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Petition to Lyda Krewson

Reopen New Life Evangelistic Center!

All it takes is a catastrophic event or sudden illness to cause even the richest of men to become needy and homeless.   For anyone stricken and stuck in the streets, this place is a beacon, a sign of somewhere to go and of someone who cares! Reverend Larry Rice Ministries says the issues have been fixed with the building, but the commissioner has dismissed attempts to meet with or grant the permits to reopen the doors of @NewLifeSTL.  Your voice matters and you can make a difference by signing this petition!   Maybe you don't know what it's like to endure ruin on a personal level yourself, to have to struggle with adversity as you sort through the debris and remove the rubble just so you can rebuild, and I hope you never do, because I can relate to those who have found themselves in the center of chaos, and I know how horrible the helplessness feels.  As independent as you have been trained to become and to believe that you are supposed to be, consider how it is so that a business can't thrive, let alone survive without customers, which implies therefore that even the greatest of them are all codependent.  This is why it is so vital that we learn to work together!  Trust is valuable and very delicate because it's easy to lose and hard to earn back, and St.Louis has been torn apart and divided over it.  Those keeping this center from reopening have been found with hardened hearts, so pray with me that they never forget who they are, or become lost in old age, have to suffer some kind of catastrophic event or traumatic experience in any given moment, that renders them unable to help even themselves!  I don't wish to see even the worst of my enemies suffering afflictions because I know from within me that to do so is wrong, and uncivil, as such behavior is the display of spite, and I am aware enough now to understand from making mistakes of my own, that succumbing to such temptation only invokes more wrong doing, hatred, and dissension for all involved. Lyda Krewson is the Mayor of St. Louis and if anyone else can understand the plight of the homeless, harmed, or heartbroken, it is she with a voice and the platform to speak up for this center with a long history of sheltering the homeless, including our war-torn Veterans and lost daughters and sons!    Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. I wish you all the best, and hope that you will always have a place to go, where people will care to walk with you through your trials and tribulations, should as such ever come upon you as suddenly too.  I believe it to be so we are all the children of God, and that regardless of any other titles we have held or do hold, we can all relate as human beings first and foremost, with experiences, thoughts, and feelings of our own. Thanks again for listening! "And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land." (Isaiah 32:2)  Please consider joining NLEC for the 46th Anniversary,Thank you!

House of Prayers Inc.
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Petition to Morton Grove Community Members

Place Little Free Pantries on Morton Grove Village Properties

A Little Free Pantry is a place where neighbors can leave food for those who may need food or experience food insecurity.  It is also a place for people to take food from when they are in need.  It is a grassroots movement meant to be supported and taken care of by neighbors in a community.  On 11/24/2017 a Little Free Pantry was installed on Morton Grove village property at the corner of Menard Avenue and Greenwood Street. There was overwhelming support from many community members who embraced and supported this cause.  There were also members of the community who did not support this cause and called the police department and village hall to express concerns.  The village, in order to avoid confrontation, determined that it was easiest to require the removal of the Little Free Pantry from village property. Food insecurity is a reality that many individuals face.  Did you know, 27% of the student population at Park View Elementary is considered low income and 32% of the student population at Niles West High School is considered low income? Additionally, this pantry is to promote sharing, giving, and community which means that even people who don’t face food insecurity can and do benefit. Who hasn’t forgotten the cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving or Christmas when the store was already closed?  Promoting a Little Free Pantry may seem scary or like it’s “not for this community” however, the differences we promote and embrace are what make this community and the surrounding area such a rich place to live.  Please support the Little Free Pantry by signing this petition and by visiting it in Morton Grove on the 8900 block of Menard between Greenwood Street and Lake Street.  It is on the east side of the street.    Take what you need, leave what you can.

Alyssa Hofeld
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Petition to Diane Nelson

DC: Release Superman's Mustache for Charity

Dear DC, As a lifetime DC Comics fan, I've been following most of the production news around the upcoming Justice League film, and, like a lot of fans, I am irrationally excited about it. However, this production update stands out: it's no secret that Henry Cavill had to reshoot scenes as Superman for the upcoming blockbuster Justice League with a full mustache due to legal obligations to other project(s) he was working on, that later had to be edited/CGI'd out in post-production: i09/Gizmodo: The Justice League Movie is Currently Battling Henry Cavill's Mustache Variety: Henry Cavill's Super Mustache Controversy Business Insider: How Hard it is to Removed Henry Cavill's Mustache (Bonus) Cinemablend: Ben Affleck's Description of Henry Cavill's Mustache It just so happens that Justice League is being released the very same month (this month) that is already very much associated with a certain cause: Movember. If you're not familiar, the Movember Foundation's focus is men's health (prostate and testicular cancers along with suicide prevention) and to raise awareness (and money), people all over the world grow mustaches the month of November. So far they've funded over 1,200 men's health projects. In honor of Movember—along with promoting excitement for the release of Justice League—I humbly request you do one of the following: • Auction off (one or more copies of) a version of Justice League WITH Mr. Cavill's undoubtedly glorious mustache completely intact • Auction off tickets to—or simply hold—a private screening of this 'stache of steel version • At the very least, a trailer with mustache'd scenes or Movember-themed behind-the-scenes featurette with original mustache'd footage and a peak inside the post-production de-mustaching How you choose to do this is up to you to prevent leaking (despite us all wanting to see it), etc., but please donate some or ideally all proceeds if any—but the most important thing is using your reach to get the word out. Thank you for considering this petition, Brent Fagerburg

Brent Fagerburg
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