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Petition to Mick Cash, RMT

RMT to postpone the DLR Strike affecting the London Marathon (20th - 24th April)

Whilst it is recognised that sometimes there is a need for industrial action as a last resort to protect workers and their working conditions, the next proposed strike action by the RMT for their members who work on the DLR is called for four days beginning at 4am on 20th April 2018. This means that the strike will directly affect the 60,000 participants of the London Marathon which takes place on Sunday 22nd April.The London Marathon is widely recognised as the largest Charity one day event in the world and has raised over £830million for good causes since its inception in 1981 with a record £61.5million being raised last year alone, a figure that is expected to be exceeded this year.All 60,000 participants must attend the London Marathon Expo held at the London Excel between 18th & 21st April to complete their race registration and collect running numbers etc. The Excel is only directly served by the DLR. On Sunday 22nd April most participants as well as the hundreds of volunteer stewards, officials & medical staff will rely upon the DLR to reach the start of the race in Greenwich and to access the first 20 miles of the 26.2 mile course which runs through the area that is predominantly served by the DLR as opposed to any London Underground line. It is therefore essential to the successful running of the London Marathon that the DLR operates the full enhanced service they have provided in previous years. As one of those 60,000 participants who will be affected by this action I therefore (along with the undersigned) call upon Mick Cash to recognise the vital service he and his members provide which contributes to this mammoth charity effort and to postpone the strike action called for 20th April to a later date that does not coincide with the London Marathon.

Robert Sanderson
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Petition to The Air Ambulance Service staff

The Air Ambulance Service: CEO Andy Williamson & Deputy CEO Alexandra Pope must step aside

The Sunday Times has accused The Air Ambulance Service CEO Andy Williamson of using charity resources for his own benefit & of conflicts of interest including payment to a company of which him and his wife are directors Deputy CEO & Director of People Alexandra Pope is responsible for HR decisions at our charity where allegations of bullying have also been reported in The Sunday Times We the former and current staff of The Air Ambulance Service is saying enough is enough. We believe by refusing to step aside Andy Williamson and Alexandra Pope are putting their own interests above that of the charity. We ask for them to step aside before we approach the media and Charity Commission to shame them into going. This will damage the charity more so we ask that they do decent thing and go now. Their departure is for ultimate good of The Air Ambulance Service. VERY IMPORTANT: When you sign unclick options to 'Display my name and comment on this petition' and 'Share with Facebook friends' and you can remain anonymous. Nobody will know you have signed and we will get enough numbers to make a difference. Please pass on and let us get lots of signatures.

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