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Petition to Narendra Modi

Cancellation of CBSE 12th Private/2nd Compartment/Failure/Improvement Category Exams

CBSE had decided to cancel the 12th Board Examination in view of the Covid 19 Pandemic. A welcome move which brought millions of smiles to students at large. However, in a notification vide no. CBSE/CE/2021 Dtd. 17.06.2021 Titled " Policy for Tabulation of Marks Class XII Board Examinations 2021 " in point no. 29 they have laid down policy for Private/Patrachar Candidates/ 2nd Compartment candidates,etc. which states exam will be conducted for them when it is conducive. I feel this is differentiating private candidates from regular candidates and has no rationale behind it to conduct exams for one set of CBSE candidates and not for other set. It is to note that private candidates are equally vulnerable to the pandemic situation plus they didn't have school support for preparations, even private tuitions were closed. It is injustice that CBSE would be differentiating between two sets of its own students for the same board. When the exam cancellation announcements were done a month back every child stopped preparing for board and instead focussed on UG level entrance exams. Even CBSE Controller for Exams Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj had replied to many candidates when asked about Private Compartment Student Exams that all exams for class 10th and 12th is cancelled for this year. Now suddenly this arbitrary decision as it appears has made the candidates in this category panicked and dismayed. Most are back to being depressed uncertain of their future.  Certain State Boards have decided to cancel and promote their Private Candidates based on defined criteria for example Board of Secondary Education, Odisha. CBSE being a forerunner in terms of number of candidates it hosts each year, such decision is unexpected. When CBSE couldn't conduct few exams papers in 2020, at that time they cleared both regular and private candidates based on defined criteria so why not this time same thing is adopted. Moreover, barring Patrachar Vidyalaya candidates all Private Candidates - 2nd Compartment, Failed, Improvement all have been regular candidates in the past so their academic performance can be fetched from last attended regular school. Students can also be evaluated on other criterion like average of marks scored in the subjects already passed in the past CBSE 12th Boards the candidate appeared in. There can be other methodology adopted so that these candidates have a fair chance of pursuing higher studies without dropping yet another year.  I humbly request CBSE Board, Education Ministry and Honourable Supreme Court of India to take a stance in favour of the Private/2nd Compartment/ Failed category students so they are also evaluated similar to the regular candidates.   Thanking You, Nishant  

Nishant K
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Petition to MHRD, Ministry of Education, CM Haryana, Directorate of Education (Haryana), Education Minister of Haryana, Office of Chief Minister of Haryana, DAVCMC , PMO India

Waiver of Yearly Development Charge & Fee Hike by Private Schools in Covid-19 Pandemic Era

