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Petition to Greg Abbott

Support my children’s custody case being reheard in another county besides Polk County

My name is Balie Humble, and I’m the proud mother to identical twin girls and my handsome son. I have been the primary caregiver to these babies for all of their lives. Thanks to a crooked and corrupt county I have now lost my custody to these sweet angels without any reasoning or cause. The twins are only four and my son two. Their father manipulated and abused the system. My children were taken from me because of who my ex knew in the judicial system and our town. I was never proven to be ill fit or undeserving of my children. I don’t drink, smoke, abuse drugs, nor am I a criminal. I have a beautiful house, loving fiancé, great job in tow as well does he. I’m currently getting ready for college for the fall semester, and had my babies enrolling in montessori school for this upcoming year. I had handled all of their insurance and medical needs. One of my twins has serious medical issues which her father has ignored and made her miss important appointments/procedures. While I was still with the kid’s father I suffered emotional and physical abuse while pregnant which many of the instances the police were called and he was charged. He wasn’t even suppose to be named a joint conservator due to his history of family abuse. I could type for days to let you know every corrupt and malpractice issue that has occurred to me at the hands of this man and county. The pain and suffering my family and I have endured is unreal. Please help and support me as I try to get my babies back home! If you would like to take the time to read every corrupt issue, series of events that have lead up to this, and show why this should have never happened in more depth come like my Facebook page! I will include the link! Any and all support is greatly appreciated as well as any prayers or good vibes sent our way! Please sign our petition! God bless you all! STAND BY ME!

Balie Humble
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Petition to TO: THE SYSTEM THAT WON'T GIVE A PARENT(S) A CHANCE, President of the United States

