this proposed project from being approved and protect the lives and safety of their constituents. Los niños no deben estar expuestos al entretenimiento para adultos y al alcohol! Debemos evitar que MacArthur obtenga una licencia de entretenimiento para adultos (como los clubes de striptease) y una licencia para vender alcohol de 6:00 a.m. a 2:00 a.m. diariamente, directamente adyacente a Charles White Elementary School y al otro lado de la calle de un parque lleno de miles de niños. Si obtienen esta licencia de entretenimiento para adultos y licores de 20 horas al día, abrirán un enorme complejo de clubes nocturnos dentro del viejo Park Plaza Hotel, que expondrá a los niños a todo tipo de daños, lo que aumentará enormemente el crimen en nuestro vecindario, que ya cuenta con el crimen y gravemente poner en peligro a los peatones. Nuestro vecindario tiene 5 veces el promedio nacional de víctimas peatonales y es un enfoque importante de la Iniciativa Visión Cero del alcalde Eric Garcetti para reducir las muertes y lesiones de peatones. Si se aprueba el proyecto propuesto de The MacArthur, inundará nuestro pequeño y congestionado vecindario con miles de conductores ebrios, y los imprudentes Uber, Lyft, taxistas y aparcacoches, lo que provocará una crisis masiva de víctimas peatonales. Por favor, informe al Alcalde Eric Garcetti, al Concejal Gil Cedillo, al LAUSD y a Vision Zero que deben detener la aprobación de este proyecto propuesto y proteger las vidas y la seguridad de sus electores.

MacArthur Park Wants #HomesNotHotels ~ Los Angeles District 1
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