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Petition to Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Claire M. Grady, Francis Cissna, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security - Secretary Nielson: Help Stop The Deportation of Our Mom

My two younger siblings and I are American citizens and our family is being torn apart. My mom, Irma Rodriguez came into this country in 1994 when she was 24. She was detained on August 1st 2018 while she was working as a cashier at Amego Mini Mart. She has been working there for about 7 years and there has never been a situation like this. CPD came in because they heard rumors about selling fake merchandise (shirts, hats, etc.) which she never participated in.They asked for her identification and all she had was her identification from Mexico. They told her that she had to be taken because she worked there and because she was here illegally. It's been two weeks and Homeland Security has given it a week to investigate and decide what decision will be taken. Under the sanctuary city law that is affective in Chicago, CPD cannot work with ICE. Alderman Danny Solis, Emma Lorenzo and the Resurrection Project, etc. have been working with a lawyer to defend my moms rights. She has no past criminal records, no problems with anyone and has always been a hardworking woman. She started working when I was about 3 years old at a mini mart as well and she would always take me to work with her, as well as my other two younger siblings. She attended a few classes to learn and better her English, to try and communicate and has always wanted to become a nurse, which she was unable to because she has always thought about caring for us first. She's a caring and friendly person, as the majority of the Pilsen Community knows this. She has her mother and father in Mexico, which she has always been providing for. She has a 18 year old daughter that will be attending U of I but will not see her graduate, as well as a 16 year old son who will graduate high school without our mother being here. She is a caring passionate mother, always brings smiles to everyone she meets and should remain here with her family and friends. As of right now, my father and I are providing and supporting my younger siblings but we miss our mom and we need her back. There are worse crimes going on in Chicago and this was an unfair thing to do. Please sign this petition to keep our family together.

Sinai Saldana
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Petition to Kwame Raoul, Erika Harold

