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Petition to citizens of Australia

Educate QLD Health Practitioners on legality and health benefits of CBD Oil.

My name is Rebeca Bailey and I am a single mother of two- who has traveled much of Australia and is currently living in Miles (rural) Qld. Over the last two years, I have been trying to find stability for my daughters and I, while experiencing the after effects of multiple trauma and crisis situations.  It has been hard to find support through friends and family who are also struggling. I have had to leave the father of my children due to unattended mental health issues, leave our family home because of friends that had become dependant on street drugs, I have been given Morphine as a "painkiller" and assaulted by someone who had unattended mental health issues (and was seeing a doctor regularly), I lost a friend to suicide when he couldn't find support to stop using and could no longer bear to watch his friends struggle beside him. I personally have watched the people I love the most and thousands of others around our country, fight each other or harm themselves... I have watched myself do the same, struggling to pull myself out of the depths of depression and  PTSD.  I have been desperate to find a way to sleep, to think clearly, to get through a day without outbursts and triggers.. And to do so in a healthy manner, so that I can continue to be a good Mum and maintain healthy relationships with those around me.  On my journey I have reached moments of hopelessness, depression so deep that by the time I looked up I already had the rope in my hand.  I have been admitted to Hospital and I have admitted myself. I have been in mental health wards, made mental health plans with doctors, gone to counseling and tried the smorgasbord of prescription antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs they have pushed upon me.  I have read the information, the side effects- the possibility of death that comes with every box and I have experienced many of these effects myself... The inability to sleep, increased depression, hopelessness, loss of libido, hair loss, weight gain, weight loss, acne, degradation of my body while it attempts to heal my mind. During 'National Mental Health Week' I tried to find support at the Hospital in Miles QLD and found the same outdated procedure: 1. I admit myself 2. After waiting all day an 'OT' who is not trained in psychology or trauma tells me I'm fine 3. I am told to come back to speak with a psychiatrist in a few days 4. I go home with a box of Seroquel (25mg) and the advice to get on with it... I tried to get on with it but found myself back in the Hospital after experiencing numerous side effects from the Seroquel and feeling hopeless all over again. I got to stay a few days longer this time because I couldn't stop crying.. The Doctor was sending me home to my family with a box of 50mg 'slow release' Seroquel, after ignoring me for three days.  I had sought a second opinion prior, reaching out to a PTSD support group on Facebook, explaining what I was going through and asking for ideas on what could help me. As the replies streamed in from women and men from all around the world who had also experienced trauma and were healing, 'CBD Oil' was highlighted as the most effective solution for both adults, kids and even dogs.  I did research and learnt that 'CBD Oil' is made from extracts of the Cannabis plant. Cannabis is still illegal in Australia and is professionally and medically frowned upon (despite the evidence of less social issues in countries that have lifted the ban) I read the 'Clinical Guidelines: for the use of medicinal cannabis products in Qld': August 2018- as well as the Queensland 'Public Health (medicinal cannabis) Act 2016- and learnt that I should be eligible and capable of acquiring CBD Oil through my local GP and a licenced distributor.  At first the nurses and doctors denied the legality of the use or medical distribution of CBD oil, to which I had to educate them about the current laws. The psychiatrist denied my request to try 'CBD Oil' as an alternative and I have been told that I will only be prescribed 'Seroquel' (despite not being skitzophrenic or Bipolar). I told them that I had already trialled this drug, to find that the side effects were not worth it.  I am now reaching out to you, the people of Queensland to sign this petition, do your research, ask your GP if they know about 'CBD oil', share your stories and educate those around you. To Mr Steven Miles and the health professionals, GPS, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and nurses of QLD Health: Educate yourselves on the use of CBD Oil so that it can be used as a safer alternative to street drugs and prescription drugs. Give us the opportunity to choose and watch the results yourselves for yourselves.  It is time to care less about your pockets and take the time to listen to your patients and care about their mental health... Help heal our country instead of ailing it. The use of Medicinal CBD Oil is now legal and should be classified as the safest and first solution within the medical community.  Give people a chance to take control of their mental health by allowing them to choose whether they participate in CBD oil treatment or the anti-feeling medications that you have offered in the past.  People feel for a reason.. Passion is necessary for positive change- feelings processed healthily and naturally in a calm environment- as opposed to sedated. Our country needs this. THE USE OF MEDICAL CANNABIS IS NOW LEGAL IN QLD AND NEEDS TO BE RECOGNIZED IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY AS AN ACCEPTABLE AND SAFE OPTION FOR ALL ELIGIBLE PATIENTS. PATIENTS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE CBD OIL AS A FIRST OPTION OVER OUTDATED AND HARMFUL NARCOTICS.  Thank you for so much of your time and don't forget to sign <3

Rebeca Bailey
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Petition to Brad Hazzard, Meegan Fitzharris, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Greg Hunt, Hon George Brandis, Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC, Hon Cameron Dick, Brad Hazzard, Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, Hon Roger H COOK, Michael Gunner, Honourable Jack Snelling MP, Meegan Fitzharris, MLA, FERGUSON, MICHAEL MP

Make natural CBD a legal DIETARY supplement, removing it from the drug/poison schedules!

We the undersigned, fully support and agree that CBD derived from an industrial hemp strain of plant, should be lifted from the controlled substance list in all states of Australia and available to purchase and use as a dietary supplement. It is our right, under the constitution to use if we so choose to, an all natural, holistic and alternative supplement. We believe that, given the fact CBD Oil is approved for sale by other therapeutic product administrations in other first world countries around the world, the TGA's stand is almost entirely monetary based.It is driven by the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry's desire to be the only legal prescribers of this natural product. We are completely convinced of the positive benefits of CBD Oil. We believe that given it has no side-effects and so many benefits, that it should be the individuals right to choose what they use when searching alternative holistic products. The individuals choice to natural remedies is paramount when so many legitimate pharmaceuticals have horrendous side-effects and cause so much grief to so many, is quite reasonable in our opinion. What do you think? If you agree, please let us know!

Kimberley Mell
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