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Petition to Governor Ron DeSantis, Lt. Governor Jeanette Njunez, senator mitch mcconnell, ABC NEWS, Save the Children, CIGIE

To Save Mihael Taken By Judicial Fraud Given To Abuser

Mihael is a five year old non-verbal Autistic child who was stolen from his mother Betty Smith by Judical Fraud Upon The Court and given to his abuser because his mother won appeal in Florida's First District Court Of Appeals. You may look up all of the cases online by first going to Madison County Court House Madison Florida case number 2016-249DR.  Then google case number 1D17-4240 where Betty won in FDCA and she did this without an attorney. Betty's was published as case law, but because of her win she lost her child as this upset Billy Washington head clerk Madison Court House because of the embarrassment; then Judge Andrew J.Decker the 3rd (google Decker)  they took Mihael without warning had Madison Sheriff Dept get him from Betty's home and taken him across three state lines and given this child to his abuser; even though Mihael was still protected by KY Protection Order 13-D-00044-002 please call KY Vineline @ 1-800-511-1670 press one for English then press 2 enter number then when asked type Daniel this is the same protection order number used in 2013-and 2015 where abuser put a large bleeding hole in Mihael's head,Mihael was three weeks old,Then in 2014 Mihael was with abuser first time with him he was returned with second degree burn to his eye,ring worm and, he was filthy and bad diaper rash .Mihael was in same outfit he left in three days prior.Then in 11-2015 Mihael was held with knife to his throat for over ten hours,hit when he spoke was not fed or given a drink. Mihael, his Mother Betty and his grandmother were also held hostage.The abuser has been in and out of mental hospitals for his actions and for hearing voices.Judge Decker lied on his final order many times, illegally took Mihael by his lies and Billy Washington's lies.First District Court Of Appeals head Clerk Kristin Samuels helped with the fraud by calling them and telling them Betty was taking Mihael to the Doctor, during Betty's first visit in 11-2018 she had not seen him since 8-2018 .Mihael was returned with bad bruises on his body.Betty's mother told Samuels about the bad bruises and that they were going to Mihael's Dr.Judge Decker called the Dr's before they got there and the staff would not help Mihael or Betty, also Decker put in order the same day that Betty could not go to Dr's or Police over bruises.Fraud and abuse of power. Samuels was the only person told this information, she committed fraud upon the courts, she also held up  the new case, case number 1D 18-3222 google this as it is fraud.The First District Court of Appeals went against their opinion and mandate without a written order then tried to publish blank case.Fraud Upon The Court. Mihael visited Betty on 4-1-2019  through 4-10-2019 Mihael was returned with bad bruises Betty took photos as she had not seen him since 11-2018. Mihael was also dirty,starved, and dehydrated. Betty called family services case worker Laura Mincks came saw photos, court order from Decker where Betty could not seek help to protect Miheal from his abuser .Betty refused to give Mihael back to his abuser at end of visitation .Betty requested an emergency protection order from new Judge Melissa Olin,Judge Olin sent back protection order and ordered Betty to supplement the application; which Betty did but Betty did not know Judge Olin called abuser; which abuser admits to in his court paperwork that she set up a hearing to take Mihael away from Betty.None of Olin's orders were docketed until days later, some not at all. Laura Mincks testified that Betty did not abuse Mihael,that she saw the pictures and some of the bruises that were left.She stated Mihael was happy with his mother and she wanted to investigate farther,Olin refused and took Mihael away and gave back to abuser and Betty can not see Mihael. Olin, Billy Washington and his clerk Kal Putnel  committed  Fraud  Upon The Court and Judicial Fraud Upon The Court. They Need you to sign this so Mihael can be returned home and this nightmare can end. Thank You

Penelope Simpson
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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Narinder Nath Vohra, rajnath Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad

Stop attacks on witnesses & lawyers of India's 8-Year-Old Rape Victim from Kathua

