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Petition to Marco mendoza, Multnomah County Courts, Marco mendoza

Finally this little guy feels safe, secure & loved.Now CPS wants to take it away from him.

My husband, Jerry and I have had little 15 month old, Ivan Fuston for almost 3 months now. We have been caring for him emotionally, financially and physically with limited contact with his mother. When we first got this little guy, he would scream for hours at a time. He did this for attention. He no longer screams, instead he laughs and plays. His vocabulary has expanded so much. His eating and sleeping habits are 100% better. He has learned to show affection properly, as well as bonded not only with us, but our children, our families. He calls them sissies and bubber... He finally feels comfortable and safe enough to relax and be a little boy. He has a schedule that he lives by, we have bought him a new full size crib, and clothes, shoes and toys. A high chair. We have not received any type of assistance or support from any agencies. We love this little boy, he's changed our lives. He calls us momma and Dada. Now cps wants to come take him because his mother is in jail and had an open case in her hometown. She didn't tell us that, only that she had charges she was going to court for. She signed a paper and wrote a letter giving us full temporary custody for one year or until she had a stable job and house of her own. She never had the paper notarized so cps says its not valid. Baby Ivan has been through enough, he's lost everything and now he finally has security, and love from all of us. Dont let them take that all away from him again.

Melissa De Voe
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Petition to Rick Scott, Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, Neal Dunn, John Rutherford, Stephanie Murphy, Val Demings, Kathy Castor, Lois Frankel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Frederica Wilson, Carlos Curbelo, Mario Diaz-Balart, Theodore Yoho, Theodore Deutch, Alcee Hastings, Francis Rooney, Brian Mast, Thomas Rooney, Vern Buchanan, Dennis Ross, Gus Bilirakis

Prevent Sex Offender Child Custody

My infant daughter's father was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman when he forced himself inside of her while she was asleep. He then fled the country to Mexico in an attempt to evade prosecution. The laws in the state of Florida say he could have unsupervised time with my daughter following release from his incarceration. He has never even met the child, having been incarcerated to await trial when before she was even born. Rapists can have unsupervised contact with children in the state of Florida. Let us propose that a new law be put into effect in the state of Florida that would prevent a Convicted Registered Sexual Offender from having custody of a minor child, regardless of relation, with the exception of those individuals protected by the "Romeo and Juliet Law". Florida needs a "Sex Offender Child Custody Act". Let us also propose that a convicted sex offender may only have facility monitored supervised visitation of children under 18 and may not be granted any unsupervised visitation under any other circumstances. Megan's Law provides the public with certain information on the whereabouts of sex offenders so that members of our local communities may protect themselves and their children. Registered Convicted Sexual Offenders are not permitted by law to be in any public area where children reside and yet here, in the state of Florida they are permitted legal UNSUPERVISED time sharing of minors. A judge granting time-sharing of a child to a sex offender is placing a child to possibly reside with a sex offender, which conflicts with the protections of Megan's Law. This is a risk of danger to children. Child custody is supposed to be about the best interest of the child. The main focus of child custody is: Where will this child live in a safe and healthy environment that will promote the opportunity to thrive emotionally and physically? Placing a child with a registered sex offender unsupervised is an unnecessary risk to any child, regardless of relation.  These are many cases in the State of Florida. We must enact this law and start protecting children. We must not wait until after children have been harmed.  Please help my baby and all the families in this situation by getting involved. We are asking that you utilize your position in government and help us prevent a Convicted Registered Sexual Offender from having unsupervised time-sharing of a child, regardless of paternity, maternity, or other relation. Below is info to help you better understand why NO child should live with a sex offender. 1) About 30% of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are FAMILY MEMBERS. (See 2) Analysis estimates that 14% of sexual offenders commit another sexual offense after five years, 24% after fifteen years  According to a 2003 National Institute of Justice report, 3 out of 4 adolescents who have been sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well (page 5).       In the vast majority of cases where there is credible evidence that a child has been penetrated, only between 5 and 15% of those children will have genital injuries consistent with sexual abuse (page 2). (So it's difficult to prove it and save them from further abuse in the event that it is a parent) Information above cited from: Case Study: In a very influential study by Abel and his colleagues, several hundred sex offenders were granted federal assurances of confidentiality so that they could disclose to the researchers their full sex offense histories without the possibility of that information being reported to law enforcement. On average, these offenders admitted to having many more victims and offenses than were known to the authorities. Another study by Freeman–Longo and Blanchard yielded strikingly similar results, with significantly greater numbers of undetected deviant sexual acts than what were indicated in the official records for these offenders. Something else that was very noteworthy in this particular study was that some rapists of adult women reported that they had also committed sex offenses against children, and some child sexual abusers reported that they had also perpetrated rapes against adult women. This is referred to as “crossover.” In other words, beyond what we learn about the actual numbers of undetected offenses and victims, we might also learn that there are additional types of deviant or criminal sexual behavior and the types of victims may be different than what is documented in official records. Some individuals have demonstrated problems with sexual deviance across categories of offending behaviors, such as engaging in rape of an adult women and the molestation of young children. (Information obtained from the CENTER FOR SEX OFFENDER MANAGEMENT, A Project of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, Abel et al., 1987, Freeman-Longo & Blanchard, 1998) Statistics: In 1995, local child protection service agencies identified 126,000 children who were victims of either substantiated or indicated sexual abuse. Of these, 75% were girls. Nearly 30% of child victims were between the age of 4 and 7. 93% of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker. 34.2% of attackers were family members. Intrafamily perpetrators constitute 1/3 -1/2 of all perpetrators against girls and about 1/5 of all perpetrators against boys and is more likely to go on over a longer period of time and is shown to have more serious consequences. A study in three states found 96% of reported rape survivors under age 12 knew the attacker. 4% of the offenders were strangers, 20% were fathers, 16% were relatives and 50% were acquaintances or friends. (U.S. Department of Justice. 2004 National Crime Victimization Survey. 2004., 1998 Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls. 1998., U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. 1995 Child Maltreatment Survey. 1995., U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. 2000 Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement. 2000. The National Center for Victims of Crimes)  

