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DC: Release Superman's Mustache for Charity

Dear DC, As a lifetime DC Comics fan, I've been following most of the production news around the upcoming Justice League film, and, like a lot of fans, I am irrationally excited about it. However, this production update stands out: it's no secret that Henry Cavill had to reshoot scenes as Superman for the upcoming blockbuster Justice League with a full mustache due to legal obligations to other project(s) he was working on, that later had to be edited/CGI'd out in post-production: i09/Gizmodo: The Justice League Movie is Currently Battling Henry Cavill's Mustache Variety: Henry Cavill's Super Mustache Controversy Business Insider: How Hard it is to Removed Henry Cavill's Mustache (Bonus) Cinemablend: Ben Affleck's Description of Henry Cavill's Mustache It just so happens that Justice League is being released the very same month (this month) that is already very much associated with a certain cause: Movember. If you're not familiar, the Movember Foundation's focus is men's health (prostate and testicular cancers along with suicide prevention) and to raise awareness (and money), people all over the world grow mustaches the month of November. So far they've funded over 1,200 men's health projects. In honor of Movember—along with promoting excitement for the release of Justice League—I humbly request you do one of the following: • Auction off (one or more copies of) a version of Justice League WITH Mr. Cavill's undoubtedly glorious mustache completely intact • Auction off tickets to—or simply hold—a private screening of this 'stache of steel version • At the very least, a trailer with mustache'd scenes or Movember-themed behind-the-scenes featurette with original mustache'd footage and a peak inside the post-production de-mustaching How you choose to do this is up to you to prevent leaking (despite us all wanting to see it), etc., but please donate some or ideally all proceeds if any—but the most important thing is using your reach to get the word out. Thank you for considering this petition, Brent Fagerburg

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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Charles Sousa, Eleanor McMahon, Han Dong, Joe Cressy

Save 401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West is a restored, heritage-designated, industrial building turned arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. It is home to over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, microenterprises, galleries, festivals, and shops. Now looming property tax increases threaten to price tenants out of this long-time sanctuary for dozens of Toronto's non-profit cultural organizations. "401 Richmond, a beloved downtown hub of non-profit culture organizations in a reclaimed factory, has been hit with a property tax increase that could spell its end." - The Toronto Star The Premier and others in her government need to take action and update provincial tax policy now in order to ensure the preservation of cultural centers like 401 Richmond. The last tax assessment is terrifyingly high -- it's now a matter of great urgency. "This building and its extraordinary roster of tenants was made possible through the generosity and vision of its owners - a rarity in Toronto, and an example the city needs! It must be protected!" - Vera Frenkel In 2012, UrbanSpace, the building’s owner, paid close to $447,000 in property taxes, with its rate increasing steadily to that point at 1 per cent per year. Then in 2013, it jumped to $520,280. By 2016, the bill was within a few hundred dollars of $700,000. Without some kind of intervention, the building’s 2017 tax bill will be $846,210.73. "City council has delivered a clear statement to the province: New provincial tax policy is necessary if we are going to protect and support important buildings like 401 Richmond," - Ward 20 Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy While UrbanSpace has absorbed the worst of the increases, tenants have shared some pain. And with taxes projected to go as high as $1.29 million by 2020.The only way for this address to pay the proposed tax is for the current building to be torn down and a 40-storey tower built to replace it -- action needs to be taken immediately. "Please don't let artists and creators be dispersed and driven out of the heart of the city! A totally sterile urban landscape is not what we need!" - Margaret Atwood Please sign and share this petition if you wish to protect 401 Richmond as well as other cultural and creative centers like it. To go the extra mile you can call and/or write to your MPP and tell them to change the provincial tax rules that inappropriately tax heritage buildings. What to Share on Social Media Link: Hashtag: #save401richmond Twitter: @Kathleen_Wynne @SousaCharles @EMcMahonMPP @401Richmond Square Logo: *for Instagram sharing Full Logo: Where to Send Letters Premier Kathleen Wynne Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto, ON M7A 1A1 (Photo Eduardo Lima, Metro)

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