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Petition to Loyola University, Steve Easterbrook, Francesca DeBiase, Lucy Brady, Chris Kempczinski, David Fairhurst, Robert Gibbs, Diana Dram, Townsend Bailey, Marion Gross, Claire DiMattina, Jessica Perout, Loyola Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Nancy Tuchman, Aaron N. Durnbaugh, MS, Kevin T. Stevens, Susan Ries, Pamela McCoy, John Caltagirone, Carolyn Ogrey, Lorraine G. Fitzgerald, Office of the President of Loyola

Loyola University: Please cut ties with Francesca DeBiase!

As a student at Loyola University, I was very disappointed to learn that Francesca DeBiase, the Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer of McDonald’s, is currently serving on the board of advisors for the Quinlan School of Business. With Loyola University being dedicated to preparing business leaders to contribute to society through ethical and social responsibility, I feel that it is crucial that our board of advisors should also be aligned with that mission. In 2018, a coalition of animal protection organizations launched an international campaign asking McDonald’s to adopt basic animal welfare standards for the millions of chickens in its supply chain. Chickens raised for McDonald's menu are bred to grow so large so fast, many are unable to stand on their own limbs and succumb to organ failure and heart attacks. They are crammed in filthy barns where they are forced to stand in their own waste, which becomes so concentrated that it causes chemical burns on the chickens’ legs and body. While I am proud to be a student at Loyola University, I have concerns about Francesca DeBiase’s ability to guide our school when, under her guidance, McDonald’s is neglecting such important social responsibility issues. Please join the “I’m Not Lovin’ It” movement across the country by signing and sharing my petition urging Loyola University's Quinlan School of Business to do the right thing and reconsider its affiliation with its board member and McDonald's executive, Francesca DeBiase.

Jordan Hale
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Petition to Tyson Foods, Tom Hayes, Gary Mickelson, Derek Burleson, Scott Rouse, Doug Ramsey, Justin Whitmore

Tyson: Stop Starving Birds

Tyson Foods keeps its breeder birds perpetually starving and desperate for food. When I started my investigation, I was prepared to see animals forced to live in miserable conditions, but I wasn’t prepared for just how extreme that misery actually is. This is the first time anyone has worked undercover inside a “broiler” chicken breeding factory farm.The egregious abuses were the most horrifying to witness: Tyson employees kicked, swung, and threw live birds by their wings, violently shoved them into cages, inhumanely and improperly killed them, and even punched or suffocated some animals to death. Workers also ran over birds with forklifts, crushed them with transport cages, and left them to slowly die.I was also shocked to discover a cruel and painful practice that few people even know about — it’s  never before been documented on hidden camera: workers grabbed young male breeder birds by their heads and stabbed dull plastic rods or “bones” through their sensitive nostrils, commonly referred to as “boning.” The wide plastic rods block the birds from fitting their heads inside certain food containers in order to limit what and how much they eat.The good news is that after watching our investigative footage, Tyson announced that it’s immediately ending this cruel and barbaric practice.  But there’s still a crucial underlying issue that Tyson needs to address about this practice: why was it being done in the first place?Tyson’s chickens have been genetically manipulated to grow so unnaturally obese so quickly that they often collapse under their own weight and some suffer from heart attacks. With such extreme growth, these birds have developed extreme appetites. However, unlike an average “meat” chicken, who will be slaughtered at less than two months old—before these ailments fully manifest—breeder birds must survive much longer.  Thus, to prevent these breeder birds from growing too big, too quickly, Tyson deliberately starves them -- leaving the birds in a constant state of hunger.So while Tyson is taking a step in the right direction by ending the cruel practice of “boning,” these birds will continue to starve and suffer until the company stops breeding and raising birds who have been genetically manipulated for fast growth.The best way we can help birds is to leave them off our plates, but we can also take a stand against cruelty by telling Tyson to stop starving birds!  - Rusty, a Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator

Compassion Over Killing
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Petition to Wells Fargo, Timothy Sloan, Michael Loughlin, John Shrewsberry, Hope Hardison, Zachary Kalemba, Steve Easterbrook, Kevin Ozan, Richard Levy, Mary Mack, Avid Modjtabai, Johnathan Weiss

Wells Fargo: Use Your Influence to Stop Animal Cruelty

Chances are, you or someone you know has a bank account with Wells Fargo. It’s one of the largest banks in the world and almost everyone is familiar with this company. But most people don’t know about Wells Fargo’s close relationship with the nation’s biggest fast-food chain: McDonald’s. Not only is Wells Fargo/Wells Fargo Advisors a top institutional holder of McDonald’s stock, it also has a special financing program for McDonald’s franchise operators, and until recently the companies even shared 2 board members.Wells Fargo’s close relationship with McDonald’s is bad business because it means working with a company that supports extreme animal cruelty.Right now, McDonald’s is the subject of a nationwide boycott because of its outdated and ineffective animal welfare policies. The restaurant refuses to enact standards that would prevent some of the cruelest factory farming practices, despite the fact that many of its competitors, including Subway, Starbucks, and Burger King have already vowed to stop supporting these abuses. And yet, Wells Fargo has continued to invest in McDonald’s and its franchisees. It is unethical for Wells Fargo to continue to do business with a company that is complacent with widespread animal abuse and neglect.As consumers, we have the choice to support businesses that we feel are socially responsible and avoid businesses that don’t align with our morals. That’s why so many consumers are boycotting McDonald’s. Companies like Wells Fargo have this same choice and Wells Fargo has chosen to continue doing business with McDonald’s despite the unnecessary and outdated animal cruelty in the restaurant’s supply chain. Join us in asking Wells Fargo to either use its influence for good by urging McDonald’s to adopt meaningful animal welfare standards, or to end its relationship with McDonald’s.

The Humane League
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Petition to McDonald's, Steve Easterbrook, Chris Kempczinski, Lucy Brady, Robert Gibbs, Francesca DeBiase

Stop Torturing Chickens for McNuggets

The hidden ingredient in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets is brutal animal cruelty. That’s the finding of a 2015 Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget supplier—Tyson Foods—that exposed horrific animal abuse, including: Birds painfully beaten, stabbed, and impaled on makeshift clubs spiked with nails and then thrown into buckets to slowly die Factory farm owners stepping on the heads of live chickens and then pulling their wings or bodies to break their necks Chickens bred to grow so fast they became crippled under their own weight and frequently died from organ failure Hundreds of thousands of birds crammed into filthy, windowless sheds forced to live for weeks in their own waste After six short weeks, the surviving birds are grabbed by their legs, wings, and necks and violently slammed into transport crates—often suffering broken bones in the process—and trucked to slaughter.   This isn’t the first time Tyson has been caught red-handed torturing chickens. Earlier in 2015, MFA released another undercover investigation showing chickens at a Tyson contract farm in Delaware being thrown and kicked by workers and chickens with severe injuries and disease denied access to food, water, and proper veterinary care. Due to its lack of meaningful animal welfare policies and oversight, McDonald’s has allowed a culture of cruelty and neglect to fester at its supplier farms. This blatant animal abuse must stop. Please, take a moment to sign this petition calling on McDonald’s to stop torturing animals for its Chicken McNuggets.    Thank you.

Mercy For Animals
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