Collenna's law Stop Forced Adoptions In The United States      (FOR  EVERY MOTHER  AND  FATHER) IN THE  UNITED  STATES THAT  HAS A CHILD,     I am writing this petition to stop forced adoptions in the United States  and I am forwarding this petition to the president of the United State Of America, In America  alone there is a child taking away everyday from their parents everyday, most of them are young mother(s) and young father(s) from the age of 13-25 yrs of age. The system has been taking advantage of them, do to the fact of there youth, and their child(ren) as well and this is how it is happening to them.The state has been broken rules on their own policies and regulations,and state approvals of compliances.These rules should not be broken by our Owen state agencies and government agencies. In The United States they are supposed to follow guidelines and regulation(s) of policy in our country, even with reinforcement it seem to not been in force in the courts system, on parent rights laws, and these right are if a mother or father want to keep their child(ren) they have the right to keep their child(ren) and if a mother or father that don't want to keep their child they have the  right to give them-up, these are our right as parents, they also have the right to ask for their children back from the state, instead of giving them their children back, they have broken their constitutional rights, and our constitutional amendment(s) laws. The amendment that  I am talking about is the right to make a decision without it being  forced, this is what the United States Amendment stated in the decorations, there are mothers and fathers that choose to keep their child(ren) and what is happening to them is the state is signing their rights away without their consent or authority this should be illegal, with Collenna's law, it will put a stop to these misconduct and make sure the parent(s) constitutional right are not being broken under law, my right were sign away without my consent or my authority, My child was also illegal kidnapped they had no warranty to seize my child and when I asked at  the they stated you did nothing wrong they had no reason for there action,  I  was also a young parent  that didn't know my rights, or what they were doing to me, in order for me not to have my child, this is also happen to  other young parents that don't know their rights, since my constitutional  right  has  been broken, I have the right and other citizens does too, to have a law that protect the mother and father right and with Collenna's law, is to stop forced adoption's this will protect the child from getting adopted without parent consent or authority, I would like for you to acknowledge this problem that the young generation of parent or having, also with Collenna's law it will allow parents to know there rights instead of it being forced without their consent Collenna's law, will help to fight for there rights of the decision that they had made, parent's have the rights for their decision to matters on how they want to keep their child(ren), the state alone make 5,000-20,000 dollar in (1) adoption case why are the state paying them that much money in adoptions agencies and broken our constitutional rights, Question? are they being paid for that to and how much money do they get for that? and why can't they pay the people that is willing to work on keeping families together, why can't the state pay them 5,000-20,000 dollars instead of the state that get a child(ren) adopted, this is why I am asking for your  approval on my petition on Collenna's law and having this law it will only protect the right to not go against our constitutional rights, as parents fighting custody for their child(ren) or on rules, regulations and policies that all ready have been granted under family laws ,that will help protect the parent(s) rights, and from their child(ren) from being   forcefully  adopted, with  Collenna's  law these polices would be in forced into a law _________________________________     NOTICE OF MOTION FILING PETITION ON COLLENNA'S LAW STOP FORCED ADOPTION IN THE UNITED STATES,  I am ordering to file a petition for Collenna's law (R2:2-4,2:5- Stop Forced  Adoption in The United States  for the courts to conduct  the following  IT'S YOUR RIGHT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS WITH COLLENNA'S LAW: With Collenna's law it will Not go against parent right as well as constitutional rights Regarding the Amendments of the United States of America if any constitutional right have been broken will be punishable under law, child(ren) statement will be recognized in the court of law if there is any false statements regarding child statement, Collenna's law will protect their right Parent(s) statements will be recognized under the court of law if parent(s) statement is false regarding parents rights if any false outlook on the well being of the child and their future, shall be question, conduct investigation on their ethical practice child protective service request will not be denied on regulations and policy followed by families practices requirement will always be countable under family law. TO QUESTION A JUDGE AND HEARING OFFICER : I have the right to record or be given an exact copy of the recording of this hearing/trial, correct? have you (as well as opposing attorney if there is one) been licensed to practice law in the state of (the state you're in)for you to become licensed by the state you had to earn and take an oath to uphold the constitution, is this correct ?  It is very unlikely in a chance they will say "no" to any of those questions and say let the record show it..... (either my right are not intended to be upheld or the judge/ hearing officer or other attorneys is not legal to practicing law, I will demand a new trial /hearing when my right are legally met, there is an extremely chance anyone will say they are not legal, once they have answer your questions, one out of time say "Thank you" and then say let the record show it. you just know made the courts acknowledge that they have taking oath to uphold their rights and any unethical behavior will not be tolerated under Collenna's law PRIVACY POLICIES: Clients have the right to sign privacy policies(Rule 1:38-7) Stop Forced Adoption in the United States parents have the right to know were there recordings is being sent to and why?  parents have the right to consent it too protect privacy of families (Rule 1:38-7) it will protect then from media cruelty and protect them from harassment protect child identity from harm it may cause in there life, reinforced policy(2:5-1)   PRACTICE AND POLICIES : across the US and by America Bar Association. If individuals found to be in violation of their oaths of service shall be reprimanded or removed and recommendations shall be made for long term reform of particular concern are abused of judicial discretion, failure to provide equal protection and process, failure to adjudicate cases in a timely manner and uphold constitutional rights of parent to determination what is the best interest of their own children  CHILD PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT PLAN: If psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and therapy  gives a false outlook on the well being of the child as well as their future, shall be question, and investigation may be conducted on their ethical practice,Child protective service request will not be denied on the regulation and policies followed by family practice requirements will always be countable under law, if child needs any psychological treatment may be conducted legally and have parents written consent on what type of help they are receiving and managements, if psychologist tampered with moon altercation drugs for any type of behavior  problems or psychological purpose child may be dealing with should have their parental consent and written consent by parent and Doctors, on why child need moon altercation drugs if found guilty in not the best interest of the child any of mood alteration, will be punishable under law and disbarred from courtroom and a full extension of investigation of misused and misdiagnose of children present date of working  date to finish date of disbarment,if needed to be medicated only if found   danger to self or others this is what mood altercation drugs is used for COMPLIANCE UPON THE PARENTS  AND THE COURTS:  Compliance will be recording on the parents behalf, the court will not override any decision of compliance that family protective service needs, courts will recognized and return child home to biological parent, when all requirements are meet under the law also when home has been approved, courts need to return the child home immediately under D.Y.F.S recommendation or request, if any pointed child lawyer fail to bring this to the courts attention, should be punishable under law, Collenna's law is willing to defend those right and the right of the child if  the child is being neglected under the care should also be recorded in the court of law if any these court crimes conduct by the court system should be investigated and question their credibility, parent have the right to renew a fair trial in order to have the right judgement on the best interest of the child future not just the present moment or at the time PARENTS CUSTODY LAW: long term impact provide recommendations for updates  to state laws that are consistent with the supreme courts, ruling  without the right of each parents, shall be investigated in to child custody laws , practice to have essentially equal, ongoing and meaning relationships with their child, parent have the right to collect child support and alimony(spousal support) and follow laws and rules polices and practice that is adequately, and provide the basic financial needs  of a child being cared for by one or both child not living in the same household,without violating the inalienable financial or property rights of either biological parent. true 50/50 financial responsibility for children based on USDA national guidelines on the cost to raise a child should be assumed unless otherwise agreed upon by the parents. family courts and the America justice system.   UNDER OATH: If any false statement under oath is punishable under law that is conducted in the court system,and failure to uphold the constitutional rights of parents to determine what is the best interest of their own children PREJURY LAWS: Both individual states and the federal government have laws making perjury a criminal offense a criminal offense. While the basic definition of perjury is  the  same at both the federal and the  state level, the penalties may be different. For instance, the federal law against perjury in the US Code classifies perjury as a felony. this means that someone who lies under oath in federal Codes classifies perjury as a felony. this means that someone who lies under oath in federal court, or who lies under oath to a person acting on behalf of the federal government may be sentenced to up to five years in jail. ELEMENTS OF PREJURY: Although the elements of perjury vary between individual states and federal law, he or she generally must have1) been sworn in or made a solemn legal promise to tell the truth;2) may a false  statement or  told  a lie on purpose. Prosecutors can sometimes can proved  that  defendant lied by showing inconsistency in prior statements made by the defendant. For instance, if a person testifies one way in a deposition and way in court, and the statement conflict with one another, this is solid evidence of perjury even if the prosecutor cannot prove which of the statement was untrue DEFENSES TO PREJURY: Making a mistake or remembering facts inaccurately is not an intentional misstatement, so if a defendant successfully argues that he agreed he simply made an error he cannot  be found guilty of perjury. it tends to be difficult for a prosecutor to prove a reasonable doubt that the misstatement wasn't  a mistake , so this defense is often sucessful The Violence Against Women Act, it's effectiveness, and how gender discriminatory policy impact practices, policies and judicial decision in the family courts and the America justice system. federal and state laws and programs must be consistently and fairly written and enforced to provide equal protection under the law for both men and women in family courts and in programs intended to protect intended to protect families and children from domestic violence.                                   I am asking legislative APPROVALS, and  their help in legislating and accepting my petition on Collenna's law  Stop Forced Adoption in the United States.  Thank you, for Taking your time and reading my petition, I am a mother that had a child that was forced into adoptions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Petition to Greg Abbott, Kickstarter, Travis County Commissioners Court, Department of Justice, Ministry of external affairs, Travis County District Court, Beto O'Rourke, Sushma Swaraj,, C-Span, CNBC, Oprah Winfrey, ELLEN DEGENROUS, vir das, FOX News, CNN, Michelle Obama, Planned Parenthood, Travis County Sheriffs Department, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Barack Obama, United States Supreme Court, Angelina Jolie


