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Petition to Sh. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Sh. Vipin Kumar, Sh. MANOJ AHUJA, Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj

National level exams like JEE Mains to be used for Evaluation of CBSE Results

*Note* Please *DO NOT* donate when asks you to donate after signing a petition. Despite their name, they are a private corporation AND ALL OF THE FUNDS go directly to and NOT go towards organizations or people who put the petition together.Following the catastrophic 2nd wave of the COVID 19, we are highly grateful to the Hon'ble PM & GOI for cancelling the board exams, for the safety of the students. But you will appreciate the fact that those students, who have been preparing for competitive exams, have been toiling hard for the last 2 years and burning the midnight oil. In this context, it is our humble suggestion that while taking a decision on the criteria for marking in the board exams, if your good self takes the JEE Mains marks also into consideration and give some percentage for evaluation of the final marks, it will help those students who have toiled for two years.Please consider the following points - - As the JEE Mains exam has already been conducted twice and a large number of students gave this exam in person, it would be a  legitimate way of evaluation and will help the hard-working students. On the other hand, it will not be a stigma for us when we pursue higher education internationally that we have been passed without evaluation.- Some students who have missed some of their Pre Board exam, but appeared in either one of these tests would also benefit from this decision. Additionally, while Pre-boards were conducted offline in our school, a majority of schools have been unable to do so and considering the marks of competitive examinations can be a plausible alternative to the same. - Since the JEE Mains is a national level exam and thoroughly tests the aptitude of science student in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, it will prove to be a valid metric of evaluation.A key consideration of these facts will help lakhs of students. A similar criterion may also be considered for students of other streams, including medical, who shall be appearing for NEET soon.

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Petition to Dr.Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, University Grants Commision India

Reconduct VITEEE examinations

VITEEE, one of the biggest entrance examinations decided to prepone the exams without any knowledge of conducting online examinations. According to them during examinations we are being constantly monitored through 2 cameras(one from laptop and one from mobile). However, group chats were created to discuss the answers and on the very first day of examination(28 May 2021) pictures of question were being clicked in front of the proctors that were supposed to disqualify them. Many students claim they tried to contact the proctors for any problems related to the exams and either they did not get any responses or got them at the end of the examinations.  On 2nd day(29 May 2021) they have pasted application number of each students on the question papers through watermarks and banners however that system failed and cheating continues. Not only that but the Codetantra app which they used to conduct exams keeps crashing causing many students their time. Now they come up with solution of keeping time limits on the questions which just destroys the time management a student decide. imagine having to stay on a maths question that you cant find the solution of and you have to still wait 40 seconds on that question keeping in mind that you get 90 mins to solve 80 question. Claiming themselves to be #1 Private University having 2500 seats for CSE and cant create their own software or rent a better one for these examination. JUST GET A GOOD SOFTWARE AND PROCTORS AND THEN RECONDUCT THIS EXAM.  

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We do not want 1 and a half hour boards.And you cannot just go and change the entire pattern just before our exams.We have been studying the whole year for 5 markers,6 markers derivations long answers and what not.You cannot just go and change the boards from subejctive to objective.Also there is no point in taking boards for 1.5 hours rather than 3.What is the difference?This doesn't even prevent corona.If a child goes to the centre for 5 days it doesn't matter if he writes exams for 1.5 hours or 3 hours.So this step you are taking is useless. And again you never asked us children if we are okay with it,so kindly do not change the pattern and turn boards into something competitive by introducing objective questions.We are not reasy for it.We had this online year of teaching and trust me it wasn't even good and objective questions  really test your concepts very well which were not even taught properly to begin with.Whatever options cbse introduced aren't even fair.We will be the only batch with a less percentage.How is this even fair.So either you conduct the board with the same pattern or you cancel it.Major subjects is also fine,but changing the pattern?

Riya Srivastava
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