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Petition to Google, Inc, YouTube, Sundar Pichai

Fire Susan Wojcicki as YouTube CEO

Since February 2014, Susan Wojcicki became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YouTube, which is part of Google. Under her leadership things started to went downhill and caused the reputation of YouTube and Google from the copyright controversy to the 2016 controversial YouTube PR Nightmare known as The Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy which was severely criticized by various YouTubers that the new rules censors and silenced YouTubers' freedom of speech and their platforms by demonetizing YouTube videos that deals with controversial subjects (like tragedies, natural disasters, politics, health, and etc.) and YouTubers loved Freedom Of Speech, but the new Ad-Friendly Monetization rules are still a dire form of Censorship by TPTB at Google and YouTube. The current Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy is still unfair to YouTubers. We also want that policy abolished or changed for the better. The controversial Ad-Friendly Policy at YouTube is one of the few reasons YouTube went downhill and turn for the worse and into the wrong direction. The PR Nightmare has to be fixed, make YouTube and Google go into the right direction by having common sense rules like No Tolerance Policy on YouTube Trolls, False Flagging, and censoring music just like Internet Vigilantes like UMG_MK trying to do a witch hunt on removing YouTube videos of songs by The Beatles. We want YouTube and Google go into the right direction and fire YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Make YouTube Great Again!

Spencer Karter
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Petition to ConCarolinas , Jada Hope

Ensure Freedom of Speech & Assembly at ConCarolinas

We're here to support Jada Hope and Luis Diaz's stance on the demands to disinvite guests at ConCarolinas based on unfounded and unproven stories posted by Internet pressure groups. Our goal is to obtain as many signatures as possible as a way of demonstrating who is truly in favor of diversity by raising our voices. We'd like to count them in the hundreds, but we'd really rather count them by the thousand. This is not a petition to support inviting guests who the con committee believes would be problems for the con or who do not seem, to the con committee, to be a "good fit" for the people who attend ConCarolinas. We who sign this petition are saying only that once an invitation has been issued, the guest invited should not be subsequently disinvited simply because someone else planning to attend the con will be uncomfortable in that guest's presence. We believe that no one, left or right, should have an ex post facto veto right over who can and cannot be invited to a convention nor should the vocal minority, who do not work for the con in any capacity and are simply attending A PRIVATE EVENT of their OWN FREE WILL , be allowed to exert that kind of influence over a convention. We believe that if ConCarolinas ejects Jada Hope and Luis Diaz from the Convention Committee (the managing body of the convention) and reverses the position they have taken on the dis-invitation of guests, then no one who believes in freedom of expression should attend this convention ever again. Some of us have attended ConCarolinas in the past, as either a ticket-buying attendee of the con or as an invited guest. Under the ‘I’m signing because...” section please indicated if you’ve attended in the past as a guest or attendee and if you will attend in the future if they are removed.The video below shows the apology that Jada Hope made at the end of ConCarolinas 2018 on June 3rd to John Ringo and re-emphasized the con's commitment to an inclusive atmosphere for all people.

Words of Weber
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Petition to YouTube

Bring Back Safe2Choose's YouTube Channel!

Safe2Choose is an organization that is committed to providing safe abortion care and accurate information on abortion using recent, unbiased scientific studies. Their mission "is to promote safe abortion by facilitating access to abortion pills."  In January of 2018, the Safe2Choose YouTube account was shut down based on " repeated or severe violations of community standards." It was  stated that the account "encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death." (*) Safe2Choose has since attempted and failed appealing the account's shut down.  The alleged video that triggered the account suspension is still allowed for viewing on both Facebook and Twitter. (watch here) Along with Safe2Choose's account suspension, several other pro-choice organizations including Women on Web, Women on Waves, Colectivo de Salud Feminista, and has faced YouTube's censoring on their channels as well.  Millions of women every year seek safe abortion services, and according to the World Health Organization,25 million unsafe abortions take place every year, as a result, 46,000 die and millions more are left with severe complications.* Women will be seeking abortion and information on abortion no matter what, so, why make it harder for us to get accurate information?  YouTube, please do not leave women seeking information in the dark, leaving them to turn to inaccurate, harmful information that can have life-threatening consequences. Stand with women and restore Safe2Choose's account!   * WHO study: Women die from unsafe abortions    (*) WHO study on medical abortion is SAFE for women to do at home without medical supervision: Read here     

Jane Doe
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