CHILDREN. All over the world are being abused by unethical, unscrupulous court systems. The Family Court System NEEDS TO CHANGE!!! Starting with AUSTIN, TEXAS where my 3 precious children among many others are being separated, harmed by criminal JUDGES, ATTORNEYS and FORMER SPOUSES. There is NO JUSTICE in TRAVIS COUNTY DISTRICT FAMILY COURT for me or the countless parents who are being subjected to inhuman, cruel and unlawful judicial practices. WHY? Because this is a money making CARTEL for unscrupulous attorneys, Employees at DRO ( Domestic Relations Office), Unethical Psychologists who make up false and damaging PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS to have breastfeeding babies separated from their loving mothers who have no mental health problems whatsoever. See example: Both these Judges, Tim Sulak as well as James Arth are now going to be subjected to a Public Hearing due to the Motions that I filed to Recuse/Disqualify these maniacs. They aren't fit in anyway to impart justice as I have been personally subjected to their JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT, BIAS and out right maniacal craziness. As Lord Alfred Tennyson said," My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure. Alfred Lord Tennyson" I am fighting this court system with the inner strength of 11 men and 11 women because my heart is pure. And I fight not just for my 3 children ( ages 8, 6 and 2), but I fight for all those men and women who seek my help.  As a child I was severely physically and emotionally  abused by my own mother. my father stood by the sidelines and did nothing much. Even today, very few of my family members have stood by me to support me in any way. Very few as in two.  I was sexually abused by a neighbor Krishna Jagganath ( or KUTTY) for short and my parents did nothing. This is ugly INDIA for you where victims are asked to stay silent while the perpetrators roam free. I realize that it is the same almost everywhere in the world. THIS IS THE GREAT DIVIDE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. We have shootings in schools, day cares, child rapes, on the highest ever because lawmakers and judges can be BOUGHT by criminals. I AM PUTTING MY MONEY WHERE MY MOUTH IS. I WILL USE EVERY OUNCE OF MY POWER, INFLUENCE AND RESOURCES TO BRING ABOUT A CHANGE IN THE "TRAVIS COUNTY DISTRICT FAMILY COURT". From my humble place, this is the most I can do. I WANT TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE TO FAMILY COURTS EVERYWHERE THAT CRIMINALS CANNOT HARM CHILDREN AND GET AWAY WITH IT. PLEASE HELP...How?!!  You can simply make a donation to the link below:   1. Lobby for Children's rights in the State of Texas 2. File Class Action Lawsuit against the Judges, Attorneys, Court Staff etc. to eliminate their authority/position to make any further decisions involving Children. 3. We will create educational programs to educated Law Enforcement on how to protect children's rights even if Judges Rule incorrectly and in a biased manner that puts little children in harms way. ( I cannot bear to relate the horror stories here of infants and toddlers being sexually/physically abused and being returned to the abusers due to corrupt judges like Judge James Arth, Judge Tim Sulak, Judge Bill Harger, Judge Jan Soifer. These are the Judges in my cases alone. Attorneys are Margo Fox of FOX LAW FIRM, ( Kory Booth and Katherine Booth (Booth Law Lelsie Massad ( Guardian Ad litum), Cynthia Gonzalez ( DRO), Dr. Daphney Ainslie ( Psychologist). Non judicial/officials who Inflicted intentional harm on my innocent children and myself are my ex boyfriend Jon Erik Johannessen Slizza, his ex wife Cynthia Slizza and my ex husbands girlfriend. My own sister Madhulika Gandhi made statements about my unfitness of being a mother. Why?!! People have personal vendettas and agendas BUT they should never be taken out on innocent children. Hate me if you wish but think twice before harming my child, any child. Thats cruelty beyond human comprehension. HOW CAN YOU HELP?! You can simply make a donation to the link below    

