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Petition to Guernsey County Ohio Juvenile Judge David Bennett, Guernsey County Ohio Child Protective Services, Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions of Cambridge Ohio, Guernsey County Common Pleas Court, Guernsey County Common Pleas Court Judge Daniel Padden, Guernsey County Common Pleas Adult Probation, A guardian and litem for my daughter

I Am My Daughter's Voice

  Allow me to begin by saying that my only goal has always been what's best for my daughter's mental, physical & emotional well-being. All of which have not been seriously taken into consideration by anyone else. I love my little girl more than anything in this whole wide world. My daughter will be 9 years old in May of 2020. Where the courts placed my daughter, with her Paternal Grandmother and Paternal Step Grandfather, along with her drug addicted Father; whom is in & out of jail; is far from a safe, loving & fit environment. I don't understand myself how her Father is allowed a driver's license because he sees a neurologist for seizures. What happens if he has a seizure with our daughter in the car? I, myself am a recovering addict with 9 and a half months sober & clean. I was only granted supervised visits with my daughter, at her Paternal Grandmother’s request & house.   I have defeated & overcome all of the odds that have been placed against me so far. I was in a very abusive relationship that I was able to escape from after six years & even during that time; the welfare of my child always came first & foremost. I have a job, I now own my own home as well as my own car. I was even able to buy my Mother a car. I have been in counseling for my drug addiction. I have been in several groups for my addiction & to help with my self esteem issues from the trauma I endured in my past & past relationship.   I have been bullied around by the court system; when it comes to my little girl; not only by the courts but also by my daughter's Paternal Grandmother, her Paternal Step Grandfather & my child’s Father. Needless to say, I've had enough. I’m finally standing up for myself.    I’m fighting for my daughter as well. If I don’t then who will? I've even witnessed those three people, bully my daughter & call her horrible names. I've overcome so many obstacles & I’m still looked down upon. I’m treated as less than. All while my daughter's Father has been in & out of jail & is living with our daughter with his mother, the Paternal Grandmother. She has sole custody of our daughter.   I’m done being bullied & being made to allow my daughter to be bullied as well. It’s clear that her Father's side of the family have some kind of pull; in the town I live in with the court system. I’ve worked so hard in my recovery and still feel like a failure. It’s so unfair to my daughter & myself. My little girl is hurting so much due to all of this. Her Father gets to live with her & is able to fail drug tests as well as being arrested at least twice within the last month or so. How is this even possible?   I want to petition the courts & have him, (My daughter's Father) removed from the home; if my daughter is forced to continuously live there. I also want to petition the courts to regain full custody of my little girl. There is nothing more to this story than power, money, & control. I don’t have those three things so I’m only left with supervised visits until the courts say otherwise. I get that. I truly do. But why does the father who is actively using, get to physically live with our minor child? I have remained as strong as I can through all of this. I went from having nothing to having everything I could possibly need. The only thing missing is my daughter. In the meantime, while I work on custody, I just want her safe.   I will remain in my sobriety & will work on my recovery. I haven’t had one relapse through all of this. I have been bullied so much and a person can only take so much. But using is not the answer.   My daughter needs me to be her voice. I will always be her voice... always. Please. I’m asking you to help me petition the courts to have her Father removed from the home until he has at least one year clean and sober &/or to bring my little girl home to me. Do this for my daughter. What if it was your child?

Rhianna Roberts
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Petition to Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate, Pennsylvania Governor

Pass Kayden's Law before another child is murdered in Pennsylvania.

On August 6, 2018, seven-year-old Kayden Mancuso was murdered by her father.  Kayden’s death was preventable. Her mother knew that Kayden’s father was violent and unhinged, and she knew that Kayden didn’t feel safe around him. Domestic violence experts know that it is often the most dangerous abusers who use custody courts to manipulate their victims into staying or punish them for leaving. Despite all the warnings, a judge made a legal decision to allow Kayden’s father to spend unsupervised time with her. And Kayden’s father used that time alone to murder her. We know he wanted to punish Kayden's mother because he left a note to say so. Every year, dozens of children are killed under similar, preventable circumstances. Tens of thousands more subjected to predictable abuse and trauma The judicial system responded defensively to the tragedy and the judge blamed both parents for the father’s sadistic crime. The Stop Abuse Campaign crafted Kayden’s Law with Kayden’s family, Child USA, interested legislators, and the governor's office [SB868 and HB1587]. It will protect hundreds of children from sexual abuse, physical abuse and witnessing domestic violence every year. And it will be the best way to honor a special girl and force something good out of such a despicable crime.  Sign this petition. Tell Pennsylvania’s leaders to pass Kayden’s law.   Find the Stop Abuse Campaign's other petitions. More information on the custody crisis in our family courts