Witnesses and lawyers representing the 8-year-old Muslim girl who was gang-raped and murdered in Kathua, India, this year, are being attacked and intimidated, as the trial unfolds. We need to put a stop to this! Sign this petition and join Apne Aap and Equality Now to ask Prime Minister Modi to ensure that justice is not denied to her family! Despite the brutal nature of the crime committed by powerful men against an innocent child, some groups have politicized the case by presenting it falsely as a case against the Hindu community. They are running media trials, trolling, filing false cases, deflecting blame and holding rallies in support of the perpetrators and against the lawyers. Some of these rallies have been attended by ministers from the Prime Minister's ruling party.  They are even hounding the entire nomadic shepherd community of Bakarwals, that the little girl belonged to. Attempts were been made to physically prevent the charges against the accused rapists being filed in court and later to weaken the investigation by shifting it to the CBI.  Though an increasing number of rape cases are being reported in India every day, survivors of sexual violence struggle to get justice within the legal system. Between 2015 and 2016 alone there was an 82% spike in reported rapes of children. Another 133,000 rape cases were pending trial in the same year. Please sign the petition and raise your voice to demand a fair and impartial trial in the Kathua case, so that the family of the 8-year-old gets justice. Insist that the Modi government take immediate action to stop the intimidation and to address the larger systemic problem of sexual violence within the country. Thank you. Ruchira, Tinku, Divya with the Apne Aap and Equality Now team 

Ruchira Gupta, Mona & Apne Aap Team
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Petition to U.S. Congress, President of the United States

End Human Rights Abuses Against Kids in the U.S. Justice System

Too little attention has been paid to the treatment of children in the U.S. criminal justice system. From arrest to sentencing and incarceration, our treatment of children in the justice system is long overdue for re-examination and reform. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, states began passing laws to make it easier to transfer children into the adult criminal justice system, which exposed children to harsh mandatory minimum sentences and mandatory sentencing enhancements, as well as extreme sentences like life without parole. By the year 2000, a child as young as 10 years old could be tried as an adult for certain offenses. An estimated 76,000 children are prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system every year in the United States. These children can face severe punishment that is not age-appropriate and is disproportionate given their young age and lessened culpability relative to that of adults. Studies have shown that children’s brains are not fully developed. The pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for temporal organization of behavior, speech, and reasoning continues to develop into early adulthood. Children’s underdeveloped brains and proclivity for impetuous decision-making is why we do not allow children to vote, enter into contracts, work in certain industries, get married, join the military, or use alcohol or tobacco products. These policies recognize that children are impulsive, immature, and lack solid decision-making abilities until they have reach adulthood. The one area where we do not treat children differently than adults is in our criminal justice system, where we have been too quick to discard child-status and throw children to the mercy of a system that was never designed with them in mind. The vast majority of children involved in the criminal justice system are contending with early childhood trauma and unmitigated Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), including psychological, physical, and/or sexual abuse; witnessing domestic violence; living with family members who are substance abusers, suffer from mental illness or suicidal ideation, or are incarcerated. Studies have shown that approximately 90 percent of children in the juvenile justice system have experienced at least two ACEs, and 27 percent of boys and 45 percent of girls have experienced at least five ACEs. For children sentenced to life in prison, nearly 80 percent of them reported witnessing violence in their homes, 50 percent were physically abused, and 20 percent were sexually abused during their life. However, the justice system rarely recognizes or understands the connection between children who have committed a criminal act and their previous exposure to trauma. The lack of regard for child status and the failure to account for the impact of early childhood trauma in children transferred into the adult criminal justice system is a human rights abuse – especially for youth of color and youth from low socio-economic backgrounds who make up the vast majority of children harmed by the justice system. Black children comprise 58 percent of all children confined in adult prisons. Roughly 83 percent of children prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system are racial minorities, where black children represent 87 percent of drug cases, 48 percent of property cases, and 63 percent of public order offense cases. The U.S. continues to be out of compliance with international human rights law which requires child status to be considered at every proceeding in the criminal justice system, as well as special procedures to be in place to ensure that justice system policies distinguish between children and adults.  Republican Congressman Bruce Westerman of Arkansas has introduced 3 Child Sentencing Reform Bills to begin addressing the treatment of children in the federal  criminal justice system:  H.R. 1949 addresses the use of mandatory minimum sentences on all children in the federal criminal justice system. Under this measure, judges will consider how children are different from adult offenders prior to sentencing and will be allowed to depart up to 35 percent away from the otherwise applicable mandatory minimum sentence.  H.R. 1950 - also known as Sara's Law - will allow judges to depart from any mandatory minimum sentence or suspend any portion of a sentence when a child has committed a crime against someone who has previously sex trafficked or sexually abused them. And H.R. 1951 will allow children sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for crimes committed before their 18th birthday to petition the original sentencing court for review of their sentence after they have served 20 years of their sentence. This legislation will end life and de facto life without parole sentences for children and bring the federal government into compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions in Graham v. Florida, Miller v. Alabama, and Montgomery v. Louisiana. SIGN THIS PETITION TO URGE YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS TO SUPPORT CONGRESSMAN WESTERMAN'S CHILD SENTENCING REFORM LEGISLATION AND TO SIGN ON AS A CO-SPONSOR.  For more information please visit:

Human Rights for Kids
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Petition to Honorable Sandra Plaster, Tonda Curry, Lou Ann Everett, SPCA of Texas, Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN), Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), Gregg Abbott, Jeb Hensarling - Texas U.S. Representative, Bob Hall - Texas State Senator, Dan Flynn - Texas State Representative, Daniel Deibert, Cindy Malouf, Nathan Moore, Connie Odic, Andrew Vaughn, Chris Martin

Justice for 3 innocent children & 110 hoarded animals in Canton, Texas.

ProblemCANTON, Texas - 110 cruelly treated animals were seized from a Canton-area property October 26, 2018 and their owners were arrested on charges for child endangerment and animal cruelty.According to the SPCA of Texas, which took custody of the animals, 39 puppies, 35 dogs, 24 cats, 11 kittens, and one horse were seized.In June 2018, the Child Protective Services, investigating a separate case, notified the SPCA of Texas of the large number of animals at the property. At the time, the SPCA was denied access to the inside of the residence and were not able to obtain enough evidence for probable cause to obtain a search warrant.On October 19, 2018, the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office notified the SPCA of new evidence which indicated unhealthy living conditions and potential animal cruelty at the property. With the new-fond evidence, a judge granted a search and seizure warrant which was executed yesterday, Friday, October 26, 2018."Many of the dogs were found roaming free inside the feces-filled, urine soaked living room of the residence with no access to food or water. Most of the cats were found inside of a bedroom with several litter boxes full of feces and no access to food or water. More dogs and several litters of puppies were found confined to large, wire crates inside the master bedroom of the residence. Another bedroom held a few cats and a single litter of kittens. Two dogs were kept in a large outdoor pen on the property and the remainder of the dogs were found in the backyard of the residence," according to a press release from the SPCA of Texas."The SPCA of Texas measured the ammonia level to be 279 parts per million (ppm) inside of the residence," read the release. "For a point of reference, short term exposure to any ammonia level over 20 ppm or long term exposure to any level over 12 ppm can cause health problems in humans."The animals appear to be suffering from various health conditions, according to the SPCA of Texas, including hair loss, open sores, eye discharge, long nails, diarrhea and matted fur. "The owners of the animals were arrested at the scene for child endangerment and animal cruelty and were booked into Van Zandt County Jail," Thelma Jayne "Morrison" & Darrell Duff were being held on bonds totaling $100,000. Later on both posted bond.An animal seizure hearing was held Monday, Nov. 5, in Canton resulting in the SPCA gaining custody of all animals and the owners ordered to pay $31,263.50 in restitution.The Honorable Sandra Plaster, Justice of the Peace Pct. 2, presided over the case. VZC District Attorney-elect Tonda Curry represented the state.Judge Plaster explained that the hearing was “to determine the custody of the animals seized Oct. 29 by the SPCA. Other charges forthcoming will be at the discretion of the district attorney’s office.”Curry presented two exhibits, State Exhibit 1 being a written surrender and release agreement signed by a representative of the SPCA of Texas and the defendants, Jane and Daryl Duff. The defendants answered they signed the document freely and willingly. Curry then presented State Exhibit 2, which was a binder containing the identity of the 111 animals as well as veterinary assessment with their condition at the time of seizure as well as the state’s request for restitution. The restitution amount is $31,263.50.The restitution does not include room and boarding fees, only the veterinary examination and care as a result of the seizure, explained Curry.Judge Plaster informed the court that a granddaughter to the defendants that is currently in the hospital receiving care after a car crash, has asked for an animal that was seized. “This is a sad situation with the children,” said Judge Plaster, “the court is praying for the child to get better. But, Mr. and Mrs. Duff, I will