Riti Chikkerur
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Petition to Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, Texas State Senate, Texas State House, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz

Outdated Child support equality for both parents!

In 1975 Child support enforcement was put into place don't you think this law may be outdated? Currently many couples seek divorce and fight over who is custodial parent. A good amount of the time the mother is automatically granted this in Texas. Do you think it is right and fair that because a couple decides to end their marriage that one is forced to be the every other weekend parent and maybe a dinner date during the week? There are even circumstances where parents share 50/50 visitations and the non-custodial is still paying a ridiculous amount of Child Support! This petition is calling for Texas to bring equality to both parents! Unless the non-custodial parent is a deadbeat that does not want to see their kids both parents should share equal amount of time and CS should be dramatically reduced or be nothing! A couples marriage that ends should be just that! The non-custodial parent should not be supporting the custodial parent that ended with their marriage! The pain of divorce is one thing it's even worse when one parent is granted more time with the children and the other is forced into a horrible schedule with limited time to see their children! Help me fight for equal rights and fairness so both parents can live their lives, see their children equally and stop CS abuse! Standard rights should inculde granted that both parents are in a sane state of mind and does not pose a threat to the children: 1. 50/50 visitations equal time for parents! 2. Fair Child support or none at all! Each parent has to live, if both decide to end the marriage supporting one another is over. Both parents should work just as hard as the other and both should be required to hold a job to their education level! Example: what if both parents make close to equal amount why should one parent have to give up x amount when both can equally support the child? 3. If one parent makes a lot more money then the other then the courts should look at what the non-custodial parent makes compared to the custodial and see how much time the non-custodial can spend with their child and determine a fair amount of CS or even have no child support at all, the standard 20% for 1, 25% for 2 etc should be done away with. I believe if the system was fair then we would see dramatic changes in divorce rates and ripped apart families. If parents knew they couldn't use the kids as leverage if they won custody I think couples would try harder to make their marriage work! Children should never be used as leverage on the other parent! It is not normal no matter if it is divorce or 2 people having a baby together to exile one parent!

Jason Davis
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