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Petition to Donald J Trump, Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, Ken Kirk, Alfonso Fernandez

Investigate Dr. Kim Arredondo, Psychologist - Corruption in Brazos County Family Court

Petition for formal investigation ofDr. Kim Arredondo, Psychologist (Lic.#32759) We, the undersigned to this petition wish to make public our grave concerns about one of the TSBEP (Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychology) licensees, Dr. Kim Arredondo (Lic.# 32759) and her company Brazos Valley Psychological Services, P.A.Many of Dr. Kim Arredondo's court assigned clients have publicly and legally complained that Dr. Kim Arredondo intentionally conducted deeply-flawed forensiccustody and psychological evaluations for family courts that have irreparably harmed parents, children, families and friends. We are saddened that we must take these actions today. However, in doing so, we hope to prevent this tragedy from happening to other members of the public who are court-ordered to obtain social study, custody evaluation reports and psychological evaluations by Dr. Kim Arredondo. We urge you to take this petition and our individual complaints about Dr. Kim Arredondo and the employees at Brazos Valley Psychological Services P.A. seriously, investigate her actions thoroughly and provide us petitioners with your plan of action. As a critical component of the family law system, we ask that this Board consider taking the following actions listed below, among others, to remedy troubling issues pertaining to abhorrent misconduct in forensic evaluations and implement long-overdue reforms. It is incumbent upon the Board to uphold its professional integrity by strengthening its policies pertaining to forensic evaluations conducted by its licensees, and enforcing those rules rigorously by identifying, investigating and disciplining unethical practitioners. Thus, we ask that the board instill additional oversight and provide clear direction toforensic psychologists involved in family court cases. Taking these and other steps will prevent needless devastation to Texas children and their families. Additionally, it will better inform the court as to the best interests of the children, which is the clear mandate in these cases. To not properly address this important issue would be negligent upon the Board. It may place the public, especially one of its most vulnerable populations, our children at further risk of irreparable damage and may further erode the public’s faith in the psychological profession. As a result of the damaging effects that Dr. Kim Arredondo's misconduct has had on us as parents and our children’s lives, we request that the Board conduct a comprehensive review of its policies and rules regarding forensic evaluations. Due to the critical and extensive nature of the problems discussed herein, we request that the Board create a committee to conduct such a review, and have among its members at least two (2) parents to represent the public’s perspective. Below are Reference videos from Emmy Award Winning Investigative Reporter Wayne Dolcefino and local KBTX investigative reporter Rusty Surrette who have discovered that Dr. Kim Arredondo has collaborated for years with local judges and attorneys in Brazos County Family Court using her false social study and custody evaluation reports as the main evidence in deciding the outcome of child custody cases.   Alyssa Karsagi is a divorced Jewish mom and the latest victim who recently had her parental rights taken away due to Dr. Kim Arredondo’s deeply flawed custody evaluation report being used as the main evidence in her judgement.  Little other evidence or testimony by Alyssa Karsagi and her attorneys was allowed in her jury trial for custody of her children and some witnesses and evidence were excluded entirely. Below are videos from Emmy Award Winning Investigative Reporter Wayne Dolcefino and Local TV CBS News Station KBTX in Bryan - College Station, Texas documenting how Dr. Kim Arredondo colludes with local Judges and Family Law Attorneys with her falsified social study and custody evaluation reports to destroy the lives of parents and children in the Family Law court system in Brazos County, TX.Initial video by Dolcefino Consulting (1/29/19): "Is Autism on Trial in Aggieland" Follow up article by Dolcefino Consulting (1/29/19): "We Will Fight Courthouse Retaliation in Aggieland"  Intial coverage by KBTX Channel 3 News in College Station (1/29/19): Video claims local mom is getting unfair treatment   Follow up coverage by KBTX Chanel 3 News in College Station (1/30/2019): Did local attorneys fail to disclose a conflict of interest?  Second video by Dolcefino Consulting after Jan 30th hearing (2/1/2019):   Third video by Dolcefino Consulting (3/1/2019):  Fourth video by Dolcefino Consulting (7/19/2019): Anti-Semitism in Aggieland? A case similar to Alyssa Karsagi's case:KBTX reports on Travis Sheppard-Part 1: KBTX reports on Travis Sheppard-Part 2:          

Alyssa Karsagi
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Rhode Island State House, Rhode Island State Senate, James R. Langevin, J. Aaron Regunberg, Maryellen Goodwin, Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse, V Susan Sosnowski, Ana B Quezada, Katherine S. Kazarian, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary Clinton

Justice for Julian! Insist RI DCYF respect the wishes of his murdered mother.

