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Petition to JOSHUA ISD, Joshua Texas

Change Hair requirements on boys in school code

My son has been growing his hair to donate to the cancer society (Wigs for Kids) we are a few inches away from the required length of 12" Last night at Meet the Teacher I was told he may not be able to start if he does not cut his hair. I contacted our Superintendent who forwarded my concerns to the Assistant Superintendent. His response was ____________________________________________________________"It is commendable that your son wants to grow his hair to donate to an organization such as Locks of Love. Joshua ISD has a dress code that all students must follow in order to attend school. In relation to hair length for male students, the dress code states: Boys’ hair should not extend beyond the following limits: Front – Hair/Bangs, when combed straight down, must not be longer than the top of the eyebrows. Side - The entire ear may be covered but should not exceed the corner of the jawbone on the sides. Sideburns should not be more than one-half inch below the bottom of the ear lobe. Back - Hair must be cut so that it is no longer than the bottom of the dress shirt collar or top of a t- shirt collar. Boys’ hair will not be worn in tails, ponytails, or buns. The dress code was created with input from the community. The grooming section in the dress code reflects the standards that our community holds for students in our District. While there may be differences in requirements for male and female students, all aspects were developed to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards."____________________________________________________________ When I said they are denying my child an opportunity asked for clarification on how it is a disruption, hygiene issue, let alone safety hazard matter? When in fact he never met my child. He said they are not denying him any opportunity and didn't answer the clarification on the reasoning of the rule. I would understand if my child was dirty to the point he is disrupting the learning environment. We do not have pets, not around animals so the hair is clean. I also noted that its a religious custom and tradition and He then said" "Religious objections to dress code are only considered when the area of controversy is mandatory according to the religion, not if it is traditional or customary." SO HOW IS A GIRLS LONG HAIR ANY LESS DISRUPTION OR SAFER THAN A BOY WITH LONG HAIR?? IT IS NOT IN HIS EYES, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE JUDGED BASED ON HIS GENDER. IF IT IS NOT AFFECTING THE PERSON PHYSICALLY, ACADEMICALLY   SAFETY HAZARDS ARE TO BE NEUTRAL, THEY ARE ALL IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT.  Help me make a statement and get this "code' changed, as it is not fair for all our male students, who wish to express themselves and are denied because of an archaic rule. 

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Petition to Government of India, People of India, Child Care Institutions, GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA, Ministry of Women and Child Development, ChildLine


After witnessing the tragic incidents of rape and murders of girl children and women in our nation we, Sankalp Foundation, have felt that a change in our system is inevitable for the protection of our girl children. Therefore, we took up this signature campaign for the protection of girl children demanding several changes in the educational system and implementation of stringent laws that would ensure the future of girl children in our nation India. Childhood is the most beautiful and memorable part of life. Children are supposed to enjoy care and protection from their parents, relatives and society at large. But unfortunately, the future of our children, especially girl children is shattered. They are being terrorized by the ongoing and ever-increasing incidents of sexual abuse, rape and murder in our nation. Despite the development of civilization and modern technological advances, protection of our children still remains a mere dream. It is very sad to observe that in most such cases the threat to children comes from either those they are close to, from their homes or educational institutions.  These ongoing issues of rape and murder in our country not only threatening the security of women but also degrading our country’s reputation internationally. It is a high time for all of us to take a firm stand to protect our girl children. Please stand with Sankalp Foundation to sign your petition for the “Protection of the Girl Child”. The one minute you spend to sign-out this petition can bring a change in our society. Below are the Demands of Sankalp Foundation, Chandanagar, Hyderabad: 1.     Both State and Central Governments must give highest priority for the protection of Girl Children by implementing means and rules of security 2.     Schools and colleges must adopt proper curriculum to sensitize children and youth about Sex and Gender Education for which socio-political, cultural and religious elements should not become obstacles. 3.     All children must be provided training in self-protection skills, awareness in determining the difference between what is good-touch and what is bad-touch and must be provided training on how, whom and when to report an abuse. 4.     All boys must be provided sensitivity training to behave properly with girls.  5.     All Child Protection Laws/Acts/policies made by the Government must be taught to children, so all children will be aware of their rights. 6.     Appointment of well-trained counselors in all Schools and educational institutions must be made strictly mandatory. 7.     Gender roles in families and societies must change from the perception of man as protector and woman as protected to both as equal partners and friends with mutual respect. 8.     All parents must also be provided awareness in making their homes abuse-free and child-friendly so little girls and boys can openly and immediately inform to their parents of any abuse they have encountered. 9.     Stringent laws and punishments must be implemented to reduce crime-rate against children and Women. 10.  The time span between the report of abuse and the right judgement must be significantly reduced, for which Special (Fast-track) Courts must be established to deal with cases of child abuse, rape and murder.

Sankalp Foundation
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