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Petition to RocketeerGamesStudios

Bring Back Red Crucible 2

 It's been a year now, since our friends left us, since the fun ended, since our community was torn apart, since Red Crucible 2 was set on fire to allow a new update to plow through the record books as another failed game.  I'm starting this petition, because the new COD trailer just hit the 5th most disliked video on YouTube. I can't help but thinking that this is exactly what happened to RC, the community was there, but the game wasn’t. RuneScape updated to a newer version, failed and the re-released the old version for it to be a smashing success again. Why not RC2? Could RC2 be the next RuneScape? As I write this there is 99 people online on RCF, last time I played RC2 it struggled to get under 5000 people. It’s been 4 months since RCF hit 1,800 people online!! I can speak for everyone here that if RC2 was back, I'd drop the current games I play, just to grind like the old days.  I got these stats from here: If you want RC2 back, join me! Sign and Share <3 <3   Spanish Translation from =|E|= Girl thankyou! Ha pasado un año desde que nuestros amigos se fueron, desde que la diversión se acabo, desde que la comunidad se desintegró, desde que Red Crucible 2 fue encendido en fuego para permitir una nueva versión que ha caído en el libro de juegos fallidos. Estoy empezando esta petición porque el nuevo video de lanzamiento de COD ha sido el quinto video menos gustado en Youtube; Y no puedo parar de pensar en que esto fue exactamente lo que le paso a Red Crucible, los jugadores estaban allí pero el juego no. Runescape también lanzó una nueva versión, falló y volvió a lanzar la original para que pudiera tener éxito otra vez. ¿Por qué no RC2? ¿Puede ser RC2 el nuevo Runescape? Mientras que escribo esto, hay 99 personas online en RCF, la última vez que jugué RC2 era difícil ver menos de 5,000 jugadores conectados. Han pasado 4 meses desde que RCF tuvo 1,800 jugadores al mismo tiempo. Puedo hablar por cualquiera que si RC2 estuviera devuelta, dejaría los otros juegos para jugarlo como en los viejos tiempos. Utilicé los datos de: Si quieres que vuelva RC2, únete!! Fírmalo y compártelo con tus amigos <3 <3

Torch Wood
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Petition to Activision, Treyarch, Jason Blundell

A fully fledged release of the CUSTOM Perk-A-Cola machine "BANANA COLADA"

For years the Call Of Duty : Zombies community have gotten by on custom created content since 2008, now with a new generation of tools being released to allow the creation of new custom and highly detailed content.Over the past few month a couple of Die Hard Zombie fans (Rafases and Madgaz Gaming), have created a BRAND NEW perk a cola machine for use in custom maps (Banana Colada)Using the initial idea for the Perk effects, Madgaz went on to create numerous version for us in custom zombies maps, but this wasn't enough, as the community got on board with this idea, we soon found the demand for this perk was insanely high and gaining recognition all over the world even from the Call Of Duty DevelopersThis petition is now put in place to show the Creators of Call Of Duty Zombies, that we as a community, stand together and will push this project until it is released Legitimately in game and not just a custom additionThe effects of this perk-a-cola are as follows Allow the player to slide 50% further and 30% faster, and leaves a trail of liquid yellow substance behind the player which when a zombie touches this it will fall over and burst (much like the sliqiufier and kt4 effect combined), each round past round 7 as the zombies get stronger the perk will loose strength to keep things balanced. The usage limit will be dependant on a gauge next to the perk icon on screen that will deplete with each use , the play will then need to wait a round for it to be fully charged again. "Banana Colada You Can Slide Right Through"

Gary Patterson
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Started 1 year ago

Petition to Bandai Namco

A review of the anti-cheat within Dark Souls 3.

