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Stop Judging a fish by its ability to climb trees! #Nomorecommoncore(#NMCC)

Honorable Reader, Albert Einstein once said," Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees then it will live its whole life believing, it is stupid". The Current malpractice of education by our "Schools" and other "Coaching Institutes" leading to the mass murdering of the creativity, Curiosity and the born passionate children. It is one of the worst criminal offenses and must be taken seriously by our government and policymakers. We can see that asking a question like, 'fishes swim better or monkeys climb trees better' is self evidently senseless and wacky. So why is it not the same, when our educational institutes are doing this? Every student is unique, has his/her own talent/interests then why this common core? Sure mathematics is really important, but why more than art or dance? It is who we to not give every gift an equal chance? An artist does not need to study quadratic equations or geometry and what will happen if metal reacts with acid and many more such things which he/she will indeed forget in his/her future. An athlete's  physical fitness is far more important than physics or biology but why then he/she is focussing on newton's laws of motion rather than his ability to sprint. For a theoretical physicist, it is not important to study applied physics, biology, geography, which he/she will soon be going to forget as he had never studied or perhaps I should say "memorized" because it is not in his/her field of interest. According to 2015 data from the National Crime Records Bureau, 8934 (6.7% of all suicides) students are committing suicide every year. That's one student every hour. Inspite of being the advanced states of India, Maharashtra holds the first place with 1230 of 8934 suicides (14%) and Tamil Nadu holds the second place with 955 of 8934 suicides (10%). This year A 21-year-old student of the IIT Hyderabad named Anirudhya allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the seven-storey hostel building on the campus. one more example of this is:  A 21-year-old physiotherapy student named Omkar mahesh allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a building in Mumbai's Dadar. Three girl students have committed suicide in Tamil Nadu in the last two days after failing to crack the medical entrance exam NEET and there are many more examples we can see in our country. And we all knew the reason. The depression, strees, anxiety and tough days given by the malfuntionaing and practice of our educational institutes. Anirudhya send mail to his friends before commitiing suicide,"The decision to end my life is purely logical, based on my estimation of what the future contains. Life holds no intrigue anymore and the daily grind is becoming more difficult with time.” Let's us take one more example who doesn't commit suicide but achieved something going against the flow. Amal Pushp a 18 year old patna teen, who has written a research paper on the topic of Black Hole astrophysics and because of the research paper he has elected as the Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, london. Upon the nomination of Lord Martin Rees an astronomer himself. Amal is the youngest fellow of the royal astronimical society. And what, from his 9th standard he begin to distrust his teachers and the marks system(when he realized his true potential) and being forced to focus upon his board exams and only to study limited to his syllabus. Amal pushp has said that,"We should not compare ourselves to the other on the basis of our grades, everybody is unique and capable of doing what they want to do." When asked for his success mantra. Why this is all happening? Why the Schools and education system not encouraging children like Amal pushp and many more? Why the education system do not reducing the rate at which students commit suicide just because they get average or poor grades by training them how to deal with depression, anxiety and such problems in life? Is solving cubic, quadratic equations more important than their mental health? So, can we conclude that just because our educational policy makers are too innocent that they do not know how to differentiate a fish's ability to an monkey's one? But now the limit has really been crossed! I am also an aspiring theoretical physicist and cosmologist but my school and education system is forcing me to kill my aspiration and I am not like others rote learners who will go with the flow nor I am weak as Anirudhya who will commit suicide. And one message for all the students who are suffering from the pressure! Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his Hind Swaraj,"British rule exist because we Co-operate." Similarly, the blind education system exist because we co-operate! Imagine, how good it will be when the school focuses only upon your passion. if you love singing then you must have to focus only upon singing not on quadratic or cubic equation, no more pressure upon memorizing like which is power house of the cell? Not only singing, but school will focuses only upon your field of interest, only on your passion. Now let's fix this! Now there would be no common core pressure, instead reach the core of every heart of every student in every class! Now we will and must only judge a fish by its ability to swim not to climb trees or to fly!   The main motive is just to eradicate the common core. If we will fail, then there would be no change. Every student will suffer from depression and anxiety as before. And if we suceed, then what we can not achieve, every child would be there where they belong. Fishes will in pond or lake, birds will fly in sky and monkeys will climb trees and then every child will succeed. So, let's attend to their dreams, there's no telling what we can achieve! It sounds like a dream, but this is the world in which I believe, a world where fishes are no longer force to climb trees!   Let's say together #STOP JUDGING A FISH BY ITS ABILITY TO CLIMB TREES! #NOMORECOMMONCORE(#NMCC) Thank you for spending your precious time Kind Regards, Swayam Jha

Swayam Jha
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