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Petition to Smriti Irani, Bhupender Yadav

Amend laws to give adoptive mothers equal maternity benefits

I am an adoptive mother of 2 children. In September 2017, our lives upturned when we became parents of two children overnight. When my children came home, my daughter was 5 years old and my son, 2. Here they were clutching onto each other for dear life because they were with 2 complete strangers who were speaking languages they didn’t understand, and in a strange house in a new city which had to grow into their home.  We had to get to know each other - our likes and dislikes, win each other’s hearts, build each other’s trust, learn to communicate our feelings and emotions with each other despite language barriers, share our secrets, appreciate new food and create a brand new family. And my then employer gave me a meagre 6 weeks to do this mammoth task. While a biological mother would spend more than 4 times this time with the child. Why shouldn’t I get the same access to my ‘new-born’ children to create from nothing a feeling of a home for them in our family?  That's because the current Maternity Benefits Law discriminates between mothers who are biological and those who are adoptive like me, even though we love our children as much and will go to the ends of the earth to protect them. The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 today grants maternity leave of 12 weeks only for adoptive mothers who have adopted a child that is less than 3 months old. This means that adoptive mothers who adopted one or more children older than 3 months do not get any maternity benefit from the State. We are left to the mercy of our employers when we choose to build a family through adoption. Why don’t children older than 3 months deserve to get love and care when they come into a new home? So I urge you to please sign my petition and support me so that we can together demand from (i) the Ministry of Women and Child Development, (ii) the Ministry of Labour and Women Employment and (iii) the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, that the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 be amended to give equal maternity leave (of 26 weeks) to adoptive mothers, irrespective of the age of the child.

Hamsaanandini Nanduri
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Petition to Narendra Modi, PM, India, Manoj Sinha, LG Jammu and Kashmir, India, Dr S Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, India

Release 14 year old Pakistani child Asmad Ali who accidentally crossed over to India

A Pakistani child named Asmad Ali belonging to the border village of Tatrinote accidentally crossed the Line of Control while he was running after his pet pigeon and crossed over to India. The incident happened on November 25th, 2021.  The child was first detained by the Indian Army and later handed over to the Jammu and Kashmir police who filed and FIR against him and presented him before the Juvenile Justice Board in Poonch. Asmad is now at a home for juvenile offenders in Ranbir Singh Pora. It has already been more than two months that Asmad is stuck in India away from his home.  Asmad studies in class 8th at the Stars School in Tatrinote. Asmad's maternal grandparents who are his care takers are very sad by his arrest in India and his maternal uncle Arbab Ali has made a humanitarian appeal to the Indian authorities to release him and send him back home. The Indian side has always been generous in the past and has sent back Pakistani kids who have accidentaly crossed the Line of Control. Moreover, the Indian Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police have not found any national security implications in the case and the FIR registered in the case also does not include any sections related to National Security threats.  I request the Indian authorities to release Asmad Ali on humanitarian grounds and send him back to his maternal grand parents in Tatrinote Villagrle. Sign my petition to pursue the Indian authorities to release Asmad Ali and send him back home. The media in both India and Pakistan have covered Asmad Ali's case. You can read this article in The Logical Indian to know more about him.  

Rahul Kapoor
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Petition to Prakash Javadekar, Priyank Kanoongo, Smriti Irani, Disney India, Hungama , Nickeldeon , Vivek Tankha, BYJUS , Pragya Vats

Broadcast Child Helpline Number 1098 On All TV Channels

Do you know that most of the abusers in cases of child sexual abuse are family members, relatives and acquaintances? We are all under a lockdown. I can't even imagine what most children, who are victims of sexual and physical abuse, are going through every day under this lockdown.  Under normal circumstances, it isn’t considered safe for the abused child to stay at home as it might lead to further abuse. But, the lockdown has made it far more difficult.  The support networks have broken down. The children do not know what to do and suffer silently.  The incidents have already seen an increase and if we do nothing, they will keep on increasing.  We cannot let this happen. Most of the children inside their homes do not even know how to ask for help. They are not even aware that the child helpline number is 1098, leave alone how to protect themselves! No one believes them, and so we need to step up and do something now.  The need of the hour is to ensure that the children suffering from violence and abuse, which is inflicted upon them by their own family members/relatives/care takers, are at least aware of the helpline number.  The only way we can do it by ensuring that the information about 1098 reaches EVERY CHILD. Please sign my petition asking the government to immediately take the following steps: - Ensure that the awareness about 1098 is  spread by broadcasting on television channels, including cartoon channels; - Youtube should also carry the same advertisements. Please show your support and sign this petition so that our children do not suffer silently. This lockdown shouldn’t become difficult and fatal for them. 

Saswat Das
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