In January 2019, Rachael Rene became a well known name in Rhode Island for being the first domestic violence death in the state. She was brutally stabbed to death by her baby’s father, Luis Matta. Just a day before Rachael’s life was taken, she was awarded sole custody of their eight month old son, Julian. Luis brutally attacked Rachael with their son in the home. He stabbed Rachael 28 times leaving her unrecognizable, mutilated her body, and with a broken arm and hand. After murdering Rachael he brought Julian to his parents' home. Julian has remained in the Matta home ever since. Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) has made little to no effort to work with Rachael's family since she was murdered. Instead, DCYF has been cooperatively working with the Matta family. Although just a short time before the murder a judge had found Luis unfit to be a custodial parent for Julian, DCYF has chosen not to terminate Luis's parental rights but allow him to consent to his parents adopting Julian. DCYF is allowing Luis to make decisions for Julian's future while he had no regard for his son's future when he decided to murder Rachael. DCYF failed to contact anyone in Rachael's family in order to notify them on the whereabouts of Julian. They eventually told Lisa Rene, Rachael's mother, that Julian would NOT be placed with the Matta family, but ultimately he was. Rachael had a very close relationship with her mother who was devastated to find out through the news, that Julian was placed with the Matta family. Both Lisa and I were in the delivery room when Julian was born. The Matta Family was not present that day.  Lisa had been a major part of Julian's life since day one. At one point during Rachael's tumultuous relationship with Luis, Rachael told Lisa that she feared Luis would kill her; Rachael asked Lisa to promise that she would take care of Julian.  DCYF kept Julian away from Rachael's family for more than two months. DCYF never reached out to anyone in Rachael's family to ask about any of their history with Julian. DCYF said that because the baby had belongings at the Matta residence they thought he had been staying there before Rachael was murdered and didn't want to disrupt his routine. Julian had been there, in November of 2018, for about a month when Luis refused to return Julian to his mother after a visit. Their reasoning for placing Julian with the Matta's was not fact based, it was easy for DCYF. On December 11th of 2018, after making several attempts to get Julian back (even with police present), Rachael obtained an emergency court order to remove Julian from the Matta's home. She was relieved and ready to move on with her life with her baby and without Luis. DCYF has disregarded Rachael's family, more specifically Lisa's efforts to communicate with them and be considered as an option for placement of Julian. Lisa has provided DCYF with everything they have asked of her; a beautiful, stable home for her grandson, proper counseling etc. and yet no call backs, no answers, and no Julian. Lisa is not being given the chance to uphold the promise that she made to Rachael. Over the last nine months Lisa has been treated as though she did something wrong, and that nothing she has done is good enough. DCYF has treated the Matta family as though they are the victims in this tragedy. It was Lisa’s daughters' life that was taken. Where is the justice for Rachael? For Julian? DCYF has stated that Julian was only in temporary custody, yet nine months later no changes have been made and no explanations as to why. Lisa sees her grandson two days a week for seven hours a day, with no overnights, and many last minute cancellations from the Matta's. Lisa is in regular contact with the Mattas, as DCYF told them to figure out a schedule that works for them. Unfortunately, communication with the Matta's is difficult as they are Spanish speaking family and need a translator to communicate back and forth with Lisa and her family. Lisa's requests to DCYF for help with more time with Julian have been ignored. The Matta's have refused her overnights and more time with her grandson and when asked why, no reasonable explanation is provided. How is this okay?  The injustice of this system, the ignorance to Lisa and the Rene family, and the improper placing of Julian by DYCF has gone on far too long. We can no longer stand back and let these behaviors occur any longer! Lisa deserves to have her only grandson back in her home where he belongs! Rachael deserves JUSTICE! Julian needs to be in a home, surrounded by family and friends who want him to remember his mother. He should grow up knowing what an amazing woman his mother was and just how much he meant to her. He deserves to grow up in a household where his mother's memory will be carried on. Julian deserves this! Lisa and her family deserve this! Please help to take a stand against Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Family. Until an adoption happens in December 2019 Julian remains in DCYF custody and they have the power to make this change, to make things right for Rachael, Julian and Lisa. Please sign this petition and help take a stand for the victims!  

M. Medeiros
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