Courtney Morgan
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Petition to Father Christ Jesus

We pray by the power of business i enforce Titus 2:14 in all scripture sentences for us.

Anticompel, antirape, antifalse, antiscary, Please read my story how i saved my baby in omission and negligence from the other law enforcments and the U.S. Department of Justice. Please stay with me being against the evil actors/directors, who are creating false crime scenes on the other side.....behind the scenes, creating a scary movie at the same time. This is how my life went since I was little. I speak John 8:32; John 8:36, see the omission and negligence, that's not by my power, nor enforce by my power, that's not my do nor not with sow, Isaiah 1:24 is the truth, by specific subject, category. I speak for Supreme power has law, titus 2:14; no sin, no division, when there was an obstacle, that's division, that's not the other law enforcement's do nor with sow, Isaiah 1:24 is the truth, and that's not by supreme power nor enforce by supreme power, the same for the U.S Department of Justice, when there was an obstacle, that's division, that's not the U.S. Department of Justice's do nor with sow, Isaiah 1:24 is the truth, and that's not by supreme power nor force by supreme power. They can never undo this. For we are with John 8:32; 8:36; the truth against Crime Scene Makers Characteristics, for Titus 2:14; Ephesians 5:21-33; Isaiah 62:1-8; Proverbs 31:2, Hebrews 12:2, 2 Peter 3:13, Romans 6:10, Revelation 19:7-8; 20:9,21:9, 21:11 for no division in antidistrust, antidishonesty, antidistruth for antirape, antisorrow, antidecay to have, to hold, to keep, really, truly, and honestly. Forever and Ever. Amen We are with State and Federal Law Government, 78 Legislature, Titus 2:14. This is evidence that support, protect and free us from falsely accusations...Please join me in my True Story of how omission and negligence effected... Please join me in speaking No Division in our family and everything.This is important to me because i have been a raped victim for 9 years and more fighting a 4 year custody case against the adult 18 years old who raped me at the age of 14 years old, he has custody rights to my daughter, all awhile claims i have a mental disorder and threatens to take my daughter away from me within these past 7 years non-stop. He falsely accuses me having a mental disorder in the Family Law Court here in Harris County, and has gained illegal custody rights.  He has attacked my rights as a citizen being against my religion in Jesus, therefore was also kept away from my daughter and family, with the help of Harris County Family Law Court.

Titus 2:14 Law Enforcement Department
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