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Petition to Judge Brenda Penny


You see the hashtag. Our beloved princess of pop, Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship since 2008. She’s now been under it for 13 long years. It’s time she takes back control of her life and gets rid of all those manipulative, controlling, deceiving, money hungry & malicious people that are under her. The goal of this petition is to get that C-ship investigated for abuse and ultimately terminated so Britney can finally be free and live her best life. Her father doesn’t allow her to drive, all of her calls & messages are monitored, she’s not allowed to vote, hang with anyone or spend her money without permission. And if she breaks a “rule” he threatens to have her kids taken away! She deserves to live and not be told what to do, when to to do it & how to do it.  She can control her own life. Her team has kept her quiet for years and it’s now time for Britney to speak! She’s been held against her will and kept quiet for too long. At this point it’s no longer about Britney the pop star it’s about Britney Jean, the person. She’s a human being not a show pony. Her team is clearly taking advantage they’re using her as a paycheck. The C-ship was originally put in place for Britney’s “well being” but after 11 years? At this point the C-ship is still ongoing to benefit those around her which is disgusting. We must petition the court to assign a mental health provider and lawyer to the case that are NOT chosen by her team. The amount of control they have is haunting as they could try to use their power to easily pay people off to just say that Britney is “incapacitated” when she’s not. If she’s so incapacitated then how is that she’s able to tour the world, make music & perform for thousands of people? Her conservators believe that Britney is healthy and capable to work and earn them millions of dollars per year but unstable and incapable to make day to day decisions on her own, own a cell phone or even drive her car? Make it make sense. This MUST end! Do you think if Britney wasn’t filthy rich that she’d still be under this conservatorship after all this time? Actually, if she were a MAN would she be in this situation? Hmmm.Think about that. Please check out the links below for a full timeline of the conservatorship. We love you Brit and the Britney Army will fight for you until this is over. This conservatorship MUST BE INVESTIGATED! Some of these allegations are serious. An independent counsel should look into the treatment she is receiving from her conservator/father. Abuse in power in conservatorships is often rampant and easy to cover up. Where there is smoke there is fire. #FreeBritney

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