Many within the Dark Souls community have waited long for its release in the West. However recent events have plagued the community a great deal. There is an issue that occurs which forces the game to display the following message: [CAUTION] INVALID GAME DATA HAS BEEN DETECTED Invalid game data has been detected on your account. The use of invalid data during gameplay is a violation of the online service end user license agreement. You will be penalized if you continue playing with invalid data. Please take this opportunity to remove the invalid data from your system/account and discontinue further use.   This message does not disappear no matter what is done. People, have uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times and are still having this issue. Yes, this is meant to be a message displayed to cheaters however a large majority of the message recipients have not used any kind of external program to alter the games files. Many have been seeing this message after using input mappers for their non-supported controllers, being invaded by someone who is obviously hacking, or using a program on Steam such as Borderless Gaming. None of these mentioned programs have the ability to alter the state of the game in any way, shape or form. However they are being treated as if they are extremely malicious. To make matters worse, many users are simply ignored when trying to seek legitimate help, because they are labeled as cheaters despite this obvious false positive. There has also been a few instances of people launching the game for the first time and receiving this message which, to a greater degree, doesn't even make sense.Please review your anti-cheat system on PC, to take into consideration the aforementioned situations. Below are links to forums on sites such as Steam and Reddit so that you may further see into the issue at hand:   Reddit: Invalid Data MegathreadSteam: Invalid Game Data Platform for those affected by INVALID GAME DATA   -HunterKurzaMy Profile  

Hunter Kurza
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Petition to Cod PC Community

Promod Standalone Game with Matchmaking / Skins / Client / Ranking System & Leagues

*EDIT: 04/2017* Still working on a build, nearly have the movement down. Keep signing. I didn't realise that petitions automatically close after 1 year.Thanks!Social AccountsFacebookTwitter Introduction           I want to develop a standalone version of the CoD4 mod Promod that's free to play with a website, client, league and matchmaking system with the help of the community. The game will feel exactly like Promod (which is heavily based on movement and feel).We will use CoD4: promod (the mod) to test & tweak new things that can be taken to a standalone game. Whilst we test new things, a game development studio will be hired by me to create a very simple beta version that includes the movement of Promod with 1 weapon & 1 player model. We will recreate the "MP_MARKETCENTER" map in higher quality (to avoid legal issues).The beta demo will then be released for a limited time as a single-player game or simple multiplayer game with the TDM mode and servers hosted by us. This will hopefully give the community the confidence needed to fund further development. This is also as much as I can realistically afford to pay without causing myself any money problems. Contact Me    Some have requested some sort of contact details to discuss things with me, whether they want to help somehow or just ask things. I have set-up a random e-mail that people can talk to me on at: - If you wish to discuss things with me you will be able to by e-mailing me. Signing Petition  I understand some might not sign due to having to give address details. If you don't feel comfortable giving your address then use another address of some place popular in your area or country. So don't be scared by the address details section! Also, please use your real e-mail so you receive updates about the petition/project.Sharing PetitionFor those who want to share the petition but don't want to give out a long link to players because perhaps you're playing inside a game server or chatting to someone on some live messaging platform, you can use:  This redirects to this petition page. Please share it anywhere you can, we currently have 6,684 supporters. If each user promoted this, we could increase by 2 or 3 times the size in no time at all!!! Goal The following are the current milestones we want to reach:Milestone 1: 3,000 SignaturesMilestone 2: 10,000 SignaturesMilestone 3: 30,000 Signatures (we will start a Kickstarter for funding if the beta version is ready)Kickstarter funding goal: Undecided due to the change in the projects goal. How Will You Use The Funding? The funding will cover the full employment of a games development studio to develop the game with all mentioned features. The studio will be named publicly during the Kickstarter phase. Here's the short list of features for those who simply want an overview of what I want to develop:Features (keep in mind, not all features will be implemented to begin with and will be discussed with the community to allow a chance for input):  Esports Focused Promod Standalone Game Website (With news, videos, leagues, rankings, player profiles, stats, fantasy league, forums and chat) Client (For automatic matchmaking, skins, matchmaking with friends, public play, server browser, stats, chat, friends list, player profiles, news, streams and automatic updates) Anticheat loaded automatically from client (With more emphasis on detecting more cheats than the usual pathetic attempts by other games) Skins Ranking System (Like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc.. much like League Of Legends) Team Ranking System (Undecided on this, it's a potential idea, but not yet final) Leagues (Official ladders where teams compete for points, can be used for prizes, practice or qualification to specific cups, or all) Overhauled and Improved In-game GUI Team Voice Chat New Guns Improved Gun Recoils & Balance New Competitive Maps Skins Marketplace  Exhaustive Spectator & Shoutcaster GUI  Casual & Competitive Modes. Give players a chance to play according to how they feel. Server Browser for servers running other MODs and cater to all the current communities. Give them the option to access servers via the client so they have options to play competitive too. Plus a lot of other things that would make the list too big... I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support this past month, it has been much appreciated!  

Dan Bear
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