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Petition to Joe Platania

Demand Joe Platania Drop the Charges Against Corey Long and Donald Blakney

Eight months have passed since August 12th, the day that white supremacists invaded a community and terrorized everyone in their wake. Although many have already forgotten about Charlottesville and it's impact on those who experienced it, marginalized residents have not stopped facing continual trauma from the horrific events that took place. In particular, three black community members in Charlottesville who stood up against Nazis continue to be targeted by the cops and courts for their involvement in showing up against white supremacy. Charlottesville police charged Corey Long, Donald Blakney and Deandre Harris with various outrageous misdemeanors and felonies. The police and courts wanted to paint a narrative that these defenders were threats to public safety. But we weren't buying that. We showed up with signs, chants and bodies on the day of Deandre's trial and made it known to the public that we won't stand idly by while community protectors are forced to relive their trauma and endure the senselessness of the trial process. The courts ultimately found Deandre rightfully not guilty. But in this town, it never ends. Now, two more of our community defenders await trial. But we don't want to rely on the court system to get justice for Donald and Corey- we want the charges dropped now. Joe Platania, the Commonwealth's Attorney, has the ability to drop the charges and not persue the case. So why won't he? Sign this petition to let Joe Platania know Corey Long did NOTHING wrong. Donald Blakney is a community hero. Urge Joe Platania to drop these senseless charges now. Every show of support for these community defenders counts.   There will be no peace without justice. Fighting white supremacy is not a crime.And justice for Corey and Donald comes when Joe Platania agrees to drop the charges. #CoreyLongDidNothingWrong #DropEmCville 

Drop Em Cville
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Petition to Mayor Ken Moore, City Of Franklin, Board of Aldermen

Remove the Confederate Monument in Franklin, Tennessee

We hereby request that the monument to Confederate soldiers that stands in Franklin, TN be removed by the city in a show of respect for the African American residents of our community and a sign of the social progress that has been made in the past 150 years. We believe that this monument no longer represents the ideals and values that we uphold as a community. Remembrance is important, but a monument celebrating those who would hold others in bondage is inappropriate.  Franklin, TN has many things to offer as a community and is a tourist destination for people from all over the world. We find this statue, and its placement at the center of our town, to be an embarrassment. Surely there is a more appropriate person or group of people we could honor than those that would choose to fight a war so that slavery of human beings could continue to be a societal norm. Perhaps a monument to Ben Franklin, for whom our town is named, would be a fitting replacement. Let us show the world that racism and hate have no place in our beautiful town. We have made considerable progress since the Civil War but there is still work to be done and this would be a strong symbol of the desire for racial reconciliation. Removing this statue would show the world that we hold dearly the American values of freedom and justice for all.

Eryn Duffee-Braun
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