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Petition to Facebook, Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, Lina Esco

Tell Facebook and Instagram to stop censorship.

#facebookprefershatetolove As an artist and a member of the queer community I am fed up with seeing my posts, and of people around me being censored and deleted on Facebook and Instagram by an unfair, conservative, and judgemental system. I decided to take action after my last photo got removed from both FB and Instagram, a photo showing nothing else than an act of love an kindness between two men (a kiss to the neck, with no sex involved - I would know cause I'm in the picture), this is unacceptable. It is unacceptable that art is removed while you can find hundreds of thousands of posts promoting hatred, racism, violence and killing allowed on the platforms. It is unacceptable that firearms and violence are more normalised than love, kindness, and the human body itself. How can seeing two human beings showing love to each other be more damaging to a child than to see the killing of animals for trophies, or other kids holding up guns? Which is what you'll find with a quick search on instagram #trophyhunting #kidswithguns . #facebookprefershate It's time for these social medias to update their community guidelines into being more accepting and tolerant, and to start patrolling content that is actually harmful for society! It's time to free up women's bodies, the LGBTQIA community, and artists. It's time to evolve. #facebookprefershatetolove We need to make noise and show our discontent. We need to tell Mark Zuckerberg that censorship is not ok. If we keep showing that this is what the future looks like they will have no other option but to accept it. They should've started by accepting the #freethenipple campaign, they didn't. Well, until they bring real change petitions and movements like this will not stop. Add your name to the fight so we can have a better and freer tomorrow, with a system that looks out for what is actually harmful. So that Facebook can prefer love to hate. #facebookprefershate

Antonio Branco
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Petition to Google Inc., Google, Inc, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Google UK Limited, UK Parliament

Call on Google to Lift Anti-Censorship Blocks on Iranian People

Over the past few days, Iranians all over the country have been protesting and standing up for their basic human rights. So far, at least  21 people have died, with at least 450 people arrested alone in Tehran. Iranians have been using social media applications such as Telegram, a messaging app that offered them a crucial platform for the free flow of information, often used to connect and organise effectively.  On 31st December 2017, Iran blocked the use of Telegram in an attempt to stop the anti-government protests across the country from spreading further as part of a clampdown on Iranian citizens' internet communications. This has resulted in many Iranians turning to alternatives to communicate, either local platforms or turning to insecure and compromised circumvention tools to bypass the filters. The risk of surveillance and further repression by the Iranian authorities is often very real. As an alternative to the now blocked Telegram, Iranians could potentially use secure messaging apps such as ‘Signal’ to connect and organise. Trusted by well-respected cryptographers and privacy advocates, Signal has been long targeted by repressive governments and censored in countries like Iran and Egypt. In Egypt however, the platform was able to make use of an in-built circumvention technique called ‘domain fronting’. According to cybersecurity expert Collin Anderson, Signal’s feature to bypass filtering uses a cloud platform called Google App Engine (GAE) to conceal traffic. However, Google's decision to filter GAE in Iran means Google is denying Iranians access to Signal’s circumvention features. In a recent interview, Dr Steven Murdoch, a security researcher in the Computer Science Department at University College London, noted that this decision by Google could be due to export control.  Additionally, Anderson notes that in reality GAE could be labelled as cloud services which would be exempt from sanctions. GAE could possibly be exempt under OFAC  GL D-1 under which, Google could make GAE available to users in Iran allowing them to connect safely. Alternatively, Google could simply whitelist important services that use AppEngine such as Signal. This way Google would not be violating their own interpretation of sanction laws. With this, Google could potentially aid in secure and unfiltered communications in Iran and live up to its own slogan of 'AppEngine for All'-including Iranians. Please sign this petition to:  Call on Google Inc. & Google Limited UK to investigate this matter immediately. Call on Google to either lift the block the company has placed on its service of Google AppEngine for Iranian users or whitelist safe messaging applications such as Signal for Iranian users. Call on U.S & UK politicians and officials to stand by their words to support the Iranian people and free flow of information, urging Google to investigate this matter, encouraging Google to provide a solution on this matter immediately.  Please help us spread the word by sharing this petition and use #GoogleForIran 

Azadeh Akbari
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Petition to Bandai Namco Entertainment

Bring back Roger the Kangaroo in Tekken 7.