tell you with these animals, the way the home was, this is the best interest of the animals and I hope you understand that.”A SPCA representative gave an update on the animals stating that “they are doing great, we have had animal one die, but we expect a full recovery from the others.”Crash Claims 3 Lives:The defendants, Thelma & Darrelll Duff, also had custody of their grandchildren, 11-year-old Elijah Tuma, 12-year-old Issiebella Tuma & 14-year-old Adam Tuma.According to a CPS report, the children made several outcries about abuse at that home & deplorable living conditions from animal waste. CPS removed the children Oct. 25. On Friday, Oct. 26, the SPCA and Van Zandt Sheriff’s Office seized the animals.On Oct. 30, CPA worker Connie Wells and two children, Elijah & Adam, were tragically killed in a car crash on Highway 19 near Edgewood. Issiebella was taken to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas with serious injuries.Jessie Michael Brown, 19, of Fruitvale, was booked & released on bond Tuesday Nov. 6th , charged with 3 counts of manslaughter and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.According to DPS, the driver of a truck, identified as Jessie Michael Brown, 19, of Fruitvale, started passing vehicles in a non passing zone and hit another truck head-on.Update: Van Zandt County grand jury indicts Fruitvale man for 2018 crash that killed 3 VAN ZANDT COUNTY, Texas (KETK) - A Van Zandt County grand jury has returned three indictments for manslaughter and one for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against Jesse Michael Brown of Fruitvale. The indictments are the result of a 2018 crash that killed a Van Zandt County Child Protective Services worker and two children in CPS custody and injured a third child. The crash occurred on November 6 on SH 19, north of I-20 and south of Highway 80. According to DPS, Brown started passing vehicles in a non passing zone and hit another vehicle head-on.  Killed in the crash were Connie Wells, 61, of Wills Point, Adam Tuma, 14, of Canton and Elijah Tuma, 11, also of Canton. Issiebella Tuma, 12, sustained life-threatening injuries. Each charge against Brown is a second-degree felony carrying a punishment rage of not less than two nor more than 20 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. "While nothing will heal the hearts of those in our community who love Ms. Wells and these children, the Van Zandt County District Attorney's Office will prosecute these indictments on behalf of our community and fight to fulfill our duty to see that justice is done," said District Attorney Tonya Curry. SolutionWe the people ask that the felony & misdemeanor charges for Thelma & Darrell Duff on child endangerment & animal cruelty. Not be reduced or to accept a plea deal. That they be prosecuted & sentenced to the fullest of the courts ability, & banned from ever owning animals again. We the people ask that the felony charges on Jesse Brown for manslaughter & one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Not be reduced or to accept a plea deal. That they he prosecuted & sentenced to the fullest of the courts ability, & banned from ever owning a drivers license again. Change will NOT happen until we start making people like this accountable for their actions. Three innocent children were the center of all this, along with 110 animals. All neglected & lost in the bureaucratic system that was supposed to protect them. To prevent this from happening to anyone else, we must stand together. We hope that this will lead to better laws & awareness for animals, esp in Van Zandt County & Canton, Texas. That when a child cries out for help, that their voices are heard & NOT dismissed. Let alone when someone breaks the law speeding in a NO passing lane, causing 3 deaths. We hold them accountable for their actions & NOT allow a slap on the wrist. Driving laws are there for a reason & more deaths will keep happening. Until the legal system & courts enforce full sentencing. Sending the message "That the county & city take vehicle wrecks causing death like this one is UNACCEPTABLE". Personal StorySince the first CPS intake investigation on Thelma & Darrell Duff October 8, 2016. For allegations of physical neglect of Adam, Issiebella & Elijah Tuma. With reports of excessive number of animals in the home, creating a safety & health hazard for the