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Petition to Dr. S. Ganguli, Dr. Pragnya Ram, Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla, JAYASHREE MOHTA

@AdityaBirlaGrp: Mandate 50% parent members in safety committee of your schools.

November 2017: A four-year-old girl of a reputed school in Kolkata returned home with blood-stains on her uniform and was reportedly crying. The parents then rushed to the SSKM hospital with the child, where doctors told the parents about the sexual assault.Back in November 2014, a six-year girl was assaulted in the same school. An outsider was blamed last time. This time, the enemy was within. One thing stayed constant. No CCTV at the school then. No CCTV now. December 2017:  A staff member of another reputed school of Kolkata was arrested for the sexual assault of a three-year-old twice earlier this year. The girl’s parents claimed that the incidents had happened in June and September and the school had not taken any action. I am a mother of two kids. My elder one is already in a school. I got really scared after those incidents. I researched for the last 1 year and found so many such cases in private schools. Most of them happened in the pre-primary section (3-6 years). Schools exist to provide safe environments to children to explore, be curious, to learn, to be taught. This is why schools have walls, fences, and gates – to keep their wards safe. However, in the light of recent atrocities, schools are unfortunately not safe anymore. The children are getting raped, molested and abused in schools across the nation.  Now the question is, can the parents really encourage their children to go to school when they themselves are not sure about the safety of the school? A mistrust between school and parent is growing exponentially. It can explode at any time.  A child's education is a shared responsibility of parents and school. So we don't want any scope of mistrust between both. The mistrust needs to translate to better parental engagement in schools. Good schools will always agree to make things better and will appreciate the well-mannered support from the parents. So I am requesting Aditya Birla Group and BK Birla Group to mandate the inclusion of 50% parent members in their Safety Committee. School can ask the parents to nominate themselves as a volunteer. School should also facilitate to introduce the interested parents to all other parents  Then school should arrange an online or offline voting system to select the final parent members. Other parents should always have the opportunity to personally interact with them. If an equal ratio of parent members are included in the School Safety Committee, they can: Actively take part in creating a safety guideline for school. Ensure regular auditing of school infrastructure. i.e. if CCTV is installed or it's in good condition etc. Verify the background checking of teaching and non-teaching staffs. Interact with other parents and address their safety-related issues. Not only physical safety-related issues but also emotional safety-related issues can be addressed by parents. For instance mental harassment, bullying, inappropriate textbook, etc. Birla Group has a great contribution in building future citizens across the generation with their schools in India. They are also very much aware of their social responsibilities. So they should take this initiative for a noble cause of creating an environment of safety and trust in the school. Being a pioneer, they can also set an example for others. If they take this first step, they are going to create a positive revolution in the school safety system across India. So request you, please sign my petition to bring back the environment of safety and trust in schools. #engageparentsinschoolsafety #bringbacktrust  #makeschoolsafest

Sahida Khatun
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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, CBSE, ISCE , Maneka Gandhi

Teach Kids & Teachers How To Fight Sexual Abuse: Make it part of the syllabus

Trigger Warning: Content About Sexual Abuse I was 4-years-old when I was sexually abused. It was a trusted family member. I was too confused to know what was happening. When I was 8, the caretaker of my apartment molested me by pretending to play a game. My aunt laughed at me when I tried to talk to her. What happened to me continues to happen to thousands of children across the country. In these horrible times, no child is safe. That’s why I want schools in India to have compulsory Personal Safety Education. I was abused till I was 19 years old. But not one person noticed what I was going through. My education suffered and they blamed me. They didn’t see the depression. They didn’t even see the physical signs. Throughout my childhood I kept looking for a safe space. But it isn’t easy to talk about abuse in India. Children must learn how to be safe, to identify and avoid predators. Teachers and staff must learn how to identify signs of abuse and provide counselling and parents must learn how to protect their children. And should a child ever face abuse or even the possibility of abuse, they will have a teacher they can trust and safely turn to. A teacher who won’t laugh it off, who won’t ignore the warning signs, who will be there for the child. I’m asking the two largest school boards in India - CBSE and ISCE to make Personal Safety Education a compulsory part of the syllabus. This will impact lakhs of children in India. Sign my petition now so that I can show the Government, the CBSE and ISCE that lakhs of Indians want their children to be safe. Help me make this country a little bit safer for children.

Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman
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Petition to ministry of social justice and empowerment, Prime Minister of India, Union Minister of Ministry of Human Resource Development, President of India, Governor of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, Government of India

Government schools for Special needs children across India

India Still Doesn't Have A Proper System To Ensure Education To Children With Disabilities. The country lacks a central body to frame guidelines, leaving colleges and schools to decide for themselves. This doesn’t work in favor of the children or parents. Choices in education are hard enough normally. When you’re the parent of a child with special needs, it can be tougher. In India, there are 2.7 million people with special needs, in a population of 1.3 billion. This means that about 2.2% of our population has special needs. Report on disabled persons in India Having a special needs child can be an expensive affair. The cost can be up to four times that of raising a child without special needs. Doctors’ visits, medication, and special items like wheelchairs can cause costs to pile up. People in the rural parts of the country aren't aware of such cases and feel they need to hide away their child, which in turns becomes an act of shunning away their child from the society. Awareness Programmes in such areas can help people know what their child is suffering from and can help lead them better life with proper treatment and education.  Having schools all across India including the rural areas, which are Government funded with all the proper material to teach and support these children for future endeavours can help parents to help their child to walk on the same path as everyone else without feeling burdened financially. 

Nikita Singh
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Petition to Shri Kamal Nath, Jyotiraditya Scindia

Priyanshu needs YOUR SUPPORT to live

Priyanshu is the  son of a daily wage worker from  Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. When he was just 3-months old, he was diagnosed with a complex congenital heart defect in which impure and pure blood gets mixed, resulting in lung damage. Imagine the helplessness of a parent, whose child is diagnosed with a rare disease and he does not have the money to get the treatment done. That is what Priyanshu's parents are going through. Dr Rakesh Mishra , Priyanshu’s paediatrician said, “He has a double outlet right ventricle with a large ventricular septal defect with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Across the globe, less than 0.5% of population gets this disease.” “In Priyanshu’s case, since both the outlets of his heart are very close, pure and impure blood keeps mixing,” he added. “In 2015, a bridging therapy  – a pulmonary artery banding was done – to reduce blood flow at high pressures into the lungs, thus preventing lung damage and prolonging life. He is around because of that surgery,” said Dr Mishra. A reconstructive surgery is needed at the earliest to treat the child, but it carries considerable risk. Priyanshu's parents have consulted all the top hospitals in India like AIIMS,  Fortis Hospital in Delhi, Narayan Hrudyalaya in Bangalore, Ruby Hall and Jehangir hospital in Pune, but they have all declared him “inoperable” in the country. His father Sagar Meshram has found some hope in the United States. Through some good samaritans, he has been able to get in touch with  Dr Sitaram Emani of The heart centre, Boston Children’s hospital ,Boston. This hospital has treated patients with this defect and he is hopeful that the child will get help there and be able to lead a normal life afterwards. But and there is a big “BUT” here. He does not have the funds to take Priyanshu to Boston for his treatment. More than a year ago ( In May 2017), the cost of treatment at Boston was estimated to be about Rupees 1.65 crores , but since the funds could not be collected ,his condition went from bad to worse and  he now needs 2 surgeries and the expected costs have gone upto about Rupees 2.2 crores . Heartening thing is that due to the efforts of some good hearted people who have been helping Sagar Meshram, Priyanshu's father, and the generosity of common citizens, an amount of about Rupees 60 lakhs has already been collected. Priyanshu's condition is deteriorating and  It is imperative that he is sent to Boston soon for his treatment, failing which any effort or any amount of money may prove to be useless in saving his life. Please sign this petition to #SavePriyanshu and join me in requesting  the Chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Kamal Nath, to help in bridging the gap for the  remaining amount of funds required for Priyanshu's treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital, that are approximately Rupees 1.6 crores.  

Gaurav M
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