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Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump

STOP Facebook & others from banning free speech in America!

Hello, My name is Floyd Yancey. I'm an activist/artist. I created the "anonymous" logo for the activist group.. I pioneered some of the first 3d cartoon characters. Floyd Farnsworth and Yancey Fry are named after me on the tv toon show Futurama.. as I made some of their first 3d characters. I'm banned from facebook for political reasons, of which, facebook will not declare. I'm extremely pro-freedom of speech. I allow others to have conflicting viewpoints on my page, ( and even hurl insults at me if they so choose.I view art/ religion/ politics/ sexual preference all as a form of freedom. I play the part of the internetboogyman, (I'm even portrayed in a video game "Watchdogs 2") however, I try to influence the kids in a positive direction.I'm anti-big goverment. I try to get people to question what ideas are dished out to them. My idea, of true equality/freedom of speechis to not favor one religion/political view/sexual preference over others. This challenges established cultural beliefs and norms.Some can't handle it. I view it like this. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs, would obliterate the symbology/art of their predecessors, or replace the names, thusrewriting history. Some people get offended by naked greek statues. Some are offended by religious beliefs of others. I feel that tearing down statues, art, rewriting history that offends is wrong. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to be heard. Not one side/belief silenced to uplift another. In the early days of the internet (Like 1991) there weren't many ads.Individuals didn't have to compete with big business to be seen. When google sold placement, a void was created for the individual. The musician, artist, philosopher etc.. lost a valuable venue for free exchange of information. Facebook, twitter and the like filled that void, and profited off the desire of people to be heard. It was a place were people didn't have to fight businesses buying ads. Over time the same thing happened there. The individuals reach shrank. I was one of the few that fought on. Tried to grow.Facebook, and others realized something new. Something sinister. They could manipulate mass opinion for profit. Instead of positioning ads, their algorithms could be used to push a political candidate, squash the voice of a foreign voting faction to manipulate elections, bash an activist, or idolize a singer. With a few changes to some settings, a musical sensation could pop up overnight. Also, a rebel faction in say... Iran, could be silenced from communication. Free speech on the internet is so, so much more than anyone considers it. Those that can manipulate it, are all powerful. Zuckerberg realized this and petitioned John Podesta in released wikileaks emails, to try to use this for political benefit.. These media companies know exactly what power they wield. People... like me. Try to make people aware. I'm a threat, so I need to be silenced. I was. America, needs to reign in these companies and act as a free speech outlet. When we become a haven for free speech, people in oppressed countries have a goal. They can hide in our internet walls, exchange ideas without fear. Cultures change. Ignorance can't be fostered and manipulated. Propaganda looses power. People become more educated.. on their own. In reality, this is a battle for humanity and the fate of the world.. and the descisions we make now, could influence generations to come. It's something precious that needs to be guarded. -Floyd Z.

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Petition to Facebook


Use the hashtag #LetExMuslimsSpeak and ask Facebook to protect its most vulnerable communities. What is happening? Atheist and Ex-Muslim organizations and groups find themselves yet again the target of censorship campaigns by religious conservatives - this time with the aid of Facebook’s reporting mechanism. Following what appears to be a coordinated reporting and flagging campaign, multiple atheist and secularist groups have been repeatedly restricted or shut down. Each time, allegedly in response to violations of its terms of service and community standards. Each time, no details were given as to which standards were violated.  How do they do it? Religious extremists are able to abuse flaws in Facebook’s reporting system to mass report and flag groups which are critical of Islam easily and effectively - and they are organized. Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Groups exist on Facebook with the sole aim of shutting down others which they deem disrespectful of their religion.  Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 As a result, atheist and secular communities and Pages are regularly shut down or restricted in coordinated reporting which triggers Facebook’s algorithm. More information about their reporting methods: Constant Attacks These attacks are not new, in fact, they have become routine for atheists and agnostics, especially from the Muslim world. Last year, more than a dozen Facebook groups were targeted en mass, and a petition was created to request that Facebook restore them. However, the attacks have not stopped, and new groups are being targeting right now. Ex-Muslims of North America and Atheist Republic have been targeted this week - first temporarily losing access to News Feed - both receiving their blocks within minutes of each other. Later, Atheist Republic (a community with over 1.6 million followers which was founded by an ex-Muslim) was shut down altogether, restored, then shut down again - all without any clear explanation as to the nature of the removals. Others have been targeted as well, and continue to be targeted. A permanent solution is necessary.   What can Facebook do? Facebook should create a whitelist for Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages which are determined as vulnerable to malicious attacks. Reports and flags aimed at them should not be handled by automated mechanisms but reviewed and given due consideration by a trained Facebook employee. Facebook should penalize individual accounts and Facebook Groups which are found to have been repeatedly abusing its reporting system. These measures will help ensure that social media continues to be a valuable asset for empowerment of dissenting and minority voices - we ask Facebook to develop and implement these measures as soon as possible. A letter signed by dozens of atheists/secularist/humanist organizations to Facebook can be found here: PDF  HTML  The press release of the effort and most recent targeting can be found here: Sign this petition to show your support, and use the hashtag #LetExMuslimsSpeak and ask Facebook to protect its most vulnerable communities.

Ex-Muslims of North America
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