children. Then adding to the CPS intake investigation for 2/28/17, 6/15/17, 11/30/17, 2/21/18, 3/27/18, 5/23/18, 8/29/18, & 9/19/19. All were based on physical & emotional abuse, child endangerment/neglect, to the children smelling of urine from the excessive amount of animals at school. Down to Issiebella who is Type 1 Diabetic being physically neglected & neglectful supervision of having her blood sugars not being managed appropriately. From the first CPS intake Thelma & Darrell had more then enough chances to prevent the outcome on the children's removal on October 25, 2018 & animal seizure of 110 animals on October 26, 2018. Instead they ignored CPS reports with requests to limit the number of animals & re-home many of them. They continued with physical & verbal abuse even with CPS intervention & services to assist them. Further more they ignored the schools concerns & dismissed them. Facts: CPS had close to a dozen calls reporting abuse & neglect on these children. Yet they would close the case only to have another one open up. We want to know why did it take so long to remove these children? With most of the calls to CPS from the children's schools, CPS still did NOTHING! Further more the parents documented the conditions of the home. Leading to one of them calling SPCA & sending all pictures w/ information to a CPS case worker Robyn Watson June 2017. Shortly after that the parents received a letter stating the case was closed. When CPS finally decided to remove the children at court on October 25, 2018. The children even though CPS knew the condition of the home were dangerous. Left the children there for several more weeks until the court hearing. Why didn't CPS remove the children sooner, esp since one was is a type 1 diabetic. Who in a CPS complaint wasn't having her diabetes managed properly & was putting her health in jeopardy? To make matters even worse, since June 2017 the parents didn't get any more letters for open cases from CPS. Finally when the mother got a letter literally less than 2 weeks before court on October 25th. The letter stated that her whereabouts we unknown & they were trying to reach her. Please keep in mind she has been at the same residence for 7 years & same job for 3 years. There was NO excuse for them to say they couldn't find her. The father never got any paper work regarding the court case to his residence. The excuses from CPS for improperly informing the parents is NUMEROUS!  Currently CPS has NO intentions of working to send the remaining child home. They have sadly been playing both parents while giving different information. Going as far as to limiting communications so that she bonds more with her foster family. That was their goal from the beginning of it all, to do as they please disregarding the law. They have accused the parents countless times of using drugs, when ALL tests are NEGATIVE. They have brought up accusations with out evidence of it's origins. The goal is to be REUNIFICATION, however as we speak the 12 yr old is still in Texas. CPS HAS NOT disclosed to her the truth in regards to the entire case. Mainly being the her grandparents with held phone calls, letters, gifts sent to the children. Instead telling them that their parents didn't care, that esp their mother didn't care for them. All the while the parents were fighting with the grandparents & trying to get CPS to remove the children. It's a sad day when the system set in place to protect children, withholds the truth that severely alters the case. The 12 yr old girl went from telling a judge with her brothers she wanted to go home to Ohio. The losing her brothers & being taught what adoptions is. That signing over rights is just a piece of paper. The battle is far from over, & NO one is planning to sign anything! For Jesse Brown, he made the conscious decision to speed into oncoming traffic in a NO passing lane & WITHOUT car insurance. This was NOT an accident, nor is him being 19 years old an excuse. Jesse Brown is a legal adult not a minor, & took 3 innocent lives that can never be brought back. Many of his supports have stated the Jesse is on house arrest & in a wheelchair unable to walk. That Jesse is already suffering, basically asking us to let him off. Jesse Brown is NOT wheelchair bound, he has a walking boot & crutches.    

Dawn Morrison
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