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Petition to Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency

Tell the EPA and FDA to ban Monsanto’s cancer-causing herbicides

A North Carolina groundskeeper was awarded $78 million from Monsanto for damages. Those damages were cancer. Dewayne Johnson is 46-years old. He had been spraying Roundup on school grounds for years. Sometimes the chemical would get onto his skin. Dewayne hadn’t heard the rumours about Roundup causing cancer. Since there are no health warnings on Roundup, Dewayne thought it was safe. By the time he knew something was wrong, it was too late. Four years ago he noticed a rash, that rash turned out to be the beginning of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. His doctors estimate he has at most two years to live. He’ll leave behind a wife and three children. There’s something the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can do today to make sure others aren’t faced with a similar fate. Tell the EPA and FDA to ban Roundup. Dewayne’s story has now unleashed a floodgate of lawsuits against Monsanto, with 8,700 plaintiffs suing for similar reasons. Since the 1970’s, Monsanto’s Roundup has included a harmful substance called glyphosate. Scientists have studied the effects of this chemical and determined that it can cause serious health impacts, including cancer. Traces of glyphosate have even been found in the food that we eat. Demand the EPA and FDA ban glyphosate. Chemicals that can cause cancer shouldn’t be sprayed on our food and yards. Roundup can cause irreversible life threatening damage to people. It could even harm consumers who eat glyphosate laced foods. Tell the EPA and FDA to stand up for Americans, ban Monsanto’s cancerous herbicides.

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Petition to Kellogg , Post Holdings INC

Remove Cancer-Causing Preservatives BHA and BHT from Children's Cereals.

Imagine: You wake up, get out of bed, and go to make your breakfast. Much like millions of other Americans, you are probably going to eat cereal. It's quick, easy, heathy, what could be bad about it?  Wait. Hold on there. Look at the ingredients. As it turns out, many cereals marketed to children have carcinogenic preservatives in them, meaning cereal is not as healthy as you may have thought. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and its chemical cousin Butylated Hydroxytoulene (BHT) are added preservatives used to protect the flavor of the food it is added to. However, both BHA and BHT are linked to cancer in lab animals, such as rats, mice, and hamsters. In addition, while we are certain they both cause tumors, there are no long term studies on either BHA's or BHT's effects on the human body, so not only are we eating something toxic to lab animals, we are consuming chemicals that no one really knows the effects of. Cereal may not be as healthy as you originally thought. My mother eats Post's Fruity Pebbles at least once a day, and I was looking through the ingredient list, and what was on there? The infamous BHA. My mother was blindly eating something that could possibly kill her, just because she bought a cereal that she believed to be safe. She is not the only one. With this colorful cereal marketed to children, people all over the country were doing the same thing. While Post is the maker of Fruity Pebbles, Kellogg is just as guilty. Frosted Flakes, another favorite in my house, contains BHT. Again, BHA and BHT maintain the freshness and flavor of the food it is added to, but there is a healthier alternative, vitamin E. Rather than putting carcinogenic chemical additives into children's cereal, we could simply put a vitamin in to do the same thing, without any negative health repercussions. The solution is simple. Both Kellog and Post Holdings Inc must get the toxic BHA and BHT out of their cereal products, and instead replace it with vitamin E. If we win, then cereals will be healthier, and children will no longer be eating poison for breakfast Even more outrageous than these corporations using these chemicals, is the fact that outside of North America, BHT has already been banned from cereals as well as other food products, because it was proven unsafe. Please, support me. Whether you and your family are victims of these corporations putting toxins in their cereal, or you know to avoid them, for every signature helps pave the way to a healthier North America.  

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