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Petition to John Hess Lake County Planning Commision

Oppose Verizon wireless’ plan to install 5G tower in center of Middletown, California.

Urgent Action is needed. There is currently an application with the County of Lake Planning Department to grant variances to Verizon Wireless in order to install a 5G tower on Highway 175 between Bush and Stewart Streets. This is two blocks away from our High School, Middle School and Elementary school, not to mention multiple nearby daycares, churches and other schools.  Verizon is requesting a 96% set back variance from the residences that abut the property, in other words they want to eliminate cell phone tower set back requirements in Lake County CA.  These towers have been linked to multiple heath concerns including; Brain Cancer (especially in children), depression, insomnia and infertility. The international biomedical research community is increasingly linking radio frequency radiation from wireless devices to adverse health effects. Among the devices of concern are cell towers and cell phones. Most recently, in 2016, the National Toxicology Program at the National Institutes of Health linked cellular radio frequency radiation to malignant brain tumors (gliomas) and malignant nerve tumors (schwannomas) of the heart in rats.  - Ronald M. Powell (retired U.S. Government scientist; Ph.D., Applied Physics, Harvard University) Last year, California Department of Public Health officials finally released a draft document outlining health concerns stemming from cellphone radiation — including multiple cancers and infertility. “We have evidence of brain tumors and other head and neck tumors. We also have evidence of sperm damage in males, infertility in females,” -Joel Moskowitz of U.C. Berkeley’s School of Public Health, who sued the state in 2016 under the California Public Records Act to obtain the information. In the Town of Ripon California, Sprint Wireless, just turned off a 5G tower they installed at Weston Elementary School after the 4th reported case of brain cancer in young students at that school. There were also 3 reported cases of brain and lymph node cancer in adults at that same school. see “Power Shut of to Weston Cell Tower” Also see: Brussels: The First Major City To Halt 5G Due To Health Effects   Better cell phone coverage should not mean risking the health of our children. >>> Website: >>> Facebook: Make your voice heard! Planning commission hearing: Where: Lakeport Board of Supervisors chambers  255 North Forbes St Lakeport  When: Thursday May 23, 2019 @ 1PM  ( please note hearing date has changed)  Contact:Michalyn DelValle, Director, Lake County Community Development (707) 263-2221 michalyn.delvalle@lakecountyca.govMark Roberts, Planner, Lake County Community Development (707) 263-2221mark.roberts@lakecountyca.govJohn Hess, Lake County Planning Commissioner, District 1 (202) 999-9221Dist1planningcomm@lakecountyca.govOther concerns we have: This video confirms Verizon’s 5G intentions for Lake County CA.  Please watch: Middletown has been devastated after 2015 fire. Many residents have not returned. Many residents will leave rather then be exposed.Businesses are struggling to stay open.Property owners’ rights concernsIntrudes on the land, property and airspace of residents in immediate vicinity. Will diminish property values and thereby reduce property tax revenue Removes the right of the homeowner to live on their own property. We encourage people to leave a comment in the discussion section, every bit helps! 

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Petition to Phone companies

Pikesville needs another cell tower

If you live in Pikesville, or even just drive through Pikesville, then you know there is no phone service. Calls are constantly dropped, and thats only if they go through. While it is very annoying to have no service, it is also a danger. For instance, multiple times when people I know needed to call for emergency assistance their calls failed and they could not reach the help in a reasonable time. This makes car rides difficult as well since navigation maps as well as some music apps require connection. As there is a new neighborhood being built right in the center of this issue, Old Court Road, it is crucial that our signal, both home and cell, improves. Not only are there many homes that are impacted by the poor connection, but also several schools that have limited reception.  After speaking with the Baltimore County executive, it is now up to the phone companies to request a permit to build a new tower. I have reached out to At&t, Verizon, T-mobile, and sprint, but unfortunately have gotten no responses.  It is important that our service improves because this negatively impacts our entire community. That being said, we do not want a tower too close due the several schools and numerous children. The location of another tower is important but we can't do anything until the phone companies request a permit for approval from the county. So now it is up to the phone companies to not only listen to our dilemma, but also to fix it. 

Pikesville Community
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