SEEKING IMMEDIATE INDULGENCE AND ATTENTION TOWARDS THE TORTUROUS/HARASSING & ARBRITARY CONDUCT OF THE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT BY REMOVING/STRIKING OFF THE NAME OF THE WARDS FROM THE WHATSAPP SCHOOL GROUP, THEREBY FURTHER HARASSING THE INNOCENT WARDS BY REMOVING THEIR NAMES FROM THE SCHOOL GROUP AND DEBARRING THEM FROM APPEARING IN ONLINE UTs/OTHER TESTS ETC. We all writing this letter/presentation to you for relief and succor amid gloomy situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic.  Since lockdown,  it had struck a grievous jolt to the earnings of all, in the first instance,  due to the closure of work places of the individuals.  As everybody know the conditions of parents especially from the lower middle class has been worsening day by day, forcing them to find even basic requirements being unmet. Our humble and respectful submissions, seeking waiving of all yearly development charges and late fee charges and the parents going through these tough times be allowed to pay the fee on monthly basis apart from other legitimate wariver, considering their precarious financial position. Sir, we all are law abiding citizens and having an impeccable record had been paying the fees of  our wards regularly and timely for the last so many years.  We all bring to you kind notice that we are the only bread earner in the family and we all belong to different vocation  have been passing through a very tough times, since all the profession especially the private sector and those who are self employed have grossly suffered in terms of their financial capabilities and  are surviving on the little savings we had and the money borrowed from our friends and relatives, since due to closure of businesses/markets/offices for such a longer time, we  are passing through a financial crises.  The businesses/offices/markets/shops have been closed and the parents like us are confined to their houses, unable to attend the offices/place of their livelihood.  Unlock didn’t bring any much relief, since contrary to expectations, the increase of cases being on the upper side most of the offices/places of financial means remain closed as such gave no relief, rather aggravated the situation.  One doesn’t know how long such a situation will continue. We as an parents are facing precarious financial situation and are  unable to sustain ourselves.  Almost one and half years except some months in between, sitting at home without any work and income and over and above uncertainty of the resumption of  the workplaces, has multiplied the agony.  Of course some earnings with limited resources has been there during the unlock period, which is insufficient.  In the prevailing conditions, most of the parents are suffering immensely and extremely. We have repeatedly reminded and conveyed our genuine grievances to the Schools  that, in such an emergent and disastrous situation, one cannot be left high and dry, it needs hardly to be emphasized that the parents community in NCR is facing a severe  financial  crises.  We fully understand and respect that the teachers/staff be given their rightful dues as the Teachers discharged their duties during this unusual times amid COVID-19 crises, we of course consider and equate them with not less than covid-19 warriors. It would absolutely be not out of context to mention herein, that in view of the judgement of Single Judge of (Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High court vide Civil Writ Petition  no. 7409 of 2020 in the case titled as “ Independent Schools’ Association and other V/s State of Punjab & others”  which is equally applicable to the schools of Haryana as well, once again remind and draw kind attention of your good office towards relevant paras of the said judgement which has further been retrieved in the latest LPA (Petition) vide order dtd. 04/09/2020, the matter was taken up through video conference. The relevant paras state as under:- Sub para (e ) of Para 2  “Any parent not able to pay the school fee in the above terms may file their application along with necessary proof about their financial status, which SHALL be looked into by the school authority and, after looking into it sympathetically,  give concession or exempt the entire fee, as the case may be .  In case the parent is still aggrieved, in any manner, with an adverse decision by the school on his application, he may approach the Regulatory Body , so constituted under section  7 of the Punjab regulation of fee of un-aided Education Institutions Act, 2016 .  No parent shall misuse the concession by laying a false claim”. “However, the namesof those students, who have either  sought or apply for concession or waiver of school fee, their names shall not be struck off  from the roles till their application(s) are decided by the School Management  or by the Regulatory Body constituted under section 7 of  the Punjab Regulation of Fee of Unaided Educational  Institutions Act, 2016…” We further apprise your goodself, that we all parents, so aggrieved, also held a peaceful and respectful protest with duly permitted members(parents) at the outside Gate of DAV School, Sector-37, Faridabad premises on 14th of June, 2021 at around 10:30 AM, which was also reported in the several leading newspapers apart from the print media (NDTV- a report by the Ravish Kumar)  only to draw attention of your goodself and we also hereby urge  you to give a deep and personal concern to the genuine causes of the parents in need due to covid-19, considering their precarious financial position amid COVID-19 pandemic. As the prolonged closure of workplaces all over the country has resulted in depriving the majority of the us of our only source of income. That during these unprecedented times of trouble, parents are no exception, the parent community has been severely hit and facing financial distress likely as others. We, very painfully, once again  hereby remind you of our requests  seeking exemption/waiver of yearly development charges with an option to pay the  tuition fee on monthly basis without any fee hike apart from  all other additional/extra charges in regard to our wards studying.  Our wards too have tried to catch your attention by a quote from a very famous American poet A part of the poem written by Mamie Gene Cole which reads thus “I am the child. All the world waits for my coming. All the earth watches with interest to see what I shall become. Civilization hangs in the balance, For what I am, the world of tomorrow will be.  I am the child. You hold in your hand my destiny. You determine, largely whether I shall succeed or fall. Give me, I pray you, these things that make for happiness. Train me I beg you, that I may be a blessing to the world” We therefore, in view of this global pandemic on behalf of our wards as well once again request your goodself  with utmost care and respect,  seek waiver of above stated heads. We pray to God and hope that the normalcy resumes and a parent like us may not be constrained to withdraw our wards from the school.  

Prabha Pandey
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