Justice for Kenneka Jenkins- A Crime Was Committed

On September 10, 2017, Kenneka Jenkins was found in the freezer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont.  The police ruled it an accidental death, but there is evidence to support a cause of death cover-up by the hotel. We want justice for Kenneka Jenkins and to know what happened to her that night. This petition includes the voters of Illinois and those who support the voters of Illinois that require justice for Kenneka Jenkins. We stand with you in your decision to elect an attorney general who is committed to bringing justice to Kenneka. It is critical the State of Illinois knows if the attorney general candidate Illinois chooses to vote for will prosecute the wrongdoers involved.  It is key to know all people will be treated equally under the law and that none are above it.  The stance and commitment of the attorney general candidate will affect the Illinois voting decision.Below is some of the evidence that support the doctoring/editing of the hotel surveillance video that claims to show Kenneka Jenkins.  Below is also an image of a man playing the role of Kenneka Jenkins in the fake "raw" surveillance videos provided to Rosemont police by the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont.  Proper video collection procedures were not followed by police.  This allowed the hotel time to edit the videos before handing them over.  I have contacted every possible legal authority  but none has acted.  In fact, they ignore us and hope we will give up and go away.  All must feel safe to stay in hotels.  Believing the hotel was not only involved in but also covered up the cause of death of this young woman causes apprehension in staying at any hotel.  If another person were to experience foul play in a hotel, it is very likely the crime would be covered up because the hotel would lose money. The FBI lead agent received a signed receipt requested confirmation of the letter and did not respond to my letter. Other Information that Supports Video Editing Before Giving to Police: Jeffrey S. Sallet Special Agent in Charge Chicago Field Office Federal Bureau of Investigation 2111 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago, IL 60608   RE: Kenneka Jenkins Closed Investigation, Crowne Plaza Hotel, September 9, 2017, Rosemont, Illinois   Mr.  Sallet: This video forensic analysis is submitted to the FBI to request an investigation into the Kenneka Jenkins death investigation that the Rosemont police department closed.  Based on the evidence, it is believed that the hotel management, Rosemont police, or both worked together to cover-up the cause of death of Kenneka Jenkins. A copy of the raw videos claimed to be provided by the Crowne Plaza Hotel according to the Rosemont police was downloaded from the Rosemont website.  These videos show how Ms. Jenkins left a hotel room and made her way to a kitchen freezer and died there.  However, in many video portions it is not Ms. Jenkins but someone posing as Ms. Jenkins. We have strong evidence that the “raw” footage is not raw at all, but a doctored version of the hotel videos to conceal the true cause of death.  The analysis results of some of the provided footage are given below.   In addition, a video presentation was prepared to present the evidence in that format as well.  These videos are located at the YouTube channel of Gina McGill, author of Accessories After the Fact:  The Trayvon Martin Murder Cover-Up.  If they no longer exist on YouTube by the time you receive this letter, please email One major video discrepancy is the time difference in the videos initially released to the news and then later released by the police.  There is essentially an hour’s difference between the two.  The true date of these video recordings may be false as well. In addition, based on the videos provided by the Crowne Plaza Hotel, one is expected to believe Ms. Jenkins climbed a set of steep stairs on her way to the freezer.  This is near impossible given Ms. Jenkins was so disoriented that she could not walk straight enough to climb any stairs without falling down them on any attempt. Furthermore, the time indicated on the videos is suspect given the short time period Ms. Jenkins is recorded as travelling from the elevator to the freezer.  She did not have enough control over her motor skills as exhibited in the video, if that were to be her, to reach the freezer in such a short time period. Thus, the finding is that Ms. Jenkins did not walk to the freezer at all despite the video depiction. The forensic video analysis provided below supports this finding.   Video Forensic Analysis   Video 1: Fake Kenneka Jenkins in the Kitchen (YouTube) video source: KitchenEast_20170909_000002~20170910_000001(1).exe At the 3:27:44 video time mark released by police, the man is seen entering the kitchen.  This video shows how a man is initially used to deceive viewers in believing it is Kenneka Jenkins walking into the Kitchen.  The pace of the man entering the kitchen is fast, but slows down significantly when the final transition is made to appear as the real Ms. Jenkins walking toward the freezer through the Kitchen.  One can see how the man is digitally transitioned into Ms. Jenkins.  He has on a hoodie.  His male shaped body is evident with his large shoulders and body build.  The outline drawing of the man is provided in the video and the type of clothing he has on can be determined, hoodie and blue jeans.  Also, at one point the head of a woman, believed to be Ms. Jenkins, is placed in front of the head of the man as part of the transitioning.   Video 2: Not Kenneka Jenkins! Not Kenneka Jenkins at video times! on YouTube video source: ll lobby stairs_20170909_000916~20170910_000257.exe Around video time of 3:25 AM, Ms. Jenkins magically appears on the ramp; whereas, a man appears walking/running along the hallway leading to the ramp from the same direction Ms. Jenkins appeared on the ramp.  Thus, it appears this person was digitally placed there. On analysis of a closeup image it was determined this person is not Ms. Jenkins based on a facial analysis.  This finding is in line with the finding of a man being transitioned digitally into appearing as Ms. Jenkins.   Video 3: LLWestHall_20170909_000338~20170910_001205.exe (on Rosemont webpage) Near the 3:27:20 time mark, a facial analysis revealed someone who is not Ms. Jenkins.  This is in line with the above findings.   Video 4: Available Evidence that Requires Police to Re-Open the Kenneka Jenkins' Case video source: LL Bathrooms_20170909_000002~20170909_235821.exe At around 3:31 AM, facial analysis revealed a man’s head in place of where Ms. Jenkins’ head should be.  The man’s eyes, nose, mouth, and mustache can be seen.   Video 5: LLStairHall_20170909_003714~20170910_000311 (Rosemont website) In this video, a person appearing as Ms. Jenkins disappears while walking down the hall without being seen turning a corner or moving farther down the hall.  This suggests a digital placement of this appearance.   Please keep me abreast of the status of this investigation.  I would like feedback to this letter as well.    

Gina McGill
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