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Petition to British Heart Foundation

BHF to change policy and allow pedelec e-bikes on non-competitive fundraising bike rides.

STORY SO FAR... After verbally agreeing to allow riders on electric pedal assist bikes in 2015 the BHF have now made a U-TURN and claim that pedelec e-bikes are too dangerous to join, even though under UK and EU law they are classed as ‘bicycles’ (see 'press release' below). WHY THIS MATTERS... By banning pedelec e-bikes the BHF are discriminating against those who need to use them. For people who need to exercise but must manage 'peak' exertions (eg. those with heart, lung, joint, fatigue conditions) pedelecs are the only feasible option. The alternative is to sit on the sidelines and miss out.  These are not competitive rides. Rather than banning pedelecs altogether, why can't fundraisers simply declare to donors that they are using pedelec e-bikes when asking for sponsorship? MYTH BUSTING Pedelec electric bikes (e-bikes) are NOT MOPEDS.  They simply assist with the 'high intensity' part of cycling, typically accelerating from a stand-still, and climbing hills. Once the rider has reached 15mph, they are pedalling under their own power. Pedelec e-bikes increase people’s fitness (see 'What pedelec riders say...' below).  The BHF should encourage people to ride pedelecs, especially those who must avoid high intensity exertions. READ MORE  - What pedelec riders say... How a pedelec is helping an army veteran's rehabilitiation (written by a pedelec rider): someone with a TRIPLE BYPASS completed the John O'Groats to Lands End bike ride raising thousands for charity (written by a pedelec rider): READ MORE - Our press release and director's statement...Press release: Director's statement: WATCH:Not quite sure what you think of ebikes? Watch this BBC article on how they work. You will see they make cycling more accessible if you are asthmatic for example:  

Cycling Made Easy Ray Wookey
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Petition to Bath and North East Somerset Council, John Isserlis

Julian House - do not change Women's Refuge on Walcot St - it is a community lifeline

Women's Refuge (previously known as Women's Aid) is a lifeline to the community. The support they provide is twofold, as a charity and as a shop.  Not only does the shop serve people with low income (who come from all across the city) but the charity it raises for gives essential help to vulnerable women. The charity has helped a huge amount of women and children over the years. The local contract that enables Women's Refuge to function has gone out to tender and has been won by Julian House - who will be taking over the shop from April 1st.  This means that it is highly likely that Women's Aid will not continue in it's current form.   If Julian House take over the shop we want a guarantee that the current volunteers and pricing structure will remain. We don't need another overpriced charity shop on Walcot Street. Julian House already have one shop 100m up the road.  We must make sure that the shop stays open and that the good work continues! Bath needs authentic charity like Women's Refuge... and should not be just an exclusive city for big brands and the super rich.  Please sign and share! PS the potential closure of the Bath Women's Refuge shop has upset a lot of people - I would like to state that any abusive emails or tweets received are not associated with me (Jools Scott) in any way.

Jools Scott
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Petition to Rob Wilson MP

Tell Rob Wilson MP to act on charities that use questionable fundraising tactics

Charities that use questionable fundraising tactics damage the reputation of the third sector, undermine public trust and deter people from making much-needed donations to worthy causes. Petition the Minister for Civil Society to take action. Donations to charities have been falling. According to research from the Charities Aid Foundation last year, individual charitable donations fell by £500m in 2015 to £9.6bn, the lowest amount for seven years. Examples of questionable fundraising tactics include: making false statements in fundraising leaflets  harassment of passers-by in the street by "chuggers" the deliberate use of underhand ploys to "squash" donations out of members of the public claiming that 100% of donations go to charitable causes when this isn't true What needs to be done Charities that are found to use questionable fundraising tactics should face more action and stiffer penalties. As the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP should instigate an inquiry into the practices of charities that have been shown to have engaged in questionable fundraising tactics in the last 12 months, and call them to account. Too often, charities that have behaved badly are seen to "get away with it"; current sanctions simply don't have enough bite. The public needs reassuring that charities won't get off the hook when they are found to have engaged in questionable fundraising tactics. What if nothing gets done? If this isn't fixed, funding for causes that we all care about will be choked-off - that's less money to find cures for devastating illnesses, illnesses that your or a family member might be suffering from right now. False claims made by environmental groups will make people question established concerns like climate change and could prevent them from making the changes needed to avoid dangerous global warming. Why this matters to me (and why I hope it will matter to you)  I care about the natural environment. I want others to care about it too - I don't want them being put off because green charities make unsubstantiated claims just to support their fundraising. A close family member of mine has leukaemia. I'd like to see cancer research charities continue their work to find a cure, but they need funding to do that. 

Rob Peters
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Petition to Debbie O'Neill (Chief Finance Officer, Countess of Chester Hospital), Mr Ian Harvey (Medical Director, Countess of Chester Hospital), Tony Chambers, Sir Duncan Nichol CBE, Simon Holden, Alison Kelly, Sue Hodkinson

Save The Chester Childbirth Appeal Café

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION TO SAVE THE COMFORT ZONE SHOP & CAFÉ, AT THE COUNTESS OF CHESTER HOSPITAL, WHICH HAS BEEN GIVEN JUST 9 WEEKS TO CLOSE ITS DOORS, AFTER 16 YEARS PROVIDING LOVE AND SUPPORT TO THE PEOPLE OF CHESTER, OFTEN IN THEIR WORST HOURS ALIVE, IN MANY CASES AFTER THE TERRIBLE NEWS OF THE LOSS OF THEIR CHILD OR CHILDREN. THIS CAFÉ IS THE MAIN SOURCE OF INCOME FOR THE CHESTER CHILDBIRTH APPEAL CHARITY, WHICH HAS DONATED OVER £2M FOR SERVICES TO PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES AT THE HOSPITAL OVER THE YEARS. WE NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE. The Comfort Zone shop & café, which raises much needed funds for Chester Childbirth Appeal has been given notice to quit by the Countess of Chester NHS Trust board by Monday 16th January 2017.Former midwife-tutor Pat Daniels MBE founded the charity in 1991 and since then has raised in the region of £2million for services to patients and their families, much of it through the café and shop.Pat Daniels said,“Our shop employs 16 people as well as dozens of volunteers. We also provide work experience placements and help Duke of Edinburgh Award participants as well as several volunteers with extra support needs. Without the Comfort Zone we would not be able to pay for much needed help for the Women and Children’s. We have also given £50,000 to the hospital’s own Babygrow Appeal. All this would be lost if the Comfort Zone is taken away from us.We are currently taking legal advice as we have been running the Comfort Zone for 16 years and believe we may have some rights to stay. In the first instance we would hope that the hospital would accept a market rent which we are more than willing to pay. If we cannot reach agreement on a rent we will be mounting a massive campaign to stay. We know that we have the support of many people in the wider community, many of whom have been patients at the Countess.” Please share this press release with everyone you know in Chester and ask them to support us in our campaign.TO OFFER YOUR SUPPORT OR JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN, PLEASE CONTACT PAT DANIELS ON: 01244 350755 / 07774753418

Chester Childbirth Appeal
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