Katsuhiro Harada has claimed that he is taking out Roger Jr as a playable character in the upcoming title Tekken 7 due to fear of backlash of animal rights activists. Harada claims that he is fearful of animal rights activists getting involved because of the recent viral video of a man punching a kangaroo circulating through social media; and that this video may have an affect on how Roger is seen when in play. Harada also claims that Kuma (A brown bear) will still be available however because he feels as if a bear's natural strength is more equal to that of a man so isn't as bad as a kangaroo. The fact that Harada is pulling out of using Roger and keeping other animal characters because of a viral video is plainly rather silly and it seems as if he has been pushed into a corner because of how far animal rights activists take things. Roger Jr has been a staple figure of the Tekken series since he debuted in Tekken 2 back in 1996 and over 20 years of him boxing his opponents he is going to be removed because of fear of animal rights activists. This is removal is unjust to the fans of Tekken worldwide and to the gaming community as a whole. We cannot let these ridiculous groups allow to control the games we play. If Harada pulls Roger out and let these activists win where is it going to happen next? So many games have the inclusion of animals and all the violence in these video games is not real. Too many times groups like Peta have tried to step in and censor our games. A line must be drawn here and we must make these activists realise that it is all fake. Not real. Fictional. They can try to say what they like about the killing of animals is very much real and so on, but it doesn't take a genius to go on and google "How many animals did Peta kill in 2016?" to see that these folks are incredibly hypocritical and are just trying to ruin the fun for everybody else. Don't let animal activist groups censor the gaming community. #BringBackRoger

Daryl Rimmer
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Petition to Daniel Ek, Spotify AB

Uncensor Pink Season from Spotify Search Results

Pink Season is the second album released by Pink Guy, a comedy character created by artist Joji (George Miller). It consists of 35 rap, ukulele and electric tracks, all lyricised in the name of comedy, lasting only 90 minutes, but taking years to be produced. It's an independently released album, not attached to any record label, and the album is promoted by Joji's soundcloud, his second YouTube channel TooDamnFilthy, and is also listed on Spotify.  The album was released to Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook on the 4th of January 2017, and in that week, raised to Viral charts in 17 countries on Spotify, occupied 18 of the 50 viral slots on the UK Viral 50, was placed 76th on the Billboard 200, and accumulated multi-millions of hits on YouTube. The album was largely praised by Pink Guy's fanbase, and was given a positive review by YouTube music reviewer Anthony Fantano. On the 18th of January 2017, Pink Season's song STFU edged out Ed Sheeran and many other mainstream artists to become #1 on Spotify's Global Viral 50, a huge achievement for an independently released album. Nine other albums also occupied places on the chart. It was hailed to be one of the best performing independently released albums in January 2017, and the fans of Pink Guy were ecstatic. Pink Season's run continued, climbing from 76 to 70 on the Billboard 200 and 30 on the Hot 100 for the week of 28th January 2017. Fans were excited for how far up this album would be able to go. However, disaster struck short after. Reports began coming in to /r/FilthyFrank regarding the disappearance of the album from Spotify on the 19th January 2017. Despite still being on people's playlists and the charts (then), the album was censored, removed from all of Spotify's search results, meaning fans could no longer find it when they searched, driving fans away from listening to it on Spotify. As a result of this, hits fell, and all of Pink Season disappeared from the Viral Charts. The album fell from #70 to #194 on the Billboard 200. Fans are outraged at this censorship. Like Youtube has done for some of his work, Spotify has removed George Miller's work from their search results, driving fans away from his work, as they are unable to find what they are looking for. Spotify has killed the chart run of an independent album, deliberately and knowingly throwing it from 70th to 194th on the Top 200.  The request is simple. We want Pink Season reinstated to Spotify's search results, and uncensored so that fans of the album are able to access it. We are abhorred by their decision, and want them to revoke it. #FreePinkSeason

Ethan Foreman
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